Decrapification: The kitchen

April 27, 2010

Hellooooo there! First things first – the randomly drawn winner of the $50 HomeGoods gift card is Wanda from Bunco Babes! Wanda, email me your address and I’ll get that sent out to you!

I know I’ve been going on and on about the big boy room and I am REALLY hoping to show you this week. (Finishing touches are SO close to done!!) But even when I’m working on a cutie patootie room for my cute patoot, I still can’t help but declutter and organize around the joint.  ;)

It still amazes me to no end that I can go through a space once, and still find more CRAP just a couple months later. I don’t know if I missed it the first time, was just lazy, or as time goes on and more comes into the house, I feel the need decrapify even more stuff.

I just went through the kitchen a couple months ago, but this week I found more crapwehaven’tused for YEARS:

crapTravel coffee mug for coffee we don’t drink?


Disney cup that has leaked every. single. time. we’ve used it?


Kitty treats that are healthy so the cats won’t touch them?


The other stuff is random things that I haven’t needed for a very long time – odd bowls, containers without lids, a steamer we haven’t used for seven years. (Really.)

I use the same “rules” for items around the house that I use for clothes. What’s the rule – if you haven’t worn it in six months it’s out? Well, the rules are the same for stuff – just longer. I go by a year or two for kitchen stuff. (Or seven. Whatever.)

It depends on how expensive it was to begin with – but seriously, if we NEVER use it, WHY am I keeping it? Ugh!

One of our cabinets in the kitchen hold a weird mix of stuff – medicine, candy and birthday/party stuff:

The yellow baskets hold medicine/vitamins and were dollar store finds. The candy jars have lids I’m painting (for two months now) and were from Goodwill. The little gumball machine with the Halloween candy in it (?!) was a Goodwill find too.

I went through the medicine this week and ALL of this had expired:

expired crap

Most of them were close to empty, except the teething tablets, that we haven’t used in two years. (Again -- ?!)

There’s a few tricks I use to keep things organized in the kitchen. I keep baking items in one drawer, randoms in another:

I got so tired of trying to find measuring spoon in the sea of utensils, I ended up separating them and it’s SO much easier.

Our cabinets had a couple drawer organizers that came with them, but I find I can fit a TON more in the drawer without the organizer:

It’s not pretty, but it works!

I’d love to buy those fab cabinet/pull out/organizer thingies someday, but until then, I use a dollar store display to keep pans and cutting boards where I want them:

These are used to display their plates, and on a trip in one day, I saw an empty one – I asked the manager if I could buy it and he told me I could take it home. For fareee! It never hurts to ask!

I secured it to the bottom of the cabinet so it won’t move around:

A free solution. You can’t beat that baby!

I use a pot rack for large pots and pan storage. They aren’t for everyone, but I do love ours:

I got this one half off at Hob Lob years ago, and it saves a TON of cabinet space. (Just make sure you hang it high enough so it doesn’t block your view!)

I use the space above the microwave for Bub stuff that makes messes – bubbles, water toys, play dough:


All things we do in the kitchen or outside so it’s a convenient spot for them. And he can’t get the bubbles out himself.  :) (Translation – get bubbles out himself and spill them everywhere.) 

There are items I’ve moved down just so he can reach them though – I’ve put all of his plates/bowls/napkins in the lazy susan so he can get them himself:

He love, love, LOVES to help now, so this is a good way for him to do that.

There are a few things we had installed when we built our house that I now know I could never eva live without. The appliance “garage” is one:

My heart goes pitter pat for this thing. I hide our blender, toaster and can opener inside. Which means we have ZERO appliances on the counter. BLISS!

I had tip out trays installed in the kitchen and the master bathroom:

024OH how they ROCK. Now you can buy these in the store and it’s easy peasy to install them. I don’t know the price (share if you’ve bought them!) – but they are my secret storage space for sponges and cleaning supplies and toothbrushes and toothpaste (in the bathroom of course!)

I’ve told you all before that when we picked out our upgrades on this house all those years ago, I was hyperventilating and itching because hubby kept adding things like “surround sound” and “security system” and all I heard was “money” and “more money.”

Now, of course I’m glad he did add those things, and one of my very favorites he insisted on was our trash compactor:

It is the shizzle!! ;) I mean, really, it is. We have one bag of trash a week. Even when we have a party. Cross my heart, pinky swear. SO worth the money!!

And the best part is we don’t have to worry about a spot for a trash can or smell stinky trash. Ewweee!

I love our decrapified, organized kitchen:

It is getting a mini redo this summer though. Maybe not mini. A little more than a mini. I’m going to brighten the place up and I cannot wait!! (Nooo… I am not painting cabinets.) I don’t think.

No. I’m not.


Seriously – I think that may put hubby over the edge. It takes a lot and that would do it.  ;)

Any great decluttering tips you follow for your kitchen? Found an organizing gadget that helps? Share with us please!

If you want to see my decluttered pantry:

organized pantry

Click here.

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  1. I am SO inspired right now. It's midnight, but the time is right! Out with some crap!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    And a trash compactor? Brilliant!

  2. Please come decrapify my kitchen for me!

  3. Ok I have been thinking about doing this in my kitchen forevaaaa...doin it tomorrow. You have inspired me.

  4. My kitchen is in pretty good shape...but oh lawdy, my spare bedroom needs some MAJOR decrapification. That's where I put everything that doesn't have a home. I need to have a yard sale. God bless you, Robyn
    P.S. Your kitchen looks great! Can't wait till you do the mini M.O.

  5. I don't have any tips. I just love that you created the word "decrapify" and I am totally using it! You might just find it in the dictionary in a few years, wouldn't that be cool? Thanks for the inspiration, as always! Can't wait to see the boy's room.

  6. No tips because my kitchen is full of crap. Looks like you did a fabulous job getting your kitchen in order. I actually have been meaning to do a little decrapification myself. My pantry and cupboards are a mess. Thanks for the inspiration. I will start tomorrow.... or maybe next week. :)

  7. I did this just a little while ago... but it needs an even bigger "decrapify" than it did to begin with! The real test is keeping up the uncrap kitchen!

  8. First, can anyone explain to me how I end up with so many tupperware/rubbermaid/whatever plastic tubs with no lids?

    I know the kids aren't making off with the lids and leaving the tubs, I know my husband isn't, I'm not, I'm fairly sure that cats aren't....WHERE DO THEY GO??

    In the absence of an answer to that cosmic question, I started using the lidless tubs anywhere I needed a little organization. In the junk drawer for "granola" (that's what we call paper clips, little magnets, post-it notes, spare knobs from something); in the bathroom drawers for barrettes, rubber bands, little tubes of goo; in the desk drawer, in the spice cupboard...

    It helps keep things just a little more organized, and I always have a couple around. (But why??)

    And I so want an appliance garage. I end up having to use our actual garage. ; )

  9. OMG Sarah! Those steamers are the BEST! I just lost 47 pounds and I am pretty sure the steamer had alot to do with it. Not saying you need to lose weight just thought I would share my thoughts. He!

    I love to de-crapify too. In fact my recent post is about it as well. Stop by if you have time! :)

  10. We have 4 little munchkins so there is ALWAYS some place in my house that needs to be decrapified...even if I just finished it 5 minutes ago. Here is the link to how I do my pantry. Not for everyone, but works like a charm for us!!

  11. I love the title of your post and I love decluttering and organizing. I'm having my second We're Organized Wednesday party. I would love for you to join if you have the time. And there's a giveaway too. Love your blog.

  12. I love "stuff" and organization equally so I'm always ready for tips. I had a drawer for baking "stuff" too and found it was always too full and I couldn't find the right measuring spoons, cookie cutters, whatever. I was at Marshalls and they had those over the door clothe shoe hanger thingies. I use one in my craft room for crafting goodies. I hung one on the inside of the door in my pantry. The shoe pockets are clear plastic so everything is easily found. One pocket for measuring spoons, one for thermometer, one for goodie baggies and twist ties, one for muffin papers. It's great. A couple of strategically placed velcro spots and it doesn't go bang either. I just need one more now for the door inside my laundry room!

  13. Cleaning out the kitchen is my FAVORITE thing! And I so need a pot rack! I just bought myself gorgeous new stainless steel pans and I have no place to put them! :X Plus they are pretty and should be out in the open!

    And I so want one of those secret half drawers under the sink!

  14. question: we have dark cabinets like you do (and I love the wood so I'm not going to touch them) but if you redid your backsplash - what would you do to it?

  15. I'm moving into a new house, well an old new house. It's the sweetest little blue 1940's bungalow. The kitchen is so big, I can't wait to decorate! I'll be using your pantry as inspiration for sure, and I think I'll install a corner unit to hide my small appliances for sure. I hate them on the counter.

  16. I love when you do decrapification posts! It is so motivating and you give great ideas!

    Something on my list for nap time today!!! I may actually take pics and post them on my blog?

    Love the trash compactor!

  17. I just like it when you say "decrapification" makes me laugh!

  18. Ah, Sarah ~ every time I see the word "decrapification" I think of you! : ) I have very similar set-ups to what you have in my kitchen. I usually keep the larger spoons, whisks, mashers, spatulas just loose in one drawer.

    For the little things, like measuring spoons, bag clips, egg white strainer, I had gotten a tray that fits in the drawer fully, and has a half top that slides across so you kind of get two trays in one. I still have to search for stuff, but it keeps it neater than it might not be without it. It either came from Lillian Vernon or Stacks & Stacks.

  19. Looks fantastic! And I want an appliance garage.

  20. Looks great. This morning while I waited for my coffee, I pulled out all of my rubbermaid type containers and checked to make sure that they had matching lids and got rid of groddy ones. About 10 of them with NO lids. I swear they breed in there without breeding the lids. I looked into those kitchen tippy things and they were (I think) under $20 at Home Depot, but unfortunately I can't access the screws with the granite and undermount sink in the way.

  21. Looove the term "decrapify". LOL!!!

    I should go through my pantry and cabinets....again. I went through them a few months ago. It's amazing how fast the crap piles up. ;)

    Love, love, love your kitchen! I think your kitchen cabs are lovely. Personally, I wouldn't paint them. I'm thinking of painting some of my cabs but I'm going to wait until the white cab fad has passed by and see if I still want to do it.

    I also have centers set up where I can keep specific kitchen tools. Love my appliance garage. It hides most of the appliances! (except the coffee machine).

  22. Looks awesome! Doesn't it feel great to get rid of crap! I'm due for another decrapification of my kitchen. Love those tip-out trays. Couldn't use them because our new sink doesn't leave enough space. Check out my solution.

    Not so pretty inside but it serves it's purpose for now.

  23. it all looks great! I love the applicance cubby! I need to decrapify my kitchen. I know I could make a complete overhaul in a day..maybe you've inspired me to do that. nah, who am I kidding!
    anywho, your place looks great!

  24. GIrl you rock! Want to pop over with that travel mug (since you don't need it & I would use it!) and get my kitchen organized? Life is short~paint the cabinets. I am going to do mine~just not sure when & ~gasp~ they are cherry!!!

  25. This looks so great! You have inspired me to decrapify my kitchen, too! [P.S. I love the milk bottles and holder on your table!! I'd love it even more with fresh, bright yellow flowers popped in each one!]


  26. I think I am in love with your appliance garage! The only thing that probably wouldn't fit would be my monster kitchen aid (which I use all. the. time. so it isn't going anywhere).

  27. Could you please come to my house and decluttr me?!!??! You've done an absolutely awesome job!

  28. my kitchen clutter busters?
    1.) I keep the variety to a minimum. My kids don't have all different kinds of plates and bowls and cups and stuff. I have one type (Ikea) and they stack well and take up SO much less space.
    2.) I made, er, I mean nicely asked my husband to install a pull-out garbage can in a lower cabinet. It's awesome. I don't have the garbage out looking like a nice focal point in the kitchen. It's not a fancy-shmancy trash compactor, but it works for us :)Now just don't look in my appliance cabinets :)

  29. Looks great! We'll probably have to do that soon.

  30. I feel a kindred connection with your pantry. I like being able to see / find everything when I need it. It isn't a full post, but the last picture in my post on using ribbon in the home, shows how I like to store things in baskets in my pantry for easy sorting and identifying.

  31. We luuurve our steamer! It's been chugging along for somewhere around 15-16 years.

    But I also hafta wonder how the heck we wind up with so many plastic storage containers without lids. I had tolerated these for years but then most went to the plastic recycling bin when we prepped for our recent move.

