Friday, October 3, 2008

I love nap time. ;)

My most favorite thing to do is to spend time with my Bub, but boy, do I love naptime. Look at what I got done today! Yippee!

Found these at the Dollar Store:

Touched them up with some white paint:

Stuck a dowel in them and they're done! I'm getting more tomorrow, the whole lawn will be covered with them! :)

Got an extra frame? Scrapbook paper? Here you go, with a Spooooky sparkly from Hobby Lobby for $2!

I actually got more done but the Bubby is awake! Here's one more project I can't wait to show you: Remember this? Well, I'm going to try to make it work with this...

I know you are waiting with baited breath!! Stay tuned my Chickees...


  1. I saw those little tombstones at the Dollar Tree and thought they were so stinkin' cute! They look even better with the white touch up paint!

  2. I love the tombsones. What a little paint won't do. The spooky sign is my favorite. I can't wait to see your other project.

  3. I love the tombstones! They look so much better with your little touch up!

  4. Just saw these today at the $ store, and never would've imagined making them look this good! Just came across your blog through TCB and absolutely love it :).

  5. Okay, so I found you through Today's Creative Blogs... congrats by the way, and I just had to tell you, I love your blog. Super cute ideas, and you are a frugal decorator like me. Love that. I will be coming to visit you often. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  6. Great ideas! I got some glittery signs similar to yours at the .99 cent store. I didn't think to frame them! Thanks for the ideas!

  7. A girl after my own heart...tombstones in the front yard! I CANNOT believe what a difference your white paint made. Way to Go!!

  8. Don't you just love The Dollar Tree? I used to love my kids' naptimes, was the only time to get anything done, lol.


  9. Love those tombstones and the spooky....they all look FABULOUS!!

  10. I love it all!!! the grave markers are too cute!

  11. awesome job with the tombstones! very cheap and just a little work to make them look fabulous!

  12. I'm so blown away by your creativity that I am speechless. You have so many good ideas that I'm not sure where to start! You should really write a book or have your own TV show on Fine Living or I added you to my favorites list:



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