Monday, May 16, 2016

Fabric and Pillow Cover Sale!

Hey all! Hope your weekend was wonderful! We were out of town this weekend for a quick trip to NYC and it was a much needed break. We had a blast!

As I mentioned last week, I've been busy working on purging our whole house. It's a process I thought would maybe take a few weeks and it's been spread over about seven months. :) I'm working on the craft room now because it will be torn apart in about a week when we have the new floors installed in there. Whoohoo!

I have so many cute fabrics that I've used (and some I haven't used) that I don't need anymore. There's something about fabric -- I just hate to give it away, especially when I've shared some of these with you over the years. So as I've done in the past, I'm listing them for sale here for some of you to enjoy. 

If you are interested in any of these fabrics or pillow covers here is the process: 

1. Email me (thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com) with the name I put under the fabric as your subject line. If there are more than one available please let me know how many you would like. I will send you my Paypal email so you can send your payment. 
2. I will need payment within two hours of my response or the item will be passed to the next person. 
3. All costs include shipping and handling. 
4. Continental USA only
5. I will note here when an item has sold. If you don't hear back from me right away come back here to check the status.
6. All final sale 
7. I will ship these out this week -- it will most likely be next week before you receive them. 

If a pillow cover is listed please do not expect perfection as I sewed most of these myself (unless noted). :) All but one will need to be sewn up after you fill them. They looked great in our house so I think they will be wonderful in yours. All measurements are inches. 

I LOVE this fabric and have held onto it for years but just don't know where I will ever use it: 
aGray alphabet print fabric

The following were euro covers I made for our bed years ago: 
Using drapery fabric for pillows

DIY euro pillows

This is leftover fabric that would be perfect for pillows (these were actually made from drapery fabric so I did not include the rod pocket in my measurements): 
Draperies as pillow fabric

I used a suit, linen-like fabric for our DIY tufted headboard
DIY tufted headboard

I have enough left for a couple pillows: 
Linen fabric for headboard

This large pillow cover is the only store bought one in the list and includes a zipper. It was either from Target or Pottery Barn, I can't remember: 
Brown pillow with red and gold

I used this fabric to make pillows for our family room years ago:
Blue and red floral print

It is a lumbar style -- here it is with the insert:  
How to sew a pillow

This yellow print is so fun, I just don't use a lot of yellow: 
Yellow lattice print

This IKEA stripe is no longer available -- I used it to make a small pillow for our boy's room
Boys airplane room

I have enough to make a small lumbar pillow or combine it with something else to make a larger one: 
IKEA stripe fabric

As I've mentioned once or 50 times, I love to make pillows from napkins. I love this print but didn't buy enough at the time. These are West Elm napkins and the pattern is a more of a tan than what it looks here (with white): 
DIY napkin pillows    

This cover was made with Pottery Barn napkins (by me). I shared how I make Pottery Barn pillows for less here
Pottery Barn pillows for less

There you go! If you are interested in any of these please let me know! I will update this list so check in if you are interested in any of them. I linked to all of the projects I did with these fabrics where applicable.

Have you made any napkin pillows lately? ;)