Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean Party!

I apologize now for the OutKast song that will now be playing in your head for the next 24 hours. (At least.) Buwahahaha!

So it’s time for a new kind of party at TDC. I’ve told you before I’m a bit of a weirdo (which you know on many different levels). I like to clean. It makes me feel good. I mean, again, if I could go shopping or clean the house – I’d probably pick shopping. But if it were laundry or cleaning – hands down cleaning. My favorite part of it is vacuuming – but more on that later. ;)

First of all – a few of the products I use constantly and love. (No, I’m not getting paid for any of these. I just love em!) I told you about my love of the green Shaklee products last weekend. They are quickly replacing most of the products I use because I really do love them and they WORK. There are still a couple others that I use and love for certain areas, mostly because of their ease of use.

I use Clorox wipes for

009 Counters, sinks, baseboards, window sills, toilets (eww!) – I use them constantly. We get the ginormous packs of them at Costco or wherever so I can keep one or two on each floor of the house.

I guess you can use them on mirrors too, but I haven’t tried that. Mostly because I think of this commercial every time I think about trying it. Ummm…that commercial totally grosses me out. I mean, I’m not even kidding. Ew.

Speaking of mirrors – this Pledge stuff is fanfreakingtastic:

010I use this one for anything I need to dust – even electronics (spray the microfiber cloth, not the electronic!). It’s also awesome on mirrors, window and stainless steel. It’s hard to find cleaning products that work well on stainless well.

Anyone else ever tried olive oil on their stainless? I saw that on HGTV last year and gave it a try – HUGE mess. Didn’t work for me.

I have, however, had luck with using newspaper to clean windows. It’s crazy weird, but it works. No streaks, no mess on the windows. There is, however, a mess on your hands, so I stick with paper towels and microfiber clothes now.

Umkay, I’ve mentioned I detest laundry, right? Oh yeah, I guess so. (With a burning passion, in case you didn’t catch that.) Well, this weekend was spent decluttering and organizing our master closet. It looks AMAZING!! (Sing song voice.) Although, it took doing about 12 loads of laundry to get it the way I wanted, which just about put me over the edge.

There is a product for the laundry we starting using a few months ago that I LOVE. It at least makes the whole job just a teensy bit easier. Those Bounce bars that you stick in the dryer ROCK my WORLD! Awesome! You just stick it on the inside of the dryer:


When it is worn off, you will start to see the word “replace” --


When that shows you just slide it out and slide the new one in. They work! Maybe it’s the lazy in me, but skipping the step of grabbing a dryer sheet (or two) is awesome. Our last bar lasted at least three months – I bet it was more like four. I think they’re about four bucks.

Has anyone tried the Purex sheets? The ones with the detergent, softener and dryer sheet in one? I’ve always wondered if those work.

Finally – my two favorites. I love to vacuum because my vacuum sucks:


BIG TIME! Oh my heart goes pitter pat when I see you, you Animal. I LOVE TO VACUUM! The Dyson is one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our house – I highly recommend it.

One of my girlfriends got one a few years ago, and was going on and on and ON about it so I finally borrowed it. Um. Helloooooo AWESOME! It wasn’t even two weeks later that I went out and got our own. I even vacuumed with our (decent) vacuum before I went to the store on that glorious day and then vacuumed the same room again with the Dyson when I got home just to see the difference.

Uh, I don’t know if it was good or bad that the canister was FULL. Good that this purple little guy SUCKS. Bad that we had been living with a vacuum for didn’t for so long. With three cats, it’s a necessity in this house.

It is an investment. I got ours years ago when we used credit cards – which we don’t anymore. ;) At the time I think it was about $350. I always said I would never in a meeeellion years spend that much on a vacuum and yet again I have eaten my “never” words.

My other vacuum I love – the Shark dust buster. Perfect for those quick trips around the hard floors – especially in the kitchen. It’s powerful enough to pick up the trail of crackers the Bub leaves behind and also for all the cat hair around this joint.

Love it!!:


Yes. Oh yes. I took a picture with my sweet little Shark. It’s that awesome. I lurve it.

Because the Dyson was jealous:

018 Oh my word, I am SO glad my husband did not walk in on that picture. He would know for a fact I have lost my mind. I was laughing so hard I was crying when I looked at that picture after I took it. Ha! That’s me with no makeup, hair up after a day of decluttering. Ahhhh yes…bliss!

Now share your cleaning gems with us! Great organizing and decluttering tips are welcomed too! Anyone find an easy way to clean out the oven? Know how to fold a fitted sheet? Let us know!