  32. Your kitchen is beautiful - it looks wonderful and organize and neat. Way to go!

    I also have a trash compactor and I'm in LOVE with it! Ah, the small things in life!

  33. Personally, I would have to side with your hubby on the cabinets. They are! Those of us who paint our cabinets do it because we don't have beautiful ones like yours. If only I could transplant your kitchen into my home. Love it!

  34. We decrapified our kitchen just a little while ago - it makes so much difference being able to find everything!

    We also installed a couple of sliding shelves in our cabinets to house our trash/recycling bins. Not as funky as your trash compactor, but they are working out great!

    Check out these links if you have time!

    Kitchen Reorganization:

    Trash bins:

  35. Looks great! I created a "pantry" for my boys when they were younger. I would love an appliance cubby, the only apliance I would not put in it would be my precious Kitchenaid. I use it all the time and it is the star of my kitchen!

    ~ Tracy

  36. I just love your kitchen. All the seemingly small things (like the place to hide the blender and the tip out drawer) are always the ones you appreciate the most. It's the little things that make every day so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Awesome job...will you come to my house next?

    sweet pickles and chocolate

  38. I seriously need to decrappify my kitchen. I have baby bottles that my two and half year old never used (she was bfed), drawers of ketchup packets and taco bell hot sauce, and medicine so old it's probably toxic.

  39. I want to do this! I hate the big items that you use only a few times a cake carry containers, etc. It takes up lots of storage space, but does come in handy. I have mixed emotions on items like that. I think I'm going to clean...thanks for the inspiration.

  40. please come to my house and clean!!!

  41. Looks awesome. I have been going through each room one by one and "decrapifying"!! LOL Now the basement where all that crap is temporarily...that is another story!! Trying to decide between the hassle of yet another yard sale, or simply letting college age daughter pick what she wants and donating the rest. I am on a simplification mission!! I am tired of "stuff" ruling my life. Wish me luck.

  42. I dont think it is a very good idea to store the candy right next to the medication with kids. Just a thought :)

    I am on a declutter frenzy sparked by watching Hoarders.

  43. We have a teeny-tiny kitchen that includes a teeny-tiny dining space, so creative organization is key. A couple of my ideas:
    1. We don't have a big pantry, and no pantry door to hang stuff inside, but there is a few-inch gap between our fridge and the partition wall it sits next to. I stuck plastic adhesive hooks to the side of the fridge and hung reusable grocery bags, flyswatter, broom, and aprons (the aprons are in front so they kind of hide the other "ugly" stuff).
    2. I also tacked a paper gift bag to the inside of my under-the-sink-cabinet-door to hold extra trash bags (since I buy the gigantor Costco box-full and have to keep the majority in the basement)

    3. I totally agree about the pot rack - I love mine! A word of caution - if you're really short, make sure you don't hang yours too low in a spot where other "taller" people frequent. I can't say how many times I've banged my head on my dear friend's pots when helping her prep food!!

  44. Where oh where did you find the wire milk bottle holder?? My FIL just brought me a half dozen antique milk bottles and I need a way to display them!

  45. I got really seriously and decrapified my kitchen serveral months ago. Here is some of my tips:

    I used a zip tie and tied all of my measuring stuff together. You can do all one measuring spoons all cups or you can do all teaspoons, 1/2 teaspoons ect together. I kept one complete set of spoons and cups. I just throw the whole set in the dishwasher. Does it really take up that much more room in there? Nope
    2. All the extra utinsils went in a plastic bag (to keep clean) and went in the pantry. Hey, if I'm cooking/baking alot and I need more, I know right where to go and their clean.
    3. Got real about what mixing bowls we use and how often. Do I need 4 glass, two pampered chef, 6 tupperware? nope. Went with the two med mixing bowls and moved the others to the pantry. Over the holidays I made a mental note what I used and got rid of the rest.
    4. Cups. OMG!!!!! There is only 3 of us. My husband always drinks pop from the can, I use 1 cup a day and so does my child. I kept a set of clear (4) glasses and kept a few (4) plastic. If we have people over (rarely) they drink pop out of the can or they can use one of the glasses. We just don't USE all those.
    5. I moved the toaster, blender and mini chopper to the pantry. In reality we don't make toast very often. I think the mini chopper deserves a spot on our counter, but the hubs perfer the counter clear so it can be cleaned super fast.
    6. I used a big bowl to put all of my sons snacks in. We empty the boxes after grocery shopping and he can go in there and get what he wants. (he has food allergies so he knows what is in there is safe)

    I found a "step" shelf at goodwill (found at walmart too) and used those for my bottom cabinets that are tall and without shelves (hey I have metal cabinents) That helped sort the baking/cupcake/mixing bowls and got me some more real estate.

