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hose bib extender higher

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This is hands down one of our best outdoor purchases ever. We like it so much we got another one for our second hose bib!

This spigot extender allows you to "move" your hose bib anywhere you want. No more bending down and trying to attach hoses on the cramped spigot against the house -- you set this up and forget it.

Use the faucet on this extender to turn on the water where it's most convenient. It's higher, easier to access and much easier to change out hoses if needed. 


  • These cute sunglasses are so flattering and come in a ton of different colors and lenses. 
  • I didn't expect to love these lightweight sheets as much as I do! They are great for summer. 
  • I get eaten ALIVE by mosquitos every summer, and it's miserable. This is the first DEET-free bug repellant I've ever used that works. I'm stocking up on it for next year too. 
  • This bug repellant cream also works well (the combo of both = NO bites), plus it instantly relieves itching from bug bites. By far the best product I've found (and I'm an expert).