Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our fun Disney art wall

Hello there! I've been working like crazy to finish up the loft space and I'll be sharing the completed room with you next week! I am SO HAPPY with how it's come together. I'm writing you from the room right now and have been in here nearly all day every day (because I love it so much and because I'm trying to finish it up). ;) 

One little space that I finished up (well, started really) was the small Disney wall near the stairs. I knew when I made our Disney pin art months ago that I wanted to hang it in the room: 
DIY Disney Mickey Mouse pin art

This little wall near our book nook was the one I planned to put the art on: 
adding shiplap look to walls

I wanted to frame out the pin art somehow before I hung it but ended up just repurposing a small chalkboard we used to have hanging in another part of the loft. I had an idea to use it again so first I hung it: 
chalkboard with barnwood

And then I just nailed the pin art on top. :) I'll show you more of that in a minute. 

Then it was time to add some art. This wall will get a few more frames added to it over time (over time means when I take my next trip to IKEA, ha!) but we got a good start. 

I searched Etsy for Disney art and found a few printables I loved. They were inexpensive and I was able to download them immediately -- so easy! I printed them out at home so it took me mere minutes for each one. I link to each one below the photos if you are interested in the shops.

I loved this bright and colorful rendition of the castle: 
Disney castle printable

This version of Mickey made us smile from ear to ear:
Mickey Mouse printable

Isn't he the cutest?? 

I needed a landscape print for the final frame so I downloaded this Peter Pan art: 
printable Disney Peter Pan art

Goodness, I just love them. Each one is so bright and pretty. 

Again, the wall isn't much now, but it makes me so happy when I walk by it. I plan to add at least four more smaller frames next to the pin art: 
Disney pin art

I think I'm going to add to the bottom as well. It's a small wall but in a space most guests don't see so I may just fill it up so we can enjoy it. We have some fun photos from our trips I'd like to add here as well. (And yes, I still need to patch that small drywall spot.) 

You can see here how I just nailed the pin art to the top of the chalkboard frame. :) That art is seriously one of my favorite pieces I've ever made. I love how the wood and black mimics the look of the giant chalkboard on the other side of the room too. 

Even though it's not complete we love it -- and it's come a long way since I added all the farmhouse door trim earlier this summer: 

I can't believe how much this room has changed in just three months! That's fast for me as some of you know. ;) 

Now it's a bright and fun spot that will be a great addition to this space!: 
Disney art wall

Love it and love the backdrop of the white planked wall! And even with the cost of the frames so far it's only cost me about $20. 

Have you done anything fun in your house to commemorate one of your favorite trips or places? You can read more about how we fell in love with Disney and a few of my tips for newbies here

Monday, August 29, 2016

New line of Magnolia Homes furniture and decor (for a great price!)

Well hey there! Sorry for the delayed post today -- it was an unexpectedly crazy morning around here and I'm just now sitting down. I'm so excited to show you what I found this weekend though! 

I heard a few weeks back that Magnolia Homes was adding an additional furniture line (in addition to their higher end line) at Value City Furniture. I was surprised but thought it was a pretty brilliant move. Fast forward to this past girlfriend texted me Saturday evening with photos of some of the items they were putting out and I knew I had to get over there. :)

Of course everything is beautiful. The prices are decent and the quality seems good from what I could tell. What surprised me was the number of accessories they have in the line. I'll show you some of those first. (This is not a sponsored post, I just knew many of you would be as excited as I was to see it!)

I'm sure you're not surprised that there are a TON of galvanized items: 
Fixer Upper decor Value City

That would be cute on a craft table or for serving ware when entertaining. 

These "buckets" were one of my favorites:
Magnolia Homes decor Value City

I almost got one to use as a planter but didn't know where to put it. I may have to go back for one, they are so cute and unique! These were priced at $60, which I didn't think was too bad considering how big they are. 

More metal, this one with the logo: 
Magnolia Farms accessories

Those corbels are in their line too. They are labeled as bookends and were $40 for the set. 

One thing I'm not sure I love is that most of the items have a little Magnolia tag on them. They are well done and work with the pieces nicely (you barely notice it on some), but a bunch of them have it. It's not a big deal but I don't love having a brand name on decor. I guess Magnolia is a cuter name than most though. ;) 

I liked this hanging metal basket paired with the wood: 
Fixer Upper decor at Value City

I ended up getting two of these hanging vases plaques (for $30 each): 
Fixer Upper accessories

They don't work where I was planning to add them so I hope I can find a spot! 

OK, now for some of the furniture! I LOVED this table!:
Magnolia Farms farmhouse table

It has drawers! The farmhouse chairs come in a natural tone and black. 

This cabinet had some great detail: 
Fixer Upper style furniture Value City

The doors slide and I love the hardware on the drawers. So much storage!

I was surprised by the dark green sofa and chairs: 
Green sofa Magnolia Homes

I didn't sit on this one but the fabric was crazy soft. 

These little end tables were really cute and were priced at $130: 
Fixer Upper furniture Value City

This daybed was lovely!:
Magnolia Farms daybed Value City

How pretty would that be on a porch? :) 

I loved this round table and chairs too: 

Magnolia Homes round table and chairs

This living room set was my favorite! The chairs and sofa had metal piping accents underneath (it's hard to see here). And it was actually quite comfortable! The chairs and sofa were nice and deep too: 
Magnolia sofa and chairs Value City

I didn't get a picture of the matching sofa but it's beautiful and pretty big. The sofa sells for $1100. 

There you go -- fun, right? My friend and I joked that this may have saved us a trip to Waco to shop. ;) I was excited by what they had and was impressed with what I could see of the quality. You can see all of their furniture and decor on their website if you want to check out more. Have you checked out any of these yet? 

And if you love the shiplap look on Fixer Upper, check out my DIY version that costs a lot less!: