Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hide the TV components {and still use your remote!}

After finishing up so many HUGE projects lately (the basement bookcase wall, garage makeover and mud/laundry makeover) I'm back to focusing on some smaller projects in our basement. I started one a couple months ago and left it in the dust when I focused on the garage clean up. Oh look, a butterfly! 😂

Now I'm working to finish that up and a couple other smaller projects as well. This was a quick one thankfully, and looks great! I've shared how to add metal sheeting to cabinet doors before, (you can see the fireplace makeover at our old house there) but this time it was even simpler. I figured I'd share how I did it. 

Why add metal sheeting you ask? Well when you like to have electronic components hidden away like me, it's best to give them some air flow. Otherwise they run hot and that wills shorten the life of the components. Also, your remotes won't work through a wood cabinet door, but will through metal sheeting.

You can also use an RF remote control system that allows you to keep your TV electronics in another room -- I'll add a link to that at the end of the post. We didn't want to use that because we use the voice controls often. 

Here's a reminder of how this project ended up: 
gray TV bookcase wall with bench

This is one of my favorite projects ever...I adore it. 

I cut the back out of two of the bottom bench cabinets in preparation for the electronics to be added later. We knew we'd have a receiver down there at the very least, and I wanted to allow for more air flow and access from the backs of the cabinets. 

A few weeks ago we had the first part of our sound system installed, and every time we turned on the TV we had to open the cabinet to get the remote to work. Then a cat or two would crawl back there...so I knew it was time to get those door fronts replaced. 

I removed the cabinet doors from the hinges and used a large drill bit to make holes in the four corners of the front panel. This gives you a spot to insert your jigsaw blade: 
using jigsaw to remove center of cabinet front
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This is where I did things a little differently than last time -- I sawed right up to the edge of the center panel against the cabinet frame. This takes a little bit more of a steady hand but it doesn't have to be perfect!

I had plenty of spots that weren't perfectly flush: 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Best places to buy throw pillows {all under $20!}

Thank you so much for the kind comments on my latest makeover! I always appreciate them! I'm back to share my favorite resources for inexpensive (and cute!) pillow covers. I love sharing where I find home decor at a great price. 

Pillow covers are one of those things I change out more often than any other decor item. If you get them for a good price, they're an easy way to change up the accent colors in a room. I also like to use different textures and colors for the seasons. 

Lately I've found some sources for throw pillow covers (and inserts) that I love -- and the prices are so good! ALL of the covers I'm sharing today are under $20, and most are well under that. When you purchase just the covers (and reuse your inserts) you'll save a lot. (I'll share my favorite fluffy inserts later in the post.)

1. Hobby Lobby 

I showed you some of my Hobby Lobby pillow finds when I revealed the giant basement built in unit
dark gray basement built ins

I had never paid much attention to the decorative pillow covers at Hobby Lobby until a few months ago. I happened to check them out while they were half off (as they are this week), and I couldn't believe the prices! 

I'll link to these at the end of this post, but they have a HUGE selection of covers in tons of different styles. The most expensive one I got was only $9 and the other two were around $7 each (on sale): 
hobby lobby gray cream pillow covers

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I was surprised that their selection included such a wide range of styles -- from super traditional to farmhouse to boho/modern. It's hard to beat those prices! (Keep in mind they only come in 18x18 size covers.) 

2. Amazon

I've also found a great selection of pillow covers online. I still LOVE these faux leather covers I got a few months ago: