Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Laminate is indestructible.

This project is a PERFECT example of the need for patience when working on projects in your home. This is something I have very little of when I get on a roll.

The new look in kitchens is two tones for wood cabinets -- for instance, cherry cabinets and a black island. Depending on the room and the wood tones, I think this can be beautiful. The other night, I was watching an HGTV show and they covered the back of an island with a ratan rug -- it gave it texture that was interesting.

Dangerous. I start looking at our kitchen...thinking of how everything kind of melts together...the cherry cabinets, cherry table and chairs (I'm working on that one), cherry floors and cherry island. I thought, how great would a black island look? I'll add molding to it (an obsession of mind, as you will soon see) and paint it black! Brilliant!

Well, I thought I had planned it out well. I knew the laminate they make the sides of the island out of would not hold paint well. So I got the sander out, got the right grit sandpaper, planned out my painting... So I sanded and painted. When I sanded the first coat, it rolled right off. Gah. So I sanded again. And again. And. Again. Gave up, got the liquid sandpaper. It seemed to work great -- I painted again. And I go to paint the final coat and paint was literally rolling off in my hands. I mean, really.

At this point, I am over this project in a big way. I painted it one more time and will just have to see how it holds up. If it doesn't...I'm calling in the professionals.

The moral of this story is...TAKE YOUR TIME. Do it right. And USE PRIMER!!!

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

The best part -- this was a $30 project:

  • $24 for the molding materials
  • $6 for liquid sandpaper
  • black paint was leftover from another project

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  1. I love this and the tv stand! I have a couple pieces of particle board I need to paint and was scared, but not now, that you have braved it!! Thanks for sharing! Much better than before, and like you say, it is worth it, even if you have to replace it in 6 mos at the prices we are getting the stuff for!! Smiles!!


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