Friday, December 18, 2009

My fruity kitchen at Christmas!


Squeezies!! Aw, I missed you! It was so important for me to focus just on my family this week. It’s been a sad, happy, rough, inspiring, overwhelming week. I’ll leave it at that. And a reminder to hug and kiss your loved ones and let them know how you feel about them -- NOW.

I’ve shown you my fruity kitchen before (it’s been defruitified a bit since that post). I had a goal to just have FUN with the Christmas decor in our kitchen this year. That’s what I kept in mind when I scoured the after Christmas sales last season.

I only purchased a few new things this year for the kitchen – a couple of dollar store plates (perfect in red and white!), and salt and pepper shakers ($3 for the pair at Walmart!)

020 036

Oh yeah! And my Believe blocks from Amanda’s shop at Imperfectly Beautiful. I LURVE them!!: 023

The rest I bought on clearance last year or I’ve had for years. When I find something that works, I keep it and try to use what I have to change it up year to year. This cloche and pedestal (from Hob Lob) is always in our kitchen, and this year for the holidays, I just changed the ornaments to a variety of red ones:

026 029

I always swag garland around the door. It has candy pics, berries and red bows throughout. And the wreath is usually slightly different every year:

061 050

This year I went with all red and a sparkly Dollar Store ornament in the middle. I covered the wreath hanger with ribbon using the hot glue gun. ;)

Last year I found an old, gross wood thing at Goodwill. I think it said “country” or something like that. It was kind of grody. :) I transformed it with my Santa Red paint, some fun paper and foam letters:


Oh yeah, and I hang Dollar Store snowflakes in a few windows. Do you see a trend here? (Dollar Store love?)

I took some little blocks of wood from Goodwill last year and made a cute little Jingle sign as well:

031Above the cabinets, I used my regular greenery and wrapped it with red lights and ribbon. I also threw in some red and white beady pics and huge ornaments I’ve had for years and never known what to do with. They are perfect here!:


(My camera was taking some crapola pictures today, sorry!)

I fell in love with these little felt trees from the Dollar Store last year, and only was able to grab the last lonely one. Amanda sent me two more – isn’t she fantastic?? I big fat puffy heart love her!


It’s fun. It’s festive. It’s exactly what I had in mind. ;)



Hope you have a great weekend! I hope to finish up an adorable Christmas craft to show you later this weekend. It should be cauuuute!


  1. Stunning!
    I love the wreaths and Amandas blocks!
    I hope you are doing great and my prayers are still with you at this time!
    Merry Christmas... oh and I look forward to the craft!!!

  2. WOW! I love it all... So much work, how do you have time to blog? Great job!

  3. you know what inspired me MOST about your posts - that you CONTINUE to tweak - it's a week until Christmas and I'M.STILL.DECORATING. sigh. But i feel better now about it. I did make progress on getting the baking mostly done today, and the house "cleaned" before i "really clean" on Monday. Maybe I'll get some pics up by THE day. or maybe not. LOL.

  4. That whole kitchen looks terrific! I love your cloches and everything in them....

  5. Beautimous! So warm and inviting and just the right amount of decoration!

  6. Your kitchen is sooo cute. I never saw those dollar store trees last year - love them!

    I hope things are going well.


  7. Hey thrifty girl, you sure know how to work em er, Dollar Stores.
    It's amazing what you can do to improve stuff from there.
    Your kitchen is so gorgeous, I love it all. It's so happy and cherry. Love the cloche with the balls and lights, in fact I think I might copy that. Yummmy!!

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Oh my goodness gracious...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen!

  9. I love the blocks! Are they connected? Have you taken any pictures of the outside of your house? I would love to see it! Check out my blog for a couple of Christmas crafts I did that were inspired by you : ) Love your ideas!!!


  10. Love your kitchen with all the red. Expecially how you decorated the top of your cabinets with the candy. I have done a candy theme in the kitchen for a few years now and I love it(pictures on my blog). I just might have to incorporate some of your ideas in our new home next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Very pretty; just the right touch. I love your cloche.

  12. your kitchen looks so festive :)

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Such inspiration! I love how you can take block from thrift stores, paint them, put foam letters on and they look fantastic. Such a warm, smiley kitchen. I have the red snowflake dishes from Dollar Store too this year. We just saw them and bought them, price was right and boy are a they a heavy plate. I never saw those puffy trees last year either but oh gosh wish I had. Since I have had Vista computer issues on an off this whole month, do not know what your family is going through but I sincerely hold your family in my heart.

  14. Everything looks fabulous in your the BELIEVE blocks and ALL the Dollar Store items...gotta love the Dollar Store!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  15. To quote you, I "luuuurve" it. ;) If my kitchen looked that good, I'd want to cook more often. ;) Great job!

