Monday, December 19, 2011

Secret Santa (and a few things)

Hello there! How the heck are ya?!

First of all…AHHHHHH!!!:


Are you freakin’ out yet?

Just a friendly reminder, that’s all. ;)

I had to tell you about a FUN idea my friend Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone came up with. She coordinated a bunch of bloggers and we’re doing a blogland Secret Santa:


How great is that? (I’m in good company, eh?) I love it cause it’s the same kind of fun I used to have in the office setting (in my old life), but this time it’s via the good old US Postal Service. ;)

I’m dying to know who has me – I got these lovely coasters the other day:


I think I know who they came from…but I’m not guessing out loud quite yet. ;) I’ll let you know who it is when I find out! I hope my gal likes her treats as well!

I wanted to share a fun linky party as well -- my friend Melissa is hosting a favorite things party, and I love sharing mine, especially this time of year:


Go check out my favorites here and see how I created the snowflake bokeh-like photo of our tree:

snowflake bokeh

By the way, there are nearly 550 gorgeous trees linked up at the Christmas tree party – it’s a feast for the eyes! Go here to link up you’re own! (It will be open till Wednesday this week.)

And finally, the winners of the Antique Farm House giveaway are:

Beth at The Rhamy Roost
Amy at Wine Country Mama

Congrats ladies! Please email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you connected!

Hope you’re having a lovely week! Any guesses who my Santa is? ;)


  1. I bet your coasters came from Shelley @ House of the tree photo ~ I need to try that!

  2. I love these drummer boy cards! How cute are they?

  3. I went over to read your favorite things post b/c ya' know, it could be like Oprah's, ;o) and I just thought I would mention to you that Lowe's headquarters is in the town I live in, and one of my friend's works there. She said they are now selling a product (like icicles - the way she described it), that you can hang on your tree to give it that frasier fur smell. We became allergic to the real ones b/c of some kind of preservative or something that was on it, and had to get a real one. Of course, Lowe's was sold out by the time I went to buy them, but it's something to keep in mind for next year....might be cheaper than the candles. Then again, you could always by those tacky tree air fresheners that dangle from the rear view, and use them as ornaments! (Just kidding, but I assume you know that!) Merry Christmas!

  4. Whom ever is your secret santa shops at Dear Lillie.

  5. Love the coasters! what a sweet thoughtful santa.

  6. So funny! When I read your favorites list last week at Melissa's. I drove right over to Mc D's after picking up my son from school to try their holiday pies. Can you believe it, they didn't have any. Boo-hoo!

  7. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

  8. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. I'm just stopping by random blogs today and checking them out. Also wishing you folk's a healthy and happy new years. Richard from an Amish community in Pennsylvania.

  9. So fun! The coasters must be from dear lillie, so is it Jennifer? Or a customer of Jennifer?! I'd like to see what you sent for yours!

  10. My guess is that your Secret Santa is Jennifer from Dear Lillie :)

  11. I am happier than usual this Christmas because both my adult kids are home for the holidays ♥♥♥

    NYE is also the day I met the man who is now my hubby.

    Presents schmesents...I have everything I could ever want or need wrapped up in my family.

    That said...I am shopping later today, baking tomorrow for the in-law visit, and totally enjoying the week before the big day!

  12. Love the drummer boy coasters! I think your Santa is Miss Mustard Seed. Do we win a prize if we're right? Only kidding, of course! Merry Christmas!

  13. Merry Merry Christmas to you too! I am freaking out a little, but am covering it by doing lots of cooking and baking...ever my cure-all!


  14. Enjoyed your post about another pile you had! I have been recuperating from bypass surgery these past 2 months, finally I couldnt take the linen closet disarray any more. Had my caretaker help me redo the entire thing. It is a big closet. I am in love with the tidiness now! I know you go through the same thing! And we appreciate your honesty which helps us all get motivated! Keep up the good work!


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