Saturday, August 14, 2010

Embracing summer


If you’ve read this blog for about, ohhhh…two minutes, you know how much I adore the autumn season. I joke about it often, but it’s not really joking…I BIG FAT LOVE fall. :) I don’t apologize for it. I mean really -- just about everything about that season rocks.

But, I do need to give some props to the time of year that has typically not been my favorite – summer.

I’ve always been a warm and cozy kind of girl – in the past I haven’t even minded winter. Shorter days have never bugged me, and as long as I’m comfy in the house, I quite enjoy the winter months…that is till about January 30th. :)


But this summer, something has changed. I’ve quite enjoyed it this year. Dare I say, really loved it.

There’s something about the warmer months that is magic. Magic I had only previously thought was possible during the holidays.


So here are all of the reasons summer is now a really close second to October through December for me…

Yes, you heard right. I love summer.


I also love storms. I adore thunderstorms. And of course the summer months offer some of the best shows:


There’s been a few lightning storms this year that have been fantastic! We stand outside in awe, admiring God’s handiwork.  :)

Speaking of great shows, the Bub has become a firework fanatic! We went all out on the Fourth this year and had such a blast -- it was SO FUN. Do you know I’d never set off a roman candle till this summer? Crazy!

The biggest hit this year was the balloon chicken:



I must offer an official apology to our neighbors, for the late night booms that went well into late July. (They were half off peeps – who can resist?!)


I love that we don’t go out to dinner till 8 p.m. some nights. I also love that we go out to dinner waaay too much in the summer. No cooking, whoohoo!


Late night dinners turn into late evenings in general. I’m a night owl through and through, and most of the year I’m up way later than my husband working. But this summer, he stayed up late at night working as well.


At midnight some nights, we would sit out on our deck, glass of wine in hand, and look at the stars.



Late nights also mean sleeping in. Helloooo…is there anything better? There’s not for a sleep lovah like me. Have I mentioned I’ve pretty much been a SLUG this summer? Yeah.


The zoo membership is the best money we’ve spent all year! I love that we can go when the urge strikes us, and not spend a dime.


Just look at that BIG SWEETAY!! :)

I’m not a big ice cream eater, but in the summer I can’t live without my Spouse Like a House treat (yes, that’s what it’s called.) A sinful mixture of vanilla ice cream, caramel swirls and chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels.

**Picture not available because I ate it all.**

The happy hour at Dairy Queen does nothing to help my summer sweet tooth either -- Strawberry Lemonade iced drinks half off in the afternoons – can I get a hoooolla?


I never planted that garden I mentioned earlier this summer, but I have grand plans for next year! I know exactly where it will go and just what I’ll be planting.


I did finally get some tomatoes off the Topsy Turvy plant this year (YES, it works!!) – it is busting with them right now! (And the animals have left them alone, the buggers.)


Speaking of critters, another bonus of summer around our house is the constant wildlife:


We have bunnies daily (with cutie patoot fluffy bootays!), an incredible array of birds, the occasional deer, and you can hear the coyotes howling and see them playing in the land behind our house. (They really do play – it’s fun to watch...from inside.)


I’m a TV junky, and summer television is some of my favorite TV. You can’t beat the Bachelor/Bachelorette (don’t judge!), So You Think You Can Dance, and my fave USA network shows like White Collar – all that run NEW shows during the summer.

They’re all good, mindless entertainment, which is perfect this time of year. Thinking too much makes you hot, didn’t you know? :)


And then, there are the pretty parts of summer. We are lucky to have a lot of nature nearby, so evening walks are full of the beauty of this season:

062      039073

The Indiana weather is brutal this time of year, but the result can be quite spectacular.

These are the reasons I’ve barely touched a power tool all summer. The reasons I’ve had ZERO motivation to finish the kitchen redo. The reasons that, even with the horrible heat and humidity this year, I’ve actually fallen in love with summer.

I can’t believe it, but it’s true. :)

So what’s your favorite season? What do you love most about it? Are you a convert like me? :)

Have a GREAT weekend!

**All flower pictures are from our yard and a nearby nature preserve. :)


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  1. Here's a big fat "hollaaaa" on the DQ thing!! And yes summer is great, but it's SO durn hot! ; )
    Maybe I should move away from FL... but then again, snow in the winter is too I'll just enjoy what I get... and enjoy my DQ year-round! Great photos!

  2. First of all, I don't know how you don't weigh 500 pounds

    Second of all, I am soooo jealous of your flowers! I am a flower killer :(

    I do love me some summer because it means I get to go to the lake and work on my water sports and my tan!


  3. I love those flowers you posted. Definitely summer is the best season of the year. It makes me happy and feel energetic.

