Bloggers in New York!

September 25, 2010


Well, enough of my bloggy friends have posted their pictures now, so I can finally steal their pics and share my post about our whirlwind NYC trip as well! ;)

I was there for less than 48 hours, but crammed a crazy amount into that time. The evening I arrived, I joined the group of bloggers at the Rue Magazine launch party – it was held at Atelier in the New York Design Center, and I must admit, us DIYers were looking around at the fabulous decor and pointing to things we could totally do on our own:


Doesn’t that look familiar? ;)

I was thrilled to finally meet the infamous Eddie Ross and Jaithan:


(Left to right, Jaithan, me, Rhoda, Eddie, Camila, Marianne and Cristin.)

I was SO excited to finally meet Camila – she is a doll and she worked so hard on pulling so much of the week’s activities together for us!

Many of the Design Star contestants were at the party, and I grabbed a quick shot with Michael:


I have to say – I felt so incredibly out of place at this party! OH my goodness. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, and you pair that with having just traveled for five hours, and I just felt SO…thrifty.  ;)

The next day was pretty much dedicated to The Nate Show – but we started out by meeting up with Beth and her friend Kathleen, and were able to take a quick walk over to the beautiful Central Park:

031  034

Rhoda, Beth and I were perfectly color coordinated!:


Beth was absolutely as sweet as can be – and just like every blogger I meet that I “know” through blogland, I felt like I had known her forever! There are no awkward moments, just immediate friendship!


Speaking of bloggers I love, we met Megan from Modern Bird before the show:


Um, she is hilarious and FUN! I knew she would be.

I was looking forward to meeting Janell all week!:


I finally met up with her in line before the show and yet again, we felt like instant friends! And did you hear? She taped a segment on the show! With NATE! I’m so thrilled for her – she is such a lovely person and an incredible designer.

The photo shoots continued outside with Lakeitha and Erika:


How cute are they? How is it possible that every. single. blogger there was that gorgeous?

We didn’t have to wait in line for long outside before we were ushered in…but then the real wait started. ;) We waited for about two hours in separate rooms, so everybody was scattered. The staff was SO friendly and kept checking in with us over that time. I was impressed with their patience with us and their professionalism.

Our room was finally ushered into the studio, and Rhoda and I were bummed that we were quite literally some of the last few into the room -- which translated to what were probably the worst seats possible. :)

It ended up being OK, because, of course, the cameras are everywhere, and at one point or another I think everyone ended up watching the big screens above so they could see what was going on.

You may have seen that some bloggers were less than happy with The Nate Show producers and the fact that us, the bloggers, were never mentioned on air. I have to tell you that I never even thought about that – in between segments, Nate thanked us in general and those who had helped to promote his new show numerous times. He was obviously very grateful.

I guess it never crossed my mind that he would say anything about us on air. I mean, the producers did ask us to send in some of our projects, so I wondered if they would highlight some of those, but overall I never expected us to get a shout out.

I found him to be sweet and engaging, and after the show he took time to answer questions from many of the bloggers in the audience. He mentioned that he never does that, so it was a lovely gesture on his part:


Before the trip, I was obviously excited to go to the taping, but the real reason I was so looking forward to going to NYC was to meet and spend time with my blog friends – who are now women I consider friends in real life. The Nate Show was just an exciting extra of the trip!

And seriously – is he not the CUTEST?? Really.

After the show we stopped for some New York pizza:


(My friend Kate and I, deciding between cheese pizza and extra cheese pizza. ;) )

Then walked through Times Square to a subway station:


Darn it, we didn’t see ONE rat!! I was hoping Rhoda would get to see one. ;)

After a very quick stop in at a party sponsored by The Nest, we headed to Little Italy for some dinner, and then a bunch of us went to check out the view at the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center:


My new and old blog friends: Cristin, me, Kate, Rhoda and Janell.
We had a blast!

I have to give an extra special shout out to Rhoda, for inviting me along with her – she is amazing and a blast to hang out with. And my roomies Emily Clark and her friend Katie (I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture together!) were the cutest and sweetest. Between the three of them I was surrounded by southern accents for days and I was all “y’all this” and “y’all that” when I got home.  ;)

I cannot stress what a blessing blogging has been in my life. I have met so many fantastic, strong, smart women. I have had some amazing opportunities because of this blog. And I am ever thankful and overwhelmed by all of it.

P.S. We have no idea when our episode airs -- we were told to watch online, so I’ll keep my eye out and let you know! :)

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  1. It was great meeting you! Meeting you and the other bloggers was the highlight of my trip.

    I love your recap and waiting for all the pix.

    Come visit us in SF!


  2. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. But I want to know how Fall is in Indiana right now. I miss the beautiful Fall weather there. Utah's Fall weather just isn't the same. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Sad to have not been able to go, I was honored to get the invite but really I just sometimes have to say no to fun. That kills me!! Living through you and the BFF's of BLOGLAND!! :-)

  4. Looks like you had a blast! Such a wonderful opportunity. And like you, I feel that blogging is such a blessing! I love being continually inspired by so many beautiful women (:

  5. Fun recap, it was truly a highlight meeting you...and I can't believe you met Eddie Ross! I would have loved to fit in the Rue party! Janell

  6. What a great post, I felt like I was there with you gals. Seriously, I find myself talking about things that happen in blog land, even using their first names, and my family just looks at me kinda odd, "like who are you talking about" I forget that they haven't met all of you :)

  7. wow sounds like an amazing time! So glad you enjoyed it :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  8. Hi Sarah, how wonderful you got to go and meet fellow bloggers. I have been very blessd to meet a couple of my blog friends here in CA and what great ladies they are..
    Glad you had a good time.
    I need to still send you some pictures of my house..I think I need help with my master bedroom and bath..its been so long since I paid for a consult hope its still good. I am a slowpoke sometimes but itching to get at the master.

  9. I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E that first picture!!! The juxtaposition of the classical-style sculpture against the steel and glass buildings in the background. GREAT shot! I wish I had taken it! :)

  10. I think we might have to photoshop a picture of us together. Crazy!

    So fun getting to hang out with you. Hopefully, we'll get to do it again soon. Oh, and so happy we taught you the correct usage of the word y'all :)

  11. FUN! It looks like you all had a great time. You all look great!

    I have always wanted to go to a taping of a show! This really makes me miss having satellite/cable TV. We get over the air HD and most of the shows I watch are on the reg networks. But this makes me want to watch HGTV. At least I can find some of it online!

  12. Great recap, Sarah! Stolen pics & all, they look great on here. Just wait til you get snapping with that new camera, you'll be crazy with it.

    Loved hanging with you too, you are so much fun & just like we've known each other for-EVER, that is so true. Great time that I'll never forget.

  13. I've been a TDC fan for several months, but haven't 'spoken' until now. NYC made me do it!!

    I grew up in Colorado (and am now living there again with hub and 4 kids), but got to live my dream in NYC for about 12 yrs, right off of Central Park West and 89th! In a fabulous old brownstone. (Love Nest)I used to tell people I married him for his rent stabilized apt, but that's only half true:)
    My husband is a "real" New Yawker, had my first 2 babies there, but his work brought us back here to the west...although my heart is still in NYC. (in the love nest).

    Had an awesome career, but motherhood has been my career for the past 19 yrs.
    I shouldn't complain, I got to live my dream..but thank you for your great web site that I visit daily.

    I wasn't always a Thrifty girl, but am desperately trying and your site helps me stay focused.
    I can do this I can do this...and with style.
    Thank you~!

  14. Oh my word, girl, such fun!!!!! I love reading all about it through your eyes! You hit all the highlights, cannot wait to meet up again! Four months till Blissdom right?

  15. I'm still reeling between elation that I got to go and meet you all and remorse that I didn't have more time :(! You looked gorgeous in your Rue party pics so no talk of this feeling-out-of-place business! And I think it's hilarious you were hoping Rhoda would witness a rat!!! LOL! We see those a plenty in our small city of Harrisburg and they are disgusting. I hope to see you again SOON!!

  16. It cracked me up to see you in the train station holding your Metro Card like an American Express commercial! HAHAHA! And the pic of you and Kate in the pizza palor was adorable.

    I was one of those bloggers who was disappointed with the Nate experience, simply because I was only there for the taping then had to catch a plane back home.

    I have to say that meeting you all in person and being able to prove to the hubs that you all were real made it all worthwhile. Big hugs, Sarah. I hope to see you again, soon!

    P.S. Thx for the sweet compliment ;-)

  17. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I can imagine how wonderful it was to meet your blogging friends not to mention the perks of getting to visit NY! Being new to the blogging world, I am looking forward to developing new friendships as you have. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us!

  18. How fun! Just think, next time you won't have to wait for everyones pictures! You can use your new fancy camera to take your own! ;D

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  19. I am so glad you posted about your NYC trip. It sounds like it was a blessing! I am loving Nate's show and enjoying reading about all of you that went. Thanks for your perspective. Love it! Lisa~

  20. Sarah, can I just say.....your "thriftiness" is why I love reading your blog. It's why so many of us enjoy you, because we can relate to the jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Don't ever change! :o)

  21. Everybody looked fabulous! Sounds like a fun time!


  22. You certainly did not look out of place at the party. You looked fabulous like always. Thanks for the recap. It was great to hear your story too. I read Beth's and Rhoda's already. So much fun! I am so envious. :)

  23. What an awesome experience!!! Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  24. Sarah- First, I have to say, you look gorgeous in all the pictures. You are the most humble blogger ever! I'm so jealous that "y'all" (I'm in Houston!) got to meet. I want to meet too!!! :)

  25. Ok, so because of you and Rhoda, I have been DVR'ing Nate. I have been scanning the episodes looking for you guys. I guess I should just watch the whole show since there's not a shout out to you guys...bummer.

    Sounds like a great time; thanks for sharing.

  26. What an amazing group of people to spend time with!!

    I'm insanely jealous, but insanely happy for you at the same time.


    New Garden equipment for your use

  28. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Rue launch party, and talk (in the bathroom no less). You were one of the bloggers I knew of coming into New York, and you're even more wonderful in person :).


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