Thursday, January 12, 2012

New at TDC

Hello hello! I was so hoping to share the office redo with you today, but the last project is taking the longest. (Why is that how it ALWAYS is with me?!) And because this part being such a bugger, I came up with a new idea for it anyway. In my head it’s pretty darn cool, but we’ll see how it turns out.

So I will finish it it up this weekend and share it with you first thing next week!! I’m ITCHING to get it done because I’ve forced myself to hold off on anything other projects till it’s done…so it must. be. done.

I’ve shared a few of my house goals with you over the past couple of weeks. There’s a bunch of them here, and then a BIG project idea in my last post.

I tell you WHAT. Y’all are a bunch of enablers and I LOVE IT. I’m SOOOOO changing up the dining room. I just have to get the final OK from hubby first. I start introducing my big ideas slowly with a lot of “I was thinking” and “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “SO, I have this idea…”

After all these years, he knows it (usually) ends up well…so he trusts me. I just have to remind him of that. ;)

(Check out my Facebook page to see a photo a reader sent me with the exact chair set up I was thinking of! Love it!)

Sooo…I’m pretty excited about some new stuff going on on the old blog this year and wanted to share some of it with you!

The popular Before and After Parties will continue every month:


Those go up the first Monday of the month and I love before and after  photos too much to give them up! ;)

But from now on, I won’t be sharing my own projects during that post, but instead will highlight some of my favorites from the previous month’s party. I figure this way I can show some of you off even more. I’m super excited about that!!

I love seeing individual projects every month, but I thought it would be fun to do another party too…this one sharing whole rooms. It’ll be a Pinterest frenzy!! ;)

I don’t have a button for this one yet, but the Show Us Your House linkies will go up the third Tuesday of every month – the first one this coming Tuesday, January 17. I’m SO excited about this one!!

Every month we’ll highlight a different room. Here’s the plan for the year:

Office/craft spaces



Dining rooms

Nursery/Kids rooms

Outdoor spaces


Family rooms

Basements/rec rooms

Bedrooms (guest or master)


We’ll play it by ear ;)

FUN eh? I can’t wait to see so many awesome rooms all in one post!! I think this is an awesome way to find new blogs too – it’s easy to get an idea of someone’s style when you can see a whole room.

Next up are some changes in the works for the blog. (Super excited about this too – this is just an all around exciting post for me.)

I’ve been working with a designer for about five years now to redo my site. OK, I think it’s been about six months, but I take forever to do anything, so it feels like five years.

It’s a totally new look and I really love it. There are still a LOT things left to do, so it won’t be revealed for a while yet. Here’s a little peak:

I know, not much. I suck. ;)

The change I’m quivering my boots about is this one:

 wordpress logo

YES. I’m doing the switch from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve fought it for years. I hate change. Changing up my blog look, I’m OK with. Changing up rooms, I’m great with. Changing how I work? Notsogood.

I’ll explain why I’m switching in a future post (it’s nothing earth shattering), but what I want you to know now is that the look of the posts will not change – they will not be truncated, or shortened. I’m trying to set it up in a way that’s familiar and comfortable for me and you. :)

And as far as posts go, I plan to keep up all the DIY of course, but hope to show and share more of ME along the way.

Not sharing more of me in that way…dirty birds.

I find myself looking at blogs and liking when I see photos of the actual blogger. I realized the other day that all you really see of me is this:


My left hand. ;)

I’m not really all excited about sharing my mug on here, but it is my blog and I am the one writing it, so maybe I’ll include some action shots here and there? You know…like crafting, sawing, watching paint dry. The exciting ones.

So we’ll see how that goes. I’d also like to share more of my life with you guys…just a bit more. I always struggle with how much to share because I feel like I spew out enough of my life on here, but I like when other bloggers share personal stories here and there. Nothing drastic, like my son’s birth story. (Although it was AMAZING, really, you should hear about it.)  :)

But just a few more things about me here and there. So we can get to know each other better. Cause I’ll be asking you to share some info too.

And you thought you were just going to get to sit back and read boring stuff about me.

