Friday, May 22, 2015

Showing off Cristina!

Hey there and happy holiday weekend! Have anything fun planned? We aren't doing much at all and I'm thrilled about that. We've had a few chilly days here this week but the rest of the weekend looks to be just about perfect. 

I'm sharing another fantastic blogger with you all today and you may recognize some of her projects. I feature Cristina from Remodelando la Casa a lot at the before and after link ups throughout the year -- she has a gorgeous home and does most of the the DIY work herself. She is so talented! 

I'm sharing a few of my favorite projects and rooms of hers today. This bathroom makeover is one of them: 

budget bathroom redo

What I love is she didn't remove anything -- everything is repurposed and updated. It looks like a completely different space!

Cristina changed up an office to a guest room that also functions as an office space when needed:

painted floor DIY
Can you believe that floor is PAINTED? I love it!

She updated her laundry room in a big way -- check out the cabinets she extended to the ceiling:

extending cabinets to ceiling

I also love that she turned this laundry space into a butler's pantry of sorts since it's near her kitchen. Brilliant!

I have found over the years that Cristina and I are very like-minded when it comes to DIY projects and our homes. This built in unit she created in their master bedroom is SO well done: 

DIY built ins with fireplace

And the electric fireplace in there is awesome!

But I think my favorite makeover of all time of Cristina's is her kitchen redo:

DIY kitchen makeover extending kitchen island

You really have to go see the before -- I mean, she did a spectacular job on this space. She's made some beautiful changes since this photo too. Her freshly painted island and new stools can be seen here. I love that she did so many of the same projects I've done or am planning in our kitchen. If you visit that first kitchen link you can see how she extended her island, built a new range hood and built in her refrigerator!

I can only hope my kitchen looks this good when I'm done. :)

Isn't she fantastic? Cristina is crazy talented. I know you'll enjoy her home and blog. Be sure to check her out this weekend. :)

Have a wonderful, SAFE holiday weekend! And a HUGE thank you to our service men and women past, current and future for the sacrifices they make for the rest of us every day. And their families as well. I hope you enjoy this weekend most of all!

**I've been trying to figure out why my images aren't pinnable using the Pin It button (it's been going on for a long time now) and I think I've figured out the problem. You should be able to pin from my site now either using the Pin It button in your browser bar or by hovering over the photo (upper left). I'm still working on some things so let me know if you aren't able to pin. Thanks!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Keeping up With the Furry Ones

We are animal lovers…and if you look closely around our house, it shows. Thankfully my photography skills aren’t stellar because then you’d see the evidence more often. :) Most frequently the messes are hair balls on the floor and actual hair on the furniture. I never think it’s too bad around here until a friend with allergies visits or I’m deep cleaning for company. (The latter I try to do if I know the former is going to happen, but sometimes there’s not enough time.) THEN I notice it – and the dog is the culprit more often than not.

We have four animals – three cats and the dog:

sweetie heads  
We love them to pieces!! But these sweetie heads create a lot of work. I think it’s like with kids – one or two aren’t bad, but when there’s three or four they start to take over a bit. ;)

The biggest issue is the hair, which I try to keep up with but let’s be honest – it’s usually once every month or so (if that) that I actually address it. Thankfully the cat hair is only (mostly) a problem on the floors, but the dog hair is a sneaky beast that seems to show up everywhere, usually on his “perches.”

Our little dog has little dog syndrome, and must be on the lookout most days:

pet fur trick

Beyond the constant cushion smooshing, what you don’t see is all the dog hair that ends up everywhere, especially down the back of the seat:

easy way to clean up pet fur

It doesn't look too bad as far as pet hair goes, so I don’t do this as often as I should. As far as clean up, I’ve tried all kinds of doodads over the years. The lint rollers work OK but they don’t get everything, and I feel like I end up using a third of the roller for one cushion.

I’ve tried other brushes and and they don’t get it all either, including this one:

pet fur sponge

I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s OK, but it doesn’t get all the hair and it’s pretty rough. I wouldn’t use it on more delicate fabrics.

My favorite trick is the simplest (as usual) – I use a rubber glove: 

simple pet fur trick

It works just as is, but I find it works even better when a little wet (just be sure that’s OK for your fabric). You just use your hand to wipe the hair into piles:

simple pet fur trick

Look away now if dog hair grosses you out. :) I show you this because I love you:

easiest way to clean up pet fur

Even Colby approves. :) It works SO much better than any contraption I’ve tried and it’s pretty much free if you have a rubber glove laying around.

What I love is that you actually use your hands – you can really grab along the edges of furniture and cushions and use your fingers to get it all. It works better than any other method I’ve tried in 20+ years of adulthood with animals.

Peanut watched me the whole time I worked on this chair, and then promptly got back up on his spot:

easiest dog hair removal trick

We pick our battles. :)

Just thought I’d share this quick tip! I use it every time I clean off the sofas or chairs – along with a vacuum at times. But this is a quicker method of getting it cleaned up. Have you tried this trick? Any others you animal lovers use?

You can see more about our four furry babies here. :)

Here’s a photo to pin for later if needed (click on the pin it button in the upper left): Pet hair removal