Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Colorful master bedroom refresh {with one change!}

Hello my friends! I've always said paint is the number one way to make a big impact in a room for the least amount of money, but fabric or textiles are a very close second. Drapes, bedding and rugs can add color or texture and will go a long way to making a room look a lot different. 

My latest addition to our bedroom did just that! Last summer I added some finishing touches to our master that really lightened it up, but still left it feeling super cozy: 
master with gray walls blue white accents

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We love the dark gray walls combined with the lighter grasscloth wallpaper -- it's such a cozy space!

The bedding helped to lighten things up, but lately I've been craving some more color in here. Plus, even though we don't wear shoes in the house much, the rug got dirty so easily. 

I knew pink or coral tones would look so good with the darker accents in here, so I did some looking around online and found this colorful option (the Loloi Skye in sea/rust) that looked perfect:
Loloi skye rug in sea/rust
But I kept hesitating -- it was a lot of color for me! I kept going back to it over and over though. 

This is the same brand as our family room rug. Loloi is a higher end brand and usually expensive, but these are from their Loloi II line and are much less. There's a reason they're so inexpensive, and I'll touch on that in just a bit. 

After going back to this one over and over, I finally ordered it late last year. When it was delivered it was even more colorful in person...and I hesitated again. 😂 It sat wrapped up for a couple weeks before I rolled it out. 

Thankfully I absolutely LOVED it once it was unrolled in the room. The design, the colors, it's all so lovely: 
dark blue vintage navy rug with accent colors

You can see it's definitely more vibrant in person.

The one caveat with this rug is that it doesn't have any fibers or texture like a traditional rug. It's really just printed, kind of like a mat: 
Loloi II skye rug sea rust

I wasn't sure how I felt about that at first, but once we got it down I REALLY loved it. You have to get really close to it to see that it's not a woven rug. 

It's really not much different than the rug we have in the family room: 
Layla rug white sofa family room

I didn't notice it as much with that one for some reason.

So far it wears as well or better than a regular rug:
colorful loloi rug blue coral

I got the 7x9 size and it was a bit smaller than our last one. Turns out it's the perfect size for our bed (king sized) and the room: 
dark tray ceiling with wood beams

The rug itself is soft, but thin. It doesn't feel thick underfoot like a regular one. A rug pad would help that a lot! We don't mind that it's not cushy. 

It hides everything though, and has held up really well. We have one of these rugs in our kitchen and I've even thrown it in the washer to clean it! 😮 I wouldn't recommend doing that often, but it held up great!

There are a TON of different colorways and designs available -- from more neutral to colorful. 

You can shop this room by clicking on any of the photos below: 

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How to easily update old recessed lights to energy saving LED

A tutorial on how to easily change your energy sucking recessed lights with LED versions!

I've been working on this lighting project (that has already saved us a ton of money!) slow but sure since early this year. It makes a BIG difference in both how your rooms look and your electrical bill!

When we were having some electrical work done for the new basement built ins, the electrician noted how many recessed lights we have in the basement -- a ton! He recommended looking into replacing the standard can lights with an LED version that would save a us a lot of money. 

He told us it was easy to change them out, so I started doing some research. It's a quick change and you don't need any electrical experience! Turning off your lights at the breaker is all the electrical knowledge you'll need.

Even though we have plenty of light down in the basement, my photos were usually dark. You can see how grainy the wall and ceiling are in this "before" photo I took: 
westchester gray before

While I worked on that build I started changing out the lights as well -- what a difference!: 
huge DIY entertainment wall with cabinets

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I found my LED lights at Lowe's, but you can find them at any hardware store or online. I'll share links for a few versions at the end of the post: