Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A soft place to land (on the window seat)

Hey all! How was your weekend? I'm starting to freak out a little bit that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. I cannot believe how fast the days have gone by this fall. Crazy, right? 

I've been hard at work on a big DIY project I can't wait to share with you! But until then, I wanted to share this little update because it's the first time I've had this luxury in nearly four years of having window seats. 

A few weeks ago I shared the dining area redo, complete with the new window seat and built ins: 
Built ins and lights around window seat

If you missed it, check out how I light those sconces without electricity! So good.  

I had a loooong window seat to fill, and was planning on making my own cushions. When I first showed you the seat, many of you recommended three cushions because of the length:
Long built in window seat in dining area

That was not what I wanted to hear, because I was going to attempt to DIY this. Keep in mind, I'd call myself intermediate as far as my abilities on a sewing machine. I have no problem sewing up some pillows or drapes, but this project did intimidate me. 

As you can tell, I put it off. ;) I'm much more comfortable with a saw and a paint brush than the sewing machine. Ultimately I decided to do my no sew version instead of sewing these myself. Even though I really wanted a more polished cushion, it was going to be my best option. Well, it turns out I got an email from a company literally the morning I was planning to try start them, and I jumped at it! They make outdoor cushions and drapes, as well as a number of other items. 

I was able to order three cushions from Patio Lane (see the bottom of the post for a coupon code!) and they are covered in Sunbrella fabric, which is PERFECT for a window seat. Obviously these get a lot of sun. (Not today...or lately in general, because winter is definitely coming!):
Classic cream window seat cushions

I went very simple with the color and welting -- I kept wavering between something simple or a fun fabric and contrasting welting. But I want them to work all year, all seasons...and I know I would eventually tire of something too busy. 

I ended up using a Sunbrella linen upholstery fabric (the number is PL-32309) and it's a classic light cream -- it looks lighter with the light from the windows: 
Window seat cushions with Sunbrella fabric

I was SO excited to get these! I was stalking the UPS updates every day. They are so well made and I was thrilled when they arrived. (It took less than two weeks for them to ship.) 

My favorite part (other than the fabric that should hold up to anything), is the zipper: 
Patio Lane Sunbrella cushions

I can easily remove them if needed. The zipper would not have happened if I would have tried this on my own. 😆 

I got the firmest foam available, and that's the only thing I might change if I did them again. They don't have much give when you sit, but are still very comfortable: 
Long window seat with cushions

I made our boy model them for me. ;) 

I went with the firmer foam because I feel like they will hold up much longer. I didn't want them to wear in certain spots. And if I ever decide to recover them, I can use the inserts forever. So overall, I think the firmer foam was a good call. 

The first day I laid on the seat with a blanket and I can attest it is very comfy! I just love this spot. I think it will be a popular area when we have large parties: 
Classic window seat built in with cushions

And on that note -- even though I know this fabric is made to hold up to the outdoors, I plan to scotch guard them as well. Our guests usually have a glass of wine in hand so you can't be too careful. :) 

I feel so grown up with these, ha! I added our first window seat (in the last house) almost four years ago, and we never had a cushion on that seat. I'm thrilled to have this spot finished up and ready for the holidays!

**Patio Lane is offering a 15 percent discount when you use the code THRIFTYDECOR at checkout! 

Patio Lane graciously provided these cushions. I would 100 percent recommend them and their quality! 

Friday, November 9, 2018

DIY round up: Christmas advent ideas!

Hello hello! This is one of my favorite posts to share (nearly) every year because it reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner. I haven't pulled out any decor yet...but it's happening soon and I can't wait!

I love sharing DIY Christmas countdowns and I always share them early so you have time to tackle them well before the holidays. I've made many over the years and these little boxes were a favorite:
DIY Christmas advent using cardboard boxes

We still have these and I just adore them! It was such a fun project -- I still remember working on these. 💗

This knock-off Christmas countdown I made a few years ago is another one I love -- it survived the move pretty well. I was surprised! Just have to decide where it will hang this year: 
Knock off Pottery Barn Christmas countdown

I'm sharing 12 more DIY options from a bunch of talented bloggers that I think you'll love! They vary from modern to rustic, playful to traditional. I love them all and hand picked them to share with you.

The link for each project is included under the photos.

This Christmas tree advent calendar is one of the cutest and most original I've seen in a long time!: