Thursday, April 21, 2011

If I had a million dollars…

OK, I know I’m not the only one who daydreams about winning the lottery. I think about the healthy college and savings accounts we could create, paying off our house and of course, because I’m a house nut and nuts for our house, I think about all the projects we would do around here.

It makes me giddy!

But there’s a little bitty issue. We don’t play the lottery. And like we’d actually win if we did.


So unless money starts falling from the sky, I will stick to dreaming. :)

But I do love thinking about it. What would we do to our house if said cash fell from the sky? It really doesn’t have to be meeeellions. Just a few extra grand. I’m not picky!

I’ve had a mental list for years. You know, just in case. :)

I would start in the kitchen. Because I like our cold food COLD -- call me crazy.

Our fridge looks great:

(Actually, most days it doesn’t look nearly this good. I cleaned for you.)

But the freezer door doesn’t stay shut anymore. Pretty much daily I’ll open it to find a layer of ice forming over everything. And the whole side by side thing is great, if you like to visit the grocery every three days.

Cause that’s all the food that will fit:

Of course I’ve found a way to smash the box of mini ice cream drumsticks in there. ;)

Me at the grocery store:

“Meat to make dinner or ice cream drumsticks? Meat or drumsticks? Hmmmm…drumsticks please.”

My priorities are crystal clear. :)

And you’d think the door not closing is due to my fantastical freezer organization, but it’s not. The food isn’t the issue. The door just doesn’t seal unless we close it just right.

I dream of one of these beauties:

With big, wide drawers for frozen stuff. Big enough for a pizza! Or FIVE. Whatever.

My appliance dreaming continues into the laundry room. Sometimes I feel like the only house left in the country that doesn’t own a set of these babies:

in my dreams

And Ugg boots. The only house without a fancy washer and dryer…and Uggs. :)

But our seven year old set is still kickin’.

Can you tell I cleaned for you in here too? No?

I’ve pretty much given up on this space. :)

I’ve mentioned before we plan on  moving our washer and dryer to another spot in the house, and it would be awesome if I had mucho dinero to turn it into this:

I don’t ask for much people. Three washers? Pushaw…I MUST HAVE THEM.

You know our family room has been a thorn in my side since day one. I dream of pushing out our window wall about five feet:

And installing some beautiful French doors instead:


And if I could buy the skinny, I’ll take that too. :)

Since we’d have the doors there (can you tell I’ve thought this all out?), we wouldn’t need the door in the kitchen bay window anymore:

kitchen bay window

It can get a bit tight maneuvering around our kitchen table, so I have to keep our chairs pushed in all the time to move around comfortably.

But with our money-from-the-sky, I could create my dream bay window, with bench seating all around:

bay window seating

Isn’t that beautiful? Loverly! I can just see it!

And because money wouldn’t really be an issue, let’s throw in a finished basement, just for kicks:

candice olsen basement

And if Candice herself could come help me decorate it, that would be fun too. ;)

Well, that’s my short list. I haven’t even touched the outside. My outdoor plans include trying to fit a pool in our tiny backyard. I have it all figured out in my head and it totally works. :)

You all know how much I adore our house by the way – I’m full out in LURVE with our home. I appreciate every inch of it, but it never hurts to daydream, right?

So what would be on your short list if you had plenty ‘o cash to spend on your current home? Not a brand new one – the one you’re working with right now. Or have you made one of your daydreams a reality? Do tell! I am SO determined to get our washer and dryer moved – I can barely contain my excitement!!

P.S. You will now have the Barenaked Ladies song playing in your head all day. You. are. welcome. :)


  1. If I had a million dollars I'd be dangerous. ;) But I don't think I'd blow all my money at expensive furniture/decor stores, maybe a few pieces. I'd still try to re-create the look on a budget... I don't think I could stop. And, I don't think I could live with myself it I dropped 10 grand on a couch, even if I had a million dollars.

    PS: Thanks for the Barenaked ladies song, I'll be singing it in my sleep, but at least it's not that annoying one about the chinese chicken. lol :)

  2. We play the lottery every week. If we ever win the big bucks, we're going to buy a house on a ton of land and open an animal sanctuary. We'll also be able to afford to have a ton of kids (at this point we have zero) and then invest/save the rest. I have big dreams though. lol.

  3. I don't have a fancy schmancy washer/dryer either but I'd sure luv to have them upstairs. Thankfully dreams cost nothing but time...thanks for a thought-inspiring post! Jacquie from Winnipeg (Canada)

  4. Great post, I also daydream about playing the lottery (and I do when it's over $70 million, I spend $1.00and dream) :)

    If we won, I would move in a heartbeat (1 bathroom, no closets and no backyard) BUT I'll play along...

    1) Scrape and repaint the exterior
    2) New roof
    3) get rid of the ivy in the side yard and fence the whole yard in
    4) shore up my backyard that is slowly sinking into my brook (this would cost about $100K!)
    5) repair my antique plaster and repaint
    6) rewire the house

    We did do some major cosmetic work on the house over the last 10 years (painted, added custom shelving to my husband's office, created outdoor gardens and decks, recarpeted and new formica in the kitchen) plus we converted our previously disgusting basement into a playroom for our daughter and also a laundry room which I am not embarassed to have people see. But I would dearly love a new project (house) and some new neighbors! :)

  5. okay if that was my laundry room. i would do laundry all day!

  6. Side by side refrigerator vent: Why didn't the genius who designed this use another inch in width so a frozen pizza would sit level? Instead, you end up inserting them at a slant and wedging pliable items around them. Grr!

    Dreaming with the lottery (we don't play either so I might stand a better chance in the freezer) - I would use the wasted space in this house more efficiently. It's cleverly wasted (bear with me) in that when you look at it empty (as we did) it looks huge. But when you start putting abnormal things like a dining table and couch in, you realize the strange angles and weird attempts to be artistic. I like art but I'd rather have it ON the wall than BE the wall.

  7. Well, I, too, have been dreaming of those candy apple red lovelies with the drawer underneath! And I think all the time how much I'd love a banquette in my dining room. Also, that Barenaked Ladies song seems to come up in my life all the time. Think I was singing it in the shower this week.

  8. If money is no object, I would totally redo our kitchen and our bathrooms. Ours is an old house, the kitchen was updated by the previous owner with blond wood cabinets but it's not really my style. What I really adore is a classic white kitchen with white cabinets, carrara marble countertops and blacksplash, dark wood floors, a kitchen island with a sink, classic pendant lights and beautiful kitchen appliances. For the bathrooms, I envision beautiful freestanding bathtubs, contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets, his and hers sinks, gorgeous mosaic tiles and ceramic floors with wood grain patterns. Daydreaming is always fun! : )

    Happy Easter!


  9. ahhh currently living the dream with our new hardwood floors! I still can't believe it! And I SO need a new washing machine. One that matches my dryer that is newer. Better yet, I'll take a new set of w/d in turquoise.

    I also have a few walls I'd close in, and then add a ceiling and create another room in a diff spot.

    Oh and lets not forget the staircase. I'd knock down the sheetrock wall and put up some really pretty railing.

    Dreamin' with ya girl! :)

  10. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from most of the bloggers (age wise). I can't wish for improvements to my home because I want to sell it. Oh, I could make changes but I'd rather downsize to half of our current 4,000 sq. ft. Problem is ... no market. My dream is a smaller house with all of the luxuries ... just a little gem of a place.

  11. Well I would hire someone to come remove lots of wallpaper! Rearrange my kitchen. Add wood floors to the kitchen area to replace the laminate.Several ceilings would get bead board on them, a couple rooms new carpet. And get the yard fenced in. I do have a couple pieces of furniture I would buy. But our big plan if we won millions is buy a piece of land and create a camp ground for extended family to use and boy and girl scouts to use. We have that baby all planned out. I guess we should start playing in order to win.

  12. I have lots of dreams for my home also! Things like a patio door with a deck out back, huge kitchen island where our peninsula is now, combined large bathroom (with a shower) for laundry, finished walk out basement with a huge craft/sewing room!!! And a hot tub would be a nice addition also! But seriously, I have a really nice house and am very blessed. I think if we won the lottery, my husband would be building a new shop first!

  13. If I had a million dollars, I would pay off all of my moms debt. Pay off all of my family members debt, actually. Buy my older brother, me, my mom, and my little brother new cars. And then, bask in the glorious money :)
    (I don't have a house of my own yet so I can't day dream about what I would change.)
    I'd buy myself a tiny little cottage and decorate the entire place in vintage and thrifted items. Ahhh. The dream.

  14. Great list!

    If I had $1 million dollars, I would pay off my house, my Mom & Dad's house and my sister's house. I've done the math and I'd still have over half million left. I'd make sure my Mom & Dad get siding, a new roof, new floors and the whole house painted.

    Then I'd have my basement finished, have a sunroom built, have the interior painted and remodel the kitchen & bathrooms.

    Finally, I'd have a room built on for my sister to have an actual laundry room and not just a closet.

    I have modest taste, so I think there would still be some left that would go into savings :)

    As you can see, I've never thought of this before. LOL!

