A new black granite kitchen sink

May 28, 2010

I have to say…the installation of the kitchen sink has convinced me that this will be the last sink we ever own – at least in this house. It was a doozy.

Remember when I asked your advice on the double or single sink on this post? I had already bought a double bowl sink in the lovely black granite I had been coveting for years.

I read your comments and totally succumbed to the peer pressure suggestions and decided to return my double bowl and go back to get the single bowl sink:

sinkA bit of panic set it when the display sink was GONE. And I didn’t see any on the shelves. What the what? I asked Home Depot Guy, and he found one on the floor – but the kicker was that the cutting board and strainer that come with the sink were missing – so it was on clearance and was marked down from $350 to $197.

Ding! Ding! Ding! I’ll take it, yes sir, right now, hurry up, put my name on it, place a guard in front of it, please and thank you.

Whoo hoo!

Well, I should have known better. That’s where the good luck ended.

My awesome, fantastic Dad had offered to help install the sink, so Wednesday he came bright and early (7:30 a.m. – which is very bright and very early for me) and we checked over the new sink, then started the removal of the old one.

Yessssss!! I was so happy to see it gone! Giddy!

There was one itty bitty issue with the new sink. There were no instructions in the box (it had been the display). So when we realized there was only one hole in the sink (for the faucet), we had to figure out how get a hole in there for the lovely soap dispenser that came with the new faucet I had purchased.

On the underside of the sink, there were what are called “knock-out” holes:

holes (source)

They are slightly scored and there are a few, so you can pick where you want the dispenser. Since we had no directions, I looked online and found numerous sites saying you can just tap the knock-out with a hammer and the hole “just pops right out!”

Hmm. Sounds fishy. Dad wasn’t keen on the idea, but I read the directions to him and we tried it. Didn’t work. And it was stressful.

So Dad insisted on using a drill bit to create the hole instead.

But we didn’t have a drill bit just that size. I had bigger ones. Smaller. A lot smaller. A little bit smaller. Not that one.

So off to Home Depot went Dad. Came back, started drilling. And the drill started dying. It pooped out before we even got half way through the sink. We called it a day, and Dad planned on being here early and bright again on Thursday.

That evening, I went back to Home Depot (trip #614), and opened a sink to see if I could find directions. They said to use a ball peen hammer to knock out the hole. OK! We can do this!

The next morning, Dad tried said ball peen hammer. With a slight little tap, it broke off a (huge) corner of the sink.


I called Home Depot –- the single bowl sink is now only sold online. But I have a hole in my counter and I need a sink TODAY. No go. Nothing. Nada. I called another Home Depot and asked if I could buy their display.

Yes, yes I could, but I need to return the bad sink to the store I bought it at. So we drove to one HD, returned sink. Drove to another HD to buy a new (display) one.

But the display sink had the cutting board glued to it to show peeps what you get if you buy said sink. Glued with cement, as much as I could figure. It wasn’t budging.

The single bowl sink was not happening.

Then, I saw a lovely double bowl version with a very large and DEEP left side, and a small, shallow right side. Many of you had commented on that type of sink and loved it, so I was starting to realize I could fall in love with a different sink! Yes!

We asked HD Guy if the ball peen hammer was a good option – and there was a look of horror on his face. I think his words were, “Oh dear God, NO.”

He suggested the drill bit we were already using. NOT a hammer. NEVER a hammer.


One hundred extra bucks later (no clearance sink here!), we got it home, and started drilling the hole for the soap dispenser with a freshly charged drill. Two minutes into drilling, the bit was completely stripped.

We were almost there. And we had been home for approximately four minutes.

So I left, again, headed to Home Depot. Halfway to the store I realized I didn’t have my purse.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

I turn around, and we all go back to the hardware store.

We get home, start drilling again. And the drill dies. Again.

I was looking around for hidden cameras. Am I on TV?

Nope. :)

So I called a friend, went to his house and picked up two drills – one was corded. (Powerful.)

It worked!!

Houston, we had a hole!!!! 

I could have cried, really. It was such a beautiful hole and it only took ten hours!

So we start installing the lovely faucet and Dad asked which direction I want the knob for hot and cold – it can go on the right or the left. We’re right handed so of course, I want right, RIGHT?

