Friday, October 6, 2017

My projects in your house!

I LOVE writing these posts! It thrills me to no end when one of you replicates a project of mine or uses one as your inspiration. And it makes me so happy when you share it with me. (If you've done a project please send it to me!)

This weekend I wanted to show off a few of the lovely folks who tackled projects in their own home (and did them beautifully!). 

First up, Melissa shared her makeover with me on Instagram -- she used my board and batten tutorial in this living space: 

I LOVE how it turned out and this shows how great it looks with more modern furnishings. (I love everything in here!) It's hard to go wrong with board and batten on the walls:

You can find Melissa's Instagram here at MK_athome.

I shared Merrin's take on our built in bookcases earlier this week because I plan to copy her color next time I do them. ;) 

Love them in gray and mixed with the wood tones!

Carla sent me photos of her island painted in peppercorn like ours and my jaw hit the floor because her kitchen and family room are so gorgeous!: 

The dark gray is a perfect accent in there! And isn't that family room so cozy and pretty? Goodness I can't wait to have a house again. :) 

And last but not least, Lauren shared her DIY bookcases as well: 

I love the library lights, they did so good. Perfect! The great thing about these bookcases is they offer so much storage as well. It's just a great combo. 

Hope you enjoyed these! I love when you do what I do. ;) If you have photos you'd like me to share please send me an email (click on the "contact" tab at the top of my page). I always appreciate that you take the time to send me what you've done in your home!

Check out some of the other reader projects I've shared in this post and this one as well.


  1. These are amazing! I wish I had a home big enough (and half as much talent as you) to try out of your projects at my home. Perhaps in the future!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'd copy any and all those projects - just never seem to have it together to do it. I'd love to do the board and batten AND the book shelves in my home office.

    This room needs help!!!! And I spend most of my waking hours in here. Ugh. Maybe that's why I don't fix it up anymore - just painting it was so disruptive, haha.


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