Friday, April 17, 2015

Showing off Bre!

Happy Friday my friends! Hope you have a great one planned! We have very little planned (other than a lot of painting for me) and I’m really looking forward to that.

I have another LOVELY home and blogger to share with you today! Bre blogs at Rooms for Rent and I could have sworn I highlighted her before years ago! I guess I didn’t though -- her home is so, so pretty and I think you’ll like it. :)

I think it’s the perfect time of year to share Bre’s house because it feels like spring to me. You’ll understand when you see more pics. It’s so light and fresh and her styling is just beautiful.

See what I mean?:

spring dining room decor

She recently shared her dining room dressed up for spring and this is gorgeous. It makes me miss a dining room! (A little.)

But mine was never as pretty as this! Love how it flows into her living room:

colums with half wall

I swear every room in her home has tons of windows – at least it feels that way. So much natural light! I absolutely love this little built in they created in this half wall in the living room:

built ins in half wall

Bre’s style is very farmhouse but with some beachy vibes thrown in. Her kitchen is one of my favorites too – they took a basic kitchen and made some simple changes to put it over the top:

DIY plate rack kitchen

A little paint, new fixtures and shelves make a big difference! That plate wall was a DIY project and I drool over it every time I see pictures. What a great idea that adds so much character and charm!

I think we have the same counters and backsplash. ;) And corbels – but hers look so good with the white cabinets:

white kitchen cabinets I love Bre’s accessories and that she pulls in so many unique vintage items. Her office with the black accent wall is wonderful:

black accent wallYou know I love black accents in a room – and this just goes to show it doesn't need to be furniture!

Her simple changes in the mud room/hallway made a big difference too!:

beadboard and hooks mudroom

See? Windows everywhere! :) That beadboard paneling is so inexpensive and so easy to install! It instantly makes a space feel fresh and pretty.

Now you can see why I love her home so much, right? Such pretty spaces that are functional too. Go check out her blog to see more of her beautiful home!

Have a wonderful weekend! We’re supposed to hit near 80 tomorrow! Pretty sure it was 50 degrees earlier this week but I’ll take it. :)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Backsplash: Other Than Tile

Hello all! I’m busy working on other areas in the house lately, but I’ve also been planning out my next step in the kitchen renovation in my head for weeks. (Check out progress so far --the new window seat, the expanded kitchen island and the new built in fridge.) The backsplash won’t happen quite yet, but I can’t help but think about it. A lot. I think it’s going to be one of the most important aspects of the kitchen.

I’m pretty sure we’ll go with tile but I’m not positive yet. I installed a beadboard backsplash years five years ago and it has held up really well:


When I installed it few readers were concerned about moisture and stains but there’s nothing to worry about – if you paint it with a semi or high gloss everything wipes right off. Moisture can’t get in there because it’d have to be done from behind and it’s just not possible, at least in our kitchen. I’m super impressed with it and would highly recommend it to anyone considering an easy and inexpensive fix!

This cost me less than $50 and I applied it right on top of the old tile. :) The only hard part was painting all of it. That part stinks, not gonna lie.

I’m not keeping the beadboard because I plan to remove some cabinets and what I have there only goes up that far. I can’t patch it and I’m ready for a new look anyway. This has served us incredibly well for all these years!

But the beadboard has me thinking – a backsplash doesn't have to be tile! One of my favorite looks lately is a wood planked backsplash:

natural wood backsplash white kitchen

(Apartment Therapy)

Goodness, I think that is so pretty! It repeats the floor look and tone so it works beautifully.

People shy away from wood in the kitchen, understandably. But if you seal it with a polyurethane you’ll be good to go. If you are considering planks you’ll want to make sure they meet up (with no gap) and then seal them, or you can leave a gap and caulk between each one (clear if you’re going with a natural tone, white if you’re painting them). Then seal the entire thing after that.

Our backsplash is mdf – which is incredibly porous when left alone. But after paint, nothing bothers it!

Here’s another natural look that I loved:

natural wood backsplash white shelves


Doesn’t that look lovely with white accents?

I’ve also seen the sticky vinyl floor planks that look like wood used on a wall so that would be a great one to consider too. More expensive but super easy to clean I’m sure.

I love this darker look as well:

industrial wood backsplash

(Design Sponge)

All of the wood tones look fabulous together! This is a more industrial look and I dig it. A wood backsplash would be fairly inexpensive too – definitely cheaper than some tile I’ve seen lately.

Of course, there’s the more classic and clean look of the white planks:

white wood planked backsplash

(Garden Web)

This home has it above the stovetop so you know it has to be able to handle messes. My only question is if it would be a fire hazard of any kind that close to the heat source? Ours hasn’t been an issue because our burners are further away from the wall.

I had to show you this one because it’s such a brilliant idea – this homeowner used beadboard like I did, but in a much different way:

herringbone beadboard backsplash

(Farmhouse 38)

They figured out how to cut the beadboard panels at an angle to create a herringbone pattern. It is gorgeous! I’m sure it would be a lot of work to get the cuts right, but installation is easy! (They share how they did it in the link above.)

And of course, there’s creating the look of tile where there isn’t any. Love this idea! This was done with a stencil:

stenciled wall in kitchen (Cutting Edge Stencils, home of The Diana House)

I did something similar in our basement. I didn’t do it to mimic tile but I love the look:

stenciled backsplash

My friend Myra did a similar treatment, but without the stencil:

painted herringbone backsplash

(My Blessed Life)

She used painters tape and some careful measuring and it looks like tile to me!

Here’s one more because I love the contrast of the dark gray and white:  stenciled backsplash

(This Old House)

I think any of these ideas look fantastic and most of them are an inexpensive way to give your backsplash a custom look. Of course the nicer the wood the more your costs go up, but there are plenty of cheaper options to pick from.

Have any of you done a non-traditional backsplash with something other than tile? Feel free to leave links in the comments if you want to share. :)