Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dramatic update in the powder room

I've mentioned before there are a few decorating ideas I'll definitely be repeating from our old house -- and a few I won't. I've always known this project would show up here! I've been planning it on a smaller scale to start.

Many years ago I fell in love with painting the "fifth wall" -- the ceiling. If you go dark it creates drama and if you go light it makes the room feel more open. Light blue in particular makes a room feel taller.

I really love it against white crown molding as you can see in these rooms from our last house:
Modern farmhouse bathroom with DIY wood vanity

Powder room makeover with planked walls and Ikea

Boy bedroom in blue and red

Back in the day I would go really dark -- you can see what I did in the old dining room here. 😳 I'm not against a dark ceiling anymore, but chocolate brown is no longer my color of choice. ;) 

It's been a few months since I started working on our powder room so I decided it's time to get moving on it again. I've known all along I wanted to paint this ceiling a dark blue to work with the walls. Turns out the color I used in our family room was a close enough match so I just used that. 

Painting ceilings isn't the most fun DIY, but smaller rooms aren't too bad. Probably why I lean towards bathrooms for this project. ;) I started by taping off the crown molding and then painting two coats with a brush around the perimeter of the room: 
Tips for painting a bathroom ceiling

When I do a color on the ceiling I usually paint the bathroom fan as well. They actually take paint quite well. I did three coats on the fan: 
Painting a bathroom ceiling and fan

But WHY can't they make cool looking bathroom fans?? The color is called Cyberspace and it's a pretty dark blue with some gray to it. Love this color! 

It's not an exact match but it's close enough cause it was FREE. 😂 The bottom part of the walls will be bright white and will tie in nicely with the trim in the room. It took a couple coats to get the dark color done: 
Dark blue painted ceiling

It's so hard to get pics of this space! 

This color is a satin finish and normally I prefer a flat -- I don't love seeing any shine on a ceiling. I gotta say though, it's not bothering me in here. At least so far. Satin is very low sheen so that helps: 
Dark painted ceiling in bathroom

I may change my mind later -- we'll see. But I'm calling this part done for now! Now it's time to get those dang walls done!! The next time you see this room I'll be done with it. :) 

The dark ceiling looks good during the day but it's sooooo much better at night! It's just lovely. I want this room to feel like a little jewel box and the painted ceiling makes all the difference!

Here are my tips for painting a ceiling: 
  • If you can use a thicker nap roller it will make for quicker work. I used a 3/8 inch and it was fine, but the thicker the better (if you have any kind of texture on your ceiling). 
  • Typically ceilings are painted in a flat paint, but it just depends on your preference. Flat minimizes any imperfections and sheen highlights texture or issues. But some LOVE a shiny ceiling so it's up to you!
  • If you're painting a larger room I recommend using a pole on your roller and this roller cover (affiliate) is awesome -- it prevents the paint from getting all over the room. 
  • I don't always think that a dark ceiling makes a room feel smaller, but it will create much more contrast, which can be jarring. It will definitely become a focal point -- it just depends on what you want for the space! 
  • Our ceilings are nine feet in this room but I've painted eight foot ceilings in lighter colors. 
As always, do what you want! I think a painted ceiling is a lovely little detail that's not always noticed right away, but always registers as something unique about the space. 

Have you painted a ceiling in your home? What color did you go with? 


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Haven mentor blog hop and my best blogging advice!

Well hello there! Remember last week when I celebrated ten years of blogging and I mentioned a fun little event called the Haven Conference

Well, it's not so little -- we were terrified the first year that just the eight of us would be standing there...but SO MANY came! That first one was a total whirlwind. Every conference since has been a huge success and I'm proud to be a founder of this amazing event: 

Haven conference mentor

A couple of us left the team a few years back just because of the sheer amount of work involved. But we're always happy to help, so I was honored to be asked to be a mentor again this year. Mentors are there to meet up with new attendees and make them feel at ease. We each have a small group of bloggers and will catch up here and there throughout the conference. If you don't know many people this is a great way to get to know a few right off the bat! 

You'll probably recognize many of these faces: 
DIY home decor blogging conference

If you are a blogger, and especially a new blogger, I'm writing this for you! This conference is geared towards those in DIY/home decor niche, but those who write lifestyle, crafts and food blogs will walk away with a TON of helpful information. More importantly, you'll walk away with lifelong friends. 

If you're on the fence about attending, check out the info below and I think it will help you decide! And be sure to check out the posts from all of the mentors (I link them all at the end of the post). 

What is your best advice for a blogger? 

A few things:
  1. Stay consistent with content and publishing posts. I mean stick with the topic(s) you're good at and try to have a consistent publishing schedule. Your readers want to know when to watch for your content! 
  2. Speak in your OWN voice and just be yourself! It's so easy to compare. I know...I did it a lot early on! Anything other than being you will be exhausting and therefore no fun at all. 
  3. Respect your readers -- don't lie, don't make stuff up. Don't pretend you, your family or your home is something it isn't. Real life wins every time. 
  4. It's OK to keep some stuff private. I don't share pics of my family here much because they're "mine" -- I share enough with the world and I want them to myself. :) I also don't want to share anything my son may not appreciate as he gets older. AND...there are just weirdos out there. Simple as that! 
  5. Don't get obsessed. Man, I'm so glad I started this gig ten years ago. I cannot tell you how many times us blogging grandmas say that. It's much harder now breaking in, I know. But it can easily take over your life quick. Take a breath and step back consistently to keep some balance. 

TV in bedroom with gallery wall

What is your best advice for a new Haven attendee? 
I highly recommend chatting with attendees online before hand. See if there's anyone going from your area and meet up before you head to the conference. 

If you don't know anyone there, I'm not gonna lie -- at first it will be nerve-racking. But if you can open up a little and approach new people I can absolutely promise you these will be some of the best days of your entire year. Meeting other people that do what we do is so awesome. It's such a weird job we have and it's hard for most to identify with it. You will find "your people" at Haven.

And if you go and want someone to talk to, come up to ME! I'd love to meet you. 

DIY picture ledge shelves family room

Who are you most excited to meet or see at Haven this year? 

I always look forward to meeting new bloggers every year. It's funny because you feel like you know the person so it's hard to tell if you've already met. ;) You see each face so many times on their blogs and social media, and sometimes I could swear we already know each other! 

I look forward to this weekend every year because of the new people I meet and the ones I get to reconnect with. A bunch of us have been at this for a very long time and we only see each other once or twice a year. It's like a high school reunion and we always have the best time. 

Two of my best friends, Beth and Chris, are people I talk to every day but only see a few days a year. We cherish that time together so much!! 

white kitchen with wood accents

So there you go! If you didn't figure it out by now -- you should come! ;) Whether you've been at this for a few weeks or a few years -- if you want to get more serious at it, this is the event for you. I'd love to meet you! 

Check out the other lovely ladies joining me as Haven mentors this year:


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Chris of Just a Girl | Haneen of Haneen's Haven | Ashley of The Handmade Home


Traci of Beneath My Heart | Erin of Erin Spain


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