Monday, February 8, 2016

DIY Disney Pin Art

Hello there! My goodness, we had a crazy busy weekend! So much fun but I'm already looking forward to hardly doing a thing in about five days. :) And how about that win by the Broncos? Of course we are Peyton fans for life, no matter where he goes. 

Last week my son and I finished up a quick art project that we've been planning for some time. I've had this project in mind since our first trip to Disney World (and our love for all things Disney started!). 

Our boy collects pins every time we visit -- finding a new cool pin is seriously one of his favorite things ever. We all love them because they are little works of art and represent so many of the memories we've had there as a family. Hanging them on the lanyards didn't seem to do them justice so we've been wanting to showcase them better for some time.

I saw a similar idea with the smashed pennies years ago and I thought it would translate well to this project: 

So fun right? I've never been able to find a source for this unfortunately. 

Since the pennies are flat you can used a frame -- that wouldn't work with the pins so I figured out a different version. It started with a two by two foot board from the hardware store: 

They come in this size and it was $7. It was really thin but thicker boards are available. You can go even cheaper with plywood but I wanted something that was perfectly flat -- that's harder to find in plywood this size. 

Next up was the foam board -- I found a set of 16x20 boards at Walmart, (you can also find them here). I knew if I cut them up I could cover the wood: 
Disney DIY pin display

Excuse the cat butt. :) I liked this stuff because it was thicker than basic foam board -- the thinner stuff wouldn't have grabbed the pins as well. I used the level as a straight edge and scored the boards with an X-acto knife to cut them. They break easily and then you score the other side.

I used basic glue to stick them to the wood and then placed books on top to make sure they laid flat (for about 20 minutes or so). I cut some black fabric to the size I needed and used spray adhesive to spray the board before I laid the fabric on and stapled it to the back:
DIY Disney pin art

I used the adhesive because I knew we'd be repositioning the pins and just thought this would keep the fabric on there well. It worked! I think you could get away with not using it though. 

Then we started creating our art! I used random stuff to figure out the sizing for Mickey's head -- a round mirror for the big circle and plastic containers for the ears. I cut out the circle and then cut out a slightly bigger outline to tape to the board. That way we could follow the lines with the pins: 
Disney pin art

We placed the pins upside down to figure out what would fit and that helped a ton. After they were all on we moved some around here and there -- the foam and fabric makes it easy to do. When we finished I took the paper away and we were left with a super cute art piece: 
Mickey Mouse Disney pin art

I think his ears could be a little bigger so we may add a bit to those. It's hard to get precise with the randomly shaped pins! I may also add some trim to the side but will wait to see it hung first. 

My plan is to create a small Disney gallery wall with mementos from our trips. I want it to be fun yet tasteful and we have the perfect wall picked out. This pin art turned out even better than we had hoped and took less than $20 and an hour to finish up. I LOVE that we can really see all of the fun pins and they'll be out where we can admire them. It tides us over till our next trip. :) 

Have you created any fun Disney art? Feel free to share if you have! I've kept some random items to frame for the future wall -- I think it will be a fun spot when we're done! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Showing off Kris!

Hello my friends! I am so excited to share this blogger with you today! I've admired her beautiful blog and home for some time -- Kris shares some great makeovers, decor ideas and DIY projects that I think you'll love. 

Kris blogs at Driven by Decor and her home is really a favorite of mine in blogland. She knows how to create interest with both contrast and neutral touches which I love. Her updates are totally doable and she hangs a mean gallery wall! :)

Let's take a tour around her house, shall we? This bathroom was transformed with a budget and yet again, the difference paint can make is mind-blowing: 
gray stenciled wall

Those walls are stenciled and you have to see the before to truly appreciate the difference. The majority of the changes happened from the tile up -- no huge DIY projects needed. 

Her office gallery wall is one of my favorites. You know I love the dark walls! But the art is the star here: 
dark wall gallery wall
I think it's hard to get a gallery wall like this just right and I wouldn't change a thing on this one. Such a beautiful space! 

Another spot that I think is hard to get just right is the bed -- I love the look of a fluffy Pottery Barn bed and Kris shares how she created that here
How to make a perfect bed

The neutral tones in here are so soothing and pretty! I suddenly need a nap. 

Her fireplace recently underwent a makeover and the star of this one is that gorgeous tile: 
wood tile fireplace

She pulls together art and accessories so well and I love her use of natural items throughout her home. 

I loved this simple DIY throw idea with the pretty fringe: 
White slipcover furniture

Such a great idea to add some color or pattern to a space!

Her teen daughter's bedroom went from young with bright colors to a little more grown up subdued look, but still includes some fun details: 
Blue and white bedroom

I really like how she made over her basic closet doors too -- they look so much better and serve as an art display as well. 

And finally, but certainly not least (I had to stop somewhere!), I LOVE the neutral and classic touches in her dining room
Plate wall dining room
That plate wall is gorgeous! As is everything else! 

I'm so thrilled to share Kris with you today -- isn't her home beautiful? There's so much more I didn't share so be sure to check her out here. Have a wonderful weekend!