Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Moving update and our empty house


My name is Sarah...I blog at this site called Thrifty Decor Chick. Remember that blog?  😂

I'm coming up for air -- selling and moving has absolutely kicked my butt. It's been emotionally and physically exhausting. But so far...I would do this process over again (I'd just start packing much sooner) for the end result -- and it isn't even done yet. ;) That's saying a LOT and if you've seen me and my harried look and blank stares over the past few weeks, shows you how excited I am for our new house. 

But. I'm going out on a limb here and doing what I hardly ever do...I'm going to say the "never" word. Barring unexpected life events, we are NEVER moving ever again. Mark my words. I'm putting them in writing on this day so it will be known. This shouldn't be a problem, as I've never had the urge to move until I walked through our forever dream house a few months back. So I don't see ever getting the bug again. 

But. Nevahhh

The last I talked with you we had just moved all of our furniture out of our house, and then two hours later got word that a house sale down the line fell through. Turns out we were staying put for awhile...just with no things. Ha! 

Many of you were confused by why a house four down the line would affect us. It's simple really -- each buyer had to sell to buy the next seller's house. If one falls through we're all affected. It left four families in limbo...but it did not last long! 

We have a very close friend who was getting married in Mexico last week and we've had it on our calendar for almost a year. Hence our early move out last week. So we moved out and the next day headed out of the country for a couple days of the beach and margaritas. It did not suck. We paused all of the prep to close on our house, including finalizing details with the lender, insurance rep and utilities. 

We got word on Thursday that the sales were back ON!! Wonderful news!! But the last day of our trip we were scrambling to get things finished. I was totally happy with that because I really needed the security of knowing our house was going to sell soon to get us in to our new one. 

So that's the update -- we closed on our house today (and close on the new one in a few days) and are now in a short term hotel for at least six weeks. Our friends moved into our house yesterday and we were in and out all day grabbing last minute stuff. We had SO many random things laying around! Two things I've learned -- Lego sets are nearly impossible to move without total destruction and Nerf bullets breed like rabbits. Or at least it seems like it. 

Here's the thing. I haven't been that sad! I realized this morning it's because of the simple fact that we will still be able to go see our house all the time...and get to see it loved. How lucky are we? Most people have to walk away from their home forever and never see it again. Ours is not goodbye but a see you soon. Even through all the stress and exhaustion that is not lost on me. We are so very fortunate and I still can't believe it worked out like this. 

I went through the house taking photos of the rooms as I finished emptying them out. I did this to have them for myself, but many of you asked to see them as well. I have never been prouder of our home than when it was empty. Isn't that funny? The character I have added to this home makes it shine without one lick of furniture or decor. It is a true, special beauty and I love it more now than I ever have. 

Here are the photos -- enjoy! I link to each room reveal above the photos and below each photo I linked to ALL of my posts on each of these rooms so you can see the projects through the years. (These were all taken with my cell so the quality isn't the best, sorry about that!)

DIY built in bookcases using kitchen cabinets

Turning a dining room into a library

White wainscoting on walls
(My friend is babysitting the plants while we're in between.)

Gray and white kitchen cabinets

Window seat in kitchen

Kitchen with black chalkboard

DIY extended island in kitchen
You can see how I transformed this space and all of the projects here.

Gray fireplace with built ins

Board and batten on walls
This one is partly kitchen too. ;) 

DIY book nook closet

Office with built in double desk

Basement with built in cubbies and stone fireplace

basement kitchenette with shelves

That's just a few of my favorite spaces in the house, and the ones I'm most proud of after everything was out. I forgot to grab one of our bedroom but it was so beautiful as well!

OK, I swear I'll be back to a normal posting schedule very shortly! I'm hoping this week but I've learned not to promise. ;) We still have another closing to finish up and I have to get our hotel space somewhat organized so we can stop tripping over each other (and the cats). I have some wonderful updates to share on the new house and will also be blogging about each room in our "old" (that's weird to say!) home because I didn't even share some of the final finished spaces.

But I WILL be blogging in a more normal fashion again and I'm really looking forward to it. :) Thanks for your patience with me! This is going to be a fun new journey!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm never moving again.

Hey strangers! Remember me? :) To say life has been overwhelming lately would be an understatement. Tonight is the first night in quite some time I've been able to relax a bit. 

Moving is no joke people. I've heard it's up there with life's top stressors and now I totally get it. This is where I'd normally throw in a "first world problem" hashtag, but I'm not quite ready to joke just yet. 😅 Selling a house is very real stress, even though it's a stress most would consider ourselves lucky to have. 

