Monday, October 24, 2016

Holding on to spray paint season!

Hey all, I hope you had a great weekend! I didn't mean to be away on Friday but we ended up heading out and spending a fun fall day exploring around our pretty state. Indiana in October is just stunning! 

I finished up a quick DIY over the weekend that I'm just tickled about. It turned out even better than I had hoped. I found this small, skinny table at our local Habitat Restore a week or so ago: 
bamboo table makeover

I've had a spot in mind for a bar cart in our dining room-turned-library for about a year now. I've almost bought one in various stores many times now, but none of them felt just right. Most were too industrial or way too fancy for what I wanted. 

I found one a couple weeks ago and loved it, but didn't know if it would work in the spot. I went home, measured, couldn't stop thinking about it and crossed my fingers that it would still be there a couple days later. Thankfully it was and I took it home for $15! 

I'm assuming there was a glass top on it at some point but I had a different idea in mind. The finish was that speckly faux wood look that I don't care for: 
bamboo table
The wood wasn't in great shape in some spots so between that and the finish I knew I was going to paint it. My go-to is usually black, gray or blue -- this area has plenty of blue and gray so I knew I wanted black. I thought it would look great but it looks SO great. :)

Before you spray paint anything you need to clean it really well. If you leave any residue on there at all the spray paint will not cover it:
prepping furniture for spray paint

It was filthy! I wiped down every little crevice. If you have stubborn sticky spots (not unusual on older furniture) you'll want to sand those down a bit and then wipe again. 

I'm taking advantage of every single spray paint day we have left this year! :) I took the table outside and started the process of spraying. I used this stuff just because we had it and I didn't want to go to the store: 
gloss spray paint and primer in one

It's great for metal but can be used on wood too. I was happy it was a primer and paint in one. Normally I would have sprayed some kind of primer on the table before the black. 

Later on I went to the hardware store and had a piece of wood cut down to fit the top and then picked up a wine glass rack from Pier 1. (This one is similar to mine.) I used some scrap wood underneath to build up the wood because it wasn't thick enough for screws to be installed from underneath: 
wine glass hanger

You can't see the scrap wood when you look at the table but I went ahead and sprayed that underside black as well just in case. 

I secured the top to the table with my nail gun and then hung a few of our wine glasses. Then I added some of our favorite barware that has been hidden away in cabinets:
repurposing an old table into a bar cart

We LOVE it! I'm sure I'll change things up a bit eventually but I'm so happy with it!: 
making a table into a bar cart

It's perfect in this spot -- we needed something there but I didn't want it to feel too heavy.

NOW I just have to keep the Nerf bullets away!:
bar cart makeover

Someday I'd love to find some wheels that fit over the legs -- I think that would finish it off perfectly!

I love the design. The bamboo look is a classic. :) I spent less than $30 to redo the table -- $15 for the table and about $12 for the wood: 
DIY bar cart makeover

It's been awhile since I've made over a thrift find -- we just don't need a lot of new furniture and I love pretty much everything we have. This one took some patience to find but it's just exactly what I wanted for this spot! 

Have you shopped the Habitat Restore Store? I love checking it out every few months -- you can usually find great pieces of furniture and they always have cool lighting. Our location even had some beautiful tile and flooring that would be perfect for a smaller space! 

Affiliate link included for your convenience! 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Basement fireplace progress!

Hello all! Thankfully I am on the mend and feeling so much better -- thank you for the well wishes! We've had a little bit of progress on the basement fireplace and I'm excited to show you how it looks. My plan all along was to have a more modern look to the fireplace down here. We were thrilled to get that started a couple weeks ago when we had that area drywalled for the electric fireplace: 
electric fireplace built in

You can see more about that change and the flooring (that I LOVE) here. Having that wall done already made a big difference!

I started thinking though...which is dangerous...and was wondering if I wanted such a modern look down here. We had always planned to add a wood mantel but I started thinking it would be nice to add a hearth too. The shape of that bay window is a perfect spot for it. 

The fireplace has sat open on that bench for years so when we put it back in front of the wall it kind of felt right -- like there should be a break right there. I searched online and found stone fireplaces with and without hearths and we decided we definitely wanted the more traditional look of a hearth. 

We had the mantel and hearth added and now my fun begins! I wanted the mantel to look like one large piece of wood so it is mitered together:  
chunky wood mantel

I've started filling holes but that's it at this point. I'm considering distressing it just a bit -- just to make it not so perfect. What do you think? Distressing usually stresses me out.

This filler is supposed to be the bomb: 
stainable hole filler

I haven't found a stainable filler I love so I'll let you know how this turns out. 

I showed you the stone I found before but here's some better pics: 
stacked stone for fireplace

We LOVE it! (I'll be installing trim around the fireplace before I tile so it won't go right up to the box.) I love the varying colors and that it has so much texture to it. All of the other (affordable) stacked stone I've found comes in rectangular pieces so it doesn't feel as natural to me when installed. 

I like that these interlock: 
stacked stone tile for fireplace

It just feels very organic and think it will work great! And NO grouting -- whoohoo! 

I've only purchased a couple boxes so far -- this tile is cheaper than many I've found but will still be an investment! I'll order a larger quantity when the budget allows. 

Here's the name of this stuff at Lowe's if you are interested in checking it out: 
desert quartz tile Lowe's

I plan to start at least the hearth this week! I got ready-made mortar which is the BOMB. I have mixed that before and will gladly pay more for ready-made stuff.

First I need to finish filling the holes and then stain the mantel and hearth top:
building a basement fireplace

Oh my, I am SO EXCITED to see this come together! The changes on this small wall have completely changed the feel of the whole basement. We are giddy. 

I need to get this done before the holidays so we can set up the tree next to it. I can't wait to decorate that mantel with some rustic Christmas touches too: 
basement fireplace with hearth and mantel

My one last thing to figure out -- I know eventually I want to add crown molding to the basement -- I'm trying to decide if I should just go ahead and install that first and butt the crown up against it or install it over the top. The tile is so thick I think I'd rather install it over the top but I'll have to do some experimenting. 

I like to share the progress of big projects because as many of you know, around here they don't happen overnight. Or over a month. ;) I share in between updates on Instagram so if you are on IG be sure to check that out! 

If any of you have used this tile or something similar and have any tips I'd love to hear them!