Friday, March 21, 2014

House happy

Hey hey and welcome to this beautiful Friday! (At least here…hope you’re having a nice one too!)

I call these posts house happy and I’m not sure why because it’s not really stuff from my house. It’s mostly fun stuff from my Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that I like to share occasionally. I need to change it. Social media happy perhaps? Doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Anyway, it’s just fun stuff to end the week. :)

I shared this one on Facebook and it couldn’t be more true:

email/letters cartoon

For real. Good mail is the BEST!

I learned that Siri has a sense of humor and she’s up with the latest:


Ask her who took let the dogs out too. :)

There are only 37 spots left for the upcoming Haven Conference this summer!:

Haven Conference

Did you see that Chip Wade is our keynote? I LOVE HIM HIS SHOW. We are planning on having the sessions and speakers up online by April 1st – it’s going to be another great event!

Every year Target comes out with cute new gardening tools and every year I feel I must get new ones:

target gardening

My dream has always been to have built in seating around a kitchen table. This is dreamy:

built in banquet

I pinned this one from Houzz but it’s originally from Southern Living. Gorgeous.

This mud room (it actually just looks like a little mud room “nook”) is just beautiful:

mud room with mirror


I wouldn’t change one bit!

I’m sharing ten awesome spring cleaning tips over at the Home Depot blog – there are some really good ones in there people! I use all of them and they all work great. :)

And finally, I haven’t meant to hold on out on this so long, but I wanted to share a picture of my BEAUTIFUL grandson:


I don’t share many photos of my son here so I won’t be sharing many of sweet cheeks either, but my stepdaughter said this was fine. He is seriously precious and cuddley and smooshy and such a good baby. We are SO blessed to have him in our lives and family.

There you go – some good, pretty, fun, precious stuff to kick off your weekend. :)Hope it’s a great one!


P.S. The pin it button is now on all of my photos but I ask you visit the original source to pin from there.


  1. love that breakfast nook. i'm now going to have to scour target for those gardening tools! your grandson is precious!

  2. He looks like your son and hubby :)

  3. When I first got my iphone, a friend told me to ask Suri where to hide a body. The results are hilarious.

  4. Oh My! He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! How do you keep from smooching those cheeks off.
    And how does your little feel about being an uncle? Sweet.

    Jake's a Girl

  5. Hahaha-I totally asked Siri "Who let the dogs out?" Made me LOL :)

  6. Grandson? Aren't you barely 30?!... He's a cutie :)

    1. God bless you Lena! ;) My husband is a bit older than me and my stepdaughter is 23.

  7. Okay, I had to try out the Siri question. Too funny! Also, I love that picture of the breakfast nook. I I need to do that to mine. That area in my kitchen has been a thorn in my side since we moved in here. Your grandson is adorable... I agree with are one young grammie! Have a super weekend!

  8. It sounds weird to say it, because you're so young, your grandson is a cutie! He looks so cool in that pic, like..."yeah, I'm pointing at mom!" :) Love the kitchen seating!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. What a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing. I agree he looks like your son and husband. :) Love that built in seating too!

  10. The baby is beautiful and I am green with envy. I want a grandchild SOOOOOO badly and nothing in the future yet. Enjoy.

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  12. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you are still the only one posting on your blog. I'm sure professional bloggers get overwhelmed and find contributors helpful , but shouldn't we just visit their blogs ?? Anyway , just a thought on a night/early morning of not sleeping :)

  13. I would love to lay down some kisses on those squishy baby cheeks!

  14. Congrats on the birth of your grandchild! So cute. I just got my ticket to Haven, and am so excited! But it's my first blog conference and I don't travel much (haven't flown in about 6 years), so I am nervous! But I am looking forward to the conference!

  15. Ohhhhh sweet cheeks is PRECIOUS! Thanks for getting permission just for us.

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  18. Oh my goodness!!! I bet he never ever gets any smooches!!! I hope you're enjoying that sweet baby!!


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