How to make easy, large DIY Christmas bows

December 08, 2017

So I searched for "easy Christmas DIY bows" the other day and tried at least three versions (that seemed incredibly easy). Each time I ended up with a mess of ribbon that looked NOTHING like what they showed. 

I may or may not have cursed a few times. 😂

I finally found a bow that ended up looking pretty cute. It was much easier than any of the others I found as well. I guess this is a common bow method but I've just never taken the time to make my own. 

You only need two things -- a (TON) of wired ribbon (I think I had 30 yards) and wire of some kind. You can use wire, floral wire, pipe cleaners...anything like that will work. 

First up, cut one length of the ribbon at around five feet (I ended up making them a bit longer, around 65 inches) and one at two feet. Then place the long one on a surface like so:
How to make easy Christmas bows

I had to study it as I did this because I kept doing it backwards. You just lay it flat and then pull one side over, then the other. You may want to widen that part at the top as you go, that will be the back part of the bow.

Then, take the smaller section of ribbon and overlap the ends a bit like so: 
How to make an easy bow with two items

Grab that piece and flip it over so the solid side is in the front. Lay it on top of the longer piece: 
Easy DIY bow method

I didn't show it well here, but you want that piece to be a little less wide than the one already on the ground. 

Then you just kind of scrunch all of it up into one part -- grab the two from the bottom in the middle all the way up to the top piece. Don't worry about making it perfect: 
How to make DIY traditional Christmas bows

Take some wire and wrap it around to secure the parts together. You can adjust the bows as you do this if needed:
How to make simple Christmas bows

Your bow is just about complete! Time to hide the wire. 

You can hot glue something on if you want -- you could decorate these however you want! I had leftover ribbon from decorating the tree so I just cut small pieces of it and wrapped it around the wire in the middle. Then I used the wire I already had on there to secure that part on the back too: 
How to make easy Christmas bows

Hot glue would work too! But this method keeps the number of necessary "tools" down. ;) 

When you're done you can dress up the ends of the ribbon by folding them in half and then cutting like so:
How to make DIY Christmas bows

This gives them that upside down "V" at the ends. 

Fluff as needed and then you can use the leftover wire in the back to hang your bows: 
Greenery and DIY bows on stair railing

If you missed our Christmas stairs, you can check them out here!

I think they are such a pretty, traditional touch. Of course you can dress them all kinds of ways -- using two different ribbons for the bows would be fun! Or cover the wire with something fun in the middle. Easy and simple -- you just need to make sure you have plenty of ribbon!

Have you made these bows or do you have a different way of doing it? Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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  1. Such a simple touch, but really adds to the Christmas spirit! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thank you for posting this! It was perfect timing for me as I was just saying to my hubby how I wish our outdoor light swags had bows at the top. I went to Targer and for just $5 bought some beautiful ribbons and followed your technique. They are gorgeous and really add to to the swags! Wish I could post a pic. So much better than the ready made bows at Target.

  3. The step by step tutorial is wonderful, however, i would definitely like to see a closeup of the finished product. Thanks! BTW, your banister looks FABULOUS :-)


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