But the hole for the soap dispenser that had taken ten hours to drill was in the way. It was too close to the faucet.

Are. you. kidding. me?

We tried it on the left, and I hated it. We flipped it to the front – and what the ?? I loved it! But wait, is it allowed on the front? 

Heck yeah Dad says!:


And I love it!! I’ve never seen in placed like that before but I LOVE IT! Hot to the left and cold to the right. LOVE.

We dry fitted it to the counter again, checking everything one more time before we siliconed around it. But when we went to pull out the sink, the brackets kept catching. Finally, we got them free, and when we pulled the sink out, there was an awful noise.

We checked the brackets and all were fine, but then looked that the sink and saw that one of them had caught the counter and pulled chunks of laminate off.

Really? REALLY?

Dad glues them down and it looks good as new (glorious laminate!) But then when we would try to adjust the sink with the silicon under it, the chipped pieces would move every. single. time. we even slightly moved the sink.

We spent ten minutes trying to fix silicone-covered, sticky laminate chips. If you would like to know what crazy feels like, this very well might be it.  :)

We gave up on perfectly placed chips, and just left it alone. After tightening the brackets under the sink, which took about 30 minutes because the screws would not turn, we had an installed sink!!


Dad came back this morning (third day in a row – I love you Dad!!) and got the plumbing reconnected.

And now we have a gorgeous, beautiful, deep (TEN inches!) sink and faucet:


Sorry, I didn’t wipe it down and make it all perfect – I am just so unbelievably giddy to have a brand new sink and faucet with no cracks, leaks or additional holes. A working sink is highly underrated!!

I got a stainless faucet to go with our appliances (I was afraid an ORB finish may disappear into the sink). The pull out sprayer is SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!!:

We had a sprayer on our old sink, but once I get used to this I have a feeling I’m never going back to a separate sprayer!

Ignore the unfinished, dirty beadboard in the background peeps. I was just concentrating on running water.  ;)

I had to say goodbye to my lovely tip out trays, because they don’t fit with the new sink:

But I do. not. care. one teeny. tiny. bit. I have a sink! And a faucet!


I have a plan to attach the tip out trays on the insides of the cabinet doors under the sink, and I think that will work out great anyway.

So, are you asleep yet? Helloooooo?

My grand plan was to take pictures along the way and show you exactly how to install a new sink and faucet. But 90 percent of the pictures would have been us drilling a hole and at the check out line at Home Depot.

And that would have made this post even less exciting. :)

So what say you…isn’t it GORG?! I have to send out one more shout out to my DAD – love you so much!!

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  1. I love your story (don't love what you had to go through, but great writing!) And you are a trooper!! I can't believe how hard DIY can be some times - but isn't your Dad just great! Thanks for sharing
    - Christin

  2. Oh my WORD!! You poor thing and your dad too! I have to LOL because I put myself in your shoes and I probably would have been in freakin' tears mid-way through. Your dad is a saint and makes me miss living near my dad because he would have done the same thing for me. Give him a hug for me! LOL

  3. Yikes!! Glad you have your water back, and the sink looks great. Sounds like DIY projects at our house though, so we usually pay out some $$. No handiness in this family :)

  4. Ahhh your new sink is GORG!!! What a pain though!! I'm glad you got a beautiful end result as always. :)

  5. Thanks so much for my before bedtime laugh! That must have been so stressful. Did you acquire a twitch in your left eye? I would have. Your sink looks fabulous! We take our sinks for granted, that is until we don't have one. Love the faucet. I love my pullout and will never go back to a separate one. I wish I had the little soap dispenser. Previous owners must not have used soap.

  6. This looks like the exact sink that I had in our house in Tempe. I had issues with it looking gray or filmy after I would clean it. Let me know what you use to clean it and how it works for you. I love the look though and was also giddy when I got mine.


    1. My housekeeper always sprayed wd40 and it looked fabulous!

  7. This sounds exactly how our home projects go. Also the reason we are doing a new construction build because neither of us have any talent in these kind of projects! What faucet did you choose? I really like the way it looks. Nice job.. well worth the effort!

  8. Oh man, you are my hero for not giving up! I would have just sat and cried I think, at my third run to Home Depot.

    I love the new sink you chose. And personally, I'm way in love with double bowls.

    Love it! Can't wait to see more of your kitchen remodel!

  9. I'm exhausted....and thank you Jesus that I keep my 39 yr. old sink. You're a great writer/story teller.

  10. i seriously love it. i've been sink shopping as well. was leaning toward an undermount but this looks so nice. what a bummer that you had so much trouble and mishap but in the end, you did get this beautiful sink. enjoy! =]

  11. OMG! what an ordeal but the sink is Fabulous!!

    My hubby & I have actually gone through this process more than once and it's a pain in the &#!* each and every time...but always well worth the effort. Well done!

    Have a beachy weekend.

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
    "Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

  12. Sounds about the way most projects go in our house...we start one simple project and it snowballs, and I don't mean by choice!! We picked out the new countertops Thursday, which meant new sink (it's intergrated though), which meant new cooktop and new backsplash...see a pattern??? Oh and we're replacing the rotten french doors that have always swung into our kitchen (toward our dining table?!) with outswing ones...I see an entire paint job coming on for the kitchen, UGH! The good news...I finally painted the last of the back staircase today, am waiting for the paint to dry and will then take off the tape and hopefully have beautiful painted stairs!! Fingers crossed.

  13. uhhh...badger.....and i love the sink...

  14. Oh ma gosh, I am feeling your pain just reading about this. I hate, I HATE several trips to the hardware store. HATE.IT. But it looks lovely!

    And yay for awesome Dads!

    p.s. -- did you go back to the same trainer dude?

  15. I love your blog. This made me laugh so hard. (sorry) It's just nice to know there's someone else in the world who lives my life! And it is beautiful! (the sink....and the life!)

  16. WOW! You must have had the migraine of the century after that fiasco!! I would have been partially bald! Home depot is one of my favorite places...next to IKEA but I don't think I would have been happy to go there so many times for such horrible and frustrating reasons. You are a trooper and your new sink and faucet look amazing!

  17. Oh Man! That sounds harrowing. And I thought our sink install was bad. It only took one day and one extra trip to Lowe's.

    I think you may have won an award or something.

  18. I am SOOO glad you got the bigger/smaller sink because I know YOU'LL be glad you did!

    And about those pull out faucets... I KNOW!!!!

    Loved the story, but I admit, I very vocally gasped when you broke the chunk off the edge!! All for a reason though. :)


  19. You better give a GOOD Father's day present! So funny...you should have a check out line pix. Must say I like a single bowl, but I'm living with a double s/l design.

  20. Love the new sink! The drama involved in installing it will just make you love it even more ;) I know some people love their big farmhouse sinks, but I still like having two places to do things!

  21. It looks great! But oh dear, I nearly came unglued when you said it chipped your laminate. AGH! You poor thing!

  22. Thank you,TDC.

    I have now decided not to renew my sink. ::grin::

  23. Great job!!! It looks FANTASTIC!! Sorry about all the drama :( I did get a few good laughs though...thanks!

  24. You are too fun!

    As for the tray, could you find a wire basket small enough to fit in there to hold a sponge? Looks like you still have room. Glue the puppy in there.

  25. ok. you're a nut! that was hilarious! i'm so glad you got your sink, what a crazy time you had. :) it sounds like something that would happen to me. (i once "decided on my own" to remove the old lock from our front door and ruined the front door and hubs could NOT believe the mess i had made...)anyway, yay you! i'm glad it worked out! enjoy your dish washing! :)

  26. lol. Isn't that always the way it goes? your new sink is gorgeous, though! I think the big, deep bowl on one side is the best of both worlds.

  27. I'm a big fan of running water... ;)

  28. so glad to know that someone else has the problems that I always seem to have! Nothing is ever as easy as the DIY videos show!

    Looks great!

  29. wow! that's a project isn't it. The sink is gorgeous though so I guess it was worth the hassle.

  30. Your new sink looks fabulous and soon the memories of all the challenges involved will be a distant memory. LOL!

  31. Now this is Perseverance girl! I think this very situation is why there are so many half done projects sitting around the country! :)
    It's soooooo hard to go back and back and back to the store to figure it all out. It is looking great, love that you installed the faucet in a way that works for YOU!

  32. I think you are the best story teller on the face of the earth! Did you ever think of writing a series of short stories - there is a market out there for your kind of humor!! Happy decorating.

