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December 15, 2014

Have you started your shopping yet? I know so many people who are done. DONE! I can’t even believe it – I’ve barely started but that isn’t unusual. I am a procrastinator all year long, this time of year is no different.

If you’re still looking for some fun, unique gifts we’ve got you covered. 

I seriously love these posts because I love finding new-to-me items, especially this time of year.

I think I’ve shared these before but they are worth mentioning again because they are that fun:

Christmas light glasses

If you have a tradition of driving around to see Christmas lights (even more fun in your jammies) then you will LOVE these glasses. They are seriously so fun – they turn regular Christmas lights into fun shapes. Over the years we’ve had the snowflakes, snowmen, ornaments, reindeer, bells and candy canes.

Here’s what they look like through the camera lens:

Christmas light glasses

We LOVE them! 

This next product is made locally here in Indiana and it’s another favorite (duh, these all are). I found over the years that I’d buy expensive perfumes and the only way they’d stay on is if I doused myself.

I discovered Ambre last year and have only used it since:

ambre scents

The bottle is small and costs less than a fancy perfume – but the thing is, it lasts FOREVER. It was hard for me to pay that for such a small amount but it goes on and on and on…because you have to use so little of it. They are oils that you just put on your pulse points. I’ve had mine for over a year and still have almost half a bottle left, even after using it almost every day.

Eventually you won’t smell it on yourself as much but everyone else will – I get asked about this far more than any spray perfume I’ve ever worn. There are four scents and the brown one is my favorite. :)

This item is one for the person that has everything. Well…the person that has everything and loves popcorn: 

Whirley pop

Which is EVERYONE.

I seriously use my WhirleyPop at least once a week, most of the time two. I ask for a new one of these every couple of years because I wear them out. I’m a popcorn fanatic and as I discovered years back – there is NOTHING like home popped popcorn. I will never buy microwave popcorn again. Evahhh.

Here’s how I use it – the tiny little corn kernels are a must. Dump them in, then add coconut oil. Pop and then add sea salt to your liking. It is delish and the only way I make it anymore. I’m eating it right. now.

Here’s another one for the kids – we pick up our Lego Advent calendar every August uhhh…October? 

Lego advent

The kiddo loves waking up and opening up each day in December. It’s a fun little tradition he looks forward to every year. They also have the girl and Star Wars Lego advents as well.

OK, this isn’t a gift idea really but I had to include it because I’m obsessed with these paint colors and they were my faves this year:

 analytical gray Sherwin WilliamsPeppercorn Sherwin Williams

Both are colors from Sherwin Williams and both are lovely – Analytical Gray is a perfect neutral in my opinion. I have a friend who used it in her home and she finds it has a green tint to it – it doesn’t in our home but the amount of natural light you get will make a difference for sure. It is a great “greige” – a color that isn’t going anywhere soon.

We have most of our main level painted in that color and have used the gray Peppercorn as accents in our family room and master bedroom:

Peppercorn gray Sherwin Williams

They are definitely my favorite paint colors of 2014. :)

So this one I saw on a commercial a couple weeks ago and I’m a complete sucker for stuff like this. I went right out and picked one up:

magic wand

You plug your Christmas tree lights into the receiver and then use the Magic Wand to turn them on and off. :) Super, super cute. It makes a fun little twinkling noise whenever you use it. My son LOVES using it and I do too.

I think I’ve mentioned this doodad before but again, worth sharing twice. We use this Open It tool at least once a day:


Open It scissors

It’s especially handy this time of year when you’re opening numerous packages in impossibly hard to open plastic. It cuts through just about everything and I even use it to cut flowers in the yard. :) It also has little extras at the end like a utility knife and a tiny screwdriver. It is AWESOME – we wear it out once every couple of years we use ours so much.

My final favorite isn’t thrifty but sometimes you want to splurge and this one is worth it. :) Linnea’s Lights are another local product and are simply the best, most fragrant candles I’ve ever burned:


Linnea's Lights candles

They are a soy candle and burn forever. I used the pumpkin scent throughout through the fall and it seriously makes the whole house smell amazing. Because they last so long and work so well I spend the extra money on them. I’ve been burning them for five months regularly and am barely into my second.

There you go – have you tried any of these products? I love and highly recommend them all.

Maybe these ideas will help out your last minute shopping…if you’re a procrastinator shopper like me. Or just want to gift yourself perhaps? :)


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  1. Thank you for reminding about those glasses - we used to have them when my kids were little - but big kids like them, too, so I ordered them this morning! (:

  2. Have you ever tried the walmart mainstays candles? They're less than $4 for the 3-wick candles and they smell delicious! I light one at my office building and after an hour or so, EVERYBODY in the office can smell it! They're great and very inexpensive! Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  3. I love changing up the colors and themes in my home. I love all the ideas this blog has! The different colors on the white wall, absolutely perfect! I am going to play around with some spray paint this weekend. I am sure my girls would love to help me out, and paint somethings for their own rooms.


  4. I need to head over to Carmel and pick up one of those candles. I am loving me some yummy candles this Christmas more than I usually do. Thanks for the great list!

  5. I loved everything you featured but especially the candles. I have to admit I'll most likely get candles at Wal mart due to budget restraints. Love fragrance of candles in house any time but especially at Christmas. I spray our pine cones with cinnamon oil daily to keep them smelling clean and fresh. Love it when we come home from somewhere to fragrance of the cinnamon. Having a big dog in house necessitates "airing" out the rooms. I can't smell him but just in case.
    I'm always so inspired when I read your posts, love your blog and your style. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Great ideas for Christmas gifts, I love clippers for gifts unwrapping, it is made specially for those who were very good this year and plans to get a lot of presents! Hope that I was good enough!:)

  7. You know what I like most about this post? Your sweet dog and cat stretched out on the back of your couch :)

  8. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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