Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend fun: Famous folk

Hey there! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! I’m getting ready for another trip to NYC next week (pinch me!). I mentioned last week that, thanks so my friend Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, I am off to a taping of the Nate Berkus show, along with a whole slew of decorating/design bloggers.

I can’t WAIT!

So, I’m in the midst of laundry and trying to find SOMETHING to wear that is worthy. (And not having much luck.)  ;)

It will be a thrill, to say the least, to be within feet of Nate! Isn’t he the cutest? It’s had me thinking of some of the famous people I’ve come close to in my life – it’s not a really long list, but a few trips to NYC sure has helped. :)

I LOVE hearing stories from people who have met actors and musicians – the good and the bad. ;) So I thought I’d share some of mine, although most are just “walk bys,” not so much interaction!

Years and years ago, my BFF and I were at the Indy airport picking up my (then) boyfriend, now hubby. We were waiting on him at the baggage claim when my friend gasped and grabbed onto my arm like a vise.





Shut. up. It was Dave! Walking right towards us, guitar case in hand:



(I should have explained first that we were BIG, early Dave fans – like we bought his first album, rocked out freshman year of college, went to every concert every summer, FANS.)

He was within feet of us, and then he saw us. The two girls clutching each other, googley eyed, mouths hanging open, staring at him, ready to pounce.

We saw the fear in his eyes. I don’t know how else to explain it – it was dear God, get me away from these freaky fans as soon as humanly possible, fear. :)

He turned on his heel and quickly walked out the nearest door. My friend, with zero pride,  RAN after him, pushing through the doors. I saw her look both ways and walk back and forth outside -- but he was gone.

Seriously, to this day, we think he literally took off running when he got outside. There was no way otherwise he would have gotten away that fast.

C’mon Dave!! We weren’t that scary!! :)

We found out later that he had come into town, by himself, to sing to a local girl who was sick in the hospital with cancer. No wonder he didn’t want to deal with us crazies, now we don’t blame him one bit.

I may or may not have mentioned my slight obsession with New Kids on the Block for roughly the past 20 years of my life. Roughly.


When they were on the tail end of their early careers, they came to town on their last tour and did a meet and greet at a local store. We stood in line for hours and finally got to get our autographs. My favorite, Jon, had quit, but the fans didn’t know that. They made up some story about an injury, and when I got to Jordan and asked him about Jon, he was not happy about it.

I’m thinking it was probably the 593th time in the past ten minutes he had been asked, so I guess I don’t blame him. ;)

Joe and Danny were complete and total sweethearts – so friendly and funny and nice. Jordan and Donnie, notsomuch.

But that was then, and I know it was just a bad day and they are all just the nicest, sweetest people in real life. I’m sure of it, OK? Don’t tell me otherwise. I’m not listening, nananananaaaaa! I don’t hear you!

Last February, I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Harry Connick Jr. at the Blissdom conference in Nashville:


My friend AnNicole and I were so busy chatting it up with Kevin and Layla from The Lettered Cottage, we totally missed his performance! But we snuck up to the very end of the meet and greet line and were the last two to get a picture with him.

Heavenly. :)

And of course, on just about every New York trip, we see someone famous. Usually it’s while were out shopping or just walking on the street.

On one of our first trips there, I was shopping right next to Christine Elise at Macy’s:


Remember her from 90210?

When I was in NYC earlier this summer, we walked by Melanie Lapatin, one of the choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance:


She was so beautiful in real life – pictures don’t do her justice!

On the way by the back door of the Promises Promises theater one night, we saw Sean Hayes and Tony Goldwyn signing autographs:


We didn’t have time to wait to get one, but it was a thrill to be that close. Hubby and I saw the show earlier this year and LOVED it – he’s a huge Kristin Chenoweth fan and I’m a huge Sean Hayes fan. :) Remember Tony Goldwyn from Ghost?:


The January after 9-11 we took hubby’s band students to NYC.  (An overseas trip was originally scheduled and that was canceled because of obvious reasons.) We had dinner at Tavern on the Green one evening with all of the kids and it was stunning.

At one point we walked by the restroom and the one and only Liza Minnelli was heading in:


That was pretty cool! 

I think my favorite brush with famousness is from a trip about seven years ago. We were heading back to our hotel (the Marriott Marquis – before it was $400 a night :) ), and we noticed a HUGE crowd gathered outside the hotel.

It was Jennifer Garner, shooting the limo scene for 13 Going on 30:


It was SO COOL! We watched forever, as they wound around the Marquis over and over and OVER. She was about ten feet away from us at times.

When the movie came out, my stepdaughter and I waited for that scene and watched like hawks, but we were just cut out of it:


Still, so fun and what fun experience!!

So those are my famous sightings. I’m sure there’s been a few more over the years, but it’s late on a Saturday night and my brain is MUSH.

Have you met anyone famous? Were they lovely or not so nice? SPILL it! (In a really nice way.) Any good sightings or stories? I’d love to hear!

And we’ll see if I see anyone fun next week! I’ll be sure to let you know. ;)


  1. I hope that you have a great time!!!
    Bonnie :)

  2. I was at work one day and a lady we work with her husband came in to bring her some flowers for their wedding anniversary and guess who he brings in with him? Cord McCoy one of the Oklahoma cowboy brothers that was 2nd runner up in the Amazing Race! He was taking him around town to promote for the PBR so he brought him by work and a couple of us girls ran over to him and got our picture with him! My 2nd brush with fame was I went to a cookbook signing for Trisha Yearwood at our local Barnes and Noble! Since she lives in Oklahoma it made it soo much cooler to get meet her! Those are a couple of famous people that I've met recently that I am pretty excited about!

  3. I saw Barry Manilow in the Palm Springs Starbucks (when we lived there), and had Mary Bono (Sonny's wife) in my kitchen - their daughter played on my daughter's soccer team. No pics of either of them.
    Have an awesome trip!

  4. I've had several random encounters with celebrities, but my favorite ones have been: 1) Anthony Edwards (Dr. Greene from ER) at the supermarket, to which I had a nearly Beatlemania-like hysterical reaction (not my proudest moment...) and 2) James Taylor standing right behind me at a hole-in-the-wall rotisserie-chicken store outside of Boston. We started a conversation and he was THE NICEST guy, let me tell ya.

  5. I was in Manhattan with my ex, my brother and his wife when I was pregnant with my son (he is now 7) and we went to a comedy show. Chris Rock showed up as the unexpected, famous guest. He actually wasn't as funny as the "unknown" comedians. BUT he was really nice when he walked by our table and my ex shook his hand. I think that's about it when it comes to my brush with famous people. I've just seen some in concert like Dierks Bentley but I didn't actually meet him. Have fun on your trip! I'm so jealous.

  6. Oh, I forgot. If you watched American Idol last season, you will know who Matt Giraud is. He's from our town and the year before he went on AI, he worked at the piano bar where I had my daughter's 15th birthday party. My daughter sat up next to him on stage while he sang to her. We love us some Matt Giraud around here! He's such a nice guy.

  7. A couple winters ago, William Shatner ran into my grocery cart while looking for potato chips. (He lives in my town) He apologized and we chatted for a minute or two. He was very polite.

    My parents have met John Travolta and have him on home videos. He was staying at the same hotel they were while in europe. he was so kind to them. they love showing those movies and have loved john ever since.

  8. ohhh! my husband just reminded me! a few years back, Elizabethtown (the movie) was being shot on our street and Orlando Bloom asked me to watch his puppy (black lab) while he did the scene. OMG. totally forgot that moment. i have to say...he looked like he was about twelve years old. lol but a total hottie. our town was all a buzz for two weeks while they were filming. :) we met Paula Dean, Kirsten Dunst and Alec Baldwin too...but not as formal as Orlando and the dog-sitting thing. :) my neighbor gave them all food one afternoon and that's when we got to meet them. cool huh?

    (the movie was shot in my town, Versailles, Kentucky)

  9. I used to work at a camera store and one day John Mellencamp (he was Johnny Cougar back then, I think) came in. I sold him a video camera. Then he and his posse went next door to Jiffy Treat to have ice cream.

  10. I have two photos of famous people:
    Mandy Patinkin (of Princess Bride, Chicago Hope, Yentl and Dead like me fame) I asked if it was okay to have a photo with him and we had a joke about how my mother couldn't figure out my camera... totally sweet!!!
    The other is Heidi Swapp (scrabookers would know who I was talking about).
    I have been very close to Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble, Charlton Heston, and a few local celebs. (no photos though)
    Mostly I don't make a fuss... but it sometimes nice to have a photo with someone who you appreciate their work!!

  11. No Fair- You have the coolest Celeb stories. No wonder why I like you so much. :)
    The only "celeb" I've ever seen was Bachelor Bob in the Chicago airport- right after they aired the finale. He was so full of himself. Ugg. Lame.

  12. I sat next to Tommy Lee on a flight from Detroit to Grand Rapids MI. He was the most foul combination of booze/BO I have ever smelled in my life. I didn't ask him for a picture or autograph because I was so grossed out! LOL

  13. Once I met Steven Segal (kung fu guy--not sure if I spelled his name right). It was in Oahu, Hawaii and a girl asked if I would take their picture. Later, we found out he was on our return flight and he had a girlfriend that was about my age at the time (I was 18). It was weird. He passed by my seat during the flight and he smelled like a strange mixture of Comet (as in the cleaner) and B/O.

  14. I am so oblivious that unless someone else is with me, I'm never going to notice the celeb. One time I almost got taken out by one of Britney Spear's bodyguards at a movie theater. I had gone to the bathroom and then got caught in the crowd surrounding her trying to find my friends. I didn't even realize what had happened until my friends stopped laughing long enough to clue me in.

    I also ran into Parker Posey on the streets of New Orleans one day (and literally passed her by without noticing who she was). She was desperately trying to find a bathroom and some cigarettes and we tried to help her, but we had gotten so lost trying to find a certain bar that she eventually gave up on us. She was super sweet, but really oddly dressed for a hot southern day - a jacket and lots of layers.

  15. We were in Crimea this summer and met some Hollywood actors filming "Soldiers of Fortune" in the old secret underground submarine base the Soviets had. We hung out for a little over an hour with Ving Rhames, James Cromwell Christian Slater, and Dominic Monaghan. Ving was on the floor playing with my 2 year old and we just shot the breeze with them like normal people. That's it in a nutshell, but here is the link if you'd like to read the whole scoop and see some photos:

  16. Oh, love that you have had so many brushes with fame! Wow! My only "real" one was when Mia Michaels, Emmy award winning choreographer, from So You Think You Can Dance, was on line right in front of me at the Gap Body store near Orlando, FL, just before Thanksgiving last year. I was about to die!!! I love her!!!! This was the moment when I realized that in the midst of famous people I love, I freeze up like a fool!!! All I was able to squeak out was "hi". I'm a dork!!

  17. Goodness, I need glasses! I thought you said that Dave Matthew's had a tear in his eyes!!!:0/

    I am in the UK so some celebs you may not have heard of, some I'm just putting the ones you will have!

    Seen Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools shopping in Saffron Walden (they are local to the area).

    Met Green Day after their first UK gig in Cambridge! They were very cool, my car was a Mini back then and they and their roadie were very interested in it - I took their roadie for a drive in it!

    Earlier this year, Henry Winkler gave a talk at my son's school. He did a book signing and my son met him and had his photo taken with him!

    BTW, LOVE your blog! xx

  18. I met Diane Keaton at a bookstore in Los Angeles, Tyne Daly when I was 5 years old flying to Disney World (at the height of the Cagney and Lacy popularity), Mike Tyson in Las Vegas, Donnie Wahlberg in a club in Houston (I look at the pic of us frequently and I am currently wearing the NKOTB tour shirt ;)), Rue McClanahan in Target (Blanche from the Golden Girls), Brian Austin Green (90210) in Houston, and my friend and I bumped into Heidi Montag in a store on Rodeo Drive two years ago.

    Hope you get to hang out with cool would that be?!

  19. David married a classmate Ashley of mine from college (Sweet Briar) - they dated for several years while I attended and he was a regular in the breakfast line of our cafeteria -- we did stand out a bit though since it was an all women's college!
    I distinctly remember putting out dirty dishes away together several times in our pajama pants : )

    And yes, I was a huge fan of his too -- used to watch him play in small clubs my senior year of high school and he played a private acoustic concert for my campus as a school-wide gift the spring his girlfriend (now wife) graduated -- pretty cool.
    He debuted "Crash" for us and explained it was about Ashley and her dorm window (as I see you there, through the window and I stare...)

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  21. I don't think I've ever had any close encounters with celebrities personally, except that I saw Princess Diana and Prince Charles when I was a little girl. But my husband has :) He is a corporate pilot now but he used to be a charter pilot for a high end company in NYC and he flew a lot of famous people. I don't remember most of them now, but quite a few hockey players, Lil Kim, some other singers, etc. But, I have a favorite that I don't think I'll ever stop teasing him about. My husband got to meet his celebrity crush and didn't even recognize her!!!!! Before I tell you who it was though, I need to preface it by telling you that as part of being a good charter pilot, you are very discreet. i.e. no staring at the passengers trying to see if they are famous or not. And usually the flight manifesto (this was pre 9-11 - not sure if it's still this way) would not have the person's real name .... soooooo ... one flight they had met the passengers (a man and a woman wearing a ballcap), got them settled in and were in the cockpit doing their preflight checklists when the copilot says to my husband, "Do you know who we're flying today?" My husband said that he thought it was some guy and his girlfriend maybe, why? And the copilot said, "Dude, it's Faith Hill!!!" Bwahaha!!! My husband met her and didn't even recognize the lady of his celebrity dreams!! :) Anyway - thanks for letting me share. Love your blog!!

    P.S. Sorry I deleted my post, but obviously I can't read as I had a major confusing error in my typing!!

  22. Hi there! I'm new to your blog, love it, fun stuff!

    My uncle taught out in LA, so I'd go visit him and get to meet celeb parents of his kids. But I feel like I shouldn't mention them since it was for their kids ya know?

    My BEST story is that in college we went to South Padre Island and InSync was performing at a club. They had just come out and it was literally like a week before boy bands became the biggest rage since NKOTB ;) Afterwards, Justin Timberlake asked me to dance and I just laughed and WALKED AWAY. WHAT WAS I THINKING????? ;)

  23. About 10 years ago, my hubby and I were waiting to eat at Chili's in Midland,Tx when Tommy Lee Jones walked right by me coming into the bar area. He literally brushed the baby carrier my daughter was in that I was carrying. He ended up not staying to eat because it was a bit crowded with the after church crowd on a Sunday. But what fun!!

  24. I've never had a celebrity sighting that I can remember, but I'm going to NYC for the very first time in two weeks...hopefully I will have one while I'm there.

  25. Have a fab trip-let us all know when the show will be on so we can look for you!! LOL!! Saw Cynthia Nixon once in Friendly's with her family but just gawked!!

  26. I almost literaly ran into John Kerry in the basement of the Senate building (there is a cafeteria there.) I was also in the same Congressional office as Buzz Aldrin on the same trip.

  27. we JUST got back from our first trip to NYC and it was awesome! it was fashion week and we saw so many celebs! we played paparazzi for hours when we found a fashion show just letting out. we saw kourtney kardashian, denise richards, angie harmon, evan lysacek, isaac mizrahi, jamie lyn singer, kelly rutherford, ali landry, the list goes on! haven't had a chance to post all my pictures of them being 12 inches from me!!! squeal! it was so much fun!!! :) have a great time!!

  28. NYC looks so awesome. All your posts really make me want t go there. I love your blog btw!

  29. When I was in high school, I went on a field trip to the Texas state capitol building. This was while George W Bush was the governor, pre-president. He actually held the door open for us on our way in (he was walking out)-my mom was soooo excited! Also, one of the Shanes from Shane & Shane almost bumped into me before a concert at our church a couple years ago. Wouldn't you know, I didn't recognize him, but my husband was all excited!

  30. Nothing near as exciting as what you've experienced! Back in the spring of 2002, I was on a late night flight from Miami to Atlanta and sat right.across.the.aisle. from OJ Simpson. When we left the plane, he let me go first and upon seeing the back of my shirt (Auburn U) he said "Auburn, eh?" I smiled and said "War Eagle!" and turned quickly. Gasp!

  31. I met Ron Jeremy in Disney World a few years ago. He was super nice in an almost creepy way.
    I also met most of the cast of Jersey Girl. A lot of scenes from the movie were shot on the street directly behind mine, which is weird because I live in nowhere, NJ. Everyone I met was very, very nice.

  32. I've had several, as I seem to have a stalkerish sense to me, without meaning to - In high school we would always somehow get to the stage door and meet bands - One of the first was Shannon Hoon- from Blind Melon just days before he died, I swapped shirts with David Arquette once, So many smaller bands that were big for a minute then gone that nobody probably remembers, Several MLB players. I saw Michael Cera in Chicago last summer, swoon!! Neil Patrick Harris filmed a movie near my hometown when he was like 14 or so, tunring into my first real celeb crush, I still love him today. HOWEVER my latest and greatest meet was CONAN!!! Oh, since I was 13 my BFF and I swore we would meet him and we finally did!!! After his show- at the stage door of course, and It was the most amazing few minutes EVER!!!!

  33. I was shopping at Louis, Boston. If you've ever been in there, you know that it is incredibly funky, expensive and edgy... Really a great store. Anyway, I walked into the Optical department to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses. As I started talking to the guy, he said "Did you see who just walked past you?" - which I didn't. And he turned around the order that was on the counter. It was for $5600 (for eyeglasses) and the name on it... John Malkovich.

  34. My brother is an assistant director. He was in NYC for a bit and now in LA. While he was in NY, I got to go on set with him to Changing Lanes (Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson). They were shooting in the street so I just watched.
    The next year, I was an extra on Sex and the City and met Sarah Jessica Parker. My scene made it! I'm sitting next to her in a courtroom for jury duty. (AND, that scene was the show's teaser on HBO all that week). In between shots, she was really cool.. we just sat in our places and she and another extra and I chatted.
    The next year he was working on Sopranos and I met the whole family. We talked to James Gandolfini for about half an hour.
    When we visited in La a few years ago, he was working on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. My hubby and I both look young... they put a letter jacket on Dustin, some high school clothes on me and stuck us in as extras in the high school scenes. Hilarious... we were 27ish and I was a high school teacher at the time, haha.
    It's always a blast to visit!
    Oh, and I about passed out when we were at Sarah Connor because Brian Austin Green was in it. I was standing outside of a trailer on the studio set and I see this guy come out of a trailer and get closer and closer. I thought I was going to die! David was walking towards us, haha.

