Monday, October 5, 2015

October Before and Afters!

Hello all! Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my story Friday! I'm still in awe of what happened. I have been in touch with the editor of the book -- crazy! All weekend I've sat and thought about it and can't believe I just happened upon that letter.

Anyway, today is the first Monday of October (WHERE did September go so fast??) so it's time for another Before and After link up. Before we do that, I have a few fantastic projects to share from last month. If you missed it there are a ton of awesome projects and spaces waiting for you!

I stopped in my tracks when I saw Tricia's entry:
Pottery Barn style entry
I thought these were her inspiration pics from Pottery Barn! Beautiful right? So well done!

I've been watching Sage's guest room progress and absolutely LOVE this space:
bright white bedroom map wall
You have to go see two things -- the before pictures and the beautiful map wall in this space. LOVE!

April wanted a wood and concrete table from Restoration Hardware but didn't want to pay for it. So she made her own. Wow!:
Restoration Hardware table knock off
Did I mention she did it for $200?? No? Well she did. Go check out the detailed tutorial here.

I loved every bit of this bathroom redo that Stacy did:
jack and jill bathroom redo
I love that tile and the navy vanity -- but you have to see the color she painted the vanity on her daughter's side. Love special touches like that! I bet the kids love it.

Kelli and I are working on our kitchens at the same time, and when she posted a photo of her progress on my Facebook page, I fell in love with her countertops:
river white granite
So much so I looked for them when I was shopping and ended up getting the same! They are soooo beautiful! Kelli's kitchen is going to be a showstopper -- go check out the progress and see the before and afters. 

I may have shared Sarah's dining room in-progress, I can't remember. Either way I'm sharing it now because it is such a bright, beautiful space
bright natural dining room
It was pretty before too, just darker. Paint and fabric will completely transform a space! I love that it's not overdone and styled to the hilt -- just simple and pretty.

And finally, but certainly not least, I loved Leslie's built-in spice rack idea:
DIY spice rack on cabinet
She's a girl after my own heart -- she couldn't just add the racks, she went all out with new trim and added details. Love her whole kitchen!

Awesome projects as always! Thanks for linking up and sharing your projects! Now it's time to see what you've been up to recently. If you'd like to be considered for next month's round up, be sure to link to TDC in your post or include this code:

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Now let's see what you've been up to! Have fun!

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Letter to Santa

Hello my friends! Sorry for another late post today -- it's been that kind of a week. ;) I know you're wondering why I'm talking about Christmas in October but man have I got a story for you!! I planned another post for today but I just had to share what happened to me this morning. 

It started when I ran into Hallmark earlier today to pick up the ornament catalog for my son. (We love looking through it. Yes, in October.) The employees were grabbing one for me and while I waited I noticed a beautiful Christmas book on the counter. It was called Letters to Santa Claus and because I love anything Christmas, I picked it up and starting looking at it: 
It really is a lovely book. I noticed in the first few pages that it's based on letters sent to the city of Santa Claus, Indiana and thought, wow that's cool -- the Indiana connection. 

I was in a hurry so I very quickly scanned through some of the pages. Each page is a scanned letter to Santa, in it's original form. What's really cool is they are separated into decades, with the first ones from the 1940's. What a treasure!

I had no idea what a treasure it would be. :) You see, I only looked at a couple pages and was getting ready to put it down when I flipped to one more. I thought I was losing my mind for a minute. 

I was looking at my own (childhood) handwriting. I can't even describe the confusion/amazement/bewilderment I felt. There was just no way. I started reading and none of it was familiar to me. Then I saw the name at the bottom…Sarah. 

I could not even believe what I was reading. 

It was my letter to Santa: 
If you can't read it here's what it says (spelling corrected): 

Dear Santa Claus, 

I love you very much. I watched a show about you and they said there was no Santa Claus. But I believe in you. If you are really Santa Claus could you get me a Baby Alive? They boys in my class said that there was no Santa Claus. My mom said that they will be disappointed when they don't get anything. You are my best friend I've got. 

Your friend, 

I read through the whole thing quickly and when I came to the part about the Baby Alive doll I finally let myself fully understand that this was MY letter. I wanted that doll SO BAD. She peed and pooped people. :) And I got her that Christmas. (Santa is real!) 

How amazing is this?? I'm still in shock. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just smile or what. I told the ladies in the store and they couldn't believe it. 

I still can't believe it. What's weird is I would have never known if I hadn't gone in there and picked up that book. And out of the very few pages I looked at, my letter was one of them. What a special, special thing.

I remember where we lived when I got that doll and that year was a tough one -- my parents had just separated and we moved to an apartment in Indianapolis from our big farmhouse in a very small farming town. The kids were brutal, I was totally out of my element, I missed my Dad and it was just a rough year overall. My childhood after that had some wonderful times but a lot of hard times. I only have one small box of memories and some photos -- everything else was lost. So as you can imagine, I can't stop smiling about having this part of my history. (Of course I had to buy the book!)

I just had to share this story with you. :) I can't even tell you how much I needed this after this week. What a beautiful gift to get a piece of my childhood in such a lovely and unexpected way. 

P.S. My handwriting was pretty awesome for about eight years old, right? And how I spelled disappointed correctly and not said, I'll never know. ;)

Edited to add -- here's a link to the book, I found it online. Turns out mine was chosen from millions of letters sent from all over the world over the years. Unbelievable.