SO…that’s the plan for this year on Thrifty Decor Chick! I’m so excited, are YOU? Can you barely contain yourself at the thought of seeing photos of me painting walls?? It’s gonna be AWESOME.

I have one question I need your help with – I’ve been wondering this for a while and would love your feedback. When I’ve done room redos, I typically share the redo along the way and then show the final result. Do you like it that way or would you rather see it finished first and then the how to’s after?

I like both ways so I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you like to see it in pieces or in one big reveal?

Thanks in advance!!


  1. I would love to know more about your life and see more pictures of you! As far as how you post things, I like seeing you go along the way!

  2. Sounds like so much fun Sarah and I can't wait to see your new look, an my gosh a new linky party! You're awesome! I am actually one of those people that like to see the finished room first, tad bit impatient:) But either way it goes I'm still here!

  3. I am excited about all the new changes! I like to see little bits and pieces along the way!

    I am SO glad you are not going to do the truncated posts. I really don't like those!

  4. I think you're awesome! I love your blog and your "voice" on it. I can't wait to see all your changes! As for reveals, I like seeing things progress bit by bit but I also like a huge "TA DA!" at the end. So I guess I like both!

  5. Wow! Some exciting stuff :) Hey, I love seeing the redo along the way-just keep up the great work! Good luck with all the changes.

  6. I love it! My husband hates to hear the magic words, "I've been thinking". He knows it involves usually a furniture purchase or some kind of bright idea. I laughed today reading Emily Clark's November post that her husband did on their anniversary. My husband could have written that, too! Are they ALL ALIKE??? Please reveal it all at once...we've waited for-ev-ah, you know! ;o)

  7. Excited about all the new changes! Would definitely like to see more of you & know more about you as well! As far as room reveals, I never know the right way to go about it either. In my mind, I always think that if I show little bits a long the way that it will take away from the big final reveal, but whether or not my readers think so is beyond me! As far as what I like to see...I don't prefer one way over the other! I say, go with what you like! Your readers love you, so we will be here no matter what!

  8. I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for another TDC linky party! YAHOO!!! I think I like it both ways too. You always post it perfectly so just keep doing what you're doing! We all know your the! Can't wait to link up my craft room and office on Tuesday!

    You rock Sarah!

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  9. So exciting, Sarah! I can't believe we're losing another one to Word Press. ;) Seriously, I am very interested to hear how it goes for you. Other than the GFC thing and the fact that I am not very tech savvy, I'm not seeing the appeal of Blogger much anymore. :(

    I LOVE your before & after glad you'll still be doing them. And the room party will be good motivation for me. I don't think I can turn the spare room into a craft room by Tuesday, but I can show the space I'm SUPPOSED to craft in. ;)

    Exciting changes for 2012!!!

  10. I love "showing us along the way" with projects. The big reveals are great, but so much more is learned in watching the process...

    :) Love your new linky. It's motivating me to move along with my home goals for 2012. Like a syllabus for a class...

  11. Sounds like lots of greeat ideas! I made the switch to Wordpress last year and love it! And I am one that doesn't mind that much how you reveal a room or project. I just love seeing them! And I admire your decision to reveal a bit more of yourself- I love getting to know bloggers better! Those are the posts that keep me coming back ;-)

  12. Yay for fun changes! Can't wait to see the new blog design. And I'm with you on personal posts. I love to feel like I know the person, even if I just stalk them on a daily basis from the comforts of my couch:)

  13. First - exciting changes ahead, and I am excited that you will be sharing more of yourself with us. I was just struggling with this side of things myself earlier today, wondering if I shouldn't share so much. But I have realized that is one of the parts I like best about my blog - and everyone says be true to yourself. So, people are stuck with me! I think you will find you really enjoy that side as well.

    In terms of projects, sometimes they take so long it is hard as a blogger to not share along the way. I find myself struggling to show things till they are totally ready, but realize I need to start showing more of the process. I say do what works best for you!