  15. The song I have running through my head is "I wanna be a billionaire - so freakin' bad.." :)

    If I had a bajillionty dollars, I'd hire you and your nifty bag of tricks to come teach me how to install molding all over our builder basic home. Cause I'm a hands on kind of learner. Don't get me wrong - your tutorials are great....but hands on is so much better. And I think you'd be pretty fun to hang with. :)

    Then I'd take the carpet off my stairs, add on another 3 rooms, and redo the floors to a nice wood throughout the main level.

    As for appliances, I am with you 100% on the fridge!!!! Side by sides were just not planned out that well. Musta been a guy who did it. lol

    Then I'd buy a front load washer and dryer (You're not the only one who doesn't have them), and paint EVERYWHERE. At least the painting thing might be a realistic goal sometime in the near future. :)

  16. I like your list except for the washer and dryer. Last February we thought we were treating ourselves and bought a pair of front loaders by Maytag and I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!! you have to keep the door open on the washer so it doesn't smell like mold and your towels and everything you wash has a sour smell. The dryers doesn't dry. After purchasing them, my gas bill went up almost $20.00 a month because it takes forever to dry. Hubs - put in all new vents, he even went on the roof and cleaned out the vent - we had Maytag come out and "the dryer is working fine" is what we were told. Also I can't fit as much in the front loader as my super capacity Sears top load washer. So sometimes and fancy dream isn't what it is cracked up to be.

  17. I would first buy a home, then pay someone to decorate it, hire a personal shopper to buy me a new wardrobe, then I would travel everywhere!! Its funny how people daydream differently, isnt it?

  18. a) Gut the inside sheetrock and see what's really going on in there and fix problems with insulation, plumbing and heating/cooling.
    b) Upgrade the heating/cooling units.
    c) Upgrade the electrical panel.
    d) Push the whole back wall out the 6-8 feet that the back porch goes out now, which would increase the size of the master bath and closet, laundry room/half bath, and kitchen/eating area and redo each of those areas.
    e) Realize that improving our house that much would make it unsellable in this neighborhood, ditch the whole plan, and use the money to move somewhere we really want to live - in another state, so much closer to family.

  19. The lottery laundry room has me drooling. I have 5 children. I NEED 3 washing machines.

  20. My BFF and I were just having this conversation, the list goes as follows

    -Go to fat camp (you can buy skinny, or at least people to yell at you so you get skinny)

    -Pay off our friends/familys debt

    -Travel the world following around 30 Seconds To Mars (Jared Leto is her crush) and stalking Johnny Depp (my crush)

    -Buy a duplex and grow old together with our husbands (who are not Jared Leto and Johnny Depp but still pretty okay guys)

  21. I could write posts like this every day. I never stop dreaming. Here is one, more reasonable, dream I had in January:

  22. If I had a million dollars, I would pay you to come and decorate my house!

    And then you would have a million dollars to do with as you please!

    Win/win! :)

  23. I don't need for much.. just a kitchen that isn't a complete piece of crap. From the 50 year old junk cabinets that are now falling apart, to the lack of storage space... Did I mention it only has two drawers in it? and they are on the small side.. Seriously I had a better kitchen in my tiny apartment.. So I would completely redo my kitchen, add on a garage for my husband and pay some nice guy to refinish the hardwoods for us because they are old and oh so pretty :)

  24. oooh boy! First,I'd have to donate some to the Shriner's Hospital, to thank them for the 15 years of AMAZING care they have taken of my 15 year old son (they're awesome!). Then, I'd totally buy a new house. My current house would have to be gutted and added on to (with 5 kids, we outgrew our 1800 sf very quickly!), the electrical completely redone (it still has 2 prong about frustrating!), the add ons would include a main level bathroom, school room (I homeschool), family room, and the list goes on and on. Plus, we don't have a large lot, so adding on would have to go up. So, a new, big, one level ranch for much as I adore your stair case, I'm thinking retirement here...I want a forever home with Christmas memories for my kids. Also, a new van...current one (2002 Windstar) has a slider door that refuses to open (just to spite me). Oh I could go on...thanks for sharing your's nice to know you still dream (you seem to have it all). :)

  25. Nope! You are NOT the only one who doesn't have a washer and dryer like those or Ugg boots! Sometimes I secretly wish our washer/ dryer would die so maybe there would be a chance we could Upgrade! Love your ideas and it was fun dreaming with you about the million dollars!

  26. I swear we are sisters separated at birth. I daydream about winning the lottery ALL.THE.TIME. But of course, it's nearly impossible to win when you don't buy a ticket! Rats! It's so unfair the way that works.

    If I had a million dollars I'd scour craigslist for furniture in our master bedroom- we have none. It's sad, really sad. Then I'd put my hubby to work ripping out the carpet in our bathroom, ICK! I'd have him lay beautiful stone (helps having a masonry contractor for a husband). We'd throw some bead board up on the laundry room walls and our playroom/sleeping room project for our son and daughter would get to start now. You better believe there would be a butt load of white wood, moulding, etc all over both the sleeping room and the play room. Then, I'd make one big splurge, well, maybe two or three. I'd do something with the fireplace so it didn't look like a black hole with a picture frame shelf above it- kind of pathetic for hanging christmas stockings. I envision a wall of stone and one big beefy mantle (nice and deep to hold lots of fall decor). Then I'd make my last two splurges. I'd slap some solid surface counter tops down in the kitchen (me and grout...not the best of friends). Finally, for the big splurge of the century, drum roll please, I'd buy the Kitchen Aid stand mixer I have been pining over since I was 14. Wow, I just realized I'm so old I've been wanting that darn mixer for more than half my life.

    Now you've got my wheels turning. I guess I'll be going to bed dreaming about rolling around in piles of cash on my solid surface counter, while Grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe is mixing away in the mixer ;-) A girl's gotta dream right?

  27. Too funny, I just did a post on "If I won the Powerball" about a month ago!

    Anyway, I love your laundry room dream! Can I borrow it?? :D I guess I didn't think about house related stuff. Now I might have to do a new, revised version... ;)

    Loved it, thanks for sharing!

  28. Oh. my. goshhhhhhhhhhh. I just barely saw your post title on my facebook feed and I had the song stuck in my head! You are so evil. But also genius...hmm...evil genius? Maybe you should practice your evil laugh.

    I watched Brewster's Millions the other day and though he wouldn't have been able to make any permanent changes to something he owned per the inheritance requirements (if you haven't seen it, that would just take way too much time to explain) but I have had so much fun, ever since, dreaming about what I'd buy with loads of money. :)

  29. I'd leave my house alone because I'd be too busy enjoying my lake front cabin! :)


  30. My current "home" is an apartment. So I'd buy a big enough house so my daughter and her family could come and stay!

    I'd have fruit trees, berry patches, and animals for making my own soaps and cheeses... a great kitchen, a pool to swim in, a fireplace or two, comfy chofas and LOTS of bookshelves!

  31. Wow what amazing pics!! 3 washers?! *sigh* I love doing laundry lol..!! I would love a massive big kitchen and a massive big garden for the doggies to enjoy :)

  32. We had a similar wish list going because our house will be paid off in July, so we'll have extra cash. Then we started realizing that we wouldn't be getting any of that money back, so we decided to save up for a bigger house instead! I'm thrilled. I talk about it on my blog, but I'm commenting on my phone so I can't find the specific link for you. But if you want to hear about our FPU journey just go to and search FPU or house. :)

  33. Dream, dream, dream . . . fun to dream. But, one comment on the washer and dryer dream: I have several friends that have them and HATE them! Mildew problems are terrible in the washer. Also, I had to get our worked on a few months ago and the repairman said DON'T BUY THEM! He had several reasons. So I may dream about Hawaii vacations and new furniture, but not the HE washer/dryer. They look awesome but seemingly aren't reliable.

  34. My washing machine looks the same and I am secretly (well I guess it is not a secret any more!) hoping they will stop working soon so that we can replace them with something much more energy efficient. We have not Ugg boots in our house either!

  35. Anonymous is very grumpy today. Yikes, there is nothing wrong with dreaming!
    If it makes you feel better, my top-loading Whirlpool washer and dryer will be turning 21 years old in May! And I use them every day...

  36. I play that game sometimes too. It's fun, but also slightly frustrating, as I know I won't come close to 1 million dollars any time soon. ;) Love the idea of the French doors and new seating in the kitchen!

  37. No Ugg boots here either. Next Christmas, I swear I'm gonna get a pair under the tree next Christmas... DO YOU HEAR ME, SANTA CLAUS????


  38. I didn't want you to feel alone about your washer and dryer. Mine are ancient but they still work so I just can't replace them. Although I DID hear the washer making odd noises a few days ago. Hmmm.....

    My dreams for my home include a new front porch, a re-done back patio, and bumping out the back of my house to create a larger kitchen with a mudroom on the side where my laundry room would go. Right now my laundry room is in the basement. Also in my mudroom would be a dog wash station where I could just rinse their big feeties off when they came in so that I don't have to follow them around with a broom sweeping up yard debris!

    Fun to dream!

