Thursday, February 13, 2020

First look: The guest room tour!

I did some small updates to our guest room this week that I'm sharing with you today! I found a few new items but this room is mostly made up of items we've used before. It turned out so pretty, I had to show you. :) 

I don't think I've ever shared this room in our new house! Maybe one photo? So I'm excited to share it with you today. 

You can take a tour of our old guest room here, and you'll see that a lot of the pieces are the same: 
Farmhouse bedroom grid accent wall

My decor style has never been full out farmhouse, but our old house I definitely had touches of it, especially in this room! 

I haven't leaned farmhouse in our new home, but there's something about this room that feels so cozy and sweet with it! I adore that metal bed so I went from there with the little updates I made this week. 

I'll share all the details shortly, but here's your first look at our guest room in this house: 
Bedroom with pretty farmhouse touches

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The first update was the light -- I bought it months ago and just put it up this week. I have said MANY times over the years how much I despise hanging lights. The electrical part is easy -- it's all the little details with the light that are a major pain. 

I hate it with a deep, burning passion. But I got it up! 👏

It's a six light black chandelier and I absolutley love how it looks in here!:
Wide six light chandelier farmhouse

I'm definitely adding a dimmer -- it's bright even with 40 watt bulbs. I got it for $110 and it's on sale for just over that right now. I love how it ties in with the bed frame!

Pretty much all of the new decor was from At Home. I found that knock off Anthropologie blanket ladder there. It looks identical to their version! 

I found these new nightstands on clearance. I totally lucked out when I found two of the same ones!: 
Simple farmhouse decor in bedroom

I plan to find some new knobs at some point to soften them up just a bit. 

I had cute black lamps in here before, but they didn't give off much light. I found these pretty lamps at At Home as well and really love the texture. 

Our bedrooms in this house are pretty small, but this one is a bit more spacious than our son's room. This closet is a standard size but I love having the double doors instead of sliders: 
Double doors instead of sliders closet

It feels bigger because I can access the whole thing at once. 

The baskets on the wall used to hang on our stair wall. I almost sold glad I waited!: 
Farmhouse metal bed

They fit in perfectly with the cozy farmhouse vibe. 

One of my favorite furniture finds ever sits on the other side of the room: 
Black dresser white knobs bedroom

I found beauty on Craigslist years ago and absolutely love it. I later added the hardware and I think it makes the piece. 

We had the large mirror and lamp, and I found the tray at HomeGoods: 
Wifi sign for guest room

I plan to add more little details over time that will make our guests feel even more at home.

The bench under the windows was from the old house but I hope to find a chair for that corner instead:  
Bedroom with pretty farmhouse touches

It's a very sweet space, even without making any major updates like paint or trim.

The next purchase for this room will be a new mattress -- I'm not even gonna tell you how old this one is. It's bad. 😆

It wasn't until after I hung the floral art prints that I realized I had another option in the closet. They used to hang in our master bedroom and I think they'd be lovely in here too!

Here's one propped up so you can see how it would look:
Dark blue cabinet as night stands

The colors are perfect! But I do love the variety of colors the new art brings in. 

And and as our sweet 13-year-old told me, the new ones are "cozier" so they work better. :) Which ones are your favorites? New or old?: 
Guest room with farmhouse touches

For now, this space is "done" -- but I know I'll add more detail/changes over time. You know me. :)

If I forgot to mention any details let me know! The paint color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams and it's what we've used throughout the house. Here are some of the items in this space if you're interested (you can hit the arrow to see them all):

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

One of my top decor pet peeves (and how to fix it!)

Hey there! I have a super quick and simple fix for you today! 

There are two things in home decor that annoy me BIG time. They are really small things actually. But they irk me (in our own home). 

One is cords showing -- I've mastered the art of hiding lamp cords as I've shown you a few times:
Trick for hiding cords behind furniture nice. :) 

The other annoyance? When I can't push furniture completely against the wall because of large plugs.  I don't love that the furniture has to sit far away from the wall, but it also bugs me because you can usually see behind the furniture (and see the cords I'm trying to hide) if it's pulled out. 

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If I need to plug in a few items I'll typically use a flat plug extension cord. (Um...and have you seen this extension cord? It's like they read my MIND. That one is perfect if you have an outlet you can't hide behind furniture. Brilliant!)

Usually the culprit is a surge protector and their honkin' plugs that stick out a few inches. I recently discovered you can get flat plug surge protectors too. Those have stopped most of my twitching. :)

Years ago I shared this little recessed plug hack that helps a ton too --