Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

Well hello! Sorry for the super late post today -- our family festivities have already started and I'm way behind.

Did you catch the fun round up of favorite things we pulled together this week?  If you missed my post you can see it here. Be sure to check out the updated links to all the ladies joining in, I LOVE what they shared!:

I'll leave you with some funnies -- I've already started stuffing my face so these ring true for me a day early. ;) 

That last one makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. ;) 

I hope you have an absolutely lovely holiday and stay safe! I'll be back next week! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stuff We Love (Holiday Edition)

Hello my friends! I hope you had a great weekend! We are so ready for the holiday week which will include a lot of sleeping in, movie watching and EATING. 

Today I'm kicking off a fun "favorite things" set of posts. I've gathered a wonderful, talented group of bloggers to share a few of their favorites. I love this -- I like seeing what others find useful and helpful or just plain fun and that's what these posts are all about! 

I'm kicking it off today with a few of my favorites! These are all items we use and love. You can check out this post to see last year's favorites.

I included these in that post but it was later in the year and since December seems to move at hyper-speed, it may have been too late to enjoy them: 
3d light glasses
These 3D "glasses" are SO FUN. You wear them to check out Christmas lights -- we get new ones every year and have tried all of their designs (I think there must be at least ten by now). I've only seen them at Lowe's in stores but they sell out fast -- I usually get ours online. (Much cheaper online too.) These glasses are a holiday staple at our house, we love them!

So this product surprised me in a good way. I have thin hair but lots of it -- I'm picky about my hair care products because my hair tangles easily when wet and gets greasy quick. I found these shampoo and conditioner bars from Basin on our last trip to Disney and I am hooked!: 
shampoo barconditioner bar
These are different than your typical shampoo and conditioner -- you rub the bar into your hair. The shampoo one lathers up fast and I barely have to use any of it before my whole head is soaped up. I have long hair and usually use a lot of shampoo to get all of my hair. 

What I love with theses is my hair feels SO much lighter and it takes much longer for my hair to get greasy, which is a really nice change. 

They were a bit of a splurge (at least I thought at the time) but I was intrigued and was in vacation-mode and had to try them out. Turns out they last a really long time (they say 50-75 uses). I've used mine for a month now and they aren't even half way gone. I wash my hair every other day and I think one bar will last at least three months. The bonus is that they smell really good. :) 

My Dad is a bird nut -- he has a ton of feeders and I'm always on the lookout to find him new ones. I ordered this one and then kept it for myself (I did get him one again too, ha!) because it was too cute:
tire swing bird feeder
It's a tire swing! For BIRDS. Gah. Come on! I though it was rubber when I got it but it's ceramic. It doesn't hold a lot of bird seed but looks absolutely adorable hanging in our tree so I can deal with that. 

This porch swing version is another favorite: 
porch swing bird feeder
It has a grate at the bottom that the food goes in and this one holds a lot more food. I think the bird thing has rubbed off on me Dad! :)

This time of year I'm all about yummy scents in the house. I've mentioned quite a few times how much I love these wax warmers: 
wall wax warmers
They have so many cute versions! I just got a Christmas tree version as well…I think I have a problem. ;) I have the one pictured above and it's also a perfect night light in our powder room. 

I'm not a big fashion girl (TJ Maxx is my go-to spot for clothes) but I LOVE makeup! As I get older I have discovered the importance of good eyebrows -- I used to ignore them other than waxing. 

I found this Benefit brow gel about a year ago and it is my favorite:  
brow gel benefit
You can find it at Ulta as well as online. I'm not great at using a brow pencil -- I feel like you can see it so easily. This stuff is a gel that you just swipe on easily and it seems to magically fill in your brows. It's really a tint but it makes them look SO much fuller. Love this stuff -- it stays on all day and doesn't wipe off. I use it nearly every day -- at least every day that I actually wear makeup. 

I found the greatest candle just this past weekend -- I've only burned it for a couple days but it's fast become a favorite: 
wine bottle candles
I'm picky about my candles -- I prefer soy, they have to be pretty and if I don't smell it across the room it's no good. I found Unplug Soy Candles at a local sale and loved the way she makes them in old wine bottles (and liquor bottles). I got the Christmas scent and it's perfect -- not overwhelming but the scent fills our main floor easily. They are BIG candles and are supposed to last around 100 hours. 

If you have animals you will thank me for this next one. I've actually been meaning to do a full post about the Spot Bot, we love it so much: 

spot bot carpet cleaner

Let me tell you -- we've had this little machine for at least six years and it rocks. I usually use it once or twice a week…sometimes a lot more. It is the ONLY machine I've found that gets stains out of the carpet quickly and easily. 

There's very little work involved -- you're supposed to fill the container with a mix of carpet cleaner and water, but I make it even easier by just spraying the stain and then using warm water in the machine. It works every time. There's also a hose attachment I use in the car. 

It has been used hundreds of times in our home over the years and still keeps on ticking. LOVE this machine!!

OK ladies. You need this one. Or…your husband needs this one. Have you seen this stuff?: 

toilet spray
My hubby was the one who found Poo-Pourri and decided we should try it. I did not argue this. You spray it in the toilet before you go and this masks…the scent. Let's just say without getting into specifics that it works. It's great to have on hand at parties too! It was a big topic of discussion at one we had over the weekend. :)

There you go! Some of my favorites -- fun, helpful and they all work great! Have you tried any of them? 

I can't wait to see what the other ladies will share this week! 
Here's the list of the bloggers joining in, I hope you'll check them out each day: 

This is such a talented group -- be sure to check out their beautiful homes and projects after checking out their favorites list! Hope you enjoy it!

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