  39. Ahh it is fun to dream. I loved the laundry room. As well as the other pictures but our laundry room is so dark and one old washer. Oh now I will be dreamy today as well!

  40. Ha! The first thing I thought when I saw your title was, "I would buy you a house, I would buy you a house..." Love BNL.

    Anyway, I often dream of what I would do to my house is money was a limitation, but then I realize I would probably buy a new house or have one built. I'm in a house we had to settle on, not one we really loved.

  41. I love everything you dream about!! That would be my dream home too!!! Great taste;0

  42. If I had a million dollars. that would be nice. i would be happy with 50 grand! seriously! I want a cheap project house (we rent) it doesnt matter how nice or new my house is I will be forced to redo everything so I might as well start off with a tlc house :)
    I would LOVE a dryer that dries on the first cycle! that would be awesome!!
    And a couch that does not sink in the center. I'd kinda like to buy a piece of furniture new as well, but thats not a biggie. :)

  43. If I won the lottery, I would build my dream home, and decorate it with all of the amazing ideas I have seen here in blogland! Featuring the craft room of my dreams, with a cute little office area attatched, where I would start a blog, and doccument the whole process. Maybe I should go out and buy a ticket for tonight!

  44. Let's not forget... if you or I won millions I think a maid and laundry service would be top of my list too!
    Your blog is GREAT! I look at your house and dream of recreating some of YOUR style!

  45. OK I am sooooo glad I am not the only one who doesn't have those washer and dryers. Thank the Lord for closet doors that close them away. It is almost embarassing.

    One question that has nothing to do with anything: can you paint chandelier shades? I have some that I got at Pottery Barn years ago in red but want to paint them like an ecru color. Is this doable??

    Thanks and as always, love the blog.

  46. I would do all the same things!! I love it :)

  47. Such a great question! I would add an addition on to our home so I could get a larger living room and add a fireplace. And a sunroom! And I would throw in an inground pool while I was at it!

  48. Ha! I was watching It Could Happen to You when I scrolled through this post! Maybe it's a sign someone's going to give me their half of the lottery soon! Maybe it will be YOU and your money from the sky thing! :P

    That fridge makes my knees weak. Melt. Me.


  49. Kathy (on Long Island0April 22, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    I would love a true master suite with a walk in closet. I live in a weird house. It is two ranch houses (with identical layouts) on top of each other. It is a mother-daughter house and my mother lives on the lower level. We have also converted the two car garage into a small apartment for my twenty-something daughter. I have almost no closets, two small bedrooms and a decent master bedroom, but only one bath on each level.

    I dream about it all the time when I am transferring out-of-season clothing into boxes for the attic (which is so packed that my husband is convinced the back of our house will simply fall off one day).

  50. The picture of the three washers is orgasmic. Hmmm... something I never thought I would say today.

  51. This post makes me kind of sad. You have a beautiful home with everything you could ever really need. There are people hauling their laundry to the laundromat every week and the washer you have is not enough? I think the thrifty decor chick does a great job beautifying what she has. Consumerism is a problem in our world.

  52. Never stop dreaming! But, you've got to be in it, to win it, giggle.Happy Friday,Happy Good Friday, Happy Earth Day, Happy Jelly Bean Day ( yes it's actually jelly bean day)Hugs from Katherine. P.S have you entered my giveaway you, its not a million dollars but the prize is a gorgeous dress?

  53. Okay...

    1. I totally want that exact same fridge! We live in base housing, and we have the same issue with our side by side. I've always hated them!

    2. You are so NOT the only one in the country who doesn't have an awesome washer/dryer combo. Of course, I'm waiting for celery green to be available...

    3. French doors!! Squeeee!!!

    4. Bay window seating? Swoon. Love. Drool.

    :) Fun fun fun post!

  54. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has all the plans worked out in her head! First, I'd take out the two huge pecan trees that someone thought would be a great idea to plant right next to our house and that are now causing huge cracks in our concrete slab. Then I'd rip out the walls b/t our front room/living room/kitchen to make one huge space. Dark espresso wood floors for the entire house, scrape the popcorn from all the ceilings and remove faux beams in LR. Of course, new kitchen w/island and gas cooktop. New w/d (love those front-loaders). Re-do all 3 bathrooms in the house. Add a 3rd car to our garage so hubs would have a workshop. Add another flowerbed, new driveway and tear out sidewalk, replacing with flagstone. Oh and change out backdoor w/a window, then remove large picture window and install french doors. I think that'd do it!

  55. Honey, you are preachin to the choir here:):) MY washer and dryer are 27years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray daily for them to DIE!!!!!!! My dryer had rust spots on the TOP! But they are like the darn energizer bunny, just won't quit!!!! I also would push the back wall of the house out about 5 feet and the side wall about 4 feet to enlarge EVERY room! OUTSIDE would be mt dream cause we live in the woods so I would be having TREES taken out, a backhoe knocking down underbrush and PLANTING FLOWERS!!!!!!! I have dreampt about this stuff for 27 years. Never wanted to move to this lot to begin wit.....Happy Easter, thanks for letting me rant:):):)

  56. Ha! I totally have that song in my head now...might even need to break out my BNL CD and crank it up!

    Well, I'll play this game. I play it EVERY stinkin' day when I walk into our crazy, split level zero lot home. What's a zero lot you ask? It's a glamorous name for a duplex (it's an Iowa City thing).

    First of all I'd like to preface this by saying that in reality we are moving...Yep this time next year we will be upsizing to a much larger home, since we are BUSTING at the seams.

    However, if we were to stay here...this is what would happen.

    1. Flooring GONE - wood laminate EVERYWHERE.
    2. GUT the entire upstairs...ditch the galley kitchen that can only fit one style of side by side fridge (we almost couldn't get a new fridge that's how tiny it is)New appliances, etc.
    3. Somehow someway create a master bathroom. Right now we have a sink in our bedroom...I feel like I live in the dorms...ugh.
    4. Move my washer and dryer and create an actual laundry room...I swooned when I saw that picture...ah...oh, and no litter boxes would be allowed in there.

    That's the major stuff, but really if I had a million dollars or even just $300,000 I'd just move, it would be easier, and less stressful.

  57. Oh, my list is too long to put here! But mine also involves a fridge and laundry center!

    Sarah, instead of a new fridge, have you thought about getting a deep freezer for your basement? We have one and a Luuuuuurve it. Now out tiny main freezer is just for ice and a few things that we use every day. Meat, veggies, and even ice cream, are all in the deep freezer. It means one extra trip up and down the stairs each day, but I figure that is a good thing if I'm going to be getting some ice cream. ;)

  58. If I had a million dollars I'd have to move out of California and go somewhere my money could go a hundred times further.

    Then I would have an awesome house that I would use as a showcase for my clients. I would have the cutest things where my clients would come over for appointments and could shop out of my home. Then when I sold something to a client, I would get to buy another awesome thing. OH, the beauty!

  59. Oh Anon, if you've read my blog for two hot seconds, you know how much I appreciate our home and everything in it. It's fun to daydream. And it's MY daydream, so it can be all I want it to be.

  60. Oh wouldn't it be nice????

    I have to say that I just can't get past how clean your stainless fridge is! Lol! I can never get mine to look like that! Care to give up your secrets????

    Oh btw...I don't have Uggs either. I spend all my money supplying my 14 yr old with them. ):

  61. You never know what can happen. A friend of ours played the lottery for the first time on a whim- and won a quarter of a million dollars! (Not that I am advocating lottery playing one way or the other- just a cool story.)

    If I won the lottery, I would pay off my student loans. Then we would buy a house in the country with crown molding and wood floors and a claw-footed tub. And I'd get a cow and some chickens. . .


    Nice to day dream some days. . .

  62. I dream almost every day of what I could do! If only money grew on trees - we have a ravine lot and would be swimming in it! I absolutely LOVE our location and the fact that we live in the house I grew up in. :) We have 3 acres of land so there is definately room to add on. I would first add onto my kitchen and dining room and double the space. We've gotten estimates to do so and we could buy a second house for what it will cost! Yowzers! I would also add at least one more garage stall. One small garage is just not enough! While we're at it, lets add a pool and beautiful outdoor living space! One can dream.... for now I'll continue decorating on a dime.

  63. I would give our house to Habitat for Humanity and I would buy a small beach cottage-anywhere I could!

    If we HAD to stay in OR, I would put in a hot tub and finish the basement and rehab the kitchen. 60 yr old kitchens with metal cabinets?
    Ick. Ick Plus.

    Oh and let me totally recommend the fancy washer/cryer combo with the stands-they ROCK. Totally worth it. And get the Uggs-not the knockoffs-they rule. Mine are really from the land down undah, but you can mail order em-my fave, besides the ubiquitous boots, are the slippers :)

    " If I had a million dollars, I buy you a house..."

  64. I too have "old" washer and dryer...we got ours the second year we were married. So that makes them..17years old! Currently we have the washer rigged with fishing line, but hey- its working so who am I to complain?!

    I love all your daydreaming! :)

  65. If I had a million dollars, I would pay all the medical bills from my husband's acute lymphocytic leukemia, and then maintain the house we live in. Then I would buy groceries. Don't get me wrong we have insurance, and it is good insurance, but things are a little challenging right now.

  66. Im wit cha on the side by side...why did we ever think that was a good idea????? I still have an old washer and dryer and it does it's job well. With lots of extra cash.... Hands down, Id fly you to ALABAMA to help me redecorate... IKEA is only 2 hrs away :)

  67. I'd pay off my house first, then attack it with upgrades and such. Our list is getting longer the more we daydream though! We either have the time and no money, or the money but no time.

    Anyway, we need to get ceiling fans for the LR, den, and both bedrooms; rip out the rest of the bedroom carpet, and refinish the hardwoods with a darker stain. I'd probably invest in quality fabric for the windows and furniture.

    Oh, and our hall bathroom needs some serious attention. Whoever built the house in the 1950s really loved plastic pink tile (barf!) so that's one of the first things to go! Not to mention the icky linoleum floor and awkward placement of the toilet.

    Our bedroom is not really decorated, and ends up as a dumping ground for everything, so we want to redo our room and make it a haven away from the rest of the house. I'd like to get curtain up at least, lol. I might have to budget some of that lottery money for a trip to IKEA! :)

    As for the outside of the house, we don't have a front porch, but we keep tossing around the idea of adding one. I dream of a white picket fence along our property too...

  68. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but you can (and every so often should) replace the seal on your freezer (and fridge). Over time, fridge/freezer seals loose their sealing abilities, and installing a new one shouldn't take too long, and will make the hugest difference for your freezer!

    Also, chest freezers can be amazing. They'll allow you so much more space for freezing, and you can find them very moderately priced ($200-500?), new or used. I've heard that Craigslist is a great place to get them used, but appliance stores also have them on sale every so often.

  69. I use my "dream folder" system where I organize gifts I'd like (helps my hubby...,) recipes I want to try, and of course, renovations! It's fun to see your wish list and by the way - thanks so much for getting this song stuck in my head ALL DAY!! :)

  70. Hi, when the $ drops from the sky into my lap, I am first going to have siding put on this house! We have some kind of pressed cardboard stuff which I learned too late was recalled a few years ago and they would replace it for you - that's me, always a day late and a dollar short :) But I agree with Kate, half the fun is the treasure hunt, so I'd still have to do that - I'd be one of those eccentric women you see at ...

  71. We don't play the lotto either, but oh if'in we did, and if'in we won, the FUN I would have!!! HAHA!

    But for now, I am just trying to love- like LURV- my home the way you love yours...

  72. Hahahahaha!!!! SHORT list? Surely you jest!!! My first wish would be for a whole new addition to the back of our house which would enable us to have an upstairs bathroom and a dining room. Maybe even a screened-in porch, too! We live a teeny-tiny matchbox of a house, no two ways about it. Oh, and that crappy little Knock that sucker down and rebuild as a combination studio/music room!!! That should do it. Well...except for that snazzy red washer/dryer combo. ;-)

  73. I have no fancy washer or dryer either, but I DO have Uggs! I bought them for $6 at the thrift store, of course!

    My "short" list would include skylights in the living room and kitchen/dining area, Retexturing the walls in the whole house, and while we're at it, redoing the outside in stone and stucko. There would be tons of landscaping, first up being a whole new sprinkler system. New cabinets to replace my 1970's original gems, and the faux marble counter tops!

  74. this post is hilarious! I LOVE daydreaming too, and I totally DO NOT have a pair of front-loaders... though I do dream of them all of the time!

    Oh ya, and my short-list would include: front loaders, finished concrete floors throughout the rest of the house!, new kitchen cabinets, better appliances (except my fridge... that I LOVE), garage shelving, band new interior doors, and finally... a sliding door that I can ACTUALLY slide! LOL... ya, that's my not-so-short list. (BUT I DO love my house too!)

  75. New floors!! Bamboo floors to be exact! Everywhere...except the bathroom, tile. Oh, how I dream about getting rid of this grody, nasty, stained carpet!

    And some sort of addition that would give us a half bath. One shower is fine...but we could really use another toilet!

    And someone to install the fence from *beep*! Heck, I already bought the supplies, I just would need to hire the labor! ;)

  76. When I win the lottery, I'm going to hire someone to get my stainless fridge that clean!! How did you do that? Really, how do you all clean them? So far window cleaner seems to work the best without buying another bottle of some other chemical.

    Whoever thought stainless fridges were a good idea never actually had one with two kids and a farmer husband. And the big black sides?! Ugh! Can't wait to cover mine with beadboard ... hmm, think I got that idea from you!