Only links to your post will be accepted – not to your blog. Right click on the title of your post, copy, then paste it into the linky. Have fun! You can add to the party till next Sunday evening. (The linky is being touchy -- come back soon if it doesn't show up for you.)


  1. LOL OMG Sarah! I SOOO had to laugh at the picture of you HUGGING your vacuum--- my hubby would have had my bags packed for the loony bin faster than I could have kissed my Dyson good-bye had he seen me taking a picture like that! LOL....I'm STILL laughing!!

    GREAT post!!

  2. Hahaha!! Love the vacuum hugging pics! I have been wanting to dry that dryer bar thing, so I am glad to hear that it works. I ordered a free sample of those Purex all in one dealies so I will report back when I get those in!

    Thanks for hosting!!

  3. Thanks so much for introducing me to the Bounce bar! Never heard of it before and it sounds pretty convenient. Thanks for hosting the party too!

  4. Luuuuurve the bounce bar.

  5. Glad I read your blog before trying the olive oil/stainless steel tip. It sounded a little off so I am over it.

  6. Forgot to add this to my previous comment and it seems quite appropriate for today's post. My neighbor gave me a refrigerator magnet that I love to look at every single day. It has become my new motto:

    We can't both look good. It's either me or the house!

  7. I just saw on HGTV the olive oil and stainless steel thing. Seemed weird won't be trying that. My new love is the Kaboom Never Scrub toilet cleaner. It is amazing. My toilet bowl stays so much cleaner.

  8. He! You and your purple vacumn make a great couple. Too cute.

    Your tips are all awesome!

    I use apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water on our hardwoods. It works soooo well. Try it!

  9. My MIL swears by the newspaper/Windex...I thought it was just a Polish thing...

    I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to smear olive oil on ANYTHING other than a pan...good for you for trying it!

    Great idea for a party, I could seriously link, like, 20 posts :)

  10. I'm so ready for decrapifying inspiration! I'm knee deep in a decluttering project that is sure to take me a couple weeks. No where near ready to link up for this party, but excited to see others tips and keep my motivation.

    PS, I would love for you to follow me on Twitter (tgrant04) :)

  11. I can relate to you loving your Shark. I LOVE mine too. I can't even tell you how many times a day I use it. Thanks for letting me know about the Bounce bar. I've never heard of it.

  12. I am sure you probably have, since you buy your wipes at costco, but have you tried the clorox wipes that have a scrubbing side and a wiping side? One side looks almost like mesh and it works WONDERS on things stuck on the counter, stove, etc. I LOVE them. They make the wipes that much better than they already were.

  13. I also love my Bounce bar, but...... it took me about a week of drying to not be surprised everytime I opened the dryer door. I kept thinking the silly Bounce bar was a maxi pad!

    Yes, I'm admitting I've found forgotten maxi pads stuck to the side of my dryer. Come on! It happens! LOL!

  14. I dont have any great cleaning tips ladies, but will check out your posts and maybe I can learn something! My main problem is organizaiton and I see there are some posts covering that issue!
    Have a great week!

  15. Wow thanks for the cool tips! I've never heard of the bounce dryer thingie, very awesome. And the pledge multipurpose is a must have. Thanks for another helpful funny post and party! Enjoy reading your blog, working on a room in my house with your wall moulding ideas, can't wait to share!

  16. You can start a scrapbook w/ those pics.! lol I have a Kenmore Progressive inteli-clean system. That bad boy can suck too. lol I've used coffee filter's for cleaning window's,but i'm w/ you,I rather use good 'ol paper towels.I did use the Purex sheets before because I had a coupon (the only reason). They are pricey and if you want to see suds,don't use them! I like to see lots of suds and w/ these you don't see any really.I did'nt like them,but I like alot of everything in my clothes! lol I want to smell "GOOD"!! I'm going to try the dryer Bounce bar,when and if I get my dryer fixed! UGH! This has to be much safer then me using 4 or 5 dryer sheets at a time. I don't know if you knew,but they leave a wax build-up on your lint catcher screen and that is how most house fires start.I just recently read this! Ummm,I probably broke my dryer! lol Well,it's really not funny "AT ALL"!! Have a "BLESSED" week!


  17. Sarah,

    I feel your love for the suckers too. Hubby got me an Oreck for Christmas and it is divine. And I heart my Dustbuster.

