Saturday, December 12, 2009

For the love of Overstock

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to purchase home decor items, one company I always suggest is – I have shopped Overstock for years and have to tell you, I’ve never been disappointed. They are FAB. (And no, I’m not getting paid for this at all – but helloooooo Overstock!!)  :)

I recently bought a new bench for the dining room from the “O” that I have yet to show you, because it took some work on my part to make it work for the room. But when I logged into my account, I noticed they keep a history of your purchases easily accessible. I clicked through them and couldn’t believe how every single item I have purchased had held up so well (most we are still using!).

I recently started on our guest room redo, which used to be my sister’s room, which used to be my stepdaughter’s room. Sister came to live with us in August of 08 and moved out last May, only to move right back in. Long story. Point is, now that she’s out again, I can finally start on this room!!

The item from this room that we are still using is the pink comforter:


It’s very thin but I was very pleased with it for $40. It’s been washed a beeeellion times, and it still looks like the day I got it in the mail, four and a half years ago!


This is an old picture – the deconstruction has begun! Yippee!!

I wanted a good storage bench for our mud/laundry room that I could hide our shoes in, and this has worked perfectly:


It was $100 when I bought it SIX years ago (I still can’t believe it’s lasted that long!) and now it’s $120. You can find it here. I got baskets for half off from Michael’s for the shoes, and I’m still pleased as punch with it:


Because I like to keep it real every once and a while, here’s what the bench really looks like at this moment:


Ahhh yes, the power of creative picture taking! Fantastic!

If you’re like me, you notice things when taking a picture that you normally never would otherwise. For me, it was the nicks along the edge of the bench. A little tip – black or brown Sharpie markers cover these fast and easy!:


I wouldn’t do this on real wood, but on particle board, it works every time.

We got this umbrella in cream almost four and a half years ago:



OH, how I love it. It has lights under the umbrella that stay lit or “dance.” :) It is super cool. We got it for $90, and shipping was $1!! Shipping is one of the main reasons I love Overstock so much, I don’t think it ever goes over $2.95 for your whole order. Sometimes they offer even better deals.

We still have this umbrella and it still works – that’s a feat for an outdoor item with lights. It just needs to be cleaned. And with our deck redo, I wanted something that matched the decor better.

Because we built our house, I had plenty of time to shop for it before we moved in.  ;) I got two rugs from Overstock six years ago and both are still in fantastic shape:

rug P929782

(Click each picture for more info.) The one on the left, we used in front of our vanity in the master bathroom until just a couple months ago. It’s so thick -- and it’s wool! Do you know how much wool rugs cost? It’s NUTS.  I only replaced it because I wanted a change and I found something new for a steal. Now it’s down in my craft area in the basement.

The other rug is more of an outdoor rug, and it covers the chair pad in the office:

008 011   

Can you believe it still looks like that after six years? I’m not kidding – this is quality stuff here peeps.

Right now shipping is only one buck – for your whole order. For furniture! Rugs! Anything! Lurve. (Again, not getting paid. Dang.)

I’ll show you my dining room bench soon. ;)

Hope you join me for the Christmas Tree party on Monday! I’ll have the Linky up tomorrow night.


  1. I love Overstock too. I got two outdoor rugs from them this past summer and I love them. Cheap too but not cheesy or poorly made. And I love this one Settee they have on there as we speak.

  2. I love Overstock too, have shopped with them many times and have never been disappointed.

  3. I have never shopped Overstock but will now, thanks to your recommendation (they should totally give you some freebies!). Also? Love the idea of covering the chair mat with a rug! I have put off buying the mat b/c of the way it looks and the carpet is being punished by it. Now I know how to have my cake and eat it, too!

  4. Another Overstock fan here! I also have a fab wool rug from the Big O - love it!

  5. Overstock and I have been friends for many years now. I also have bought clothes from them and been very pleased with those as well. Yay for Overstock!

  6. I've even used a Sharpie on a grand piano after I heard that they do that at Carnegie Hall!
    Yay for Overstock! Love their home decor selections and when I needed 4 dozen white umbrellas for an outdoor wedding, they came to the rescue!

  7. One of the major reasons I continue to shop at Overstock is their excellent shipping charges. I hate finding a great deal only to find myself paying exorbitant shipping. Overstock is awesome.

  8. Well, I've really been missin out because I have never shopped Overstock. But I bet I will now.
    Nice stuff and thanks for showing us how you use it all.

  9. Love overstock also..can like you have never been disappointed! Gotta LOVE that shipping too! Shipping is what kills most deals..Overstock is great though :)

  10. Thanks for posting this. I've always looked at O-stock, but have been afraid to actually buy.

  11. I shop Overstocks so often I should own stock ! Get it? Hardy har. I just recently bought a new rug for my dining room and some fab curtains for my home office.

    You're right, they are FAB !

  12. Thanks for the heads up about overstock. I live under a rock! I'll go check it out!

  13. You should have titled this post "The Big O!" Isn't that what they call it on the commercials?

  14. We've been very pleased with Overstock as well. For us, we've used some of our discover card points to get different pieces. Our king sized bed and nice,thick foam mattress ended up only being a few hundreds of dollars because of it. Everyone is always very surprised when they see it!

  15. I have never shopped Overstock but looks as though I need to. Having pets in the house some of my rugs, like the entryway ones wear out fast. Could use some replacements and it looks like Overstock is just the place to do that.

    Thanks for the bit o' info.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  16. Love that little bench, Sarah!!! :) I totally do the Sharpie thing...on my cheaper shoes. I tend to scuff them quickly, even if they're in perfect condition. A little Sharpie goes a long way! ;)

    Looking forward to your tree party!! :)

  17. I do love overstock and have indeed shopped there before, but I gotta say you are lucky... I haven't had such good luck with that blanket you mentioned in your post. I have the exact same one in the tan color and it has been washed a gizzilion and one times and is coming apart! :(

  18. Overstock is the best. I also like Smart Bargains if you have never shopped there!

  19. I love Overstock too. It's always a go-to site for me to find gifts, can you can't beat the shipping rates!

  20. It's great that you've found so many things. I've only purchased chairs and the fabric didn't match exactly :(.

  21. I did the same square paint look on the little guys room. With green, blue and browns. Love it.
    I'm looking for Rain Boots on Overstock right now :)

  22. i love love love your
    your trees and christmas decor is so inspiring


  23. Love your laundry/mud room! Does anyone out there in "Blog Land" know where I can get a storage bench like that in Australia?


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