  35. I love reading people's celebrity brushes! SO jealous that you got to meet HC Jr. He's so handsome!

    I met Glenn Beck at a book signing once. He was so friendly and kind. I showed him a picture of my girls that I took with them holding his books (as a joke) and he laughed and said how cute they are. Then he signed the picture for me (as well as my book) and let me keep it.

    John Grisham doesn't live too far from us, and came into my husband's store to buy some furniture once. T neglected to tell me this until several years later, and I wanted to clobber him. I would have loved to drop by to "see T" when JG was picking up his order.

    T also met Jacklyn Smith (from Charlie's Angels) once at a trade show. She has a line of uber high end furniture and was promoting it. She's very short, but very pretty. :)

  36. When I was a little girl I lived right outside of Middleburg, Virginia. We had stopped at a tiny little convenience store on the outskirts of town so my brother and I could run in and get a snack. On our way out we passed a tall elderly woman going in. When my brother and I got in the car she said, "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?????" And we were like, "No, who?" And she said, "THAT WAS JACKIE KENNEDY!!!!!" My brother and I were like, "Oh, wow." Our brush with celebrity.

    I also got to meet all the members of Nickel Creek when they came to perform at my college. We hung around forever after the concert and then they came back out and hopped over the security ropes and chilled with us and signed autographs. They were so nice. So cool!

  37. I can't believe you've seen all those people before! I don't think I've ever seen anyone famous in real life. Are you from Indiana? I'm guessing if you're hanging out at the Indy airport, you probably are. :-) Hello to a fellow Indiana girl!

  38. When I say "we got in the car and 'she' said..." I meant my mom! Not Jackie Kennedy! LOL

  39. I so enjoyed reading this post this morning with my mocha in hand Sarah, such a fun read! I love the way you write. :)

    I haven't seen too many celebs, but when I was in a neighboring town there was some filming going on and I saw Jay Mohr filming a made for TV movie. I was kind of staring to make sure I was seeing who I thought I was seeing, and he totally saw me doing that, I felt a little stalkerish too.
    I met Rick Hansen years ago (The Man in Motion) at a Wheelchair Olympic even that I was volunteering at. This was back in 1980 or something, so he hadn't done his world tour yet, but he was the nicest guy.
    While on a Vancouver shopping with some friends, I was looking for an umbrella, my girlfriends saw someone or other from Gillmore girls and made me drop what I was doing ("you can find your umbrella later!" they said) so we could run after him! I didn't even know who he was lol, and I STILL don't.
    The same group of us went to a Michael Buble concert (who is my boyfriend, and please don't tell hubs) and while I didn't meet him per se, when he ran through the audience I held out my hand and he touched me! Eeek!

  40. I"ve had three, but barely - because I am such a pop culture dope that I rarely recognize people!

    Kardashians filming in L.A. (IT was SO not a reality show...they must have done 25 takes of the scene I ran into.)

    In South Beach this past spring my friend and I went to a club. We were annoyed b/c we were trying to order a drink at the bar, and this couple kept bumping into us while they were making out. Then cameras zoomed in, bright lights, etc, and I said "what the heck? are these people on some sorta reality show?" Turns out it was Jersey Shore, which I'd never heard of at the time. OMG, they were worse in real life than on TV. It was quite a night being in the same club as them.

    I was apparently standing next to Robert Duval watching the horse race in DC a few years ago. . . and I never knew who he was. Sigh.

  41. When I was 16 I went on a school trip to NYC and the teacher who took us was brilliant enough to get us tickets to Rent before it won the Tony's! As a 16 year old - I have to say it was one of the most powerful things I have ever watched and I basically cried all the way through the second act. We were on our way out and I was still a little teary eyed and the actors (all undiscovered at the time) were out taking donations for AIDS research. Taye Diggs saw my emotional state and instinctively reached over and gave me a huge hug and said "I am so glad it moved you." Needless to say, it totally brightened my mood.

    The next year when How Stella Got Her Groove Back came out and he was touted as the most beautiful man ever, I was all like - "Yeah we've hugged before. It was cool." Lol! I still love watching him on Private Practice just cause! :)

  42. I did get to meet Colin Cowie this past summer, talk about "007esque"! And once, though unconfirmed, I had a Gwen Stefani sighting at a store, we were both shopping for candles...ha ha!

  43. You're so funny! And your readers have some great stories too.

    I love this post because it always strikes me as odd that people are so enamored with famous people. I just never got it. But my husband...HE gets completely start struck, like frozen solid. Even the smallest thing, like a person from PBS or the local furniture store guy that does commercials. I love watching my husband squirm in their presence. LOL! Lisa~

  44. I just had my first run-in with a celebrity a few weeks ago.

    I was eating pizza and a tiny little pizza parlor, and Kris Allen was the only other customer there.

    Kris Allen, last year's American Idol winner.

    Click on my new craft/design blog to see pictures!

  45. I worked at a top London radio station one summer after first coming to the UK and met quite a few local celebs then. The same summer I kept seeing Levis 501 models (some were quite big names at the time) in Hyde Park.

    My 2 favourite meet ups though are Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet, shortly after he launched his new acting career. Got to talk to him for a few minutes at a local night club and remember him calling me "mad as a hatter" lol. Also ran into George Michael in central London back in 1991. I was new in town and looking up at some landmark. I bumped right into him and nearly fell over. He just laughed, helped steady me and walked on his way while I was left standing staring after him in complete and utter shock!

  46. Oh my word how cool you have seen lot of famous people and I especially love Jennifer garner. I don't have ny grt stories I did see Andy mcdowel In our mall once with her kids.

