Sunday, March 18, 2012

Show Us Your Kitchens!

Hey hey! Well, first, I have to say THANKS for making me feel a little less weird. ;) I loved your comments on my last post. So either I’m not weird or I am and a whole bunch of you are too. ;) Either way we’re golden.

It’s time to show off more of your houses and I’m really excited about this one! This month we’re sharing kitchens at the Show Us Your House party:


If you’ve been around for awhile you’ve seen pics of our kitchen, but here are a few more recent ones and a couple before and afters too!

I’ve made a LOT of changes in here over the past few years. I’ve been trying to add more color and more light to the space:

black island white chairs

Before everything was dark and cherry. Cherry (really maple but they look cherry) cabinets, cherry laminate floors, cherry island, black backsplash. It was too much!

The fabric and accessories add the color:

cherry cabinets white backsplash

The dog adds some cuteness. ;)

And the beadboard backsplash and spray painted island chairs add some brightness:

beadboard backsplash

The new floors are darker, but make the room feel lighter, in a weird way. The fact that they don’t match the cabinets exactly anymore may be why.

I have a few more changes in mind for our kitchen – some fairly easy (like painting) and some much harder (like moving plumbing).

Needless to say it’s going to stay like this till after the basement is finished. Maybe long after. ;)

kitchen bay window

Here’s what the room looked like a couple years ago:

Not bad at all, it was just getting busy and dark for my changing tastes.

Here’s a similar view now:

butcher block island top

Just a simple thing like taking that pot rack down made a HUGE difference!

Here’s the kitchen before from a different direction:

I added a round (outdoor!) rug from Pottery Barn under the table, repainted the bay window area, and replaced the pantry door. Among other things. ;)

Oh, and painted the back door. You might remember how that went. Yeahhh:

So! Let’s see yours! I can’t WAIT to see your kitchens – I truly believe they are the heart of the home and can say a lot about their owners. ;)

I will highlight a few of your rooms on an future post – so if you’d like to be included, please do include this button or a link in your blog post:


Here you go! Link it up!


  1. Thanks for hosting a kitchen link party! So excited to look around. Love a good before and after!

  2. Thank you for the great party....I'm so happy to have something to link finally!!!!

  3. Sarah, I love this idea for a monthly party, and I'm so glad to be linking up! Thank you for hosting. You're so smart to start with kitchens, and I think yours is looking great. I've loved your kitchen at every stage, but the light and bright version is just lovely!

  4. Thanks LOTS for hosting this kitchen party!!! XO, Aimee

  5. Thanks so much for hosting - I tried several different ways to link up with the button in my post, but I am having a problem, so sorry - but I did do a text link back. Once I figure out the problem, I will fix it! Take care, Laura

  6. Thanks for hosting this great little shin dig! I posted about it tonight - have a great one

  7. What a fun party! Your kitchen is so pretty and removing the pot rack really did open it up. It looks amazing. Your little doggy is so cute too!

    I shared my kitchen renovation from last year. Thank you for hosting. Have a great week.


  8. I think this is my favorite party to date! I can't get enough of kitchen-y goodness! Looking forward to checking out the links and discovering some new blogs! Thanks for hosting - I'm all linked up!

  9. Thanks a Lot for hosting Sarah!

  10. This is a fun party!!! I'm drooling over all these beautiful kitchens!! Thanks for hosting!! I couldn't find the code for the room button so I used your regular one, hope that's ok.

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  12. Thanks so much for hosting. I love seeing how your kitchen has evolved.

  13. I love to see how people decorate and function in their kitchens. Great party, thanks for hosting:)

  14. Thanks for sharing and for giving the opportunity for others to share!
    Definitely going to go through those links and take notes on some new ideas!!
    Amazing how much brighter your kitchen looks!!

  15. Thanks for hosting! Your kitchen looks so cheerful! I love how it still has the same bones (even the same color cabinets), but it looks like a completely refreshed space.

  16. I love seeing all these kitchens since it's such a used room, I love all the storage and decorating ideas.

    Great link up idea :-)

  17. Ooooooh, kitchen eye candy! thanks for hosting, sarah!!

  18. I love your kitchen...where did you purchase the round carpet??

  19. Thanks for hosting. My kitchen is the one room in our home that has not had a makeover. I have linked up to show the current state of our space and share inspirational photos of what we hope to create in the coming months!

  20. Thank you for hosting! Out of all the rooms, I think I enjoy looking at kitchens the most!

  21. Thanks for hosting this awesome link party! Your kitchen looks fantastic and I'm loving checking out everyone's spaces. So fun!

  22. I am totally passionate/obsessed with kitchens. LOVE this party! Can't wait to post and to visit everyone's kitchens.

  23. Hi Sarah,

    thanks for sharing these photos and hosting the party. I love your kitchen.
    One practical question in connection with that chalk board (lovely idea, would love to make one for my 3-year-old) -- does it make a lot of dust using and erasing chalk around that space? Thanks for your answer.


  24. Thanks for hosting! New follower here!

  25. Forgot to say how much I like the changes you made to your kitchen. You have a great eye, because with those fairly minor adjustments, it's a whole new and fantastically sharp space. I'm especially in awe over the black doors, because it wasn't an obvious choice, but makes such a great statement.

  26. EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I love your kitchen!
    I, too, have beadboard as a backsplash, a black kitchen island, and white barstool/chairs. Cottage-y cozy!
    Thank you for the fun party!
    I have a few other kitchens to go take a peek at now....
    Please have a beautiful, blessed day making your home, Sarah!
    HUGS from South Carolina!

  27. All of the entries are pretty cool. We can get a lot of kitchen designs from here, this is great!

  28. i have always loved your kitchen! it is just gorgeous! and those crisp white barstools against the rich black of the island is FANTASTIC! I love it :)

  29. I love your black pantry and back doors. What about painting them a yellow, now, just to pump it up even a little more? ha ha.

  30. or wait--paint the island a beautiful... GREEN. lots of work, eh? I do love the black.

  31. What a great link party! I love your kitchen! Also I was set on having to have a pot rack over my island but now that I see that after of you kitchen I'm rethinking... the before was great but the after just looks so clean and perfect!

  32. Love your kitchen! What color did you use for the wall? and where did you find it?
    I love it!


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