Friday, July 29, 2016

How to make a DIY wrapping paper station (for cheap!)

Hey there! We've had a busy week soaking up some summer activities…our time off is coming to a close soon. This week alone we visited the Indy Children's Museum, explored downtown, saw a movie and took a trip to Kings Island. Such a blast but I'm ready to relax a bit today! (If you are interested in visiting our fun city, check out this post and this one for my tips and our favorite places.) 

I'm back today with a quick and easy project that I finished up in the loft last week. I'm pretty excited about it! Last time I shared this space I had this empty space above the window seat
window seat with pillows

I've known all along exactly what I wanted to put there -- a gift wrap station. :) I'm all about form and function and I knew this would be cute and serve a purpose in this space. 

I hardly spent anything on this because I used old trim from this room for the frame. You can definitely put this directly on the wall but I wanted to make a little bit more of a statement and I had the trim anyway. 

I had plenty of wall space but didn't want it to go too low -- that corner is already my favorite spot on the window seat and I didn't want to worry about hitting my head. :) Turns out you can fit quite a few rolls in a small space. I ended up with 24 inches tall by about 34 wide: 
how to make a wrapping paper holder

Most gift wrap is 30 inches wide but Christmas wrapping is sometimes wider so that will just depend on your needs. 

I nailed the trim directly on the planks and then cleaned it up -- putty for the corners and holes and a couple coats of semi gloss paint: 
wrapping paper station on wall

The next part was super easy. I picked up some dowel rods in the 3/8 size (again, any size will do, just make sure they don't bow with the weight of the paper): 
dowel rods for wrapping paper holder

And a couple packages of gold cup hooks
hooks for wrapping paper

Make sure your rods will fit in the hooks! Mine were 7/8 inches so it worked perfect. 

I did some trial and error to decide on the layout -- I knew I wanted six up there so I measured out every 3.5 inches. I held my measuring tape up and marked those distances down the length of the trim, making sure each one was in the middle: 
how to make your own wrapping paper station

Make sure you do the exact same measurements on the other side. Then you've got yourself a super cute display that functions great as well: 
wrapping paper storage for wall

OH I just love it!! So cute! Of course I got it up and decided I needed a few new rolls of paper to make it even cuter. :) I couldn't resist. 

I love the pops of color against the white wall. I'm starting to love how everything kind of "sings" against white. I don't think all white would ever happen in our house but I can tell I'm going to like it in this space: 
DIY wrapping paper storage

To access the paper I can either pull the wrapping out from the wall and cut it where it is, or it's easy to take them down. I will probably just take them down when I need them. 

All in all this was only a $10 project since I had the trim, and as I mentioned, that's optional anyway. 
DIY wrapping paper holder

Not gonna lie, I'm already thinking about how cute it will look with Christmas paper! :) 

There you go -- a simple, inexpensive project that you can adjust to your needs. I absolutely love mine and am happy I was able to put that space to use. 

Have a great weekend my friends! :) 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Finished window seat, ship lap walls and craftsman trim in the loft!

OK, well I lied. ;) I said I wasn't going to share more of the loft redo for a week or so but I was a beast this weekend. I mean, BEAST. We didn't have much planned so it was great to have tons of time to dedicate to this space. I made some major progress that I'll share with you this week. 

My goal was to have this space done by the time school starts and my time is quickly dwindling. I'm going to try really hard to get it done but I doubt it will happen -- I lose four days out of town for a conference. Who knows? Maybe I'll pull it off. None of the remaining projects are hard, they're just busy work. 

SO. Last I left you, I had installed the baseboards throughout most of the room, including the window seat: 
Craft room makeover progress

Here's a view of the other side: 
Craft room makeover

My first project was to trim that seat out with the same trim I use all over our house. I seriously use this stuff everywhere. It's called sometimes called lattice and it's very thin. I always get pine: 
Lattice trim

Menard's has wider sizes than anywhere else I've found -- this one is 1 3/4 inches wide. The other hardware stores carry thinner sizes. You can see all the ways I've used this stuff around the house here and I also used it on our extended kitchen island. It's the perfect detail to finish off projects (and it's cheap!).

I did a simple look on the window seat -- I framed out the front and then just put three smaller vertical pieces down the front to create panels. Then I painted the whole thing in out in semi gloss paint. I use semi gloss for all trim and built ins:
Trimming out window seat

I was SO happy with it when I was finished and couldn't wait to get to the next part: 
Craft room makeover progress

I pulled out the old window sill and then trimmed out the window with my DIY craftsman trim like I showed you how to do a couple years ago. I lowered the bamboo blinds back down inside the window frame (they were hanging above the window before) and it helped tremendously. It looks so much cleaner now! 

For years I had plug in sconces flanking the windows and when I took them down the old pink paint color was still there. Plus, I used my cord covers on the wall and they had been up so long they ripped the drywall off. I knew eventually I would address it so I've left the walls like this for years. Good times. 

I'm SO happy those spots are covered up!! I used the same planked wood as for the the large wall for these smaller areas: 
DIY shiplap walls

This look will continue around the room as well. Here's a look at both sides with the new window trim:
Simple planked walls

I added some trim to the tops and each got a few coats of paint and caulk to hide any imperfections. Told you I was in beast mode. ;) I didn't work out for three days because stepping up and down off of that window seat was plenty. 

It looks SO LOVELY. I'm thrilled with the progress in this space. Here's a closer look at the simple trim on the window seat: 
Simple way to trim out built ins

And the new trim on the window: 
DIY craftsman window trim

I don't have a table saw so I had that bottom wall piece cut down and will install it today. 

I also finished up a little DIY project for that wall to the right last night, but I'll show you that later this week: 
Window seat with tons of storage

I still need to do some minor things like touch up the wall paint around the window (I had so many holes in the wall from moving drapes and art around over the years) and make or find some more pillows, but other than that this wall is done and I LOVE it. OH and cushions…not sure when those will happen though. 

Many of you asked about those pillows and I found them all at HomeGoods. I'm going for fun and a bit girly in here and the colors look beautiful against the white: 
Bright colored pillows

White shiplap walls

I worked hard on this room over the weekend…I continue to see my vision coming through and it's so fun. I've really enjoyed working on this space!

Here's a before of this corner of the room:
Cabinet storage in craft room

And here's how it looks now:
Wide planked walls

That open cabinet will get a door once I cut it down and rework it. 

Here's how this corner looked last week:
Building a long window seat
And how it looks now: 
Window seat with storage

And the wide shot, before we had the floors put down: 
Craft room redo

And the progress so far!: 
Craft room redo progress

OH my goodness, I love it! I'll share my little project on the wall to the right later this week -- any guesses what it is? :)

If you have any questions about the items or projects in this room please let me know! Here's the posts on this space so far.

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