Friday, August 19, 2016

Our productive (and fun!) summer break

Well hello all! School has been in session around here for a couple weeks now and I am sad to see this summer go. I think it was our best yet. We traveled a ton -- to Iowa for my husband's work, North Carolina for the Duke basketball camp:
Duke University basketball camp
This was a fantastic camp, by the way. Our favorite so far. 

Up to northern Indiana to visit Notre Dame for the first time: 
Notre Dame Basilica of the Sacred Heart

I traveled to Atlanta for the fifth Haven Conference and we took another trip up to north to the Indiana Dunes (just beautiful): 
Indiana Dunes
I swear my child has other outfits. ;) 

We visited the zoo, the children's museum, two amusement parks, our state fair, explored downtown Indy and hosted many friends over the course of the summer. I can't remember one that I've looked back on so fondly. This is the saddest I've ever been to see a summer go -- and you know how much I LOVE fall! :) 

Because our summer has drawn to a close I figured it's a good time to share some of my favorite projects and posts from the past months. I joke that I'm usually a sloth for those three months and most years that is the case. This time I was focused on starting and finishing the loft makeover over the summer so I actually accomplished some stuff. Here's a look back, enjoy! 

My two favorite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies. I think the peony wins out just because of the size, fluffiness and intoxicating floral scent. They are truly beautiful and I shared tips on how to grow them earlier this summer: 
how to grow the peony

I finished the Konmari purge right before summer and I've slowly been organizing little spaces that need it. Our junk drawer got a makeover and it STILL looks this good, no lie: 
tips for an organized junk drawer

It has stayed this organized because of some simple tricks I shared in that post. 

Our outdoor pergola finally got stained so we added a new rug and then moved the table and chairs up to create an outdoor dining space. We've used it all summer: 
outdoor dining area with lights

I also refinished the potting bench my Dad and I made together (I had neglected it) and it is so so gorgeous now: 
how to build and stain a potting bench

That table does double duty -- I use it for planting and also for entertaining. Love it. 

We finally had our outdoor lights hung over the patio: 
how to hang string lights outside

We are so stoked for fall evenings out here! 

After years I have FINALLY conquered the paper clutter in our home and I shared how I've stopped tons of paper from coming into our house: 
getting rid of paper clutter

If you feel like you're drowning in mail and paper these are easy and helpful tips that will help tremendously. 

I made over our back patio doors and LOVE the beautiful blue color: 
how to paint patio doors

The pop of color was just what the back of our house needed!

I shared my top ten Amazon finds earlier this summer, including some that you can't find in stores. Everything I used to add accent lighting to our kitchen cabinets was found there: 
how to add accent lighting in cabinets

For the most part my focus was on the loft makeover this summer. I'll link to each post when I reveal this space in a couple weeks but these are my favorite updates so far. I was so thrilled when the large planked wall went up and then with those awesome sconces
planked shiplap walls with sconces

And the beautiful window seat that is totally dreamy (and has tons of storage!): 
window seat with storage in craft room

I still LOVE my DIY gift wrap station -- this was one of the easiest projects I've ever done: 
DIY gift wrap holder

And last but not least, I shared how to add the shiplap look to your walls (for less than the real thing) and how the walls and farmhouse door trim came out (I'm obsessed): 
how to add shiplap walls

YES! I was productive! Whoot! 

We are saying farewell to this wonderful summer and preparing for the fall -- the Bub and I purchased our first fall craft project yesterday. ;) Are you ready for fall or holding on to summer as long as you can? 

Have a GREAT weekend! 


  1. I am in love with your outdoor spaces. What an awesome summer...but I'm totally ready for fall.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of projects in a short time. I always feel so inspired when I read your blogs. We have a couple weeks of summer break left but I look forward to your Fall projects.

  3. What a great summer you had! I'm so happy for you.

    PLEASE let me know if you come back to Duke basketball camp. I live in Durham--my house is about 10 minutes from Cameron Indoor Stadium! :)

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  5. Wow! This has been a productive diy Summer for you! How did you manage with the fun travel! Love all you've done and look forward to the loft reveal.


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