  4. I love spring, summer, and fall all equally as much, but I am not remotely a fan of winter -- don't like the cold (I'm a shorts gal!), don't like the short days & lack of sunlight. If spring and fall could each be longer and we didn't have winter at all, I'd be happy with that ;-).

  5. Summer is my favorite because I love being outside in the heat and in the water! I love fireworks and BBQ's and boats and beaches!
    But fall is a very close second. I love the colors, leaves, sweaters and scarves. (And I love making lists, can you tell?)
    I'm not a fan of winter because if it snows even an inch in Portland the whole city turns into a parking lot and it takes you 4 hours to drive home from work, which is 6 miles away. I'm not exaggerating that one.
    Summer and fall are the best.

  6. PS
    If you get a chance I have a decorating question.
    I just moved and my townhouse has all these really small, square windows everywhere. They are about 23 inches square or something like that. Do I leave them alone or put teeny curtains up? I have no idea.

  7. Fall is my all time favorite season too! LOVE IT.

    You have a beautiful collection of summertime flowers too.

  8. Hey Sarah! You answered my question before I could ask it. The whole way through your post I was thinking "Are all these beauties in your yard". Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.

    Fall is my favorite to. It's nice and cool and the beginning of the celebrating season with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years coming up. Crunchy leaves and cool breezes gotta love it. But like you I love a storm with thunder and lightening too. And Florida is #1 for that in the summer. But we haven't had much so far.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway. I hope you stop by and enter.

  9. I love love love Fall and Winter. It's absolutely the best! I love bonfires, kiddos all dressed up in their costumers begging for candy, the pretty leaves, the dreary weather, it's sweatshirt/hoodie weather, I could go on, I love everything about it.

    I hate summer, I can't handle the heat but I do love my summer thunderstorms.

    I don't know what it is about me but dreary, rainy, snowy, thundery, weather brings a huge smile to my face. People hate me for it :) There is just something about it and I love when there is a snow day or thunderstorm that keeps the family stuck inside together, hanging out in the pjs all day, and watching movies, I LOVE it.

    Can you tell I love it? I got a little carried away :)

  10. I like Fall best. Could be because September is my birth month. Could be that I just love that change from warm to crisp in the air. Could be also that all those changing leaves are just so gorgeous. And fresh-picked apples are all kinds of sweet. :)

  11. I've stumbled across your blog and enjoy! I like Autumn the best -- the colors, the crunchy leaves, and the SMELL. But, there's something to be said for evenings in the summer (the days do not agree with my hair!) perhaps it is a tie -- summer eves and autumn weekends?!

  12. Fall is my Favorite. I was born in the fall, of course I was born in a country where is summer year around so I do appreciate the change in season. I'm also a HUGE fan of boots, so I can deal with Winter too.

  13. Spring and Fall are still my favorite. But I do love summer because I get to have my kiddos home, and we don't have to deal with homework, school activities or having a schedule. Lots of kids playing together in the neighborhood while Mom's socialize, going out after dinner for walks, letting the kids stay out and catch fireflies. We get to play all summer long! So not much projects are getting done around here either. Its been a super hot summer though, so bring on the fall!

  14. Love the pictures. I'm with you though and love autumn. I love having that chill in the air and a reason to cook warm stodgy food. I love the smell of damp leaves. I miss the morning autumn mist from England and the dew settling on the millions of cobwebs that hang from all the trees... but then here in the US, I get to see all the mums and pumpkins on the stoops.. I will miss all the beautiful flowers of summer though and this year has been an exceptional summer! Lx

  15. Fall is definitely may favorite- the colors, the cooler weather (love that little shiver in the air), hiking with no bugs (yay!).

  16. Flowers are pretty much the ONLY thing I like about summer. Otherwise..... bleh

    We hear coyotes but don't see them. Sneaky critters.


  17. Thanks for the blog! I needed a little reminder of why I should relish in the last couple months of this season. I actually just wrote a blog about how much I am looking forward to the fall, but I will try to hold off my excitement for a couple more months!

  18. Ok, that balloon chicken is hilarious!!!

    Fall is always my favorite time of year for many reasons but I do love summer because then I have my hubbys and kids home with me, less schedules, more spontaneity. The heat and humidity this summer has been brutal though!

  19. I love summer. (We have an hour drive to the beach). But this year has been a heat wave. Waiting for cooler weather!

  20. Flowers always make my heart pump a bit, sweetpea. I enjoy seeing them and having them surround me in my home.

  21. gorgeous flower photos!!!

  22. Your flowers are unreal. Too hot here for any to live. It's still 113, so I will be more than happy for fall. In the desert, fall is like everyone else's summer. I am so ready. Hugs, Marty

  23. Sounds like you have been having a lovely summer. There are things I love about Summer such as Thunder storms, summer blooms, tree frogs croaking after a storm, crickets serenading us in the evening....but I am not a fan of the heat and humidity and this year has been a scorcher.
    My all time favorite season is also Autumn! I love the foliage, crisp air, mums blooming, pumpkin picking and Halloween!

  24. I like fall until November. Then it tends to be cold, gray and yucky. I think the reason I prefer summer is the amount of sunshine. If I am going to be stuck indoors with either air conditioning or heat, I'd rather it be A/C.

    We tried the topsy turvey thing for tomatoes this year and are very disappointed. I've had four tomatoes so far, and two have been fairly puny. Hubby didn't save the tag from the plants so I don't know if the variety is part of the problem, but I doubt we'll use this again for tomatoes. :(

  25. This year I've learned to embrace the seasons. I live in Utah and we do have some crazy seasons every now and again. Fall is my absolute favorite also, (doesn't hurt that it's my birthday).
    Love, Love, Love those flowers! I'm definitely planting more next year.

  26. Summer has always been my favourite (probably since growing up in Northern Ontario meant winter started by Halloween and didn't end until almost May!).
    This summer has been a warm, sunny one with no mosquitoes so it's been dreamy and after spending the majority of the year in Ireland for the last 3 years, I've never longed for sunshine so much in my life (it rains there A LOT!) Sunshine makes me a happy, perky person and the vitamin D can't hurt either! :)

  27. I am a summer LOVER. My sundresses become my housecoat and most days I can get away with not "getting dressed" at all! I love feeling the heat blanket over me. I live in one of the few desert areas of BC and we have 100 degree heat 'cept it's SOOO DRY. But that makes it all the more nicer to take a picnic dinner down to the river!

  28. I love your shots of all the summer blooms! I am a complete summer-lover (a Cancer) and being from the frozen tundra of Minnesota where summer is over before you can say "suntan" I have learned to savor every moment of the season wherever I live.

    Thanks for sharing your summer loves!


  29. I love, love, love fall and winter, and mostly could do without summer. Except for fresh grown tomatoes, corn on the cob and watermelon

  30. Loved this post, chickie, and I have a serious question. Are you a fan of "Bachelor Pad?" I got sucked in during the first episode last week. I've decided it's "Real World" for old people. It's the best and worst of all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Pure guilty TV at its finest. And also, what did you think of the SYTYCD finale?

    I don't get to sleep in, like, ever, but I have enjoyed the pool more this summer b/c I don't have to keep one hand on a smaller toddler every second.

    But I am ready for sweaters and jeans. :)

  31. Love all the flowers! Wish you could name them all for me:)
    I love the spring and fall come in second for me. When we are trying to break a record for 31 days straight of 95+ and today it is 101, summer can't get out of here fast enough for me! Bring on the cool weather!

  32. LOVE summer. . .I *dread* winter. One reason I'm not a huge fan of fall? Because winter follows :) So fun to read this post and see you falling in love with this season too. We're from Dayton, OH and we miss the green, lush grass of the area but other than that, we are happy to be 300 miles south now where the kids are (sometimes) still in shorts in December. Fall is more fun to decorate for, though, so I'm looking forward to your inspiration in this upcoming season!!! Great pics too. . .

  33. Oh man! Handel's ice cream!! Spouse like a house rocks it hard!!
    Shoot, now I'm hungry.

  34. You got me at balloon chicken! :)) Those flowers are spectacular! How I'd love to have those beauties in my garden! The zoo membership will forever be a great investment. I never get bored of observing the wildlife. Bunnies in your area is a treat!

  35. I also love fall, spring a close second, and probably then summer. It used to be winter, but I have developed this aversion to being cold lately. This summer has been pretty nice as long as I can stay inside. We are in our 39th day over 90 degrees and even walking outside in the evening is like a sauna hitting you in the face. Beautiful flowers! And like you, my garden didn't quite get planted this year either. I also have high hopes for next spring. I am a little thankful no garden is growing since we have experienced such heat. Love your various topics on your blog. Keep it coming.

    Judy :)

  36. Great post! :)
    I'm a FALL girl!

  37. Sarah,

    Your post always remind of me how beautiful everyday life is, and inspire me to make it better. Thank you! Most of us live a normal life, but still is filled with fun and good stuff when we look closer at it. I think I enjoy all the seasons, there's really no season that I want to skip.

  38. really amazing pictures and nice blog! greetings from italy!

  39. As a native Indianan who now lives in the dry Southwest, let me say how much I do NOT miss the humidity! But Indiana does have great summers. Since you got the zoo membership, make sure you go in December. My sister-in-law took as this past December when we were home for the holidays, and it was magical! Everywhere is all lit up with thousands of lights and displays. Don't miss it!

  40. Summer is my favorite time of year. I am from Florida and I love the hot weather. I love not having a schedule, sleeping in, and just really long days.

    The only drawback is not much tv viewing. I watch SYTYCD but other than that, I love the fall tv season & football. LOL!

