Friday, July 3, 2015

The Easiest DIY Pillows (Ever)

Happy holiday weekend my friends! I hope you have a fun few days planned, even if that means relaxing on the couch and watching TV cause that sounds amazing.

Earlier this week I shared some easy Fourth of July ideas, one of them being a simple holiday pillow idea:

table linen pillows

I have a wee bit of an obsession with pillows. I'd put them up there with throw blankets and magazines in this house -- I have a lot of them. They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change up a space! Some of you may have noticed I changed out some of the pillows on the window seat in the kitchen. I loved the blue and green pillows but they weren't working with the rest of the great room. 

So I'm using those in other spots and went a little more neutral with my favorite color, blue. :) I kept the dark blue striped pillows there and added some from Target and a couple I made from my favorite section in the store -- napkins: 

pillows using napkins
I did some research online first and decided on these large striped napkins from West Elm. The bonus was that they were on clearance for $16 for four (in the store) so I was able to make pillows for $8 each! (I had the inserts.)

It's so easy -- no cutting needed, but you do have to have some basic knowledge of a sewing machine. You could also hand stitch these -- it wouldn't take that long to do one.

Some of my favorite pillows are made from fabric that's meant to be on a table. ;) One of my favorite stores (sadly they recently closed their stores) was C. Wonder -- I found the cutest placemats there years ago and filled a couple to make pillows (the green):

placemat pillows

I added a tufted button to this one but it's not needed, I just liked the little detail. You can see how I do the placemat pillows in this old post -- it's incredible easy and only a small bit of hand stitching is needed to close them up. 

I frequently browse the Pottery Barn (and West Elm) table linens to see what they have for pillows. I've used both napkins and placemats from those stores numerous times. It gives you the Pottery Barn look for a lot cheaper: 

pottery barn pillows for less

And I find this to be especially useful when it comes to holidays when you don't want to spend a ton of money for items you'll only have out a short time. I made these placemat pillows last fall

inexpensive seasonal pillows
The best part is the price, but it's also awesome that they are easily cleaned if needed. :) Keep in mind the placemat shape will be longer and skinnier like a lumbar pillow but the napkin size is perfect for an 18x18 insert. 

I've shared this a few times over the years but I love this easy decor trick so much it's worth sharing again! Have you tried this before? Are you obsessed with the table linen aisle like me?

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! God Bless America!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quick and Easy (and Adorable) Fourth Ideas!

I'm so excited about these quick festive Fourth of July projects I threw together for our kitchen the other day! I find great joy in decorating our home but when it happens easily and quickly (and cheaply), I get super giddy. :)

It started with a cute Fourth of July banner in the dollar bin at Target last week. It was three bucks and just adorable. I couldn't pass it up, as with most things in that section. I wasn't sure where I was going to hang it until I opened it up in the kitchen and looked at the bay window:

Fourth of July bunting

It's the absolute perfect size for that spot. It would be easy to make one of these yourself too! You can see the candy corn one I made for fall (and the pennant template I used) here. It would be hard to make it for less than $3 though -- I so wish I had gotten more of these!:

Fourth of July pennants

My second quick project involved an old sweater that I've held on to for years in order to do this project. Literally every year in about September I'll find this in a craft drawer and remember that I meant to do this the previous July. 

I finally remembered!: 

holiday pillow from sweater

I cut out the front and the back of it (it had a stain on the front that I was able to avoid), sewed it up super fast and stuffed a pillow inside: 

sweater pillow

Adorable! It only took me five years to remember to do it!! Check out Goodwill for something similar or Target also had some adorable bandanas in the dollar section that would make super cute pillows too. Dang, wish I had thought of that earlier. :) (Those would also be cute to use for a DIY bunting as well.)

Here's the bay window seat all dressed up for the holiday: 

window seat

This last project I saw while scrolling through Facebook -- it was just a photo and didn't have any source unfortunately. I had everything on hand so this one was free and super easy. I grabbed some little flags we had: 

I removed the flags from the sticks, then put a bit of sand in a few mason jars. I dropped an LED candle in each one and wrapped the flags around the back: 
Fourth of July candle ideas

What a great idea for a Fourth cookout! 

I used some LED candles we have on a remote but if you just have the regular ones you may want to pile the sand a little higher. :) I absolutely love these!: 

4th of July easy candle

And finally, I combined white, blue and pink hydrangeas for a festive display in the kitchen: 
red white and pink hydrangeas

You know I had to incorporate them somehow, duh. That pink bloom was so big it barely fit in there! 

There you go -- simple, inexpensive Fourth of July ideas! I don't like to spend a lot on stuff I'll only have out for a week or so and these are perfect. And in total I spent maybe 30 minutes putting it all together. Love!

Do you do any simple Fourth of July projects this time of year?