    My aunt has the same Shark that you do and uses it a gazillion times a day. She jokes that when she dies, they will lay her out with her rosary in one hand and a Dustbuster in the other!

    Love your blog,
    Mary in AR

  18. I love the Purex detergent all-in-one thingee. I've been using it for a couple months now.
    Just last week it was on sale for $6.99 + a $1.00 off coupon. It's still not the most economical way to go . . . but we all love the way all laundry smells and it's just so simple!

  19. I enjoyed your post and it has inspired me to do some cleaning!

    My tip:

    I have a rabbit that sometimes pees on the carpet. Nothing really worked right to clean it up at first - the pee starts off clear and is sometimes hard to spot while wet, but dries brownish on my white-grey carpet and it leaves an ugly stain when dry!

    Here's what I finally found that works: Woolite Oxy Deep spray. They sell a regular kind and a pet stain kind, but both work equally well for me so I buy whichever costs less. It really makes the stain disappear and there are no traces of the pee left on my light-colored carpet!

  20. My hubs and I are STRONGLY considering buying a Dyson. Which one is the best?

  21. I have the Animal Dyson and I love it too! It was a huge investment time I go shopping, I'm going to try that Pledge multi surface.

    Love your vacuum pics, your story reminds me of the time I was rehearsing a speech in my closet and my husband walked in and thought I was crazy! :)

  22. I have had this party on my calendar for weeks and so looking forward to it! You so don't disappoint! I loved your post and can't wait to take a peek at others obsessions for cleaning! (Now cover the Sharks ears, but when it can no longer give anymore - I extremely recommend saving the money again and giving the Animal a little playmate -- it's cousin, the Root, it's AMAZING! (and it will want a pictures with you also!)

  23. OK. You and the vacuum pictures...I think I have now seen it all! Soooo freakin' hillarious! I have the Dyson Animal, too. With white floors and a black dog that sheds when you even look at her - it's a God-send. The only thing I don't like about it is the way they make it so hard to switch back and forth from the vacuum to the hose attatchment. If they would make that easier, I would so buy another one. It would totally be worth it.

  24. You crack me up, girl !! The fact that you'd hide in your closet and take a pic of you snugglin' your vacuum "just" for us is awesome ... thank you !! I'm a huge fan of the Pledge Multi-Surface, and will defintely have to give the Bounce stick a try! Thanks for hosting such a great partay ... can't wait to pick up many useful household tips. Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  25. I am soooo jealous of your Dyson! I just can't justify spending the money right now, but one day I will own one! And I use the Purex washer/dryer sheets and LOVE them! They work wonderfully! So much easier than the liquid detergent and dryer sheets. I often re-use them in the dryer and add them to another load for extra freshness!

  26. LOVE the Clorox wipes here too. I've also had good luck with the Target brand ones. :)

    You are making me want a Dyson! Absolutely NO money in the budget to buy one, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? ;)

    I think I have a similar Shark handheld, but mine has this mesh filter thingie inside that you have to clean out every time you use it...kind of annoying. It also doesn't have great suction-myabe I should upgrade. I love to use those on stairs!!!

    This was such a neat idea for a party. :)

  27. I use the Chlorox wipes a lot, too! Love 'em! I haven't tried that Pledge yet, but it sounds good, so I'll have to. I still haven't found a good mirror cleaner {or maybe its what I'm wiping it with}.

    Love your pics of you with your small appliances! : ) You're too funny! I need one of those dust busters.

  28. What a treat to find someone who likes a clean home. Most people I know do not keep clean homes; they're okay, but not great. Anyway onto cleaning stuff I like - I use dryer balls in the dryer and I find they are the best. They last forever and therefore are a great investment. I don't have a mini vacuum like your Shark but I do dry mop my wood floors between vacuuming and find this works well. I don't use Clorex wipes in the house due to the cost but I keep a container in the car and find they do a great job. Finally, my favorite all time new cleaning tool is the Shark steam mop - LOVE it.

  29. I also have a Dyson Animal (the ball one). I had a DC15 (original animal "ball") & it quit sucking after 2 yrs, so Bed Bath & Beyond let us return it & we got the DC25. The cord is shorter, the bin is smaller & it is harder to do my stairs (2 sets). I am still in my 30 window & trying to decide if I keep it. I had the Kenmore Progressive inteli-clean system before that & loved it, but after numerous repairs, we decided to get
    a Dyson.

