Add a metallic look to cheap foam pumpkins

October 25, 2009

This time of year, pumpkins have puked all over our house. In a really nice way. 

I have wood pumpkins: Hee. Aren't they precious? I have glittered pumpkins:
(Take some glue, brush it on, and put on the glitter.)

I have real pumpkins all over the place outside:

I have metal pumpkins:

And last year I used black paint and made some cauuute tags to make a set of "Welcome" pumpkins:

But this year my favorite pumpkins are my metallic ones:

For these, I took cheapy plastic pumpkins and sprayed them with my beloved oil rubbed bronze spray paint, then took just a bit of my loverly glaze and brushed a bit on over the top:

It gives them just a little bit of shimmer. Sigh. I love my glaze! (By the way, my pumpkins were all about a buck, from Hobby Lobby on sale and WalMart.)

I also did some with a copper spray paint, with a bit of the ORB spray over it:
DIY metallic pumpkins
Some I did the bronze first, and then just a bit of the copper, but it's a lot more subtle:

At our dining table settings, I used the copper by itself on some:

And added a bit of ORB spray on others:
foam metallic pumpkins
Here's the good stuff -- my faux glaze I use on just about everything (from Lowe's), the oil rubbed bronze  spray paint and my "burnished copper" spray paint from the craft store:

Check out the metallic pumpkins at Whispering Creek House and at 320 Sycamore as well!
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  1. I adore the glitter pumokins!!!!

  2. You're such a punkin' head! LOL

    They sure are pretty and I wonder why the Rustoleum ORB spray is getting scarce... that's interesting. Could it just be the time of year and everyone is using it right now? Hmmm

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (p.s. I'm having a scarf giveaway if you need a pretty scarf)

  3. Oh my god your thing for halloween is pumpkins! I noticed I have alot of skulls around my house... hmm... but I LOVE all your pumpkins! The glitter ones look awesome!! I really wanna try that this year before Halloween passed up!

  4. I love pumpkins! I was thinking just today about painting some with some glitter/bronzer! Great photos and awesome ideas!! Thanks!

  5. I LOVE the metallic pumpkins!! I saw some at Target today for $8 and $10 and they were just cheap foam ones painted...I am on the hunt!!
    Must have some metallic pumpkins!


  6. Hey... thanks for that "shout out".... I love your pumpkins!!!!!

  7. I love the metallic pumpkins! Oh my, I just wish I had a place to display them!

  8. It's so easy to add to my pumpkin collection...every year I find myself buying more when they go on clearance at Michael's. I can't stop myself! lol

  9. Blingy Pumpkins!! Fun! Looking forward to seeing what you did with the bench...

  10. Love love love the pumpkins....One thing I've noticed... you say LOVE LOVE LOVE almost as much as I do! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! ;)

  11. What a great collection!! I love your metallic ones also- the one in the bowl is so dramatic! I love dark metal colors- and they blend so well with the colors of fall~

  12. You weren't kidding girlfriend. That is a lot of cute pumpkins for one home. Where oh where did you find Rustoleum ORB? I traveled to three places (Lowes, HD, and mom/pop hardware store) in the search of said beloved can with no luck. The stuff is expensive. I certainly don't want to have to order it online. Share you secrets.

  13. All the pumpkins are great - the metallic paint is a beautiful color!


  14. Oooooooh, I love the metalic ones too, they're very cohesive with fall decor.

  15. I am sooo doing this! They look great Sarah!!!

  16. Love the metallic ones too. I spray painted several white and several with ORB paint. Love yours with the glaze on them. Thanks for the idea. Hugs, Marty

  17. I just love all your pumpkins! I really have to give some of mine the paint treatment you showed. Just hope I can find similar spray paint.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I am so jealous.

    My goal this year was to do all of my pumpkins in a metallic finish. And guess what? I haven't even pulled out my Fall decorations yet! Absolutely no time... pathetic! So now I'm thinking I might just skip the fall stuff altogether and jump straight into Christmas decorations next week in November.

    I looooove the metallic pumpkins though!

  19. So pretty and unique in metallic!

    I can't wait to see the dining room reveal. Huuuurrrry! He! :)

  20. Great ideas! I'm going to do some of these this next year. This was my first year "decorating" my pumpkins. I love the boutique-y look that it gives!

  21. I am SO doing this! And they're perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving (I love decorations that can span both holidays).

  22. LOVE the welcome- tags- idea! that would look great on the half wall that's created by the stairs leaving up of my split!

  23. I LOVE those! They are beautiful! Thank you for the idea!

    Melissa :D

  24. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I have just joined the blogging world and I can't wait to try out some of the wonderful ideas supplied by you and your "chicks!"

  25. Love your metallic pumpkins, but my favourite are the wooden ones.
    Hope you never run out of metallic spray!

  26. I dig the glazes and sprays! Pumpkins are the new black.

  27. I wonder what white metallic pumpkins would look like or maybe silver? The copper ones are gorgeous!

  28. The metallic pumpkins make Fall Fabulous!!

    GREAT ideas... as always!!

    Tiffany @ Mine Are Spectacular!

  29. Thank you for showing exactly what you used to make all your pumpkins. I've been envying them ever since I saw them on your beautifully set table! Love it!

  30. Great idea! Love the copper - looks so rich! I'm now on the hunt to collect as many of these little buggers as I can for next year as I am probably running out of time for completed projects for this fall! Love your blog btw! =)

  31. I agreee, Cauuuttee! I spray painted some cheapy pumpkins from Wal Mart last week. It was bliss :)

  32. I love these pumpkins and can't wait to paint mine tomorrow. I have trouble finiding the ORB spray paint and finally found it at WalMart for $2.97 a can. I bought 2 but maybe I should go back and buy more.


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