    Take care, Laura

  14. I'm already loving the new blog design! It's the same pattern that's on my bedding, but it's a light aqua color. And yes to more personal posts. Those are always good! As far as showing little changes along the way or the big reveal - I like the changes on the way to reveal. It's kinda like a bunch of teasers. ; ) I'm looking forward to all the changes and once I'm back up and blogging I'll definitely be linking up to both parties. Your site is always in my top 3 of traffic! Thanks!!

    Have a great weekend girly! =)

    ~ Catie

  15. I am SO looking forward to seeing you watch paint dry!

    Kidding... It will be nice to "see" you once in a while! And for the record, I like the posts where we can see the progress along the way. It's kind of like we're working along side you. Minus the callouses and paint in our hair.

  16. all sounds amazing! I'm excited about the new linky party! It's so much fun to stalk other people's spaces and get ideas! Ok, and I'm totally with you on the switch to WP. There are so many issues with Blogger lately. I've been thinking about it myself lately. I can't wait to see your new design!! And one last thing...I'm super stoked to hear more about YOU and life stuff! I also love when bloggers share a little glimpse into their day to day lives! xoxo

  17. I love the old you/your sight, but all your plans for this year are sounding really exciting and amazing!!! Can't wait! ...You truly are taking it to the next level! It would be wonderful to be able to know more about you...feels a little more one on one when we get to know you, but I know it maybe a little more scary on your end when you have alot more eyes on your every've been great at being transparent in your writing, but this again will be taking it the extra! ;-)
    As far as, room redos...I think you nail it! because I think you do both- a little along the way and then the the before & after- Tada! at the end. I think it is helpful for us readers to see all the work, time, and effort (of reality) it takes to do a room, because the great stuff doesn't ever happen over night!
    Keep on being awesome! We'll definitely be staying tuned and most likely have even more traffic with all the great plans & changes!

  18. LOVE the plans...and best of luck switching to WP!! I made the switch this summer...but I'm STILL trying to get more familiar with it!! I'm sure your new look will be fabulous :)

  19. Good luck on the change.
    I prefer seeing projects as you go along. If it's one big reveal, it's too overwhelming.

  20. LOVE all these changes!!!

    The room parties each month, sharing more of yourself, and the blog re-design!

    Don't fret the Wordpress change that much. I have a blog on blogger and one on Wordpress and then both have pros and cons (as I am sure you know)

    You will LOVE the comment reply feature (seriously that is the MAIN reason I started my second blog on Wordpress instead of Blogger) and the plugins are great too!.

    If you use Windows Live Writer to write your posts, you honestly won't notice much of a difference and you will love the differences once you learn them.

    Can't wait to see the new site!!!

  21. First of all, I'm so excited about the room party! It will get me motivated to complete the rooms I have started and start the rooms I need to!
    Second, you are going to LOVE's the BOMB!
    Third - Thanks for being so great!

  22. Yay! I like to see progress along the not keep us in suspense! :). I am super excited about the show me your rooms! I have a couple good ones to share, but am very excited for the one you picked for this month...i NEED OFFICE IDEAS!!

  23. So excited for another linky party! I like to see the before and after together, then the step-by-step. Here's to a New Year & new changes :) Hope the blog switch goes well.

  24. Can't wait to see the changes! I've also thought about switching to Wordpress (I've set up a couple of domains for when I'm ready to jump ship.) I'm curious to see what your reasons are, and if they're similar to mine. Love the lineup for the year - I hope I'll have some things to share! Have a great weekend!!!!

  25. Guess this was the kick in the butt I needed since my followers have been bugging me for a craft room reveal!! Haha, I have NOT VERY LONG however, to get it all ready for photos and do a post on it - OH MY!!! Sounds like some FUN parties happening here! Can't wait to link up and see everyone elses!!!

    Kammy's Korner

  26. Sounds great, I can't wait! I think the new link party is a great idea :-)

  27. Hi! Can't wait to link up! Haha!

    I prefer seeing your project posts along the way instead of a Tah-Dah and then reading about the journey afterwards. My lil mind processes info better that way. Really, however you choose to do it, us Thrifty Fans will be here to learn, support and cheer you on!

    (WordPress blogs haven't been too kind on the Androids...harder to view...but that just might be a certain setting.)

  28. Hi TDC! :)
    I am looking forward to your posts. I am eager to know why you thought about the Wordpress instead of blogger. Do you want to change because 'everybody' does it or do you have real heavy reasons? I know nothing about Wordpress, so I am excited to hear your story.

    When presenting a room redo, the pictures I most like are the before/after photos next to each other. I like to see the difference at the end too, so please post the b4/after photos twice!

    And about sharing your whatever if comfortable to you and your family! You reveal a lot of yourself by your style of writing and the decor in your home already...go only as far as you really want! You know us people, always curious, always wanting to know 'more', but it really is your life!

    Looking forward to your new office reveal! :D

  29. I like pieces. :) I like to see how a project is coming, your thoughts along the way, and any changes you made (b/c you know you'll change something!).

    Thanks for having this blog. I'm a loyal reader, love your writing style (it feels like you're talking to me!) and love your ideas.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh - PS - do the dining room redo. No sense in having a room in the house you can't use!

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I look forward to every single post you write. Good luck with the new changes. I can't wait to see them!

  31. Wow! Looking forward to seeing more than your left hand :-). And I enjoy following along as you do the redo, gives it a real time feel, and therefore makes me know its achievable for most of us :-)

  32. Hi Sarah! I'm excited about all the changes (and love the before and after so I'm happy its staying!). I actually like when bloggers share the redos along the way and show progress. The big reveal is still exciting because you get to see the room all together. But seeing the progress as you go along seems more real. Like "maybe someday I can do that too!" Thanks!

  33. Wowza - exciting times ahead! I can't wait!
    As for your room renos - I like when you show things along the way. We all know how long it takes you to get projects finished ;), so I think we would just be dying if we had to wait until the final result. I like seeing little sneak peeks, then the final result with before & after, and then the how to's. I think it's easier to break them up that way - especially if it's a big project.
    Can't wait to see all the new changes!

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  35. I love the idea of sharing more of you. I can only imagine the balance you would need to find!

    I love the idea of sharing the projects as you go. It gives more a sense of real time and once I see the room, I kinda skim over the how to's after the fact cause I already saw the outcome :)

    Can't wait for 2012 on TDC!

  36. As a fellow blogger who reveals as she goes ;) I like it that way!

  37. I personally like to see the after first, that way you get us in there and then show us how its done? Does that make any sense??
    I am really stoked about all the changes too! I have been thinking about moving to a different blog platforn for a while too for many reasons but like you, am completely freaked out by change. Maybe you will light the way for me...:) Good luck!!!

  38. I am excited for all the new changes!!! I would like to hear more about you. Excited for the room of the month link up. Now I need to get my rooms link worthy. :)

  39. I kinda like the After first, but really either way.

    I'm excited for you on your switch to Wordpress. One of these days I'll make the leap...

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Dana

  40. I love the bits and pieces along the way. In my ADD world, it helps me remember you are working on a big project! I love your blog. It is probably the ny one I consistently read and I look forward to your plans for 2012. I hope Wordpress sends email notifications when a new blog is up, if not, I will just set a reminder for myself to check it. I definitely do not want to miss one!

  41. I kinda like the bits and pieces along the way, it builds the excitement! For me at least :)

  42. I too like to see it in to see the progress as you me something to look forward to!

  43. TDC,

    First of all--LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. It's so interesting and diverse and there's always a lot to read on the posts themselves, plus on the sidebars.

    I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" a few ideas to spruce mine up!

    There's a lot to say about the ease of having a blog over a WordPress self-hosted one, if that's what you are talking about. Or are you going to the fr*ee WordPress format?

    My Weavin' Wicker Woman blog was on the fr*ee for SEVEN years of blog posts AND PHOTOS. I only made the switch to my self-hosted website to host the blog, last year in January, so still working out some of the kinks.

    I didn't do things just right on my chair caning, basketry and wicker niche blog and as a consequence, ended up loosing a lot of my followers and also a lot of followers on the Google Friend Connect.

    So, wishing you the best here with your switch and just giving you a "heads up" for a couple things to watch out for.

    The Wicker Woman--Cathryn Peters

  44. Good luck with your changeover and thanks for trying to keep it semi-change-free for us! I like to see the progress and in between stages of projects and not just the dramatic outcomes....makes them seem more attainable to us regular know?

  45. I've been using Wordpress for three years, and I love it. They have a bunch of plug-ins to help with the transfer, so don't worry, it will probably go fairly smoothly. Good luck on the move!

  46. I love seeing the steps along the way and then a big final post on it.

    Excited about the changes!!! Especially the "dining room."

  47. Can't wait!! Marking my calendar as we speak.......

  48. All the changes are so excited..especially the new linky party!! I like to see the progress of a room along the way, but either way is fine.

  49. I made the switch to Wordpress about a month ago, and now I could kick myself for waiting so long to make the leap. You'll absolutely love it.

  50. I personally like to see a before picture and an after picture (or preferably more from several angles) with a tutorial posted the next day or just sometime soon after.

    I DO like the progress shots if it's something I'm interested in doing myself, though, so I guess it just depends on the project!

  51. I like the room redo's in pieces with the final reveal at the end. It seems more real time and like I am helping you do it. (Yeah, right). :)

  52. I also love seeing the before, during and after pictures of everything. Excited about your blog changes:D

  53. I HATE seeing the "after" first and the "before" after - I think it ruins the storyline. Maybe that's just me...

    Can't wait to see the new blog design, and I like the idea of the whole rooms. (The whole-room transformations are by far my favorite before-and-afters even in the regular monthly ones.)

  54. Hi
    I love seeing bits along the way and then the BIG reveal. It's fun knowing it happens in little pieces along the way and your magic elf doesn't come in and do all the work in one day. It helps me visualize the process. I love your blog and am sure I will continue to love it!

  55. I like seeing it along the way. It's more real to me for some reason. I also can't wait to hear about your switch to wordpress. I have been on blogger from the beginning and am way too scared to switch even though I want to! You will have to let us know how it goes and give some tips and tricks maybe :)

  56. Sounds very exciting Sarah! Can't wait to see all the changes. I think as far as big reveals go, I prefer to see it along the way. There's something to be said for a dramatic before and after, but that also means you'd most likely post less because you'd be busy working and waiting to share it all at the end. And I look forward to my regular TDC posts! Call me selfish ;)

  57. I am excited about everything! And I like to get little thrillers of how-to's while waiting impatiently on the big reveal of it all put together in a room!!! One, if you wait to show the whole room and then go back and show parts, what if one part doesn't interest me (I know - heaven forbid!), then I might be a teensy disappointed for the day. But if you're showing me a how-to and even if I'm not interested in it, then it will still get me all excited for the whole shebang! I hope that make sense! :)

  58. I agree about trying to blog pictures of yourself or personal stories, makes the blog come to life!! I'm also going to try and do that more this year :)

  59. You are truly an inspiration! Love the way that you are just you!! Good luck with all of the changes!

  60. I like the "process along the way" of blogging because it makes it seem more "real". . .that you didn't just pull that room together in a week (or did you?!?). I also loved your moulding videos -- would you consider doing more of those? Videos, I mean. Fun changes ahead. . .I, for one, will be around to watch for all of them :) Happy New Year!!!

  61. So glad your doing the dinning room to library switch! Can't wait to watch!
    I prefer bits and pieces along the way and then a big reveal at the end (with a before pic to compare it to). It makes it seem so much more real time and true to life. Gives me hope . . . and makes you seem more "real".

    Like this office . . . I love the feeling of waiting forever for the reveal, because so many of my projects are like that . . . it takes FOREVER for them to actually get finished. But that's real life! :) It's like we are living the adventure with you.

    Keep up the amazing blog. It's my secret indulgence every day . . . :)

  62. Oh I so excited for this year on your blog! I love all your are doing and am really excited for the blog re-design. I think it is very smart. And now is a good time to tell you that your blog is one of the slowest ones to load of any I read.... but GUESS WHAT! It is still my favorite and I ALWAYS wait for the load because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Now that's saying something, right?

