Friday, November 17, 2017

Where to hang art next to a door?

Hey there, how are you on this lovely weekend? Ready for the holiday? Are you hosting Thanksgiving? We are not and I'm looking forward to taking a break this year. :) 

We've been in our house for almost a month and I had a goal in mind to get every box unpacked by now. I've accomplished that for the most part -- there are a few more that don't have homes just yet. I built a bunch of built ins in our old house and until I create more here, some stuff will sit in our storage room. 

But I'm relieved that I can finally put the box cutter away and would be thrilled if I never have to look at a cardboard box again in my life. For real. It's so great to finally feel settled! And we've found almost everything we were missing. (Still can't find the saw, which totally perplexes me.)

Anyway...I'm on to hanging things on the walls which is super exciting. It doesn't take much to thrill me, obviously. 😂 I'm trying to be really be very deliberate with what I'm hanging because the thought of messing up and patching holes on these pretty new walls makes me sweat. 

I came to our basement bathroom and was about to hang this art (we like it because it looks like abstract buildings, which reminds us of NYC), but this is the one area I get stumped when hanging stuff. 

Do you place it where it looks best with the door open: 

Or with the door shut?: 

I should have shut the door to really show this, but you get the idea. If a door stays open all the time I go with the former and hang it to the side. But the rare times the door is shut, that really looks off, right? 

And with the door open it looks wonky in the middle to me. Same question goes for furniture -- in our master in both this house and our last, I placed a bookcase centered on the wall with the door open. Our doors are open nearly all the time and we're the only ones who see the inside with the doors shut. But in a bathroom your guests get a front row seat to your hanging skills. Ha! 

So what do you do in rooms where you rarely open the door? These are the real, serious questions in life people. ;) I NEED TO KNOW. Have a great weekend my friends! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our cozy and welcoming foyer

Well hello! I'm back with a tour of another space in the house, and this room is one of the prettiest in my humble opinion. :) 

Our old house had a TALL foyer. The space itself was open to our front two rooms, but the ceilings soared. It's what made us fall in love with the house 14 years ago as we toured model homes. Later on when I was working as a decorator I had a client who had a foyer that was the very opposite of ours. The ceilings were lower and then when you walked to the back the rest of the house opened up. I fell in love with it, which surprised me because I loved our two story entry so much. 

Hers just felt so welcoming when you walked in and it always stuck with me. So when we first walked through this house months back, this entry ticked yet another box on my mental list for a future house. I love this space! It's just big enough to feel spacious when you walk in, but also feels welcoming and cozy: 

The only new additions to this space are the lanterns (I've searched forever for lanterns that aren't super expensive, these are lovely and a great price for the size!) and the rug -- I got that at At Home for $40. 

This blue dresser has gone through many transformations (I'll link to all the projects at the bottom of this post!) and it landed in a few spots around the old house before landing in our front room: 

This, like all of our dressers/credenzas, was a find on Craigslist. By the way, you don't have to keep these in the bedrooms. ;) 

Because of the shape of the foyer and the dresser (rectangles), I added a round mirror above (I had it in our old foyer) to break things up a bit. I went simple with the decor on the top: 

I've never had a candle in the entry before and I'm not sure why. It's so cozy!

On the opposite wall I hung three black frames that used to be in our family room:

Don't be afraid to hang a set up and down. Use the whole wall -- it's allowed, I promise. :)

The back wall is a little nook that goes to other spaces and I hung my round hanging pendant sconce. I love that thing and have a fake candle with a timer inside. I wanted something simple on that wall because of the three frames so close by. 

I picked a light similar to these bronze flush mounts that I hung in our old house. It's a classic, simple look and doesn't hang too low: 

And here's the view of those frames from the other direction: 

I love this space -- my favorite time of day in here is evening. I love turning on the lamps -- it just feels so welcoming: 

I feel so spoiled having an entry like this. It's one of my favorite parts of the house! Someday I'll add something to that long wall, no idea what just yet. And I plan to add crown for sure. For now I'm enjoying another "finished" space:

Yay! Another room unpacked and put together. It feels so good!! I hope you enjoyed the tour. 😁 If 
you missed the other finished spaces I've shared so far you can check out the powder room here and the mud room/laundry combo as well. 

Here are some projects from this space that you might find helpful:

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