  33. Love it! We recently installed the same faucet and found that the lever couldn't move because the backsplash was too close. Anyway, we moved it to the front (like you) and I absolutely love it. I think that's how all faucets should be installed. :)

    I think it's great that you didn't give up and kept on trying. I'm more and more becoming a believer in "things happen for a reason", so maybe you were meant to have two sides to your sink. :)

  34. Sounds like you are related to the Grimms!!lol...seems nothing in home renovation is easy for us!! thanks for sharing...it made me smile. And I love your new sink!!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while - this is my first time commenting.

    "I was looking around for hidden cameras. Am I on TV?" - This made me downright laugh out loud! Thanks for all your inspiration, ideas and honesty. :-)

  37. The sink is gorgeous! I am glad it is done!!! And I can't wait to hear about Ikea.

    I love Ikea!

  38. I love that you are able to laugh through all the bumps and bruises - I didn't think a post on installing a sink would be funny, but yours was!!

  39. It looks gorge!! Glad you (and your dad) stuck it out! (Aren't dad's the BEST?!?)

    It made me giggle that you have your new installed soap dispenser and still have your soap by the side of the sink. :)

  40. My sister-in-law has her sink installed the same way, with the lever in the front.
    Just imagine all the water drops you won't have to wipe up on the counter or sink edge!!!

  41. I would have died and brought everyone down with me had I gone through what you went through with that sink.
    Praise God you have a fabulous dad who didn't give up!

    Best wishes on the rest of your kitchen remodel -- I am on pins and needles to see the rest!


  42. The new sink is great! I'm so sorry you had so much trouble getting it installed. I feel like that is what many of our home improvement stories are like! They always involve 987 trips to HD! Hope the rest of the kitchen makeover is as easy as pie.

  43. Gorgeous Sink! I have the same similar style but with 2 equal sides...WE LOVE IT! It was also a challenge to put in but so worth it!! Don't you love the chocolate brown color? WE DO! Again, great job and it looks fantastic!

  44. Two thumbs up for you for sticking with it until you got what you wanted! It looks great. :) Can't wait to read your take on IKEA...I'm due for another trip up soon!! It's only 40 minutes away--my kids are the only thing that keeps me away. ;)

  45. Been through several kitchen remodels...they always seem to go this way!One time was even hauling up a stove and had to have our guests that were arriving for our housewarming help so I could cook...OH and we then had to wait for all the men to hook it up to the the lines in the basement ...yes it was an adventure!But afterward worth a good laugh each time we chatted about it.

    Done the IKEA thing too...moved to a house in TX and had to fill a HUGE home in one shopping day that was 6 hours long and another 4 the next day...that is a story let me tell you...but I still love IKEA!

  46. Have to say I love the new sink - and I noticed you have the exact same counter tops as me, so I showed the hubby how much better a black sink would look (I didn't let him read the post about all the drama, or he'd never consider it!) Can't wait till we can get a new one too!

  47. Your sink is just beautiful! You are hilarious and I had to read it twice just for the laughs I got. My DH&I have put many things together in the house and I guess that's why it was so funny. Does "been there, done that" ring a bell?

  48. i like how you do things just a wee bit differently. tap on the front. why not!

    i guess i'm a bit spoiled, having 3 ikeas within an hour's drive of me. hehe. glad you had fun.

  49. Love the new sink and faucet!! You will just love having the 2 sides.. AND the deep 10 inches... I L.O.V.E. mine to pieces... I have a goose neck faucet on mine but could not use the sprayer due to the spicket for the water softener.. I am starting to think a faucet like your is in my near future!! :O) That makes me happy!! Congrats and enjoy!! :O)

  50. I've got to give it to you, you're amazing for seeing it through! I probably would have given up after the first day. There would have been many tears if it had been at my house! But the sink looks great! :)

  51. I am so sorry you had one of "those" experiences with this project, but I'm also a teeny tiny bit thankful that I'm not the only person who has these kind of experiences! So glad you finally got it installed!

  52. ok please remind me to never install a sink. i think i might die from all that stress!

  53. I love it, my Dad installed the exact same faucet for me this week, it's awesome !

  54. I think it was the *ahem* badger causing all the bad luck!

    Sink looks awesome though!