    I primarily use Shaklee too, but *lurve* the Clorox wipes to quickly disinfect the counters & toilets. Shaklee's Basic G ones are spendy, but I bought the liquid Basic G to use when I don't need a quick wipe. I haven't tried the Pledge, but I really don't see the need because Shaklee's H2 makes a window & all purpose cleaner & it is green ;)

    I may try the Bounce dryer things, but wonder if they are green? I will have to research those. I use Ecos laundry det. ( & it has fabric softner built in.

  30. LOVE the cleaning tips! I will have to try the Pledge multi-surface...tip for windows and mirrors: use coffee filters! I've been using them for a couple years now, and they are perfect!!

  31. I have a Dyson and just love it but it's yellow and I wish they came in PINK, sugar!! I'm a cleaning nut but the dust does NOT bother me. Floors??? They have to be clean because I love going barefoot. Happy cleaning day, chick!!!

  32. I've been using the Bounce bar, too and LOVE it! I jotted down the date when I first stuck mine in, just so I could see how long it lasts. It's been about 2 1/2 months and I may get another couple of weeks worth of washing out of it. Pretty fantastic.

    I wish I shared you love of vacuuming, though. I hate anything to do with floors. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: If I could pay someone to come and just do my sweeping, mopping and vacuuming I would do it in a heartbeat. Everything else, I can handle.

  33. Those Purex sheets are awesome! Give 'em a try!

  34. Okay, I'm inspired to clean today, too. And it's a good thing. ;) I love that you are beginning to switch to some greener products and hope you will continue to pursue that. I used to use things like Chlorox wipes, too, but I've almost totally eliminated disposable products in favor of good ol' rags. I also mix up my own disinfecting solution that contains tea tree oil, rather than bleach. Not only do changes like this one help protect the environment, but they save money, too. It's amazing what can be cleaned with just vinegar, baking soda, soap and hot water. The one not-so-green product I'm not willing to give up (at least not yet) is Pine-Sol - original scent.

  35. I have to admit that I DO know how to fold a fitted sheet so well my husband doesn't know which is a flat sheet and which is a fitted sheet when he goes to grab one out of the linen closet. But I haven't written a tutorial because it's hard to 'get' unless someone shows you in person. (My Hospitality Management degree does come in handy as a stay at home mom lol!)
    Anyway my 2 year old is so terrified of the vacuum because it is so this one super loud because it is super sucky? lol

  36. Sarah! Thanks for hosting such a great party! I've been reading through the comments and it looks like there are a few people who are afraid/unsure of using olive oil for cleaning their stainless. Well, I heard about it on HGTV a few years ago and it WORKS! You can also use vegetable oil, but olive oil does work best. I made a mistake the first time I used it and used WAAAAY too much and ended up with a HUGE mess. Now that I have been doing it for a while I have it down to a science. I use either a papertowel or a dishrag and put about a DIME sized amount on it. NO MORE! Then just buff away. I've used it on my sink, refrigerator, coffee maker, trashcan. You name it. Give it another go, I promise it works (and there is NO smell after a while either). I was worried about the oil becoming "rancid" on my stuff, but it doesn't. A great way to clean and everyone always has some vege/olive oil around. Just give it another go.

  37. Crack me up! Thanks for doing this! I will definitely write alot of these tips down! I'm jealous of your vacuum b/c that's why I loath vacuuming b/c mine stinks! LOL...Thanks again!

  38. I just wanted to give a shout out to natural cleaning products. I have had a LOT of success with "eco-friendly" toilet bowl cleaner as well as multi-purpose sprays. In FACT, America's Test Kitchen did a test on dish soap (for the counter, not the dishwasher) and found that Method brand actually had MORE of the little cleaning compounds in it than all the chemically stuff! It's amazing. Give them a try, especially if you have little ones wandering around with sensitive systems.

  39. Thanks for hosting the par-tay, Sarah! I'm loving all of the ideas/tips so far!

  40. love your fun photos! Cool about that bounce dryer bar. I've never heard of them. Perhaps they haven't hit Canada yet.

  41. Hi! I love your blog... I don't usually comment but I did want to comment on your question about the Purex laundry detergent/fabric softener/dryer sheets. We tried them almost a year ago while we were on vacation because it seemed a lot better than packing a bottle of laundry detergent AND fabric softener AND dryer sheets. Well, the convenience was great, but I really didn't feel like it got my clothes clean. (For sure didn't get my kids' clothes clean.) I'm pretty picky about good detergents and I felt like this one completely missed the mark. I was pretty disappointed that they apparently received the Good Houskeeping Seal of approval-I always thought that the Good Houskeeping seal meant more than that. So don't waste your money on them!

