Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend in the woods

Hello and welcome to a new week! Hope you had a lovely weekend! I didn’t get anything done and it. was. awesome. No projects, no cleaning, no decluttering, no organizing – just being lazy and hanging with my family and it was a welcome change.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a large family – both extended and immediate. I have six sisters and brothers (a mix of full, half and step) and with the addition of some grandkids now, the our group is BIG. It gets harder every year to get together for holidays because there are so many of us now. :)

Family means everything to all of us I’m sure, but my Dad is one of those people who is truly bursting with joy when his family is around. So every year now he and my stepmom rent a cabin so we can all get together and have a fun fall weekend with just family.

This year we had an amazing view:

Lake Monroe Indiana

It’s a little early for the leaves to change but you can see little explosions of color starting to happen. :) We were near Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana and if you are nearby it is an amazing time of year to visit.

I didn’t get many pics inside our cabin because I was usually either eating or laying around and I was just too lazy, honestly. (It was fantastic.) It was a big place with plenty of room for all of us – not overly cabin-like, but rustic.

Saturday we rented a double decker pontoon boat and took off for the afternoon. This was especially fun for me because every weekend growing up was spent on this lake with my Mom and Dad. Most of my memories as a child (up till about seven years old or so) were camping and then hanging on that lake in our teeny tiny metal boat. There was room for the three of us and that’s about it. ;)

I’ve only been back to this lake as an adult a few times so it was special to be there again, especially with Dad. As a child I remember thinking the rocky shores were so beautiful and I was still taken with them as an adult:

Lake Monroe shore

Some people aren’t lake swimmers – are you? My husband is not – I think it freaks him out. :) Even I was a little hesitant at first, but then Dad and the siblings started jumping in and I finally did the same…and then you couldn’t get me out:

I’m in the middle with my boy. :) My son is so like me when it comes to things like this. We watch and take it in for awhile…then we do it and love it and you’ll have to drag us away. I was SO proud of him for getting in to swim (he’d never swam in a lake). The boy is a FISH.

When you sit on the life jacket just right you can just hang out there forever…it’s bliss. ;) The water was chilly at first but within minutes we’d get used to it and it was perfect.

I don’t share many pics of my son on the blog but I am so in love with this one:


He drove the boat with Grandpa pretty much the entire time. Like a boss. ;)

On Sunday it was raining and chilly (a perfect fall day in my opinion) and we took the long way home through Nashville, Indiana and Brown County:

Brown County IN

Downtown Nashville is a treasure. A quaint little area with shops, wonderful food and fun stuff to do:

Nashville IN

And of course this is the BEST time of year to visit!

It was SO lovely – the rain made everything smell amazing and the mums were popping:

Nashville Indiana fall

Every single shop and restaurant is decked out for fall and it’s just gorgeous:

Nashville Indiana

We also stopped at a roadside pumpkin patch on the way out of town:

pumpkin patch

We saved the regular pumpkins for when we go to pick them at the local patch but got a bunch of really unique ones here. I’ve never seen a selection of gourds and pumpkins like they had!:

nashville pumpkin patch

I was giddy, I must say. It was just a lovely weekend all around.

I am so blessed for so many reasons, but one of the biggest is that I am a part of my big beautiful family. Thanks to Dad for forcing us to hang out together at least once a year. ;)

Have you been to southern Indiana in the fall? Do you have a favorite spot near you that you like to visit this time of year?

Hope your weekend was wonderful too – this week I’ll be sharing more fall-inspired posts as we continue our parties again tomorrow! See you then!


  1. Thanks for the sweet pictures! My family is in the Indiana/Michigan area and we LOVE our lake-time (although we hang out mostly on Michigan lakes). It's so fun to watch the love passed down through the years to younger family members!


  2. What a great weekend with family! Beautiful!
    My sister and her family are in Bloomington, and it is beautiful down there around the lake! Nashville is nice too, I always make it a point to stop there on my way out of town.

  3. What a fun weekend. I love Nashville. Go there every Dec with 20 women for a weekend. Great shopping and fun.

  4. We try to get to Brown County every year, it's so beautiful and it's just easy to unplug and relax. I can see why you posted that photo of your dad and son, seriously how handsome are they! I love how determined your son looked as he was steering that boat and your dad just looks a "little" proud of his grandson! Looks like you had a great time!! (:

  5. Precious pic of your boy with his grandpa :) thanks for sharing Sarah! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. What a wonderful weekend you had. Your pic of your son and dad is precious! I was laughing about lake swimming. Here in Memphis, TN the lakes are all muddy..just like the Mississippi River. I don't lake swim. We grew up swimming in keds when we swam in lakes...yuck!!! They were stained and you had to take a bath after swimming in the lake! ugh....shivers!

  7. One of my fav places to visit. It's nice having a blogger so close by. Stop by sometime and check me out if you have time.

  8. Your son is adorable. And your dad is a total hottie. ;^)

  9. I love Brown County! Every year in December my sisters and my mom visit there. It's a Christmas Tradition.

  10. Oh Wow!! I love all of your pictures!! We lived in Bloomington for several years and I miss that place! And Nashville this time of year is just so wonderful. I am so jealous of your weekend!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I grew up in Northern Indiana and went to College in Greencastle. Fall is my favorite time of year in Brown County, thanks for sharing your photos.
    Lori in Atlanta

  12. I love the pic of Bub with his Grandpa. So cute!!

  13. I can't express what joy I felt looking at your pictures! It reminds me of two things. One, the view reminded me of our past home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Two, the pics of the water and swimming, and fall colors remind me of my hometown in Northern MI. I LOVE Northern MI in the Summer and Fall. I am surprised the water was still OK and not too cold to swim in! I grew up wswimming in Lakes. Now I can't, but I used to dive in wherever! I love that your Dad finds this important and the picture of him and your son is a treasure. So glad you enjoyed your time, old memories and new :) And the town is so charming!!!

  14. Wow beautiful scenery!!
    Thanks for mentioning Nashville, IN. We are always looking for little towns to visit and I am going to add it to our list!

  15. Looooooooove being on, near, beside, or in a lake! Until the little fishies start nibbling. Then it's time to flail and thrash my way back to the shore.

    1. Ha!! Lora! Before we went out on the boat my son was all, but there's sharks in the lake. Then it was alligators. After I told him no on both of those he said well there's fish...I tried to avoid telling him about the nibbling. ;) So funny.

  16. Those pictures made me cry! You are in my old stomping grounds. I sure miss Indiana, especially during this time of year.

  17. I love that area! I live in Louisville, Ky but that is not far from me. Love love Nashville, In!

  18. Large families are hard to get together, i have 9 siblings and my husband has 7! We sure can have a good time together.

  19. Oh my goodness, your son is adorable! He was the captain of the "lake" :) Beautiful pictures, I've never visited Indiana but I really like to, for now I just want to visit a farm.

  20. Have you read author Karen Kingsbury's books? She has a series that is set in Bloomington and that often mentions boating and swimming on Lake Monroe! Seeing your photos made those books come to life for me - thank you!

  21. That looks and sounds like perfection. We hit up the lake for the weekend with family a couple weeks ago and the kids would not get out of the water. The entire time. We ate, drank, and sat by the water and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

  22. Wow that really looks like it was so much fun! And those are some beautiful pictures! I love the Fall time, it's definitely my favorite!


  23. How did I miss this post??? I do love Nashville! We usually go before Christmas and in the Spring...Do you go to the Covered Bridge Festival in October? If not you should! Love, Love, Love it!

  24. Ooooh! I love Brown County, Indiana!!
    I'm from Ohio, but my family would make the trip to Brown County every summer. We'd stay at the Abe Martin Lodge or in one of the cabins.
    We'd spend all day in Nashville going in every. single. shop.
    Looks like a super fun weekend.
    Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories!

  25. I just love your blog, Sarah! You really make the ordinary extraordinary. I leave so inspired each time I visit. Keep it up: )

  26. Would you be willing to share the name/location of the cabin you liked? Thank you

  27. I just found your blog and already loved it -- and then I realized you're in southern Indiana?! My husband and I just moved there (right across the river from Louisville, KY) and we love it so far! I will keep reading your blog for decor AND Indiana tips. Thanks!


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