Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four ca-ute projects under $5!

And three were under TWO BUCKS!!
Awwwww yeah...
And yes, some involved spray paint, of course.

Remember the little tool box from the previous post? I got it for $3.99 at Goodwill and about peed. my. pants. when I saw it. I have been looking for one forever! (OK, just a few weeks, but...whatever.)
I printed out my stencil:
After I spray painted the whole thing brown, I added the stencil to the front:
(The blurriness is me, not the stencil.)
Then took another trip to Goodwill (good thing there are three within 1.5 mile radius of our house, right??) and found five little glass cups that fit in perfect:

Totally and completely adorable, no?? I still have to find more art supplies that are scattered throughout the house, but I absolutely positively adore it:
Total cost was $4 for the box and $2.50 for the cups. Uhhh...wait...that's more than $5. OK, well...whatever.
The next two involved the following:

Basically 60 cents of paper, $1 wood tags and $1.50 knob from Hob Lob -- almost all half off!

I got this little container from my sweet stepmom last Christmas, (hello LA!) and loved it, but have been staring at it in my son's toy room thinking I needed to jazz it up with some ca-uteness:
Spray adhesive, scrapbook paper, spray paint and a knob later:
He loves it! I love it! Ahhh! Feel the love!!
More scrapbook paper and spray adhesive on the wood tags for this one. Add in some fun scissors (1.99 at Hob Lob -- I have a few and love them!), $1 ribbon, the printer and you get this:
(Again...blurriness is me. I swear I wasn't drunk.)
I drilled holes, ran the ribbon through and tied them to the baskets:
This box was a $1.99 Goodwill find. It's the perfect size for the itty bitty teeny tiny toys little boys love:
Adorable!! Less than $2 bucks for all four people!
And for my final trick of the evening, I give you 60 cent wood cuties you can find at any craft store:

Hot glued magnets to the back and you get new magnets for the Bub:

I did all of these in just a couple hours and they were F.U.N. I've got a couple more little projects to do to the toy room and then I can't wait to show you!

The Spray Paint Party has seriously been the most fun I've had! Keep linking below ladies!!


  1. You did make some serious cuteness here! Love the art caddy.

    The drunk line made me laugh out loud.

    Yes...I am going to spray paint a little metal outdoor table this weekend.
    Wish me luck. I've never done it before. I'll watch your video again for pointers.

    Have a good one.
    ~Melissa :)

  2. Seriously, SUCH cute ideas!! LOVE the tool box art supplies!

    LOVE the box makeover. I mean really, so cute. I am imagining a whole lotta girly for my makeover.

    LOVE the magnets idea!! Duh, why didn't I ever think of that!! I love all those little wooden shapes at Michaels. Now I'm gonna do that same thing for Saylor!

    Thanks for sharing, you're genius!

    I know you just commented on my Pissy Party, lol, but did you see my Yard Sale Booty post yet?? Go check out my finds girl!!

  3. You have the most perfect timing for my life! I've been scouring for various ideas on tags for bins/baskets and yours may just be the winner! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Too stinkin' cute! I love the prices also!!!

  5. Wow - you are like an organizing super hero! I wish you could come over to my house and work some magic here.

    Such cute ideas!!!


  6. Those are such cute organizational projects! Especially love the art supplies caddy!


  7. Everything is adorable. What a lucky little boy.

  8. Very cute - I love the baskets! I would be in serious trouble if I lived that close to a thrift shop. I would be walking there everyday!
    The only thing that keeps me away is putting the kids in the car and driving 10 min.

  9. Seriously, I love you! :)
    Awesome ideas. What I wouldn't have to have a Goodwill here. The only thing remotely close to it is a Salvation Army and it is dinky.

  10. Wonderful! Spray paint and Goodwill are two wonderful things in your hands. I can't believe you have 3 Goodwills that close to you. My closest one is 10 miles and after that there are 2 about 20 miles away. Waaaa! Good thing they aren't closer, I'd be there everyday.

  11. Those are very Ca-ute! Great ideas! Jen

  12. Great ideas! Love the tool box with stencil!!!:)

  13. I love all of it! You are so creative!

  14. Yes ma'am...this post is FULL
    of ca cuteness....

  15. Sooooo cute...makes me want to color!

  16. oh yes - these are the things that make my heart go pitter patter...hee hee.

  17. I LOVE the labels for the toy boxes! I am leaving for a girl's scrap weekend soon. I may be making some toy tags as well!

  18. Great ideas! I SO need to try and spray paint something. You gave such an awesome tutorial that I feel like I'm a pro at it now.

  19. I needed some ideas for organization! You are too too cute! Ok I might just be inspired enough now to get all the toys organized into bins! Wish me luck!

  20. So clever and artsy of you. Loved the art supply box.

  21. Fun, fun, fun!!!! :) Love the makeover on the box from your stepmom...you'd never know you didn't buy that at a fancy boutique! :)

  22. OMG I love your blog... I found you thru the Bibs and Cribs blog.

    I am a spray paint-a-holic and I will spray paint anything. I even spray painted a wall in my house. It is a brick wall in my laundry room, and I was painting the room black, and I was not about to brush paint the entire thing, so spray paint was the winner and it is GREAT! I think I have a picture of it on my blog somewhere!

    Also, I love the post about your stenciling. I am about to paint a canvas, (like in 10 mins), for our nursery, and I was wondering how to do his lettering! I am SOOOOOO following your blog!!

  23. These were absolutely adorable! I'm in LOVE with the toolbox. I've seen some things like that at our consignment stores, but I can't ever figure out what I want to do with them. NOW I know!

  24. Such cute ideas! You make them "look" easy. :-) Could you post a picture taken farther away, so we can visualize the whole idea in your room?

  25. Sarah,
    I just read through all of your moulding posts and I am inspired!
    I love your blog and all of your creative ideas!
    Would you be willing to do a post on how to install beadboard? I really want to put it in my little girls room, but I really don't know where to start. I am sure it is super simple...but I need help!

  26. Fabulous! Such cute storage ideas, that kid's got one fantastic play room!

  27. I am just returning from a 10 day bloggy break and now looking at all your wonderful ideas. Thank you so much!

  28. Oh, how I love Goodwill! They just opened one 4 miles from me and I can't stay away!!! I love all your ideas, especially the table.

  29. I loved your art box. I loved all the Goodwill finds. You're so creative and inspirational.


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