  42. I always say "oh i love a clean house!" although i don't get to say it as often as i'd like!

    p.s. i have tried the purex sheets and i must say i don't like them at all....they leave spots, like fabric softer spots.... but i do use them for our towels, just to get rid of them at this point....

  43. This is my first visit to your blog and I am in love! I have a "cleaning problem" and I too love to clean. It's sad but true.

  44. Just a warning on the Purex washer/dryer sheets. If you have a front loading washer, don't use them!! We used them for a few months, just loving them. Then our washer stopped draining. A wad of Purex sheets was stuck in the drain hose. While searching the internet to diagnose the problem and for how to access the area to unclog it, we learned this is a common problem for front loaders/purex sheets. I suppose you could put the sheet inside a lingerie bag....but good old liquid laundry detergent still works just fine. :o)

  45. As a started reading this post the only thing I thought to post was my dyson, but then I see you've done it for me! Don't you LOVE, which amuses me, who ever thought life would find me loving a vacuume...Janell

  46. Haha! You are hilarious!

    I thought I was brave to post a picture of myself the other day, with no make up, wet hair, and a facial mask on. But I didn't hug my vacuum. ;-)

    Hey guess what? I haven't vacuumed in about 5 years! I don't even OWN one!

    We have hard wood floors through the entire house. ;-)

  47. That picture totally made my day! I also have a love affair with the animal pained me to drop that much money on a vacuum but two years later it is still worth.every.penny. Thanks for hosting the party!

  48. We took the Purex sheets with us when we went on a camping trip up into the dusty dirty mountains of northern NM this summer. I have to say that the clothes came out really great and hubby, who hates scented clothes, really like the smell.

    One note of caution on the Bounce Bars - I have seen notes on the Internet that some people have had the bar come off and then it melted all over the clothes in the dryer making a HUGE mess. So I've been afraid to try them.

    Instead of dryer sheets, a long time ago, a friend told me to use a white washcloth, pour just a little bit of fabric softener on it and then throw it in the dryer with the clothes. Voila! Homemade dryer sheets. It works great and the fabric softener lasts forever!

  49. That isn't a "no makeup" face, I call it your "game face!" You look lovely in all your decluttering!

  50. Use Baby Oil on the stainless steel in your kitchen. I apply some to a clean cloth and just wipe down. It leave it smudge free, clean and beautiful. Plus it's super cheap....

  51. I, too, have a Dyson Vacuum. I can really relate to that picture of you hugging your Dyson! It is the BEST, hands down, vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. And I've had four other vacuums. Love my Dyson!

  52. Thanks for the party invite, Sarah. It's been a blast! I love all the tips and tricks that you and the other readers have shared.

    And thanks to you, "decrapification" is now a part of my lexicon and it's slowly but surely becoming a way of life.

    Keep up the good work, doll!

  53. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a slightly inappropriate relationship with my Dyson, lol.

    Question, when using the Bounce bar, do you also add fabric softener to your wash cycle? (Has never used dryer sheets for fear of the buildup that causese fires.)

  54. I'm Monica: I love to clean!
    Some of My Favorite products are:
    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
    Bissell Little Green Machine (which was used even on furniture on a Showroom)
    I use the newspaper for anything glass cause it works, I just use them with gloves.And I do love the clorox wipes

  55. I swear by poloplaz for cleaning finished hardwood floors and for cleaning woodwork like trim, baseboards, and doors in older homes (the bonus is it blends scratches like no one's business if sprayed directly on the scratch and wiped off), I use Scott's liquid gold wood cleaner and preservative.

  56. My favorite item I use is the Dyson handheld. They are on sale for $100 at Target now and I use it 10x a day with our hardwood floors. It is a lifesaver!!!

  57. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It was an honor to get a comment from you! I'm back (after months!)! Check out my latest post on Faith :)

    Thank you for your continual support!

  58. I loved the Purex sheets when they first came out, but started to notice oily, greasy spots on my husband's dress shirts. I tried OxyClean (ahh, Billy Mays, you are missed!) and all sorts of stain removers before taking them to the cleaners but nothing got the stupid spots out. For some reason the spots never showed up on my clothes, or they have and I just haven't noticed, but I have seen a few on my daughter's clothes too. Not so much a big deal on her clothes, but my husband buys his dress shirts from Jos A Bank. Even at their 50% off sale, the shirts are still super pricey so we've kissed the Purex sheets goodbye!