    I think the biggest thing is to realize if you have used it recently and how often. Twice a year, store it somewhere than your kitchen cabinets. Maybe a nice rubbemaid in the garage. Label it and you can find it right when you actually need it.

  46. dang girl, i am impressed. and i LOVE the word "decrapification." i need to decrapify more than just my kitchen! i feel inspired now :)

  47. Someone said they have tons of tupperware with no lids...guess what I think I have the lids!! I have a bunch of lids that don't match anything in my cabinet! Ha!

  48. I love your term "decrapification." I LOVE your kitchen. Seriously, I live in a home that was built in 1820 and I have NO counter space...and only two small base cabinets(well, make that one that can actually store stuff) so my dream is a kitchen with actual cabinets and counters. Someday...if I win a home makeover;)
    And funny you should show your pantry organization. I posted all about the character of my home as well as the challenges we're faced with an old home earlier today...and I was dumb enough to show my MESSY pantry. I think I'll have to catch up on your organization tips:)

  49. LOVE those milk jugs? on your table! SO cute!

    We bought one of those flip-out drawer thingys for our kitchen sink about 1.5 years ago - it was $15 at Home Depot - LOVE it!

    Seriously only one bag of trash a week? That's awesome!

  50. Oh how I miss my appliance garage! We put one in our old house when we remodeled and my new house doesn't have one! BOOOOOOO!

  51. I have a junk drawer to decrapify. You might say it's okay if it's in the junk drawer...but we can no longer open it as things get stuck!!! Maybe I'll find a winning lottery ticket in it:-)

  52. I just bought the same Disney cup a few weeks ago and it too leaks everytime! Waste of money!

  53. First time leaving a post on this website which I visit often and inspires me to keep updating my brass doorknob and hinge at a time. We installed a garbage compactor last August and absolutely LOVE that appliance. No mess or smell, and nothing for the little one to play with. Now that she is two she can open it herself to throw away her own dinner napkin. Thought I was the only person to adore this miraculous appliance. Good riddance on the steamer...I use the PC plastic version for the microwave. So much easier to clean and takes less space.

  54. I love this! I recently posted about my decrapification too.



  55. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your tips!! We're going to move soon (crossing my fingers that the bank accepts our offer!) and I want to organize the kitchen well when we go. Thanks for your tips!!

  56. I love your made up words! :) Happy Day, The Lady

  57. I LOVE doing this! It has become a sick obsession for me. When I get rid of things anymore I just set them at the end of my driveway...that way my neighbors can shop. It's usually gone by the time my husband comes home :). My neighbor tells me she laughs and says "I see you cleaned again today!"

    Anyways our kitchen is laid out very inefficently. We are renting currently, but some days it is all I can do to not rip the cabinets out and start over....the wasted money that I would spend on something not mine is what stops me.

    For now I have stuff shoved in every imaginable place and keep it as pretty as possible...even in the coat closet. I have only a few must haves for our home we are on the hunt for. #1 a big kitchen or a kitchen with potential if I give it some $!

  58. The kitchen looks faaaaab!!! I wish I had an appliance hider...I'd chuck the bread maker and the espresso machine in there. We have a secret pop out drawer at the kitchen sink too. Love it! :)

  59. My Fave and virtually free item in my kitchen is my rotating can rack organizer made by my husband from this link

    if you can use a ruler and a caulk gun, you can make this. and I HIGHLY Recommend caulk vs. glue.

  60. my rule: no junk drawer in the house AT ALL!! if nothing fits in a specific spot, then it goes in the trash! I'm jealous of your pantry!! I live in an 800 sq ft condo in Chicago and have tried to make my cabinets look beautiful w/ all my sugar and flower in nice glass containers like you! Can't wait for the day to have a pretty pantry!