  41. I'm a fall girl too. I love it. Next for me would be winter, then spring, then summer (yuck! - I am NOT a summer person). However, I will say this summer has been a little different. I find myself enjoying it a little (tiny bit) more. I think it has to do with S'mores.

    Beautiful pics - love that hydrangea!

  42. oh wow! This post was soooo enjoyable! I am a true fall girl , too but I haven't embraced the summer and the heat yet! I actually prefer the shorter days(it just feels more natural to me!). Your post today was a real feel good moment for me today! Thanks!

  43. I like the Fall, but Summer is by far my favorite time of year. Lazy days and a lot of time spent with the kids just having fun in the sun!

  44. WOW I think we are soul sisters?! I LOVE FALL and Winter. Usually right around this time of year I crave fall, the colors, the smells the activities all leading up to my ultimate favorite snowy winters! But just today, I was saying that I liked this summer. It's been the hottest one we have experienced so far here, but I am not ready for it to go just yet. I am looking forward to the fall TV schedule, but have enjoyed the shows of summer too. Take Care!

  45. What a sweet post. I've always been a fall & winter lover...ALWAYS. But this summer has been pretty great. :-)

  46. Once I had kids summer became my favorite many great activities to enjoy and I particularly love summer now that the kids are in school. Love the time we get to just hang out! Janell

  47. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year without a doubt!

    And I can't belive THIS YEAR of all years, is the year you fell in love with summer! LOL

    I like summer because I like to garden, but I haven't been able to bring myself to leave the house in a month because of the humidity and heat this year.

  48. Beautiful flower photos! I love that they're woven into the post - it's like taking a walk and looking at them while listening to a friend talk :)

    I love summer but didn't realize until the last few years that I seem to be one of only a very small group who do. I love the long days, the relaxed pace with the kids out of school, running into neighbors more often 'cause everyone's outside more, the pool, more casual clothes....

    I do like fall itself but, like someone wrote before me, I hate that it is the last stop before winter hits. And here in Cincinnati once you get past Christmas there are at least two (usually three) pretty gray months between you get any hope of counting on plans not being dashed by snow days and not having to look at that sad, nasty black snow that builds up in parking lots and the side of the road.

  49. These are wonderful reasons to love summer. I have to agree with all of them, as summer's always been my favorite season. When Bub gets grown up, you'll love summer even more because then he'll be home from school. Have a great day!

  50. great floral photos.

  51. I love all the seasons, but especially Summer! I'm only 20 minutes from the ocean and summer means shorts, flip-flops, flowers scenting the air, smell of the ocean drifting inland, later nights to sit outside, wildlife sounds galore once the sun sets, chances to shell hunt after a storm, barbeques, puddle jumping (put on a slicker-or not-, kick off your shoes and take your child out and jump in all the puddles during a rain storm (not a thunderstorm)- of course, you're going to get wet....but it's SUMMER! See who can spit a watermelon seed the farthest! The list goes on and on!The best opportunity all year for me to be a kid...again! :) Especially like to get to the beach in early Sept (sometimes Oct) after all the kids go back to school!

    Ciao from the New England Coast!

    Guerrina in CT

  52. For me it would have to be Fall. Living in Northwest Florida we get to enjoy a nice crisp Fall with changing leaves and cooler nights, however we also get the hot, muggy, humid weather that you would find in [South] Florida. I grew up in Massachusetts and have always loved Summer. It was hot but not really all that humid and Florida is nothing but humid, so much humidity it's miserable to even be able to enjoy the outside, even at night!

    So with all that rambling... Fall is my favorite season. Love it! :)

  53. When I was younger Summer won HANDS DOWN!!!! I ADORED summer! Now, I still love it: the beach, the ocean, the FOOD, the ice cream, the LOOOONG days (I hate when it is dark at 5PM)....I could go on and on. BUT, I also love Fall now, I love the colors and LOVE to decorate for Fall. Living on a VERY wooded lot however, I HATE cleaning up all the leaves.....I am way too old for this now:):):)

  54. Forgot to ask: what kind of camera do you have???? Your pictures are so incredibly clear!!!!

  55. Love the photos Sarah! Especially the bunny! Sooo cute!
    btw summer is now my favourite season... it used to be autumn when I lived on the mainland... but as It's colder in this part of Australia Summer is now definitely my fav!

  56. i love those flower very colorful make my mind peaceful i have garden but i haven't that wonderful flower.

  57. Wait! go back, tell us more about that ice cream! Who makes it, I haven't ever heard of that kind but it has all of my fav ingredients.

    As for summer, thanks for reminding me of the things I love about it, if only it weren't for the intense heat. Fall, oh fall, think about that first morning you get out of the shower and you think, oooh there is a chill in the air, I should have turned on the heat. I love that day!!!


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