  59. THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting this linky party!!!
    You ROCK!!!!!

  60. I think this was a great idea! I loved reading alot of the posts. seems like we use alot of the same cleaning products! thanks for doing a awesome linky party!

  61. Thanks for the par-tay! What fun :) I've already discovered a few tips! I thought I'd pass along one to you! Instead of newspaper for cleaning windows, I use coffee filters. Clean windows + clean hands = happy!

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  63. I had to give you a little shout out for the word "Decrapification" on my blog. I love that word and I love your blog so I figured it was fair to give credit where credit was due.

    P.S. I wish my vac was as clean and beautiful as yours - I'd snuggle with it if it was! ;)

  64. We could be sistas! I love to clean too because it makes me happy and I love everything in its place.

    I have used the Purex sheets and I don't like the smell. I have to stick to my Tide & Downey. I don't scrimp when it comes to clean and yummy smelling clothes.

    I also love Clorox wipes. I keep them upstairs and downstairs and I use them a lot. I have an Oreck and I like it because it is light. I have had it for about 10 yrs. and it is time for something new.

  65. I love the picture of you hugging your vacuum!!! I would so hug mine too--if I had a dyson!! : )

  66. I didn't have time to get my cleaning post done in time, but just wanted to share a new fav cleaning product! I got this stuff called Folex (comes in a white spray bottle with non-descript purple/blue lettering) from the cleaning aisle at Home Depot and I'm in love (or as you would say, in lurve!). It's supposed to be a carpet cleaner, like resolve, but I think it works great on fabric/upholstery too. The completely awesome thing about it is you don't have to rinse- AT ALL!. You just spray it on the dirt and rub it in with your finger a little and the spot dissolves into thin air. I have no idea where it goes, but it does! I've even used it to get magic marker (not the washable kind!) out of the linen slipcovers on my dining chairs. That took a bit more rubbing, but still worked with no rinsing! I don't know what's in this stuff (and I think I don't want to know!) but it is awesome. I would probably recommend trying it in an unconspicuous area first. Oh, it's also pretty cheap- about $7 for a big bottle (mine's still half-full after a year or frequent use!)

  67. I'm TOTALLY with you on the Dyson LOVE!!!! Got me a pretty pink one and she is a dream machine.

    Looking forward to checking out all those links, trying to get the clutter (which btw should be a four letter word) under control.
    Great Linky party.

  68. Most a laundry additives & anti-cling sheets are an air quality problem, and I'd be suspicious of the Bounce Bars. The Environmental Work Group ( is a great source of related information. I personally use the LaundryPure ( to simplify my laundry tasks and keep things green. I got mine from .
    When you try out new products, I encourage you to keep air quality and health in focus.

  69. OH MY!
    I LOVE this post! (And this party)
    I warm fuzzy heart want to marry clorox wipes and my dyson too!!!!
    I will have to try the Pledge Multi surface, I have always used the allergen one....thanks for the tip.

    Hope you are doing well! Glad to be back to blogging :) Missed y'all!


  70. A big YES from me on the Purex sheets. I love them. No measuring, no mess = easy! I wan't sure how they would foam, but they do & my laundry smells great too.

  71. The only thing better than using my own Dyson vacuum is watching my husband use it ... talk about foreplay.

    Q on the stick-on softener thingy -- what do you do for things you don't soften in the dryer? For instance, cotton terry towels, which become progressively less absorbent and "slick" if you soften them? Or some percale sheets that you want crisp? Does it come off the side of the dryer for that?

    Fun party!

  72. Love this post! I've heard much about the dyson and all it's greatness... will have to save up for one!
    As far as cleaning products go, have you ever heard of Norwex? They sell AWESOME cleaning products - you can mostly clean with water and microfiber. Yup... it actually works! Not only is it easier on the pocketbook, but it's eco-friendly and better on your health than a lot of other options out there. Definitely worth the investment!!!
    Thanks for the tips... love the blog!

  73. my 13 year old daughter says that "even with your 'unmade up' face and hair pulled look like you could be in high 15 or 16 years old."

  74. To soften towels without the buildup - use vinegar in the rinse cycle in the washer.

    If you are lucky enough to have a place to pour fabric softener in your washing machine, just pour the vinegar in there instead.

    If not, use a Downey ball, just fill to the line with vinegar instead.

    Works great - no smell. You can use it on all clothes - but DH missed the nice smell from the reg fabric softener so I use it for most things and do the vinegar for the towels. :)


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