Friday, March 22, 2013

House Happy

Hey hey!! It’s a beautiful Friday here – cold but the sun is shiny bright, warming things up and making things pretty. :) I don’t see much hope for spring temps for another week or so around here (another snow storm is supposed to hit Sunday, for real??) -- how it is where you are?

I’m back today with another round up from the past couple of weeks – stuff from around the house and a few things I’ve shared on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Funny how I’ve been looking into new bedding for the master bedroom for months, and I find every piece of the bedding puzzle in one place the other day – at HomeGoods of course:


And funny how new bedding means a whole room redo. ;) I’ve been planning on that for a while, this just may have moved it up a bit. You know, in a year from now instead of two.

I am SO excited to get all of this on the bed to see how if it works as well as I think it will!

If you read our mouse story from last month you know I have been looking for a way to store our bird seed. Many of you recommended a metal container instead of plastic, so I was so excited to find this at a local antique shop:

metal bucket

It has a lid and a handle – the handle was a biggie so I could easily carry it around. It will stay in the closed storage in our garage in this pail, so crossing fingers this keeps them out (if they ever dare to visit again).

I wrote about the planked walls in our powder room this week, and then I found this image on Pinterest and was HOOKED on the idea to plank a ceiling:

wood ceiling

I love the whole room, but that warm ceiling really had me! Isn’t that lovely? I’m thinking of doing this in our mud room.

This quote from Dave Ramsey resonated with me:


I’d rather take criticism any day than to be or do nothing. Although if you are a bump on a log that’s a sure fire way to get criticized too. ;)

I have this weird habit lately – I’ll be putting on makeup in the morning (on the settee I recently moved up there) and go to move a stray hair or something and I’ll hit the lamp shade next to me with the mascara:


I do it ALL the time! I did it constantly with the floor lamp I had there before too, and you’d think I would learn. Arghhh…any idea how to get mascara off of fabric? I’m afraid if I try make up remover it will be oily and if I use soap and water it may spread out into the fabric.

For now, I just turn the shade. :)

Speaking of lamp shades, I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time in forever the other day and loved the trim on this one:


I want to try to recreate it with some nail head trim and spray paint – can’t be too hard right?

Your responses to my last post had me laughing and nodding – thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one obsessed with Coke. Or soda. Pop? A few of you northern Hoosiers told me you call it pop and that fits in perfectly with this map:

map of soft drinks

Yes, someone made a map. God bless the Internet. I can see here that the Coke term is definitely a southern thing that has crept up into Indiana.

Today I shared a little trick I use in the morning on Instagram and I was surprised to see how many of you do it too!: 

flat iron on clothes

That would be ironing my shirt with my flat iron. ;) It works people!

This adult beverage I found on Pinterest is calling my name:

the frenchy drink

It’s called the Frenchy and there was no good link – let me know if you know where to credit this! It’s just 1 1/2 oz. pear vodka, 3 oz. pineapple juice, 1 oz. cranberry juice – sounds so yummy and fresh!

I tried to walk away from this little piggy (HAR!) the other day but failed. He had to come home with me:piggy planter

Is he adorable or what? I found him at a local shop and he fits perfectly on the sink. Love. him.


phil the liar

Seriously dude.

Have a GREAT weekend!! Hope it’s beautiful!


  1. Amen on that darn groundhog committing fraud! What a fun roundup :)

  2. I'm from Nebraska and I for some reason started refering to it as "soda" years ago. Maybe I heard someone make fun of me for calling it "pop"? I was amazed once when my husband returned from a business trip to Texas when he came home and told me that everyone refers to the generic version of it as "coke". Say whaaat? Love the graphic, I'll have to forward this to him!!

  3. LOVE the pail!

    And as for the weather, I decided today that it can snow ONLY if it prevents me from going to work. Otherwise, cut it out. :)

  4. We call it pop around here.
    Love the piggy!
    Happy weekend


  5. Yes to the flat iron. I've even been known to iron my son's collar and placet (where the buttons holes are..) before church with my flat iron. Love it! It works wonders on ribbon, too. And I love the map. I'm smack dab up there in the Pacific NW, and pop is definitely the word.

  6. Ironing clothes with a flat iron = game changer.

  7. I've done the iron a shirt with a flat iron before! Quick and easy :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  8. Well, up your way I wouldn't not be surprised at the forecast...we are expecting freezing temps and possible snow here later tonight and this weekend!! It's the true SOUTH for goodness sake. ARGH. Needless to say my new little fruit trees are spending the next couple days in the basement. Love the flat iron idea!!

  9. Have you tried a French Martini? Its
    2 oz Vodka
    ½ oz Chambord
    2 ½ oz Pineapple Juice

    Chambord is all natural made from black raspberries, honey, vanilla and some herbs. Doesn't that just sound divine? I never heard of it until last month when my friend made me one!

    I really enjoy reading your blog!!

  10. oooh! I've used a flat iron for ribbon, but never my clothes! I hate when it rolls up at the hem, great idea thanks!!!

  11. Here's a Canadian perspective: We never call soft drinks Soda, unless you're referring to Cream Soda or Italian Soda; Coke is what we call, well, Coke; everything else is called Pop.Oh, and whenever I travel to the US and ask for Ginger Ale, they look at me funny and have no idea what I'm talking about =)

    1. I am from MN (now living on the western edge of WI) and I know what a Ginger Ale is. :) Here it is considered pop and Coke is Coke too.

      Sarah, yes, the ground hog lied!! I am so over this snow thing and ready for spring. We are to get more too. LOVE the bedding, btw!! I would love a room overhaul. I have had the same colors in there for many, many years. Now, to convince the hubby of a new room... that is another thing. LOL

  12. Omg, I do that all the time.

    I iron my clothes with my flat iron all the time, I'm to lazy to pull out the whole set up for ironing hahah

    I love the pig so cute

    I'm from texas and I would NEVER ever say SOda POP. end


  13. Love the groundhog! It's cold and dreary in the south today too, blah! I'm from Texas and we say, "do you want a coke? ok, what kind?" ;) I don't think I've ever said pop in that context in my life!

    I don't drink 'cokes' but that French drink sounds pretty amazing right now! Happy Weekend! :)

  14. Lol -- you're right! FRAUD! :)
    Here in ATL, it's all about Coke and everything's a "coke", too. Enjoy your weekend, Sarah.
    xo Heidi

  15. Try your Shaklee Basic H ( full strength) on the lampshade. You would be amazed at the things that it gets out.

  16. Pepsi all the way here, except I've given up caffeine because I am trying to change my sleep habits too.

    About the, black shades?

  17. That almost looks like that mascara could turn into a great pattern on your lamp shade! I'm wondering if spaying it with a foam carpet cleaner could turn it into something you could brush off. Maybe a little White Out?? ;-D

    I didn't know you are a Hoosier (I'm in Chicago). My brother and his family live down in New Albany...not too far from Louisville. We get there about twice a year.

    Have a great weekend. Hopefully the sun will stay for awhile!


  18. Haha! So funny about the pop map! I saw you write about Hoosiers calling it Coke, and I was like, really?! I must be out of it because we're from Indiana and call it pop! But we're from the very northwest corner of Indiana, right outside of Chicago... and the map explains it! Love that you found a map. :)

  19. Hi Sarah, was wondering how you sign up for Dave's Daily Tip? I've looked on his website but can't find it. Thanks!

  20. Ok, that soda map is seriously fun! I always wondered why I called it soda and no one else I knew did. I spent the first 7 years of my life in California, then moved to Virginia where it's called Coke, then to Illinois where it's pop and now in Pennsylvania where it's called soda and no one looks am me strange anymore. I take no credit for the ground hog though, He's not from my neck of the woods. :)

  21. FYI, mice can fit through a hole as small as a pencil, or so says our exterminator. So you may want to find a way to close up those holes in your cute new pail. :)

  22. I found the link for the Frenchy. I just bought some pear vodka and had an epic-fail making a peartini, so it's nice to have a new recipe!

  23. I don't really like hard alcohol/mixed drinks. But I might totally make an exception for the frenchy. Mainly because it's gorgeous! and pear vodka? yes please!

  24. HAH, pop/soda/coke wars.
    Everyone on my side of Indy says "pop" but the map reads COKE. Crazies.
    I actually wrote a paper on this in College about a study done by Harvard. Got an A and it states most people use SODA in the USA than any other terms for the soft drink beverages.
    I prefer mine .79 and ice cold soda fountain style 7/8 diet pepsi and 1/8 regular pepsi.

  25. What a fun post! Gorg bedding. So love that inspiration pic for a planked ceiling!!! I say black/espresso/navy painted bands/ribbon to edge the lamp shade is your safest bet, LOL. (I never learn either...don't look at the ceiling of my suv...yes I'm always at a stoplight or parked.) Try brads from the scrapbooking section of the craft store instead of nailhead trim. I would think it would be easier & cheaper.
    Can't wait to see where all the inspiration leads!

  26. I would try WD40 on the lamp with mascara, It works wonders at getting grease out of all types of fabrics including my off-white sofa!!!

  27. You could always try a dark colored (black perhaps?) ribbon trim on the lampshade to cover up the mascara?

  28. Flat irons are PERFECT for running over collars and cuffs! Ruffles, too, for that matter, lol!

  29. I love that lamp shade and I have total faith that you can recreate it.. probably make an even cuter one! ; )
    By the way.. did you have snow this weekend? I'm close to Champaign, IL and we had TONS of snow yesterday!


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  31. Love that about the bedding. I'm in the middle of many bedroom changes as we recently switched rooms from a south-facing one with a full bed to a north-facing one with a california king bed. New bedding, new paint, different carpet, different natural light, the whole works. I pretty much started from scratch! I finally decided on ORANGE as my accent color so I need to make a bolster pillow, get a new pot for the ivy, etc. It's coming along.

  32. Pop? Soda? Neithere here in Australia! It's 'coke' for coke, ginger ale for ginger ale, soda water for soda water, lemonade for lemonade.. You get the idea!

    Try a baby wipe on that mascara :) they're my go to for upholstry mark removals! Dab with pressure, it may not completely remove but should lessen the impact of the mascara.

  33. Loved this post. So much shared in such little space. The coke thing is too funny. And I laughed out loud when I saw the wanted post.

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  35. Seriously, please do plank a ceiling and then blog about it! I mentioned on your last planking post how I wanted the hubs to do this in our dining room. I told him you said to do it, but not sure I've had him buy in yet. Of course, after I showed him a zillion blogs on board and batten and he did it, what do you think gets THE MOST compliments in our house?!

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