  61. Love that appliance garage. Our appliances on the counter drive me nuts!

  62. No great tips from me. I've been meaning to do this for MONTHS now. Our medicine/vitamin cabinet in our kitchen is like a boobytrap. Every time you open the door something falls on you. It's a not-so-subtle hint to me every. single. day. to organize, but....still haven't done it yet. Maybe tomorrow :).

  63. I use a wire rack, the entire length of my pantry door with shallow shelves to store my spices (alphabetized, of course) and such. i also hang my aprons from it. I LOVE IT! I bought it at lowes or home depot. Its the best kitchen/pantry organize tool ever! and i see the inside of your pantry door is perfect for it!

  64. We had a trash compactor in one of our houses and we really did like it. I'd love to have one again someday.

    I cleaned out our "drug cabinet" recently and was appalled to find all sorts of long-expired meds lying around. Yikes. I need to do that more often than once every five years, apparently. Ha.

    Your kitchen looks great! Now I'm dying to know what you're going to do in there next.

    Thanks for the organizing inspiration. I really need to tackle a few of my kitchen drawers!

  65. To answer the drawer tippy thingy question. We bought a set of two at Lowe's for around $15. Our drawer fronts were just snapped on with some heavy duty clips. It took a half a second (or maybe 15 minutes) for hubs to install. Easy!

  66. Your medicine/vitamin bins look similar to the baskets I keep in my linen closet. My project today is to decrapify the baskets. They're full of medicines, first aid stuff and shampoo & lotion samples that breed. I'm sure at least half of the stuff will end up in the trash. Who needs 20 sample size bottles and packets of shampoo?

  67. Excellent job! And I see you are a fan of Southern Living at home, eh?? Me too!! Squeal! I think I am putting my yellow olive jar up on my cabinets too. And we have a trash compactor we NEVER use!! It came with the house. Do those need special bags or something? I may have to look into using that from now on. Lurve your blog ;)

  68. Awesome!
    Where did you get the large glass jars in the pantry? Those are JUST what I need!!!
    Thanks a million!

  69. Love your organized clean kitchen...looks great!

  70. I'm getting started on my pantry right now! Thanks for the tips!

  71. Gorgeous! Sell me the steamer? Teething tablets really don't expire. Hang onto them for when he gets his 12 year molars...yeah, never thought of it myself, but it does help a LOT.

  72. I so agree with you! I can clean out and then be doing it again shortly thereafter and find more crap. I just did my pantry not too long ago and I'll be doing it again this weekend along with my spice cabinet which just refuses to stay organized!!!

    Oh and I love that appliance "hider" cabinet!

  73. Oh my! We need a trash compactor. Seriously. I would love that. I would also love the appliance garage. You lucky girl! :) The kitchen my dad designed when I was in high school had the flip open drawers. They are so convenient.

  74. What a coincidence that I viewed your blog on a day when I was in a decrapifacation mood. Except I decrapified my bathrooms. (Wait, that did not sound right. Oh, maybe it did:-P).
    We plan on remodeling our kitchen within the next year (we hope). I am going to take a serious look at a trash compactor.;

  75. You did a marvelous job. Can you come decr...ify mine next? :)
    My mantra, so I don't get bogged down in the detritus, is "one drawer/cupboard at a time". Little bites at a time get the job done for me.


  76. Do you know one of the nicest things about kitchen cabinets in a family home. No matter how sophisticated they may look from the outside when you open a door or drawer they always look like there is a party going on with all the bright little dishes and packages!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  77. I have a 4 x 7 room that is a walk in pantry. I love it! I barely have anything inside my cabinets :). Which means my little one can play in the cabinets and I don't have to worry about a mess.
    To lighten up your kitchen you could get rid of the blank on your island. They were saying something about that on Sarah's house the other night, how the island sets the mood for the rest of the kitchen. But I am sure you probably already have some great ideas.


    thought you might like some inspiration for a kitchen makeover

  79. eek! i'm SO disorganized! great job though. we have one of those 'corner-cabinet's too but it drives me nuts! hehe i gotta say i love the word 'decrapification'.

  80. So nice to go through and declutter. Just one question - not really about decrapification, but how often do you have to dust the top of your kitchen cabinets? Is this like the worst duty or what?

  81. Love the lazy Susan idea! Thanks for sharing!!


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