Friday, March 30, 2012

Winners! (And computers hate me.)

Please, someone PLEASE hold me back from throwing the computer in a lake. I’ve fought with one computer all week and now I’m on our archaic one and it’s power cord is jacked so it shuts down randomly while I type.
…like just now.
Technology hates me.
Anyway, I hope you’ll understand the reason for this brief post tonight, and I hope to be back shortly (maybe even this weekend if I can get one computer working) with a new post. :)
I wanted to make sure to announce the four lucky winners of recent giveaways!
The two $50 winners of the Rusted Chain giveaway are:

1. Holly at Hollyprobably AT hotmail DOT com
2. Megan at megankrous(at)yahoo(dot)com
And the two winners of the Antique Farm House giveaway are:

1. Dawn from Dabble with Dawn
2. Kristi at kgirl418(at)gmail(dot)com
…OK I’m back. Shut down again. :)
Whew. I’m not pushing my luck anymore – I am outtie. ;) I hope you have a lovely weekend and may your computers be nice to you.

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