Easy spring decor

April 06, 2010

birdsI don’t do a whole lot of decorating for “smaller” holidays, or much for the seasons really (except fall!) Would you believe I didn’t even have one bird in our house before last spring? Nada. What kind of blogger am I? Sheesh.

But last year I won these beauties over at my friend AnNicole’s place and they started the collection:

birds and nest

By “collection,” I mean those and my Dollar Tree birds I used on the dining table. That’s the extent of it.  ;)

You want to know another secret? I didn’t have a nest in this house until last month:


But now I’m kind of in love with them. Cauuteness! (Nests aren’t just for Easter, right? I’m a nest newbie.)

Confession number three – part of my spring decor involves faux flowers.

I know! OH the HORRORS!!! But I try to only use those that look real. Like somewhat, kinda, if you squint, “real”:

Years ago I picked up a wire vase I loved, but once I got it, I had no idea what to do with it. I ended up weaving ribbon through the wires, then put floral foam down inside, and filled in the rest around the flowers with moss:

faux flowersIt’s still one of my favorite spring/summer decor pieces!

Speaking of faux – I have used these on our front door for the past couple of years:

doorI love this stuff – it’s worse than faux…it’s foam. ;) I find it at Hob Lob and on sale I think they are about $2 each?:

253I love em! There are a TON of colors/varieties available. I used white for a pitcher on my DIY Ballard Design shelves:

faux flowersBut I do have the real stuff around here too – I found this precious green pitcher at HomeGoods ($20) and just love it!:

green pitcherI can’t remember what the name of the plant is, but it’s about the only flowering anything that isn’t poisonous to cats, so it was in my cart lickety split!:

199 (Yes, I just said lickety split.)

When I had the burlap out for the dining room table, I got a wild hair to use it one more spot:

burlap vases

These are actually candleholders we’ve had for years. I just used double stick tape to wrap it around each one, then added ribbon to the top and bottom to hide the raw edges:

223I LOVE them! These flowers are also from Trader Joe’s and I think it was $12 for all of them? I’ve had them for two weeks now!:

I got daffodils for the first time a couple weeks ago as well, and I just threw these out a few days ago – I couldn’t believe how long they lasted! Perfect in my jute vase:


They were CHEAP!! I believe $1.49 a bundle? I use a little trick to make the flowers a bit fuller – a few plastic shopping bags in the bottom give them just enough height.


I’ve promised myself a little splurge of fresh flowers around the house this year – so far I think I can get away with only spending $15 every couple of weeks:

SO worth it for the fresh scent and the feeling of spring!!

I hope you are having a great week! It’s spring break for us, so we are enjoying lots and lots of family time. LURVE.  :)

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  1. Giving away all your secrets! Love them all, but I have to say I am a fan of fresh flowers. Thanks for all the wonderful photos of flowers in my favorite things - pitchers!

  2. I love fresh flowers (and Trader Joes!) Their bouquets are beautiful, and most importantly affordable! And I love that planter you have on your front door! So different than a normal wreath! Where did you get that?

  3. Beautiful. We actually have a real robins nest with 3 real eggs in it. We found it under hubby's work loader. Mama bird didn't come back to it. Maybe there were animals near by? So we sprayed it with a sealent.

  4. Thanks for the pics of flowers. Spring is here!

  5. Sigh, I use the fakies too... I don't even care anymore, either! lol

    I do like a few vases of fresh flowers and greens, too, even if it's just a stem or two! (want a really easy way to give a pop of 'fresh' to your kitchen? Put a fresh sprig of cilantro in a glass or bud vase- the smell and the color are amazing! and you can pick a piece off here and there for your dishes!)

    Love the plastic bag idea- I will be using that one! :)

  6. Fresh flowers make all the difference. Love the Spring decor. The birds are darling too! I would so love it if you to stopped by tomorrow evening and link up your spring decorating at my Bring In The Spring party. :-)

  7. I occasionally use some fake flowers mixed in with the real deal and I'll use some fake greenery in a vase if it looks close enough to the real thing. Love all your fresh flowers and what a great splurge to allow yourelf! And might I add that for someone who was never going to use burlap I think we're seeing quite a bit around your place :) :) :)!

  8. I love fresh too... but your faux looks great! That's what I like about you Sarah... you own it :)

  9. Love it all...especially the burlap candle holders! Beautiful.

  10. Flowers everywhere - I love it. Nothing says spring to me like flowers. Looks so pretty.

  11. Love your flowers, real and faux! I've been hearing good things about flowers from Trader Joe's. Mine is a planned trip though, so I'll have to see what is around locally. The daisies are simple yet happy and fresh ~ love them.

  12. I tell myself all the time, "I will buy more fresh flowers," and then forget and put extra chocolate in my cart instead (also have to watch for the cats who fail to understand that flowers are NOT kibble.)

    I just wrote a funny post about trauma to my Trader Joe's flowers, if you want to have a read for a chuckle.


    Thanks for the post!

  13. I love having fresh flowers around the house. I wish we had a Trader Joes. I have read that several bloggers have bought flowers there for cheap. I am loving all of your spring decor. :)

  14. Thanks for the plastic bag tip! I also picked up some daffodil bundles at Trader Joe's as well. Fresh flowers are a simple pleasure of mine. So I'm making a point this year to pick some up when I can find them for a great price or on markdown.

    Mary Ellen

  15. I love the birds and the burlap! Fantastic! Fresh flowers always make a house seem so inviting!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  16. I love the fresh flowers!! TOtally springish, I always get my flowers at Trader Joes too!

  17. Love your birds. Don't tell anyone, but I only have ONE bird. And ONE nest. lol AND I just got them recently.

    I can't find any birds I like that are reasonbly priced.

    I've been trying to buy fresh flowers once a month also. I've been surprised at how long they will last!

  18. So fresh and Springy! I love your blog! Be sure to link this post up at http://www.bargainshoppingparadise.com/2010/04/bargain-brag-wednesday-47-413.html, too.

  19. I love flowers in decorating but fresh sometimes isn't in the budget. But thanks to Aldis I have been enjoying a bouquet for only 3.99! I bought it on the 23rd and am still enjoying it!!

  20. Love your fresh flowers. They are all wonderful and just lift the heart. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  21. Can't beat fresh flowers. There is just something about them.

  22. If you have a Sams or costco card,
    you can buy fresh flowers there very inexpensively. Like $4to5. It depends on what you buy tho, but I got twice as many carnations at Sams as I got from Walmart for $5.00 vs
    $10.00 at Walmart.
    Did that make sense??
    Anyway, have a great time enjoying your fresh flowers, and love your covered candleholders with the daisies, gorgeous and so springy.
    I love daisies, course, I have never met a flower I didn't love!! lol
    Everything you do is fab, I have to say, I always enjoy your blog.

  23. I love fresh flowers in my house too -- especially during spring and summer! I love your milk jug crate thing with flowers in it -- any idea where to find one like it?

  24. I love seeing all your spring decor...so pretty! Those flower vases that were the candle holders...my favorite!! You are so clever Miss Sarah...love your ideas!! Have a wonderful day!


  25. Oh, everything looks so nice and spring-y...love! I love flowers however I can get them, real or faux. Everyone's hang ups with faux flowers makes me laugh. ;) They make such nice, realistic ones and what really matters is if you love 'em. And look how beautiful that arrangement is you made! I love how you have mixed real and faux throughout your home. That's what I like to do. Happy Spring! :)

  26. Great decor! Is that door flower pot from Southern Living at Home? It looks really familiar!

  27. These are all so beautiful! I think that having flowers (fresh or otherwise) really makes a house beautiful! I don't know if you have one near you but Albertson's usually has small bouquets of all kinds on sale for 3.99 almost all the time! I used to get them all the time... you've inspired me to head over and get some! :)
    Beautiful vases by the way!

  28. I found a cream pitcher like your green one at HomeGoods just the other day and snatched it up! Love it! Thanks for the idea about the foam flowers!
    - Alicia

  29. Ooooh...I want to come sit in your lovely spring filled house and have a cup of tea!!!

    Love it all:)

    Take Care,


  30. Your Spring decor is lovely! And I'm so glad you were able to use those little birdies. They look very happy in your home :).

  31. I love TJ flowers, they last forever!

  32. I love the last photo of the flowers in those bottles. Lovely.

  33. Spring has arrived and it looks great. I love the simple nature of the flowers in bottles.
    Great blog! I'll be looking through for more -

  34. The nests and birds look right at home.

  35. Love those burlap covered vases/candleholders! So fresh!! And what is this about not having any birds & nests? The horror! LOL :)!!! Actually, I looooove them and have collected them for years & years, but not every trend/collection/new/old thing is for everyone, so go with what you really like! Oh, and I am SO with you on the fakes -- have 'em & love 'em! :)

  36. Sure looks like spring around your place. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Oh! I love the flowers on your front door!


  38. I love the vase makeovers, beautiful.

  39. Totally love the birds & the pretty flowers :)

  40. Loveeeee the flowers on your front door! What a great way to jazz up your entrance, how did you hang them??

  41. Girl you crack me up. LOL!
    Home decor' rules are seriously out the window for me. Such as faux flowers, using only white colors in our homes and or thrift finds only. I just can't follow that in our home. I LOVE warm color and iron work and gasp faux flowers too. *Smiles*

    Your home and little birds are gorgeous. What a precious nest vignette! I need some more as well.

    Have a joyous day! ~Melissa :)

  42. My favorite -the milk jugs and daisies!

  43. laughing about being a nest newbie. Once you start there is no turning back. Trust me on this one.

  44. Just bought some of the foam flowers at Hobby Lobby today - 50% off. They were $2 each. I am using a light tangerine color and plan to leave it up through summer and fall. Thanks for the foam flower tip - weather-resistant AND cute!

  45. I need some flowers! Perhaps I'll hit my neighborhood farmers market tomorrow.

  46. where did you get that AWSOME mirror? and where did you get that beaustiful poppy picture?

  47. I realize that this isn't a current post, but OOOoooohhhh, it made me FEEL the spring. I'm forcing hyacinth bulbs and trying to ignore the fact that it's like 13 degrees outside. Won't be long, and this post reminds me of that. Thanks!


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