Sunday, October 5, 2008

I feel like I just got named Homecoming Queen! Sniff!

And I'm riding around on the back of the convertible, flowers in hand...tissue dabbing a tear...(and I was shafted on Homecoming Court THREE YEARS in a ROW so don't think I never had that image in my mind!) But I'm not bitter. I digress...

You all are the BEST and I am so happy to have so many new visitors! I am so completely honored that Kim featured me and feel so fortunate to have you all checking in. I hope you will stick around!

I've been busy eating apples (DANG we got a lot) and finishing up fall around here this weekend. I'll post more tomorrow. But I leave you with a conversation between my husband and I this evening:

He went to the book store and I called him on the way:

Me: Hey honey, when you get there, if you see any fun Christmas magazines, can you grab one for me?

Husband: What?

Me: Magazines -- if you see any Christmas ones, grab one.

Husband: Christmas?? (In his but-it's-only-October-5th-and-it-looks-like-Halloween-threw-up-in-our-house-but-it's-not-even-here-yet-and-Christmas-is-three-months-away but loving tone.)

Me: Yeah! Christmas. (In my what-are-you-crazy-I'm-done-with-fall-and-done-with-Halloween-so-what-am-I-going-to-do-for-the-next-two-months,-learn-how-to-cook? but loving tone.)

Now, to most men, saying "Hey honey, can you pick out a Christmas magazine for me?" would strike fear in their hearts. But my man came through with flying colors. When I came up for bed, there it was waiting for me. And it's a beaut. I can't WAIT to share some of the fun ideas I've already found.

And will he ever be sorry. :)

P.S. While searching for that awesome homecoming picture, I found this. And I think it's real. Which makes it even funnier. I think I'll have a problem with No. 4.


  1. That's a sweet husband you have! You sound like me - already looking forward to Christmas!

  2. I especially like the "be a flirt" and "try not to act slutty" rules of trying to become a homecoming queen. WOW! I couldn't have put it better myself!

    I saw you got featured on Today's Creative Blog and was just too darned happy for you! :)(and I was happy I actually found you before the feature- someone cool I didn't get Kim's help finding! Haha!)

  3. p.s. Good job not being slutty. Hahaha! You're my role model.

  4. Hi, found you on Today's Creative Blog. Love your awesome ideas-especially the lampshade, I've had one bugging me for a while too...I'll have to try it out.

    Thanks for a great idea!

  5. I just spent some time looking over your blog and WOW!!! You have some really great and inexpensive ideas for home decorating...thanks for sharing!

  6. I loved that list of tips!!
    So THAT'S what I did wrong...!! Kidding, of course!!!

    That poor girl...

  7. What a fun blog! I wandered over from Today's Creative Blog and I will def be back to visit!
    Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!

    And I have no idea what my husband would say if I called and asked him to get me a christmas magazine. Hmmmm...he would probably say, "What?.....are you serious?" hee hee

  8. My husband thinks mentioning Christmas before Thanksgiving is ridiculous. Besides, I'm not sure he could locate a Christmas Magazine.

    I can't wait to find out which magazine you go and all of the ideas you found.

    I may have to go find my own Christmas magazine to have inspired me.

    Adding you to my reader....

  9. Love love love your BLOG... found you via your feature but look forward to scouring your blog fro great ideas/tips.

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  10. I just found you from Today's Creative Blog! I think I'm gonna be back often - I love all your creative ideas. I love your lamp shade tutorial. I love tutorials!

  11. Love Love Love your site!! So many great ideas!! I will be back! Thanks!!

  12. congrats - isn't Kim the greatest??? so enjoyed discovering your blog :)

  13. Hi - Kim sent me from TCB.

    Oh, and I'm confused abuot the Homecoming Queen How-To List. If I work too hard at #10, then I fail at #4. Ditto if I put too much effort into #3. Ack!

  14. Hi, I found you through another blog...."Be different...act normal" is its name. I love all of your Halloween decorations! And I looked through some of your older posts and liked all of your decorating tips ---- I'll be sticking around, for sure! In fact, I put you on MY blog, so all my friends could get some of your "thrifty decor"! Thanks for all the great ideas! : )

  15. Heh! My husband is used to this... I start yabbering about Christmas IN MARCH... we must decide a theme early, you know.

  16. Having my husband pick out a craft magazine would be like asking him to buy tampons.....too many choices!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I am a SLaHOME consultant and I'm very impressed with 1. your husband actually picking out a Christmas mag for you, with no balking and 2. your blog and your great, thrifty ideas. I can totally relate with your buying the funkins to save $$. You'll have those for the next five or ten years (I've had mine at least four!) and you won't have to buy those that rot! COOL deal!


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