Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My favorite fall finds so far this year

So...I've been shopping a little bit lately. ;) I was so good this summer but all the sudden I want all the things. The new fall clothes, shoes and decor aren't helping. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today because they are great deals and I've been impressed with the quality of everything so far.  

First up, you know those velvet pumpkins that are everywhere? Well I love them. I started collecting a few last year (found at HomeGoods) but hadn't found any this year…until I walked into Joann's a couple weeks ago: 
fall velvet pumpkins for decorating

They have the prettiest colors -- white, gray and orange. Perfect for this time of year! Oh, and black! They are really lovely and the price was awesome. They were all half off when I got them so they ranged from about $3 to $5 each. I should have grabbed more (and may still.) They are pretty just about anywhere, go grab some before they're gone! 

When I was there I found all kinds of cute stuff, but another one I wanted to show you was the pretty plaid blankets they had in stock: 
Plaid orange and gray fall blanket

They were $40 (I thought that was a lot) but on sale 60 percent off. That sounds better. :) They had a few different colorways and I loved this gray and orange version. 

I also grabbed a couple blanket scarfs from a month or so ago, and when it gets colder they will be so comfy. But for now I'm using them as actual blankets: 
blanket scarf as throw blanket

They are really lightweight so if you don't get a really cold fall/winter, these would be a good option for a sofa or chair. They're just a few inches shy of a regular throw blanket (hence the name) so they work great! I wish I had seen them here first though -- they are only $13 each. 

This next item isn't necessarily just for fall, but it screams cozy to me so I'm including it. :) I found some LED "fairy" lights in the Target dollar section weeks ago and grabbed them. I loved the look but wanted them on a timer, so I found these instead

fairy LED lights

You get three in an order and they are $6 each -- that's a great deal for a timer and the 10 foot length. 

The version from Target was much shorter but were a pretty copper color. These are labeled as copper but are not -- it's a minor thing because you don't really notice it too much. I put them in some lanterns and they are so pretty, day or night: 
LED fairy lights in lanterns

You could put these anywhere! Aren't they so dainty and beautiful? I just love them and I'm searching around the house for other places to put them. 

Now to the clothes I've found lately. You know I rarely share beauty/fashion stuff, so when I do you know it's good. :) 

I took a chance on this military vest (I rarely order clothing online) and I was SO pleasantly surprised with it: 
green military jacket no sleeves

It's a really flattering fit and I love the details on it. This color is hot this year. I can't wait to wear it with jeans and cute boots! (They have a few versions available -- mine was the one without the hood.)

I found this next one through a friend -- I loved her purse and was a little surprised she found it on Amazon

leather laptop bag or purse

It is a gorgeous bag and really roomy. There's plenty of room to use it as a laptop bag -- two big compartments and a zippered on in the middle. I LOVE that the straps are long enough to throw it over my shoulder easily. My girlfriend's is older and has worn beautifully. 

And finally, my most recent find -- some cute booties from Rack Room Shoes: 
comfortable fall booties
I tried on a ton and these were by far the most comfortable. They have a little open detail at the front that allows your ankle some room to move. I've noticed others can be a little constrictive when you walk. They were noticeably more comfortable than any of the others I tried (or that I own already). Love them! 

There you go -- a mix of my fall favorites so far. This is the best time of the year, right? I just adore it, especially now that we are out of the 90's and 85 percent humidity and into 60's and 70's. Bliss. Have you found any fall items you are loving so far this year? 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Master bathroom reno plans!

Hello there! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We spent the day yesterday at IKEA and Kings Island -- a little something for me, a little for our son, a fun day for all. :) I've been eyeing an item at IKEA for about a year now and I went head and purchased a couple for a future renovation. I don't usually buy that far out but I'm getting excited about some changes I want to make next year. 

I've mentioned that we don't plan on tackling our master bathroom for another couple of years. I know it will be a costly project (even with DIY projects, bathrooms add up) and I want to focus on finishing up another bathroom and other rooms next year. 

But for the first time ever, I'm actually inspired to do at least a little something in this space! I don't start a room makeover until I see the vision of what I want it to be in my head. It's a weird thing for me -- I just can't go into it unless I know exactly how I want the end result to look. Just recently I've been finalizing ideas in my head and decided I will most likely go ahead and tackle some of this room next year. 

It will be in phases -- the vanity area, toilet room and paint will be first. Those alone will be a huge undertaking. The tile and tub area, ceiling treatment and more lighting, and then shower makeover will happen later on. So it will take a couple of years to finish up the whole room but I'm fine with that. This way we can still use the bathroom during the makeover as well. 

My big project will be our vanity area. I picked out all of the finishes in this room years ago but of course my style has changed since. I've never been in a hurry to do this room because it's certainly nice enough and it's really roomy. It functions well so it's just not been high on the list: 
Tornado Watch paint Lowe's

(By the way, the walls aren't THAT green -- the lighting was not great in this pic. The true color is in the photo below.) The only thing that drives me crazy about our bathroom is the height of our vanity. I mean, did we get taller as a population over the past 12 years or what? It's SO very low. I want to raise it up at least five inches, maybe more. I dream of the day I can lean over to brush my teeth and not feel like I'm touching my toes. 

As I said before, the finishes are just not me anymore -- I was really into the dark bronze for so long so every light switch, outlet and all of the hardware is my old beloved…oil rubbed bronze. :) Remember when I sprayed everything that color? I was obsessed! I still love some ORB but in smaller doses:
bathroom makeover ideas

We have tons of storage under the sinks but rarely use it because they are so low and awkward to get to. I may add a skinny storage tower in between the sinks for our everyday items. (I want to get rid of the shelving up there.) My hope is that having the vanity up a little higher will make it easier to access underneath so we won't need any other storage on top. 

So this beauty is what I picked up yesterday for this area:
round mirror from IKEA

It's the Stockholm mirror from IKEA and I ogle it every time I go in. I love the wood trim and the size is quite large -- it may be too large. I got two, one to go over each sink. I have to decide if I want to add sconces by the mirrors or just do smaller lights above -- we only have one light there right now and I'm looking forward to more light for sure.

I do plan on replacing our inexpensive countertops and sinks with something else but not sure what yet. To use these mirrors in our bath we may have to move the plumbing over because the sinks are just a tad too close to the wall for these to work as they are now. Not sure I want to spend the money to do that so these may go in the Bub's bathroom instead -- I told you about my plans for that room here. (I do plan on getting that room done next year.)

I should have taken a photo of the walls in our bathroom so you can get an idea of why I've only painted this room one time. Yikes, they are tall. I honestly can't believe I did it last time since I'm not a big fan of heights. They go up to roof height and we LOVE how open it makes the whole room feel.

I'm planning something lighter for the walls, and I may go with this Sea Salt color:
Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams
Credit: Studio McGee

I see it a lot and it's a lovely blue green, but it may go too green for me. I've had our gray green walls in there for too long now and don't think I want any green tones at all.

The vanity will most likely go black. I have yet to paint our interior doors upstairs but they will all go black like the rest of the house. I'm considering a sliding barn door but I think it may be too bulky.

Looky what I found -- a dark vanity with a similar mirror to what I picked!:
dark vanity brass hardware round mirror

I love when I get validation about the ideas in my head. ;) 

Here's a look at a similar wall color (this one goes more blue than Sea Salt) with the black vanity: 
black vanity blue walls
Credit: BHG

I think that is such a soothing, pretty combo with the light blue and black!

Earlier this year I made some simple updates to the tub area (during another no-spend month!) and this area will stay the same for now, other than perhaps a new tub faucet and of course the new paint color: 
corner tub design and decor

I'm getting really excited about finally updating this space! So much so I'm forcing myself not to pick up a paint brush and get started immediately. Other projects are calling my name first. :) 

I hope to share a room update with you later this week -- I'm so thrilled with this little makeover and can't wait to show you! 

Have any of you tried Sea Salt? Is it green in person or more blue? 

You can see our smaller bathroom makeovers in the basement, powder room and small changes in the Bub's bath that made a big difference here: 

simple bathroom updates that make a big difference

planked white walls in bathroom

blue green bathroom makeover