Originally I didn't plan to announce our move until we closed on our house -- for many reasons. Most of those reasons have happened in the past few weeks. I won't go into much detail, but it's been one thing after another. Today we got some news that makes me want to laugh -- but a maniacal, I rarely sleep anymore and don't answer the phone cause I'm afraid it's more bad news and I've been packing for 12 hours a day for the past week kind of laugh. Ha!  More on that in a bit. 

SO. We moved all of our stuff out today!! We had some plans we made nearly a year ago that made it so we had to move out a little early. Our closing was scheduled for next week. But we planned to camp out on blow up beds and make the best of it before moving into an extended stay hotel in a few days. (The whole hotel instead of an apartment is another story! It's cheaper to stay in a hotel, at least in our situation.)

We used Two Men and a Truck here in Indy to move 13 years ago and were so pleased with them, they were the first ones we called this time. They came out, walked inside and outside the house and gave us an estimate. I appreciated that they actually counted our beds, furniture and TVs and were able to give us a really good idea of what our final cost would be. 

Because we will be in between houses for a couple months, we needed a storage option too. Thankfully they offer that -- they are taking care of both moves and the storage and it's eased my mind quite a bit. 

I'm a little surprised at how excited I was for this day. It could be because we've lived in a moving box jungle for weeks now. It's gotten really bad in the past week: 

Yesterday I was in throw-random-crap-in-boxes-mode -- you know what I'm saying if you've moved recently. It's the part where you start to panic and are afraid half your stuff will be left at your house. I legit labeled many boxes "RANDOM." I'll enjoy that later I'm sure! 

We had a crew of four guys (Rapheal, DJ, Brandon and Rondall) and they were AWESOME. Super professional the entire time and they worked their butts off. They provided two trucks and had a third one available on call if needed:

There were a few things that we really appreciated -- first of all that they put a mat down in the entry where they were rolling the dolly over and over: 

Then, how they protected the doors -- they wrapped and taped the side of the door, the glass door and our front door:

I was surprised they wrapped every single piece of furniture. Not just with plastic, but every one got padded with blankets as well: 

Even the upholstered chairs!:

So we had a storage bin full of Legos -- but I had lost the lid. (Who loses a storage container lid??) I was planning to just dump the Legos in a box and pack them up, but never got to it. I forgot about it till I saw them take it out to the truck -- they wrapped that thing so well not one Lego will emerge. It was little things like that that really impressed me. 

We all joked that their job is a real life version of Tetris -- they worked items just so, so that most of our house was in just one truck! I was shocked at what they were able to (safely) fit in there:

Those four guys worked their tails off for six hours!! We couldn't be more thrilled with how they handled our items. Then they left to unload and fill our storage rental as well -- that's a hard day. 

We loved the little things they did, like the Lego bin, and that they didn't roll the heavy dolly down our wood steps. They carried the it down, and then put it on the floor to roll out. I was pleasantly surprised at that. A friend of mine just had a horrible moving experience so I was grateful for these little touches. 

Our storage is temperature controlled so that gives me peace of mind as well. And we can add to it any time -- we have a few things like our treadmill that we didn't get apart in time so we'll make an appointment to take that over later. Overall we were thrilled! Two Men and a Truck locations are independently owned all over the country. If you'd like to check out a location near you, check out their site here. Our local Indianapolis location was top notch. (If you're nearby be sure to check them out on Facebook too.)

Want to hear the best part? Are you ready? ;) Not even two hours after they drove away with all of our stuff...beds, cooking utensils, chairs...pretty much everything...we got word that the buyer of the buyers of the buyers of buyers of our house (got that?) had to back out of their sale. So. That house (four removed? I've lost track) is back on the market and our closing could be pushed out one week to a month. Or more? Depends on when it sells. 

If it sells soon this is actually a blessing in disguise because we'll get to stay in our house longer and save money on our in-between living. If it doesn't sell soon...well, it gets sticky and not so fun, so we're not even going to talk about that, OK? :) I have a good feeling about it all -- I think it's going to work out for everyone involved. I just hate being in limbo. And not having chairs. 

We were going to buy a new bed for our son, so we'll probably do that sooner than later now, if we're going to be in the house for another month. Not sure the inflatable beds will cut it that long. 

Another good thing? I've been so stressed I've lost ten pounds in about a month. Probably more, but I wouldn't know because our scale is packed away in a storage facility across town. 👍

I'll keep you updated on the news of course! Please send good house sale vibes to the buyers down the line. Us four families would appreciate it. :) We'll survive -- the bests in my life have all come after some tests, this is just another one. AND we got word that cabinets will be going in at the new house next week, so I'm giddy at the progress. It's a beauty! 

I'll be back later this week! 

Disclosure: I worked with Two Men and a Truck on this post but already had them scheduled to do our job anyway -- I only share brands I know and love with you all.