  77. Have you been inside my head? For real!? I would SO love every bit of that. Aaahh, a girl (or two) can dream. Love all that you had pictured! Thanks for sharing.

  78. Me too, me too!! I would totally know how to spend it if I had it! I love your ideas!It just takes $$$!

  79. At some point a few years back I decided I was a 'grown up' because I was starting to lust after certain appliances more than clothes or shoes :)

  80. You're not the only one without that amazing washer and dryer set.

    Ours was in our house contract and they left behind a rusty, moldy rickity pair.

    Hey, at least they wash and dry the clothes. Right?

  81. We went from a side by side fridge to the kind with the drawers...and I actually hate the drawers even more!!!! Sure, a pizza will fit better...but nothing else. It is even less room. I curse at that thing every grocery day and I have to play tetris to get my stuff to fit.

  82. I am still using the biscuit colored washer we bought used 19 yrs ago and it sits next to a newer white dryer. I thought for sure the washer would die and we'd get a new white one. Ha.

    I would add a 3 or 4 season room off our kitchen to expand the entertaining space in our small ranch. We totally renovated the entire house two years ago, so I have some of my dreams reached.

    If I had a million dollars, though, I would buy a piece of land on a small pond large enough to build little cabins where my family and close friends could come and hang out with a central building we could cook and eat together. Just something I've always wanted to do.

  83. Ha... this has been my CONSTANT struggle the past couple of months. Hubby and I have been house-hunting and found lots that we "like" but not "the one" yet. *grin* Actually, we've THOUGHT we've found "the one" a couple of times, but there always seems to be someone else (or a lot of someone elses) ahead of us who also think it's "the one!"

    Anyway, it's been quite a challenge some days to be happy and thankful for my 1800 sq ft house.. with four bedrooms.. 2.5 baths.. huge master bedroom.. nice deck.. you get the picture. ;) I can get feeling pretty sorry for myself for all the things I wish for -- and then I need a good smack back to reality with how blessed I truly am!!!! :)

    Dreaming is SUPER fun, and gosh -- as a regular reader of your blog, I am totally jealous of your house on a regular basis! hahah :) I absolutely cannot wait to have all the things we are wishing and hoping for that's prompting a possible move for us (a larger kitchen, a garden/jetted tub in the master bathroom, more closet and storage space, a basement, a fireplace, etc.), but as we wait, I'm so desiring to be constantly reminded of how much I have to be thankful for in this house that's been our home for the past eight years. :)

  84. Oh your dreams are very lovely and very much like my own! :)

  85. Yes, I love to dream as well but I have done a few small projects around the house.

    I was noticing your hangers in your laundry room. I mounted a towel bar upside-down under our cabinets for those to hang on. They are always here and don't get all tangled or fall off the dryer.

  86. Um, hardwood floors, tile in the showers/ bathroom floors, luxury height bathroom vanities, quartz kitchen counters, a basement with workshop area, a true two-car garage(not half taken hostage by the water heater/hvac), solid wood exterior doors...

  87. Maybe an appliance manufacturer will read your blog and send them to you for free! Then you can send me your old ones, which are generations younger than mine!

    I was hoping to get a dishwasher this year but had to have a bilateral mastectomy so I am broke with a capital "B". I am thankful to be alive actually, material things just don't matter as much to me anymore.

    Anyway, good luck and I hope you get your new appliances. You deserve them, blogging is hard. You should list the manufacturer you'd like, and maybe the model number. Then it'd be like free advertising for the company!!!

  88. Those front loaders arent all they are cracked up to be. You can get WAY more clothes in the top loaders anyday! They sure look purdy though.

    If I had a mellion dollars:

    1. Hardwoods throughout our 3200 sq ft house and have them installed.
    2. Professionally landscape our whole yard and pay for the upkeep.
    3. Finish the basement to include an in-law suite.
    4. Built a cattery for my kitties onto the back of the house.
    5. Board & batten all over the house.
    6. Skylights.
    7. Every single item in the house would either be from Pottery Barn or Ballard.

    Fun to daydream. :-)

  89. We just recently moved out washer and dryer into a "laundry room" it sure wasn't before but it's perfect! Hopefully we can finish it, I'm not yet done with the finishing pieces and be able to post it on one of your link ups!

    I have serious project add, if we had a million bucks I can assure you my husband would spend the cash to get me outta the house so his list stop growing!

  90. I dont need a million bucks, I'd be pumped with a 10th of that! However, for your fridge door, have you looked at replacing the seal? They are normally well under $100 and easy enough to DIY. It'd save heaps on energy bills, and stop your freezer icing up :)


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