  16. Looks great.
    I have a question - looks like you have black appliances too.
    What do you clean them with?
    I've tried it all & everything leaves streaks.

  17. I hope you find happiness from this point on. I love all your red and white. Those large ornaments look just perfect. I might try large ones next year if I can find them on sale after Christmas.

    Have a Blessed Christmas and thanks for sharing.


  18. My kitchen is more decorated this year than last (I was sick and not up to it), but man, you go all out! Maybe next year I'll have advanced to Thrifty Decor Chick level! I've got some of the same elements you have (gotta love the Dollar Tree!), but not all (they ran out of those things FAST!).

    I've got to ask--how do you keep your little one out of it all? I've got five of them (9,7,5, and twin 2 1/2 yos), and honestly, I have a hard time keeping the 2 yr olds out of anything--they are boys, too. Girls would at least rearrange it--boys throw it on the floor just to hear it smash into teeny tiny pieces...

    I did get daring, and use my apothecary jars at a slightly lower level. I'm praying that they (and the ornaments and Epsom salt 'fake snow' inside) remain intact for a few more weeks....

    Tell us, how *do* you do it, and keep little one out of it all?

    And, it is a trifle belated, but my sincerest condolences on your loss this last is hard enough when you know it is coming, but sometimes...we've been praying very hard for you and the rest of your family, in regards to this loss, and the suffering of your FIL. Please, pass along our regards and that we are praying...

  19. Everything looks beautiful and festive. I love the wreaths on the back of the chairs. That always looks so sharp.

  20. I just love all your ideas. Can you come to my house. This year is going to be a little harder for us to celebrate this year...but we will get through it. I wish you could come and decorate for us so we could feel a little more festive.

  21. So happy you came back! I love it all, but I think my favorite is the scene above your creative and eye-catching.

  22. Fabulous as always Sarah!! I have dollar store love too :D !!

  23. Ok, I love everything you've showed us! What I really want to know, though, do you put the lights inside the jar, and connect them to electricity without the dreaded wires showing?

  24. Beautiful photos, as always! Great Goodwill/Dollar Store finds!

  25. Oh I just love how festive everything looks; love having you on my blog list for easy access. Come check out my Sterling Silver Set Post and leave a comment; you'll be glad you did and I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

  26. It looks so cute and Christmasy! You have a really beautiful kitchen. Love the cabinets.

  27. Sarah
    I hope things are going well for you.
    After weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, and still having problems-I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits. Google doesn't even have any suggestions on how to fix the on going problems-ARGH!!!
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit some time.
    I am so sorry for your loss and all that is on your plate. I love all the deocr, it is so pretty. I got one of those polka dot trees last year too.

  28. I love everything!! Awesome job, friend ;)

  29. LOVE, love, love everything !! (especially the "jingle" and "believe" blocks)! Your kitchen looks so festive and inviting ... makes one want to pour some eggnog and stay awhile! Can't wait to see your "caaute" decoration that you're working on. :) Stop by sometime to my humble abode to see my holiday decor pics. Take care, Becca (@ Adventures in Decorating)

  30. I love your holiday touches Sarah! And I see we share a love for trapping greenery under cloches too. :-)

    Hope you're having a relaxing, craft-a-licious Saturday...I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  31. Would love to see a close up picture of the decorations hanging from your light fixture above the kitchen table... looks beautiful!
    ALL the Decor is 'marvelous darling, simply marvelous'!

  32. NEVERMIND!!! I see the closeup photos below in the next post! Just Marvelous, lol!

    Thank you soooo much for sharing these gorgeous photos.

  33. So glad to see you back, Sarah. Bless you!

    Your kitchen look just like a Christmas kitchen should--beautiful but approachable, lighthearted and fun. Thanks for showing it to us.

    And for the record, I share your love for Amanda!

  34. It IS fun! It IS festive! And....'s clean! Wow. I'm in serious awe. If I showcased my kitchen, you wouldn't be able to see the fun and festive through all the mess. Having a bake-a-rama here.

  35. I'm so jealous, everything you do in your house look so awesome! I hope to one day have my apartment look even a tiny bit like your house does. :)

  36. Can I come live at your house for Christmas? It looks awesome and I LOVE being surrounded with all the Christmas decorations! Maybe we should petition for decorations to stay up until we put Valentine's ones up in February. January always means a empty and undecorated house.

  37. Beautiful home and decorations! I want to make some block sayings for next year so I'm hoping I can find some after Christmas!

  38. Looks great, I love the candy accents-maybe because I LOVE candy.

  39. I love your kitchen. Where did you find the bell jar glass top? I have looked everywhere for one.
    You are in my prayers. nancy

  40. This is so pretty and welcoming :D

  41. Love the cloche! I bet it is particularly wonderful in the evening.

  42. Your kitchen looks great!! That bench on the upper cabinets is screamng for a santa to sit on it though...


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