Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature-inspired paint palette

Hey hey all! The sun is shining, my garbage disposal is fixed – it is a very good day! It’s still not warm – but better. I have hope. :)

So I totally got the idea for this post from a reader – Laurie commented on this recent pic of mine on Instagram:

farm fresh eggs

It’s a shot of some eggs from a local farm – it’s probably silly but I think they are SO pretty. When Laurie mentioned how they would make a great paint strip an idea was born – why not make one?

So I pulled out my Sherwin Williams paint deck and looked online to find colors that were in this palette. They’re not exact, but I tried to find tones that played nicely together.

And there you go: a farm fresh egg inspired color scheme:

Paint palette inspired by farm fresh eggs

I love the names too – wouldn’t that be a fun job? ;)

Some of the blueish ones leaned more aqua, the lighter ones were a really pale blue. The brown eggs had a bit of a pink tone to them, so I tried to go with taupes that are more warm and less pink. (You know how I dislike pink walls.)

Fun right? I particularly love the Rhinestone and Moroccan brown together. The Snow drop and Colony buff are so pretty too. OH and Brooklet and Outer banks – LOVE.

These light, pretty colors have me completely rethinking the colors for the powder room. I was going to go with a deeper color but there’s certainly something to be said for a calming combo. I am in a constant struggle between painting rooms deep and dramatic or light and bright – I’m drawn to both!

So there you go – a color palette for your home inspired by nature. It was fun and I will do this again in the future for sure. Now I just need to go find more inspiration. ;)

Have you ever pulled a room color from an unexpected source?

**SW has a tool that does this for you that I told you about here that’s fun too. And this is not a sponsored post of any kind, I just love paint. :)


  1. Benjamin Moore has an app to do this very thing!

  2. Nice! I am bookmarking this for paint choices later. My friend and I decided that we want our next job to be naming NAIL POLISHES!
    ~Heather Rebekkah =)

  3. I'm all over the SW app and the BM app for finding paint colors. Sometimes I see something so pretty and just *need* to match it! Hoping the appearance of fresh farm eggs means spring is really here!


  4. I pulled colors for a house we lived in a few moves ago from our everyday dishes. Long story, but I was forced to choose a wall color for the house we bought last year before I was ready. I had something in mind, but it was not yet defined to be able to describe and find the exact shade. My painter made a cocktail and once he did that, I realized I was trying to recreate the patina of stone and brick that had surrounded us while we lived in Eastern Europe. Too bad I can't recreate the pastries and gelato as easily.

  5. Very cool. I love that there is inspiration in almost anything. I have to check out this app. My house is itching for a new lick of paint (despite Hubby's protests), and this would be a good way to keep on my toes around colours I love.

  6. Those eggs are pretty. Feels weird typing that but they are.

  7. So pretty!!! Love that you took it a step further! I'm a big believer you can never go wrong with any color pulled from nature!!!

  8. These cleaning products sound great, I like things that are concentrate or just plain last a long time. My daughter teases me about using my broom until there is only 1 stand left in it or just 1 string left in my mop.

  9. The eggs are so beautiful. I've never seen eggs in so many tones of color. I think you done a great job with matching the colors.

  10. I love the colors you choose to match the eggs. They are beautiful. Thanks so much for doing this.

  11. I am currently working on a project that was inspired completely by color! Yesterday, I was at my local thrift shop and found the most amazing drapes(for $9 I might add!) They are a deep, luxurious, royal purple. Never thought about using the color before, but now redoing our Master bedroom because of it! Looking for a grey for the walls...ideas?


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