Monday, June 21, 2021

Amazon home favorites and more {It's Prime Day!}

Woohoo, it's Prime Day(s) on Amazon! Now that they've extended it to two days, there's more time to check out all of the fantastic deals. (This year it runs June 21 (Monday) and June 22 (Tuesday). You can see my favorite finds from last year here

I always look forward to this sale to start my Christmas shopping. I know, I's early. But it sure is nice to have so many items crossed off my list! 

Like I do every year, I've gathered some of my favorite home decor items from Amazon to share with you here. Then at the end of the post I'll share a few more of my recent finds and the best Prime Day deals I've found as well. 

**You can visit my Amazon storefront here! I try to keep the decor I've used updated there.

Let's get started, shall we? My first items are a couple I found for our pretty mud/laundry makeover I completed earlier this year:
blue floral wallpaper laundry room

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The beige and white laundry basket is HUGE and really pretty. It's sturdy and holds a ton! It would be great for throw blankets next to the sofa too. (There's also a gray and white version.)

Our cats love their new cat shaped door as much as we do: 
cute cat door on closet

One of my all time favorite Amazon finds is this skinny under cabinet sliding drawer that fits perfectly in our bathroom vanities
skinny sliding storage baskets for under cabinets

I looked for years for a better way to use this awkward space! These are awesome. You can see them in action on my most recent Amazon Live video as well. 

I reorganized our garage from top to bottom earlier this year and these Velcro extension cord holders are a HUGE help: 
Velcro extension cord holders

I also LOVE love love this skinny wall basketball holder -- it saves so much space: 
Skinny and tall wall basketball holder

I recently shared more about this cool contraption that allows you to move your outdoor spigot to wherever you want in the yard: 
Move outdoor spigot with hose holder

No more practically getting down on the ground to turn on the bib every time! This has been SO helpful. 

I shared my favorite easy garage update with magnetic or attached carriage garage hardware here: 
DIY carriage garage door hardware

They are such a little thing, but the added detail makes a big difference!

These portfolios come in small to large sizes and have been a HUGE help to corral our large family photos and kid artwork: 
huge portfolios for artwork and photos

They are the solution I've been looking for for years

Some of my favorite decorative pillow covers and inexpensive inserts can be found on Amazon. I shared all about them here: 
faux leather decorative pillows

Have you grabbed any of my favorites lately? 

Here are a few more of my favorite recent finds. I'll be sharing more of the decorative items with you soon!: 

More GREAT Prime Day deals running today and tomorrow!

See more of our home here. 
To shop items in our home, click here! 
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Friday, June 18, 2021

The daylight bulb difference {Amazing!}

Natural light is one of the easiest ways to make a room look it's best! It shows off the true colors of everything and feels fresh and clean. For years I'd want to recreate that feel in our smaller spaces or rooms without windows, but the yellow tint of our light bulbs made everything feel drab. 

Regular warm light bulbs cast a tint on everything that changes the color. Incandescents were the worst offenders, but even some of the energy efficient bulbs nowadays give off that yellow hue that changes the color of the room. 

Years ago I found the easy the solution that is (literally) as easy as replacing the light bulb! Enter the daylight bulb...the easiest change you can make to make a room feel fresh and bright! I've been adding these all over since I discovered them years ago. I still find spots in our home that would look better with the daylight bulb. 

I added this inexpensive wood planked wall on our stair landing soon after we moved in, but the yellow tint of the bulb has bugged me: 
easy inexpensive wood wall horizontal

This little alcove upstairs gets tons of natural light, so the warm light felt really out of place. 

Look at the difference in just a quick change of the bulb!: