Thursday, February 12, 2009

Questions for little ‘ol ME??

A few days weeks months ago my new friend Giorgina over at Décor Medley asked me to do an interview. This sweet woman put up with me and waited about three months for me to get back to her…I really hope it was worth it! Check out my interview here to find out more about me!

So you may have noticed if you’ve asked me a question about one of my posts that I suck royally at getting back to you. I mean…ROYALLY. I see the question in the comments and then it’s gone…flitters out of my head like a little butterfly flying into the sunset…

Ahhh…butterflies…sunsets...I need to watch the sunset tomorrow -- it really is beautiful. I wonder if butterflies hibernate or if they just die before winter? What should I make for dinner tomorrow night? I wonder if it’s going to be warm again tomorrow. Should I wear my coat or just a jacket again?

SEE?? It’s GONE I tell you! So I just wanted to let you all know I’ll start answering you in the comments of each post. So if you ask something, go back and check out the comments, look for my face, and you should get your answer. If you don’t, or if you’ve asked me something I haven’t gotten back to you on, please e-mail me (see the left) and I will get back to you that way!
While we are on the topic of questions, I thought I would share a few I’ve gotten that would be good to share with the group:
Crystal asked: I have been looking for short rods like in your dining room, but haven't found them yet. Where did you find those?

Me: I actually cut my own, because I couldn't find any either. If you want wood poles, go get a four or six foot drapery pole (at Target, Lowe’s, wherever) and cut it in half (I use my hand saw) and then drill a new hole in the new end so that the finial can go in. Most of the time Lowes or Home Depot will cut them for you. If you have a metal pole, there's a handheld tool you can buy to cut them yourself. I think mine was less than $10 and it's really easy!


Amy asked: I've always wanted to put all sorts of moldings in our house but had no idea how to go about it. My house was built in the 80's and all the walls are textured. I'm no design expert but it seems once I paint it all out white, the texture will make it look terrible. Is it a mistake to do moldings/chair rail at all on these walls?

Me: This is a good question. I've never tried it with textured walls. If you are just doing a chair rail or crown molding, it will be fine. It should look great. If you want to do the wainscoting look, with the squares, then yes, I think it will look off. You are right. It will add a bit more work, but what you could do is put pieces of smooth plywood or MDF on the wall first, to give it a smooth texture, then put the squares on that, and the chair rail above it. (That's actually how some of the professionals do it.) It would need to be really thin, and you want to make sure the cuts are done well, so they all go together along the wall seamlessly. It sounds like a lot more work, but it really wouldn't be that bad. The only bad part would be you may have to remove your baseboards, put the wood on the wall, then reinstall your baseboards. If the board is thin enough, you won't need to do that.

Andrea asked: I just bought my first set of three apothecary jars. I want them to be more decorative than functional and they will probably be in my kitchen, atop my fridge or on top of my china hutch. What are some ideas to put in them? Help! I'm stuck.

Me: Oh fun!! OK, for the kitchen, try fake lemons, limes, apples, pears or artichokes. For the bathroom, I put in bath salts, soap, cotton balls. For other areas, try decorative balls (like mossy balls, etc.) or rocks, or I thought about just putting moss in some too...In our dining hutch I'm going to put wine corks in some and maybe some fake grapes.
Stacy asked: I love all of your molding projects, you have inspired me to take on one of my own...I have columns similar to yours that already have nice molding on the top and bottom, but I want to add some trim work. Do you know if I am supposed to nail in the thin pieces of if I can just use some type of glue? I want to do the tall rectangles on the columns like yours.

Me: YES you can use glue on the molding, in fact, before I got a nail gun, I used glue for all of my skinny molding like that on the columns. Make sure you have a level...and some painters tape. If you get good glue, you shouldn't need it but I always taped them just in case after I hung them. I got the big caulk gun and the glue that fits in those. Be sure to put a VERY thin line of glue on the molding or it will squish out. I have many spots where you can see glue in our dining room. :)

And there you go – a few questions answered!

So to continue this, I thought we’d mix it up a little bit…since I’m in the middle of about 31 projects right now, I thought for this weekend, you could ask me something…anything!

Welllll, just about anything! Let’s be real here folks. So if you have a (fairly quick) question for me – whether it be decorating-related or personal -- leave it in the comments. I’ll answer them next week. Fun, yes?

P.S. If you have paid for a consultation, and I have not gotten back to you yet, PLEASE e-mail me again! Gmail has eaten a few e-mails and I want to make sure I get back to everyone!



  1. Awesome interview! :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. you are so nice to do this... seriously! so i just got a huge freaking tv and stand, but now that i don't have an entertainment center i need somewhere to put pics of the baby boy and some little knick knack things.. what do you suggest? shelves? i just don't know... lame question i guess, but i need help.
    p.s. i love your blog, you crack me right up!

  3. I would love to know where you go the fabric for for that window treatment on your side bar.. I love it!

  4. Congrats on the interview. cherry

  5. I love interviews, lol. I can't think of a question though???? That's wierd, because I'm usually such a gabber and I'm ALWAYS nosy. :)

  6. I've been following your blog for a while now, but never posted. You've actually inspired me to make curtains for my youngest daughter's room and they turned out perfect. Love that hemming tape!

    For my question - in our downstairs bathroom we have a shower stall with a door. This shower gets used about 3 times a year when my mother visits overnight. I want to hang a very pretty shower curtain in front of the door to hide it (I'm not a big fan of shower doors and this is a frosted glass door, not a pretty clear door, covering a mint green shower stall). My husband says this will look stupid. Your thoughts?

  7. I love the wine corks in the apothocary jars idea! An excuse to drink more wine! ;-)

  8. Great answers to great questions.
    Don't stress out, you're doing a fabulous job!

  9. I also love the wine cork idea. Man, when I think of allll those wine corks I've thrown away . . . sigh.

    I love your bathroom with the chocolate and decorative moulding. I wanted to paint our master bath chocolate (we re-did it 2/07). My husband is adamant against it and concerned about re-sale value. We bought the paint but never painted it--it is still primed and waiting. What do you think about chocolate paint and re-sale value? How do you handle situations when your husband disagrees with your decorating vision? Thank you!!

  10. I loved this post. I'll bet so many of us had the same questions...and there you are, reading our minds.

    Have a great Valentines!

  11. Great interview!

    I was in Target this week, looking at step stools for Monkey's impending potty adventures, and I spotted the one with the hidden storage.

    I audibly gasped and lunged for it, followed by a not so whispered, "Ah-HA! I found it!"

    I may end up being banned from that Target if I keep this up.

  12. How do I lose 20 pounds?

    Oh....was it supposed to be about decorating?
    Dang it.

  13. I just adore your blog.
    You now have a new follower!

  14. Your writing style always makes me smile. We have a 1940's cottage, hardwood floors. The house came w/o floor boards/base boards. I'd like to put some in, and have some nice simple 1940's choices. But I am not sure how to attach it to our plaster/cement/hard as rock walls so it stays put and without buying a pneumatic nail gun or jack hammer or laser gun. Thanks!


  15. What a fun interview! I always love all your posts. So fun to read!

  16. Paint, Paint and more Paint. I would love to know what you use to paint some of your projects? Spray paint? Tried that myself and it doesn't like me much! Then again it was my first try at it.

  17. Great questions and answers! Your home is so lovely. Thanks for letting me come by and drool!

    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  18. Once again- amazing. Short rods? I guess I would need to see the entire window, I am having a hard time understanding that- though its an awesome idea! I have wondows all over I have to do something with- pretty cool idea! so I guess you just put them on the ends of the window... hum.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  19. Love your blog and I've been getting lots of ideas for my plain, white walled house :) My question is I see on alot of blogs and magazine pictures all the beautiful banners people hang from their mantles for the holidays. How do you hang these so you don't do anything permanent to the mantle that you would see once the banner is removed? Thanks.

  20. Love the interview..and your blog in general!

    So, here's my question. We may be moving back into our old house (long story!) that has a HUGE greatroom. Living/Kitchen/Dining greatroom, with cathedral ceilings. THere is also a fireplace smack dab in the middle of the dining and living area..not IN either area, but in between. I always had trouble decorating in the 'great room' deal, b/c it felt SO BIG and open and non-cozy. Any suggestions on how to cozy it up some? How can I make the fireplace not look so out of place?

    Thanks so much!

  21. This is the Amy who asked the molding question. Thanks so much for your answer. I really appreciate it. Still love your blog and just thought it was funny to read in your interview that your husband is a band director/composer. So is my father- that's the world I grew up in. I'm now a stay-at-home mom/professional horn player. My husband manages my dad's compositions and method books with his publishing company- an on the side job. Just a fun coincidence!

  22. Hi Sarah!

    I'm new to the blog world and came across your blog and I just love it!!
    Your blog about decluttering and getting organized has inspired me, thank you!!

    Happy Valenines Day!

    God Bless

  23. Love the Q&A- here and on your guest interview! Keep it comin'!

  24. In answer to Amy's question about adding crown molding, chair rail to her textured's fine as long as you choose one or the other. Since your walls are already texture you don't want to add to many elements or it will look busy. A textured and some small crown molding would look great!!!

    P.S- Sarah your pictures look great, thanks for all the useful tips.


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