Sunday, September 7, 2008

$1.50 I can make $1.50 go on and on and on! I picked out a bronze glaze (that cost $1.50 for the bottle) for the hardware on the armoire I repainted a few weeks ago. I loved the way it looked so much, I ended up using all over the place! Here are some examples:

The hardware on the armoire was black, but I needed them to pop off the new black color:

I used stencils I already had, with the glaze, to decorate the armoire doors:

The is the artwork I made for over our master bedroom fireplace. I used the bronze glaze to highlight the texture:

I used another stencil with the glaze to add to the wainscoting in the powder room:

And used the glaze to repaint the textured parts on the powder room walls so they would pop. (I also used the glaze for the mirror!):

There are so many different options available -- tons of different metallic glazes and hundreds of colors at the craft store. I was going for the bronze look and this turned out to be just what I wanted. AND I still have some left. Believe me, I've tried to find more places to use it but I just need to put the bottle AWAY. :)


  1. Sarah, I am going to have to try the metallic paints!! The bronze looks awesome! What a great idea!!

  2. So cool! I love the stencils you used too. I've thought of doing a large stencil pattern in my powder bath downstairs. I don't want it to look too "crafty" though. Yours look really nice.

  3. Looks really nice. I like the fun easy projects that makes such a difference :o)

  4. wow, i love your blog, i like to check in and see what creation you have come up with. Love the art you made for above your bed, did it come with the design on it alreay and you painted it....
    love your creativity

  5. How did you make the wall art above your bed? Is it "textured?" wallpaper and canvas?

  6. I LOVE the art work that you put above your fire place. PLEASE teach us how to do it!

  7. i have to try the wall paper art! and I love your use of fluer de lis (spelling?) the glaze painting on the with the stencils are fab! I have never used metalic glaze before - I want to try!

  8. What kind of metallic glaze did you use???


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