    I am on blogger and want to move to WP, but is seems like a lot of work and a lot of money to do. HOWEVER, they always say, do it sooner than later... it is much harder to do when you grow really big. 'Cause, ya know... this is going to be my BIG GROWTH YEAR, right? Yes. Just for fun.

    I am excited to see more of you. And hear more about you. And also, to come to your house and play "brad nailer"... which is a new game that I made up today.

    No, I didn't, but still...



  63. Can't wait to see what you have in mind.
    As for your last question about room renovations - I have enjoyed blogs where we go through the process together. Not that I haven't enjoyed getting the whole enchilada at once, but there is something different about the story being told as it develops.

  64. Looking forward to getting to know you better! I like the progression of a project with reveal at the end. Sometimes it spans several posts so it's like chapters in a great book!

    Guerrina in CT

  65. Looking forward to seeing your reveal! I like the the the little bits along the way along with the big reveal. The new party sounds fun!

  66. I always enjoy your writing! Thank you for taking the time to spend with us readers teaching us and encouraging us in trying to be Godly wives and moms in our homes.

  67. Thanks for spend time to teaching us about decoration. I love your writing

  68. I like seeing your projects in pieces. I may not count though, I don't have a blog. :)

    Happy weekend, Chrissy

  69. Love your blog and I'm sure any and all changes will be great, too! And I'm so glad to hear you won't be showing intro or truncated versions of posts. I'm not a fan of that and it seems like everyone is doing it!

  70. While I DO love all-in-one reveals, posts along the way are also fun. They keep me coming back everyday to see the changes!

  71. I like the reveal at the end. I think if you show it first it is anti climatic. Bits and pieces then the great reveal!

  72. Can't wait for the monthly parties! Ironically, I just finished up my new craft room, so I will definitely be posting it!

  73. i love your blog. i think you should do december the laundry rooms for your room of the month. i love ideas for that room. just my thoughts. thanks for all the inspiration. keep it coming!

  74. I love seeing your progress on projects along the way, and then having the big Reveal blog. So much fun to see something coming together bit by bit first.

    The changes you're going to make sound very exciting. Really looking forward to this new year!

  75. Just be prepared for random strangers to recognize you in town! I had one of those last week, and I've met other people that way, too. It's kind of funny, sometimes, because they know you by the name of your site, and not by your own name, usually.

    When I went to church with my in-law's on Father's Day last year, I had two people in the halls see me and say, "Hey, it's "The Prudent Homemaker!" to my face. So funny!

    I'm in the middle of changing over my entire site right now (no designer; it's just me!) and it is a TON of work. Because I am changing website hosts, I have to recreat my ENTIRE site--every font size, every image placement, every link, everything! Your designer deserves every penny that you pay her!

  76. I love the way you currently share your projects and transformations. I think it makes everyone feel better to know that things take time, planning, and effort. Although a big surprise reveal here and there are fun too. Like your living room =].

    Excited to continue to read your blog =]. Maybe someday I'll do my own. You've inspired me!

  77. I like to see you post as you go along. And then a good before and after post when you're finished! I really enjoy your blog!

  78. Love the room! I have an unused boring living room and I'm totally copying your idea! What is your opinion on curtains matching from room to room? My "living room" and dining room are on either side of my entry and both have a bay window on the front of the they need to match? Thank you for taking the time to share your home.
    my email is

  79. Love reading your blog and seeing the changes along the way... makes me think that maybe, someday, I can do some of the projects you do. Keep up the good work! Belinda

  80. Your changes sound Excellent for the new year-Super Exciting! As far as showing your room reveals, I like it the way you've been doing it, keeps everyone anticipating your next post (well me at least, lol). I look forward to following along as always!

  81. This is such a good site for getting ideas for my new house! We have been trying to get ideas for some home decor items and how to make them. Keep up the fantastic work!

  82. I like it both ways, too. But I always like to see the 'Before' first. Before should always come before after, right?


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