Monday, November 20, 2017

Stuff we're loving this year (a holiday gift guide)

Well hello and welcome to this holiday week! Any fun plans?

I do a round up of some of my favorite products this week every year -- because I am NOT a girl who gets up early on Black Friday to shop. Nope. I have friends that do it and love it and I'm always tempted. But my tired, full turkey belly self sees the darkness outside and says NO, let's stay in bed and shop online! 

So this is for those of you who are like me. And even for those of you who aren't, because these items are GOOD and are great gifts. But I think you might like them for yourself as well. :) 

This was one of those items I found while we were in the I dreamed of hot baths in our new house: 
bamboo bath tray for wine glass

I have always wanted one of these bamboo bath trays but our old tub was too wide. This one narrower so I was excited that we could use it! It stays on our tub at all times and I freaking LOVE it. There's a spot to hold up your book/tablet/phone, one for a candle or soap and do you see the best part? A holder for your wine glass! 😂 Amazing! 

It's easy to slide back and forth and as I said, it stays here all the time. It dries out easily as well. 

My husband has very few requests when it comes to general decor, but he loves Christmas decorations. Months ago he mentioned he wanted us to put candles in the windows at the new house and I was happy to oblige. :) We did some research and ended up buying these flameless window candles
timer window candles

I LOVE them. The base has a little bit of weight to it so they don't feel cheap. They come with a remote so you can turn them on with that, or you can use the timer option so they turn on at the same time every day for five hours. 

They also come with batteries and so far so good -- we've had them up for a couple weeks now and all are still lighting up beautifully every night. These candles are a little expensive but so far seem to be great quality -- they look SO lovely when we drive up to our house! And the timer option makes it so you set them and forget. 

OK, I shared this one with you a couple weeks ago but a reader just told me my favorite vacuum is on sale this week so I had to add it to the list. You can see why I love this vacuum so much at that link, and one of the reasons was the price. But this week this lightweight vacuum is only $30!!: 
best inexpensive vacuum!

Ahhh, get it! Go now. I just bought some as Christmas presents. :) I love this little vacuum and how powerful yet lightweight it is.

I have had this little chargeable screwdriver for years and really came to appreciate it after we moved:
rechargeable drill/screwdriver

I couldn't find my bigger drills and this was the first I found in boxes -- it was SO helpful. It still had a charge after sitting in storage for months too. It's powerful enough to put furniture together as well as hang items. You can easily change the direction as well. It is a GREAT tool idea for someone just getting into DIY -- hanging photos is the first step!

I shared our foyer with you last week, and my favorite new decorating items are the tall black lanterns:
affordable black lanterns

I am not kidding when I say I've been looking for an affordable lantern for a very long time. I love the look of them but tall ones (this one is two feet tall) are hard to find for a decent price. A blogging friend shared them on Instagram and I loved the look of these -- so simple and pretty.  

They can be used anywhere! I think these will move around a lot. And I want more too -- but I'm holding back for now as I get a feel for how I want things in the new house. 

This next one is thanks to my husband as well -- he found these extension cords/usb cords online and we love them:
extension cord with usb chargers
They are extension cords that have two additional plugs and four usb plugs. We like them for by the bed, in the office and take them when we travel as well -- they're super helpful in hotels.

We have two cats that used to get sick a lot. Both of us have had cats every day of our lives and we couldn't figure out why they did it. We've taken them to the vet numerous times and no one could explain it (they weren't sick, no allergies), so I did some research on my own. I read that some cats overindulge and I found some suggested a timer feeder for the cat food:
timed pet feeder

This thing has really helped! We put a small amount of food in each compartment and you can set the time for it to rotate to whatever you want (and it's really easy to set). Smaller portions help their eating and therefore their bellies, so it has reduced the issue BIG time. But now that we have it, we love it overall and highly recommend it for kitty owners. It runs on batteries but they are supposed to last a full year -- so no worries about it running out. We've had these for months now and so far so good. 

There you go! These are our latest and greatest in our household. We love and use all of them. Do you have any of these items in your house? 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Where to hang art next to a door?

Hey there, how are you on this lovely weekend? Ready for the holiday? Are you hosting Thanksgiving? We are not and I'm looking forward to taking a break this year. :) 

We've been in our house for almost a month and I had a goal in mind to get every box unpacked by now. I've accomplished that for the most part -- there are a few more that don't have homes just yet. I built a bunch of built ins in our old house and until I create more here, some stuff will sit in our storage room. 

But I'm relieved that I can finally put the box cutter away and would be thrilled if I never have to look at a cardboard box again in my life. For real. It's so great to finally feel settled! And we've found almost everything we were missing. (Still can't find the saw, which totally perplexes me.)

Anyway...I'm on to hanging things on the walls which is super exciting. It doesn't take much to thrill me, obviously. 😂 I'm trying to be really be very deliberate with what I'm hanging because the thought of messing up and patching holes on these pretty new walls makes me sweat. 

I came to our basement bathroom and was about to hang this art (we like it because it looks like abstract buildings, which reminds us of NYC), but this is the one area I get stumped when hanging stuff. 

Do you place it where it looks best with the door open: 

Or with the door shut?: 

I should have shut the door to really show this, but you get the idea. If a door stays open all the time I go with the former and hang it to the side. But the rare times the door is shut, that really looks off, right? 

And with the door open it looks wonky in the middle to me. Same question goes for furniture -- in our master in both this house and our last, I placed a bookcase centered on the wall with the door open. Our doors are open nearly all the time and we're the only ones who see the inside with the doors shut. But in a bathroom your guests get a front row seat to your hanging skills. Ha! 

So what do you do in rooms where you rarely open the door? These are the real, serious questions in life people. ;) I NEED TO KNOW. Have a great weekend my friends!