Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Dollar Spot Tree

Well hello there! I hope your holiday was wonderful and filled with good friends, family and food! We had such a lovely few days off -- this morning was rough getting back into the swing of things. We are a family of late owls so holiday breaks send us straight back into our late nights and mornings.

I have been getting some Christmas out over the past week or so but really focused on trees over this break. Our family room is still a newish space for us -- we knocked down a wall last year and made the room much bigger. I wanted to have a small tree in there last year but honestly, I was still wiped out from finishing up that renovation. I have to live with things for awhile anyway to see how they will work anyway.

Well this year a tree for the family room was a priority -- but it had to be skinny and cheap. My only two criteria. ;) I was in Target the other day and they had the cauutest little trees on sale. I was looking for one that had lights but they were sold out. It turned out to be a good thing because this six foot tree was only $13.50 on sale, without lights. 

Now when you see the height of a tree on the box it's sometimes a little misleading -- this one was as well. The base is about a foot and half of those six feet, and then the tippy top piece of greenery is a good eight inches…so six feet is true but the bulk of the tree is much smaller than that. 

But still. It's adorable. Only like 33 inches around so it fits perfectly into the area by my chair where I work. Because it is a little sparse (hello…$13) I started by filling it in with a few items I had -- the ball fringe was for a tree last year and I never ended up using it. It was only a few bucks for three yards with a coupon at the craft store: 
filling in Christmas tree
I love the felted ball garland so much…this is the less expensive version of that. ;) I also added some red wood garland (from Target) and some plaid ribbon -- plaid is something you'll see repeated all over the house this season. I can't get enough!

I didn't want to buy ornaments for it so I thought about the stash of stuff I had picked up at the Target dollar spot. The "Merry Christmas" wood cut outs came with string but I just nestled them in the tree. I had metal and wood present tags that I hung as well:
gift tags as ornaments
The reindeer clips aren't ornaments but they sure do look adorable in the tree: 
cheap ornaments
And my favorites that I forgot I had even picked up were the wood slices -- you get six per package and I asked the Bub what he was thankful for and wrote them down:
They are the perfect rustic touch. I'm IN LOVE with this little tree!:
thin Christmas tree Target
I think it's a perfect mix of rustic with the wood and burlap ornaments (the burlap stars were in my stash from last year -- also a dollar) and the red touches of the garland and plaid tie it all together so well:
truck Christmas pillow
The tree skirt was from H&M -- I had to cut a hole in the middle and I stuffed a blanket underneath to fluff it up a bit:
small thin Christmas tree
As I said, this tree has a crazy long "trunk" (good for lots of presents underneath!) so I had to fill in that space a little bit. The red star at the top was from the dollar store years ago.

I say this about a different tree every year but I think this one is my favorite. At least for this week:
small skinny Christmas tree
It's the perfect little tree to tuck into this nook. So adorable.

I keep less and less Christmas decor year to year now-- and what I purchase has to take up very little storage. All of these ornaments (and the tree even) will be super easy to store and won't take up much space at all.

And the best part? I spent less than $30 on the tree and all the stuff to fill it up! (A few I had already.) I tell you what -- that dollar spot is a wondrous place. It pulls me in EVERY time. I know the Christmas stuff is going fast (I found all of this nearly a month ago and it was picked over then!) but they do still have some really cute stuff. Think outside of the box, especially with a little tree! Most of the "ornaments" on this one are craft items or gift tags.

I'm so excited to be sharing holiday projects with you again! I've been on a roll with some DIY projects too though -- this time of year makes me want to tackle all the things before Christmas. I do this every single year around this time!

Have you ventured to the dollar spot yet this season? How many trees do you put up every year? We have…uhhh. A few? Most are smaller ones like this though. :)

P.S. I tried to link to the little tree but Target's site is down. I'll add it when they get back up.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

Well hello! Sorry for the super late post today -- our family festivities have already started and I'm way behind.

Did you catch the fun round up of favorite things we pulled together this week?  If you missed my post you can see it here. Be sure to check out the updated links to all the ladies joining in, I LOVE what they shared!:

I'll leave you with some funnies -- I've already started stuffing my face so these ring true for me a day early. ;) 

That last one makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. ;) 

I hope you have an absolutely lovely holiday and stay safe! I'll be back next week!