  47. How cool! My sister would've died a billion times if she met NKOTB! I didn't care much... I was only 5 and slept through their entire concert. lol. Famous people I met... Well, I met Amerie (singer) who no one knew and still doesn't really know. I also met Alex Borstein from MadTV and Family Guy. She was so sweet and said my Ms. Swan impression was awesome. :) My mom took us to get an autograph from Peter Criss (drummer for KISS) but neither my sister or I knew who he was. My mom just thought we'd want to see him. My mom had a really cool brush with fame. She babysat for a woman who would do June Carter Cash's hair every time they played Vegas. My mom asked for Johnny Cash's autograph and got that on top of a phone call from him! She answered the phone and he said, "Vicky? This is Johnny Cash." My mom said she nearly died! Living in Vegas, I met a lot of people such as the Killers (before they were anything big and playing dives), Harry Reid (do politicians count? hehe) and Mike Tyson. Although, I just saw him pumping gas across from me. You do NOT approach Mike Tyson. He's a very cranky dude. Wow, this has been fun! :)

  48. Here's some random encounters for you:

    In college I got to "party with the band" after a Skid Row concert. I took my sister, who's in a wheelchair, and we were spotted in the crowd (having difficulty seeing the stage cause of the wheelchair issue). They brought us back stage and we got to watch the concert from there and hang out after. Saw some pretty disturbing things, like Rachel urinating behind a speaker during the show (guess there's no time for potty breaks) But everyone, accept the lead-Sebastian, was super nice and very easy going! My sister was in heaven.

    Ralph Tresvant (sp.) of New Edition!!! Ran into him in the mall in Memphis!

    My hubs grandparents in PA lived right across the street from Sharon Stone's parents for years. She's crazy but cool.

    Met Lisa Lampanelli at a casino in Tunica, pretty sure she was drunk....

    I saw Spike Jones at a club in Memphis.

    Hubs came home practically frothing at the mouth after sitting next to some famous football guy on a plane, I dont remember who.... :-)

    Just a few! Fun topic.

  49. When I was in second grade, Dr. Seuss came to my school It was awesome. We celebrated his birthday with him.
    My uncle dated Glen Campbell's sister and we got to go to his house in Vegas...I think I was about 4-5 years old.
    When I was in high school Matthew Fox was signing autographs at a local mall. It was back when he was on Party of Five. He was making fun of my friend and I cause we were checking out the guy standing in front of us.
    I've been reading your blog for sometime now, but new to posting comments. Love your blog :)

  50. Oh, and SOOO jealous that you met Harry Conick Jr. He's my fav.

  51. If you saw Jennifer Garner in the filming of 13 going on 30, then you may have also seen my cousin - Judy Greer - she was Jennifer's assistant/competitor in that movie. Hope you have a fun trip!!!

  52. I've had a few brushes with the famous. Most of them were just brushes, like you. But I did get to spend several hours once in the presence of George Strait. I was in college and got invited by a friend of a friend to what was promised to be a great party at the empty ranch of Mr. Strait being thrown by a distant cousin who had the keys. Turns out George was just ending a tour and decided at the spur of the moment to drop by the ranch to wind down for the night before going home. You can imagine how thrilled he was to find a bunch of drunken college kids there when he arrived but he was very gracious, given the situation. He didn't chase us out, just told us to keep it down and then he headed off to bed.

    Some of us "shut it down" that night, staying until the next morning. Around 4 AM, George came back out in a robe and pjs and had a bowl of Corn Flakes. I, having been a fan all my life, couldn't resist trying to engage him in conversation. It was mostly monosyllables on his side but he wasn't rude or anything. He just seemed beat.

    That's how I'll always think of George Strait, as a worn out guy who just wanted some peace and quiet but still made the effort to be polite to a fan who had no business even being there.

    Oh, and I met Richard Karn (aka Al Borland from "Home Improvement")once. I babysat for a nephew and Mr. Karn came home with his sister and brother-in-law. He was very nice and very down-to-earth. He even answered some of my questions about acting and gave me some advice I still treasure ("It's not about being good, it's about being there. You have to be at every casting call you can get. Show up over and over and eventually you'll be in the right place at the right time.")

  53. Wow I can't really think of anything right now. I'm sure I have I grew up in Houston and have lived in NY.
    The only things I can recall are when we were younger we met George Bush (the first) at the rodeo.
    My dad and his family grew up from (as my dad says) The Swayze family. They lived in the same neighborhood as Patrick Swayzes grandparents I guess it would have been. My grandmother dated Patrick Swayzes dad and it is rumored they also had an affair and my dad is a product of that affair.

  54. My job is a little interesting, so I do get to meet celebs. I have met Michael Jordan (he shook my hand and called me sweetie), George Lopez, Drew bledsoe, Phil Knight (owner of Nike), etc. So fun.

  55. Fun post! Your celeb stories along with your readers have really jarred my memory. I remember that I have "met" (that term is used very loosely!!)some famous people too. When I was 12 or 13 I met Rob Reiner ("meathead" from All in the Family)at a Hotel in Kansas City. I always remember my cousins and I going nuts because he was there. I have a photo which is cool.
    Saw the country group Alabama in an airport.
    Was shopping in a mall one day and Danielle Brisebois (Stephanie from Archie Bunkers place) was signing autographs. I was shy when I was young so that was amazing that I actually went up to her. Oh and the story of all stories is that my husband was delivering a bag (he was a courier at the time) to a guy in Vail (I think) and he comes home and nonchalantly says "I think I delivered a bag to Tom Cruise today" and I freak out. I'm like what you do you mean YOU THINK YOU DID?? How could you not know if it was Tom Cruise?? Ack. After intense questioning I still don't know if it was him. I'm still upset that he didn't ask him and tell him that I'm a huge fan and get his photo & autograph!!

  56. Through various hobbies in my younger years I had some interesting celebrity encounters. My advice- play where the celebs play.

    I want to know how Rhoda helped you get together with Nate?
    If I missed that post I am off to look for it now.

    or if you have time you can email me with the story. I am envious.

    wismom works (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. I went to a signing for Sidewalk Angels (Rob Thomas and his wife's charity) and shamelessly used my five year old son to gain early access to the restaurant where it was being worked. He caught Rob's (LOVE HIM!!) attention and so we had a little private chatty session and then in the actual sign line, it was like old times. I've actually met Rob a few times after nice every single time! I went to a book singing for Clinton Kelly's (What Not to Wear) book-"Freakin' Fabulous", super nice and crush worthy (to me anyway). Yes, I know a crush on him wouldn't really benefit me, but hey. ;) After a trip to NY (where I also felt right at home on the first try!! I am SOOOOO jealous of all your's my fave!) we sat in front of Farmer Ted a.k.a. Anthony Michael Hall. Poor guy was sick and still had all the girls in the surrounding rows asking him stuff; yes, me included. Shameful, I know. On a trip to Toronto we had KISS on our flight and hubby chatted with Gene Simmons for a bit and he was so nice. Many MANY sports guys...hubby and son are huge sports fans. I've encountered so many over the years. OH! I went to school with Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) and the makeup artist on What Not to Wear. Long ago I bagged the groceries of Jodie Sweetin and the little boy from Roseanne...can't think of his name. Cute kids.
    Anyway, I wanted to say that I really, really love your blog. It's like chatting with an old friend-you say things the same way I would and get excited over the same stuff! It's my favorite thing to read all my others and then come last to yours and savor every word and laugh at all your funniness. You've lifted my mood more than once and made me feel less weird about my likes and dislikes more than once, so thank you.

    P.S. Sorry this is so long and wordy!!!

  58. OOhhh.. soo much fun reading everyone's celebrity meets! I have some pretty cool ones. I saw Meg Ryan at the gym when she was filming courage under fire she was soooo skinny!! I didnt even recognize her until someone pointed her out. When we lived in Virginia we would drive up to D.C. and NYC a lot. On one of those trips we saw the filming of Hannibal and met Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. In NYC we met Gwyenth Paltrow shopping. But my favorite brush with fame was when I got to party with U2 after a concert. That will forever be one of my fave memories of single life.

  59. I used to work as a server at a restaurant in Nashville. I waited on and had conversations with a lot of country stars such as Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman (super nice), Martina McBride and Kenny Rogers. I also literally ran into Tennessee Titans' ex-quarterback Eddie George- so handsome:) Others I've met: Muhammad Ali, Gavin DeGraw, and Jimmy Wayne.

  60. A couple of year's ago when I was in NYC Jimmy Fallon was trying to convince me to have an interview with him in Times Square for his late night show. He wanted me to do an impression of someone famous or asked if anyone ever said that I looked like a celeb. I wouldn't get on camera and do the interview because I didn't want it to turn into some joke on his late show where everyone would see me on TV :) Also have been to the taping of Live with Regis and Kelly a few times and sat in the front row one time and talked to them and got their picture!

  61. Those are some cool people! I once met Lou Ferrigno when we was doing something with a company I worked with. Also, years ago I was at the Gala Premier for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) for Ride with the Devil - both Tobey Maguire and the singer Jewel were there and hubby and I were inches away from them. A few years ago, I was at a hockey game with co-workers and looked over to the person a few feet away and said to my co-workers "I know that guy, but I don't know how!?!" They said "You know Walter Gretzki?? Wayne Gretsky's dad ?" ummm... no not really.

    Have a great time!

  62. The most thrilling celebrity sighting for me was probably 1970 or 71 at 30th St. Station in Philadelphia on my way to work I had breakfast every morning with my mother and some friends and who walks into the restaurant but Robert Kennedy's son, Joe, with a friend!!! We were huge Kennedy supporters and we were speechless with excitement. Finally one of the waitresses walked over to him to say hi and we all got up and shook his hand. I was excited for 2days afterwards. One of the biggest thrills of my life.

  63. The night before I got married in L.A., I went to the mall with some friends. While standing in line for pizza, I see this guy that looks really familiar behind me. I kept turning around and my friend asks why I am looking at him. I tell her he is the waiter from dinner the night before. He smiles really big and I think he's adorable. As I sit down at my table, another friend is excited that I got a smile from Mark Feuerstein (the judge from Alli McBeal... it's been a while since I got married.), I realize what an idiot I am. Of course I know who he is.

    Ten minutes later he walks by our table and wishes us a good evening and congratulates me on my upcoming marriage.

  64. I met Richard Simmons. He came to a local high school on a Saturday to do a workout with the community. I was chosen to be on stage. So I guess you could say I was one of his backup dancers. What a hoot!

  65. My brother is a musician in NYC. Norah Jones is a very close friend of his. Sometimes when I am visiting him she'll hang out with us.

  66. Don't be jealous when I tell you that I got to "meet" Keiko the killer whale who played Free Willy when I was young, and that's been my biggest brush with celebrity since. ;) LE SIGH! It's probably karma since I can't stop myself from constantly sneaking those celebrity gossip mags.

  67. Don't be jealous when I tell you that I got to "meet" Keiko the killer whale who played Free Willy when I was young, and that's been my biggest brush with celebrity since. ;) LE SIGH! It's probably karma since I can't stop myself from constantly sneaking those celebrity gossip mags.

  68. When I was in NYC March '08, I was the last one to leave the city from our fabulous girls trip. I ate dinner by myself and had time to kill before I had to head back to the airport. I walked around Times Square and happened upon a fenced area with a couple people standing around. I asked 2 women what was going on and they said it was the premiere of the Shine a Light documentary @ the Zeigfield Theater. So, I hung around and was able to see Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Charlie Watts & Keith Richards. I heard JLO, Marc and Vanessa Carlton were there as well, but I couldn't stick around to watch the rest of the black SUV's (I totally missed Regis...the one I wanted to see!!!!) pull up....dang flight I had to catch!!
    Right before Chuck Norris became popular again (feb. '04), I was sitting next to him @ Disney Land while he was waiting for his wife and twins to come out of the bathroom. I was too chicken to bother him for a picture, but in hindsight, it was probably the best time b/c he wasn't doing a dang thing!! LOL He probably would have taken pity on the prego lady, too!! ;) Have a fabulous trip!!!

  69. That is seriously soooo awesome that you get to meet Nate! He is freaking adorable! And I can't wait to see you on there!

  70.! lol I've never met anyone famous that I can remember. Brett Michaels is from my hometown but I never met him either. And there are a lot of famous people from Pittsburgh but again, no luck in chance meetings for me. I'm going to have to add hanging out with someone cool and famous to my bucket list and I'll have to live vicariously through you in the meantime, I can't wait to hear about your trip! Have a safe one and the BEST time ever! Hug Nate for me. ;)


  71. I'm 23, and when I was 14ish, Aaron Carter was such a heartthrob. I entered a contest, and I won a dinner date with him! The magazine that sponsored the contest flew me and my dad to Boston to attend a show and have dinner with him. I got to spend the day backstage, see rehearsals, meet his dancers and opening acts, and have a semi-private (my dad and a magazine editor were also in the room) with Aaron Carter. To this day, I still think it's pretty amazing! The whole trip was also featured in the magazine, which I still have copies of!

    A few years before that, I had won another contest that sent me and my family to Los Angeles for a 2 day contest series called Wango Tango. We got to spend 2 days of the concert in a suite at Dodger Stadium, with seats also on the floor (a few rows from the stage) as well as backstage! I met so many people on that trip! I met Howie D, Nick Carter, and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys Frankie Muniz, Pink, Jessica Simpson, P.Diddy, Nelly Furtado, 3LW (and some more that I can't remember right now). I was also within feet of Steven Tyler, Tyrese, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Missy Elliot!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. My girlfriends and I actually met Nate Berkus at Magnolia Bakery. He was really sweet and took the time to take a picture with us and talk about his radio show (which was what he was working on then with Oprah). Have fun! Love NY.

  74. When I was in high school, our marching band was invited to play for President Clinton. He was in AZ for a campaign rally and we wanted to play “Hail to the Chief” as walked out to the podium, but apparently only the Marine Band can play that song for the president. Instead we played our school fight song over and over again really loud. A group of us from the band were also asked to shoot off air cannons full of confetti after his speech. We were positioned throughout the crowd and told that the secret service were also in the crowd in plain clothes and they would take us out if we even joked about pointing the cannons at the president. After the rally, we got to take a group picture with him. He was taller than I expected and a little sunburned from playing golf that morning.

    I also went to the Sundance Festival a few years ago with one of my sisters and our aunt. We saw David Denman (Roy, from The Office) trying to get into a club, but he was at the wrong entrance. We tried taking a “discreet” photo from a distance (I never thought I’d be that stalker-ish, but I was). He saw us and flashed us a peace sign, but I think he was slightly irritated and I don’t blame him one bit!

    Apparently, this club was the place to be that night because they had the press set up for interviews at the back entrance. We hung around and saw some rap star show up like he was in an MTV music video: black SUV, entourage, girl on each arm, plenty of bling. The highlight of the night though, was when Kevin Bacon arrived. We were so close, but I couldn’t snap pictures fast enough; I think I have a picture of the back of his head.

    My dad once carried in groceries for Marie Osmond and her mom, and my aunt (mentioned above) works at the assisted living home where the Osmond’s placed their dad before he died. My aunt says Donny still comes in to visit the residents and sing for them.

  75. Ok, that's too weird. My son's choir was supposed to go to Austria but because of 9-11 they cancelled it. Instead, they went to New York (I chaperoned) and it incidentally was the week the war started and all of the airports went on high-alert.

    Many of the parents freaked out but most of the choir went. They sang at the most beautiful Baptist Church near Grant's Tomb and also at the church (not scheduled, just impromptu) that survived the towers crashing. That was the most emotional visit of the trip.

    We were also there for one of the hugest peace rallies through Times Square. Sure, we have rather gone to Austria to sing in the place the Von Traps did (sorry, can't remember the name), but the kids lived through some amazing history that week.

    Thanks for reminding me of that trip.

    BTW, I'm redoing my bathroom right now. If you or any of your readers would like to visit my blog and help me pick out the shower curtain and decor I'd be thrilled!

    LOVE your blog.

  76. I think you hurt Jordan's ego :) Too funny. I loved this post. See you tonight!

  77. Met a few Latin of them kiss me on the cheek which totally freak m out (I don't like to be touch by strangers).
    I have ALWAYS loved Anne Rice and got to meet her once and I froze and just say: hi!
    Then later on she made her email public due to a dispute with Amazon about her book. I wrote to her and told her about my silly encounter. She responded!!! I still have her short 1 paragraph email. She's been known to reply to fans and she is VERY open on her Facebook page.

  78. When I was in college, Amanda Bearse (aka Marcy Darcy) opened a coffee shop on campus of the small school I was attending. I ran into her at the post office and she was just the sweetest thing.

    I was in the 99cent store once and ran into Clark Howard. I actually heard him before I saw him (his voice is very distinctive). He was in the store shopping for party supplies for his daughters birthday party. I acted like a complete dork but I didn't care. He too was very nice. I remember calling my fiance (now husband) and I was like a kid at Christmas.

  79. Oh, my, goodness! At first I was just going to scroll over your post -quickly. Than I got hooked! Then I got hooked on all of the comments -help!! A million years ago I saw Ted Night at a club/restaurant while vacationing in Hawaii... I was too chicken to say "Hi." And, last year, my husband was in Vegas, and got to sit next to Matt Damon at a black jack table, until it was cleared for Matt & his friends. Hubby said he was really great!

  80. What a fun post! I hope you see someone this week in NYC! When I was there last summer I saw Tim Gunn from Project Runway. My mom actually brushed shoulders with him...too funny! Have a blast at the Nate Berkus show (:

  81. Hmmmm. Well, my loved ones have had MUCH BETTER brushes with celebrity than I have.

    My hubby sat next to and chatted with Morgan Freeman on a business flight. Said he was extremely nice. He also saw the whole McGraw/Hill family in Star, MS while dining in a dive famous for its catfish. Once again on a business trip without me. Nice.

    We both saw Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boy) while vacationing in Atlantis last Spring. He was at the same kiddy pool we were at every day with his wife and son. My husband kept threatening to approach him with the question "Am I original??....yeaaaahh..." So embarrassing. We played craps with Carson Palmer on that same trip.

    I helped Michael W. Smith find some baseball cards for his sons at the Eckerd Drugs I worked at in Fayetteville, Ga as a teenager. He was sooooo nice. And dreamy.

    My bestie wins the prize for best celeb encounter for bumping Jude Law with her very pregnant belly while exiting a London cab. That is priceless. Lucky dog.

    Have a blast on your trip!! I so very much enjoy your blog!

  82. Diana Krall and Elvis Costello are regularly seen in my hometown of Nanaimo, BC, Canada. It is her hometown, too. Quite often they are spotted at London Drugs or Thrifty Foods (nothing too exciting. lol!). We were actually just feet away from her one time at our little airport while she was waiting to see someone off. We decided not to bother her.

    My in-laws saw Michael Buble in Whistler when we were there a couple of summers ago. I just missed him though.

  83. I've had a few encounters but I guess my most memorables were Marie Osmond, John Schneider, Mary Lou Retton, Lavar Burton and the Jonas Brothers. We were all together doing a charity event for the Children's Miracle Network in 2007 and my son was one of their miracle kids so we all got a miracle trip to Disneyworld and they were so amazing, patient and just "regular folks" with all of us. Despite their long days and requests for thousands of photos, they never complained and smiled for hours and talked to the families like we were life-long friends.

  84. Going to NYC in nine days and just got my tix to Nate's show! I CAN.NOT.WAIT...have fun :)

  85. Ha ha ha, I am loving this post and all of the comments.
    I served Ekaterina Gordyeva, a very famous figure skater in her day, while working at a retail store. I was such a big fan that I completely froze and couldn't remember her name. She was buying was all very awkward.

    I was at the Cannes film festival a couple of years ago and saw everyone from the Indianna Jones premiere on the red carpet, but I don't think that counts~

  86. I so enjoyed reading your post and the comments left by other readers...I am a huge lover of live music especially country so I have been fortunate to meet many country artists such as Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Little Big Town and Jake Owen but one of my most memorable celebrity encounters would have to be Gavin Rossdale. My friend and I attended a charity tennis event in South Carolina and Gavin was the featured musical performer. We saw him after the event was over from across the arena and he happened to be signing autographs and taking pictures w/ fans in that area of the arena. Security wasn't letting anyone down on the floor to get to that part but my friend was bound & determined to get to him so we ended up climbing the entire stadium, walking around the inside(where concessions were located) and then (basically) running back down to the floor where we caught him just before he was leaving. He was kind enough to take pictures w/ both of us but you could tell he was mostly over it by that point. :)
    My friend and his wife ran into the pro tennis player Andy Roddick and his model wife in our local Target(she is from our area)...I couldn't believe their luck since I basically live in that same Target. :)

  87. Check out my blogpost....

    I met McDreamy!!!

  88. this past March I met my FAVORITE band of all time-- MUSE!!! I actually met 2 out of 3 of them, the drummer, walked by and I only got to say "hi"
    but the other two, my favorites actually, I got to meet and get their autographs and pictures with and they were just the NICEST guys ever, so down to earth even though they are massively famous!
    It was a total luck out situation, we met them at the back door to a venue they were playing at for SXSW and only b/c a nice security guard let us wait there.
    it was surreal and one of the best moments of my life!!

  89. So fun! (And so jealous!) I've seen a few NBA and MLB stars around (malls, parks, etc.). Once, while working as a waitress, got to serve Gene Fullmer (boxer). Didn't know who he was until the manager freaked out! And once in Vegas, we kept running into huge crowds of people but couldn't figure out what they were looking at, so we just kept walking past. Then, in the casino at the New York, got pushed out of the way by a bodyguard. I turned around to see MICHAEL JACKSON right behind me! I could have touched him (if I didn't fear the bodyguard hacking my arm off for trying!) Fun times! : )

  90. My family and I were eating at a restaurant in the Atlanta suburb where we live. When we went to the car, my husband was strapping our kids into the carseats and looks over and asks me if I noticed who walked out of the restaurant right in front of us. I didn't even notice - it was Whitney Houston! Hubby couldn't believe that I didn't notice her with a huge white fur coat/cape on and huge sunglasses. I need to pay more attention!

  91. I had a couple of encounters. Some years ago my husband and I were crossing the street in Provo,UT after a BYU football game. The gentleman in front of me suddenly turned around to go back across the street and I was almost trampled by Larry King! My only other encounter was in November 2008 when my sister and I went to the Meet n Greet at the NKOTB concert in Salt Lake City. (It is considered an encounter if you pay for it?) It was awesome and all of the guys were so sweet, especially Donnie, I got a kiss! I am totally jealous of your trips to NYC, I've never been there...someday I will!! Have fun!

  92. Oh, I thought of one more! I was with my family at the Hoover Dam in Nevada and we saw Chevy Chase and crew filming National Lampoons Vacation. We thought maybe we'd end up in the movie, no such luck!

  93. oh my goodness! i LOVE jennifer garner and 13 going on 30!!! that is the coolest thing that you got to see that!


    You met MY Harry????? *swoon*
    Now, I will just curl up in a ball, and cry. Lucky, lucky Sarah.

  95. I got to meet "Bob" from Sesame Street 4 years ago. He was very nice and upbeat, totally willing to chat away even though we were the last people in line.

    My aunt is Jack Nicklaus's (the pro golfer) cousin.

    I know (& used to know quite well) Elton John's piano technician. He's been with Elton for years and years. That family lives about 2 miles from me. Sometimes (before cell phones), Elton would have to call my acquaintance at home. This person and his brothers have toured, worked with and housed bands like Tina Turner, INXS, Garbage, Cheap Trick....the list just doesn't end. So I'd always hear about all these singers and other celebrities while they were on the road. Some really nice, some not very great at all.

    But I do own a personally autographed picture from Elton and I got to see a lot of awesome concerts in some wonderful seats.

  96. I still can't believe you guys got to run in there and take a photo with him!!! :-)

    I lived/worked at a post production in L.A. for eight years, so there was a new celebrity (or four!) walking through the door every morning.
    Never got to meet Harry though!!!

    Layla :-)

  97. My parents ran into Winona Judd at a Nascar race in Daytona, FL and asked if she would call my sister and I back home in MS. She TOTALLY did! We were around 10 and 7 and were totally stoked and starstruck! How sweet, though, to take time out to call two children on a cell phone.

    My small hometown has a festival on the square and Keith Anderson(country singer) was playing. After the concert we got to go on his bus! That was so neat!

    Ran into Sean Penn in Memphis(near my hometown) not telling where though...


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