Friday, December 7, 2012

Miss me?

Hey there! Happy Friday all! Hope you have a lovely weekend planned!

I’ve been meaning to catch you up with some issues we (bloggers/businesses in general) are having with Facebook. Quite a few of you have mentioned you don’t see my updates anymore and the reason is that Facebook has changed the way they do things.


I used to reach about a third to sometimes half of my friends on FB when I updated, say with a link to a post. Now, I’m lucky if reaches ten percent of you. It’s a major bummer.

Thing is, they want us to pay (each time we update) to reach even a percentage of you, even though you already follow our pages. It’s the same for everybody – I have followed Dave Ramsey on my personal FB page for years now and have seen one or two updates out of hundreds in the past few months.

They really stifle our updates when we include a photo or a link to something. So that’s why I’ve started adding my link to the comments. :) I’m sure they’ll change the algorithms again and make it so even that doesn’t work, but for now we’re all trying to see what helps.

Sooo…if you would LIKE to see more of my updates, there’s a few things you can do!

First, go to the “liked” button and hover over it:

Click “Get Notifications” on the dropbox.

Then, make sure “Show in Newsfeed” is checked.

You can also set up “Interest Lists” to set up a specific list of sites you want to follow on FB – almost like a Facebook Reader. :) Just click on “Add to Interest Lists,” then click “New List,” and go up to “Pages” to find pages you have followed that you can add to the list.

After you are done your different lists will show up on the left sidebar of your FB page.

It’s really super easy and takes just a few seconds. I’ve done it with every page I want to follow. Cause when I clicked “Like” that first time it was because I wanted to see their updates. Grrr.

You can get to my page here if you want to make the changes.

Anyhoo, that should help if you’ve noticed you don’t see updates from your favorite blogs and businesses anymore.

And on another social media note – I’ve finally bit the bullet and joined Instagram. I’m SO WITH IT. Watch out, you can’t keep up with me!! You can see what I’m up to by searching thriftydecorchick or going here

Just wanted to let you know about the Facebook change and a way to still see those you want to see. And if you don’t want to see us, welllllll, just leave it. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that, Sarah. That Zuckerberg kid sure does know how to suck every. single. penny. out all possible moneymaking opportunities, doesn't he? I just figured you weren't making a lot of Facebook posts.

  2. Aha! I've seen other bloggers post something about this. Thank you for the explanation; I had no idea.

  3. I'm glad you posted this in a blog post. I have shared this information on my Facebook page but I'm sure not enough people saw it thanks to the new tricks they are using. Booo. lol I'm pretty sure I already have you on my interest list but I'm heading over to your page to make sure. I'm also going to share this post. :) I have been putting my links in my comments too (I saw that somewhere recently) and my views have gone up to maybe 25% from oh about nothing percent so I think it does help a bit. :) Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Definitely frustrated with fb as well from both a blogger standpoint as well as just wanting updates on my newsfeed from pages I have liked as well. My question for you is, do you use your fb page to follow bloggers and companies? Or do you do your personal page for that? I use my fb page to follow all my blogs and companies so I can't do the get notifications thing using my page. Anyways, thanks for posting about this. Maybe fb will wake up one day and see how they are making us all unhappy. Or maybe not.

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  6. This is best summed up at "broken on purpose." It's a significant disconnect between the creative geniuses at Facebook, and the money hungry group. The geniuses create these wonderful things that allow us to all connect with the things we like, then the money generating cogs see an opportunity to cripple the things we've come to enjoy, and place the financial burden on the providers to help Facebook's stock price. It's rather sad, but part of Facebook life. I think the only real solution is to simply not put time or effort into managing your Facebook presence. Once enough people do what you've outlined and Facebook isn't making money this way, they'll make another change put us all back at square one.

  7. Another reason I totally deleted FB after a month.

  8. Sooooooo many bloggers are up in arms over this that I usually moan and stop following because some of the blogs I was following on facebook were doing nothing but testing the system while whining about it.

    If you want my opinion, and everyone does, we don't need to follow blogs on facebook. I do, sometimes, to enter a giveaway because the blogger forces me to do it, but I don't like it in general. There are about five blogs I willingly follow on facebook and yours is one.

    Here's the thing, though. Everyone should just subscribe to your blog via email. Then everyone sees everything you post and there's no fees or stupidity. Win-win!

    Don't worry about facebook stupidity. I hope no bloggers pay to have their stuff seen on facebook when email subscriptions are free. (And easily categorized, searchable, etc.)

  9. That totally explains all the links in comments on FB! So glad you posted this. Facebook has become more and more work! Bloggers don't need anymore work than we already have. ;) Welcome to Instagram!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. Even when I posted a link in the comments, it still asked me to "promote" it. So does posting it in the comment really work?

  11. Great post. I need to do something similar. With 16,000+ FB fans, many of whom don't follow blogs, I find that FB and a blog go hand in hand. Many fb fans will click on a link to a post that interests them if I post it on FB but don't follow bogs per se.

    I agree with you, when I 'liked' a page, that meant (I thought) that I wanted to see that page's posts. I hate that FB dictates when we see and what we don't. I do know a few FBers who ARE paying for their posts to be seen and I hate that they are doing that - if no one paid, FB would realize they need to just start showing everyone all the posts. So frustrating, but you have laid it all out very concisely. Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily. www.facebook/FreshEggsDaily

  12. I'm settling more and more into a good Twitter routine. I seem to get a lot more value out of that right now.

  13. There's no need to set up Interests...on the left side bar is a Pages link..that's where all of the pages you've liked are located. Click that to keep track of the goings ons in one place. :) ~ Dee @

  14. perfect, thank you for posting about this! You will LOVE instagram. It's totally addicting, and so much fun to see what people are up to in a more informal way. Course, I sorta feel like I'm talking to myself, with my all of 4followers =)

  15. Ahh! I thought I was doing something wrong. That explains a lot, lol. I do post in the comments section most of the time and don't have any problems that way.

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  17. FB is getting harder to manage! it randomly decides what should be on my newsfeed! I'm starting to dislike it.. I have you and few other blogs that I like to follow on my blogroll :)

  18. It really sucks with this new facebook "bug", as they call it themselves. Yeah...riiight..

    it's really annoying for people in both ways, for my readers to see my latest blogs, and for me to see other bloggers latest stuff. I hope they come up with a better solution soon.

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  20. Thanks so much for the head's up! I was wondering why some of my posts were not showing up in the feed. And had noticed others linking up in the comments. Now I know why!!
    thanks again! :)

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