  55. Love the new sink!

    We just redid our kitchen and I have the single bowl sink with the cutting board & strainer and I LOVE it!

  56. Sarah, your project is hilarious! I'm so glad it turned out OK after all. I have the Silgranite sink like that and absolutely LOVE it. And my faucet is installed just like yours too, great option! You will SO enjoy your pulldown feature too. I was hesitant about it at first, but now I am so glad I got that kind. Happy sink to you!

  57. OH, and that's exactly why we hired a PRO plumber to put in our sink. No drama!!

  58. what an ordeal! I'm so glad it all worked out finally and it looks fantastic! Multiple trips to Home Depot seem to be the norm for us on a good day! : )

  59. I love that your faucet handle is in the front. I have had friends with that type of faucet and the knob is on the right.. but my poor brain doesn't compute the way to use it. It feels awkward and I would never consider owning one, even if they are purty. But I think I could totally love one if I installed it the way your good ol dad did it.

    Thanks for sharing, and God bless dad.

  60. That sounds like every plumbing experience I've ever had! LOL My motto...what can go wrong, will go wrong, but I can fix it no matter what! LOL
    I TOLD YOU you were gonna love the sprayer that comes out of the faucet!! I KNEW you would! I ADORE mine...would never, ever, ever go back to the separate one again!
    I'm glad you have your sink back...running water is just such a wonderful thing. :-D
    Blessings and have a lovely memorial day!

  61. This was super entertaining. I love your double bowled sink (shape is GORGEOUS) and think your choice of a SS faucet versus ORB was very smart... it looks great.

  62. This perfectly describes my life lately, except the nearest Lowes and Home Depot are 45 minutes away...

    Fun times!


  63. Wow, you are one patient person! I think my stomache dropped when you said you forgot your purse. I have so been there. It looks really good though! That sink and the one hole sink are a tie for me (I so want a new sink, but we got our black cast iron one used for $30 and we're still young newlyweds, so I can't complain!). I am also loving the little preview of your beadboard backsplash! I can't wait to see the finished product!!

  64. I have to say badger. But really, woodchuck.
    And the sink is awesome! I agree...working without a sink is NO FUN!

  65. WOW, what a journey for a new sink!! But looks like it was all worth it -- that sink is gorgeous!

  66. Projects are so stressful sometimes. I just had a bedroom disaster with 4 gallons of paint.

    Glad you got the sink in and fixed and WORKING.

  67. You have turned me into a believer of how useful and exciting it is to repurpose items for decorating my home. I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying your site. The way you write makes me feel like you and I are close friends. Your ideas are terrific! I have been to my local Goodwill stores about 4 times in the past two weeks and have scored some excellent finds. Thanks for making my creativity blossom and my dollar stretch!

  68. My husband and I installed a new kitchen sink in our first house. It was a Home Depot clearance special...sounding familar yet? Of course the holes didn't match the drain pipes, so there was a zillion trips to the nearby Lowes for the right elbows and PVC extensions. On third trip, I said "Buy one of everything!" Becoming fatigued with the constant lifting of the sink in and out of the counter, my husband bumped the sink into the fridge, which left a neat little DENT on the fridge's door! When it came time to turn on the water, the drain pipe leaked (of course) so there were many trips back to the main water shut off in the basement while we tweaked the connections under the sink. Then the main valve broke. So much for my "bargain" sink. TRUE STORY!! Congratulations on the new sink. It's a beauty.

  69. Wow! What a gorgeous sink! I seriously might have cried if I had to go back & forth so much to the store too. I'm glad all is well now & you have running water again. :-)

  70. Honestly, I don't get the single bowl sinks in a kitchen. My friend has one and it's pretty but I couldn't do without a double for more reasons than I care to list. I'm excited for your kitchen though, I've "redone" mine a bit but nothing big. Sadly, a new faucet is in the future but I LOVE, LOVE my current one. Is it possible to be emotionally attached to a faucet. I think so! I've been wondering if you are ever going to find a stopping point and have to buy a new home. HA! Have fun, I enjoy your projects.

  71. Wanted to ask a follow up question to your sink post.

    We have the single bowl style that you first had. Have you noticed that the sink has kind of lost it's Shine? My sink itsn't looking so deep black and shiny anymore. Is there anything that can be done? (if you know)


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