Monday, July 28, 2008

With some patience and $10.

So I did it the right way this time! We have an armoire that I have loathed forever...I almost dragged it out to the garage sale this year just because I am so over it. It has a very country feel to it that I just cannot stand anymore. But, turns out it's a really nice piece of furniture. And I REALLY didn't want to drop at least $600 on a new armoire.

So I decided to paint it...the right way. Started with primer, let it cure, and then three coats of black paint. This project only cost $10 for paint. The most important parts of this kind of project are using primer to start and letting each coat of paint dry fully. I painted the knobs (that I had replaced a while back in an effort to update the piece) with a bronze glaze and it makes them pop. I also filled in the grooves on the front of the doors so the beadboard wasn't quite so noticeable.

Here's the before:

Here's the after...

Black paint transforms just about anything!! It still has a bit of the country look it, but I think it looks so much better now.


  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog-I didn't realize you had one, I'm gonna add it to my favorites :) Its so funny you posted about painting an armoir becuase I just bought a really ugly one on clearance and need to paint it but I have no clue how! Do you have to sand it first? Is there a special kind of paint I need to buy? I'm painting mine a cream color.

  2. I like how the black looks on the piece but it looks a little top heavy in the picture ( maybe not in real life?). Have you ever thought of velcro-ing a skirt to the bottom ? It would be a great place to hide, um, store some stuff or hide cords. Just found you site and enjoying looking thru all your posts. Mikki

  3. I'm about to do a lot of painting myself with black. I am putting my 7 year old daughters room together from a bunch of stuff we had and thrift store finds so your journal is definitely fun to read.

  4. I love it! I found your blog through another blog and love your work! You do such a great job of decorating without the high costs and/or re-purposing items to give them new life! I am looking for pieces of furniture to paint black too...without any luck yet!

    I also am wondering if you sanded the wood before priming?


  5. This is beautiful! What a difference the black makes, I'm thinking of doing this to my bedframe now :)


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