Friday, July 30, 2010

July Month in Review!

Hello there! I’m baaaack with another month in review! Can you even believe how fast this month has gone? Nuts!

To start out July, I showed you the progress I had made on my kitchen redo (with help from American Express!):

And see? I said I hoped to get the kitchen done in July, and looky there…NOTHIN’ else has been done. It’s the kiss of DIY death to say it out loud. :) (Well, I did work on the window treatments, but they did NOT go as planned. More on that later!)

I still don’t know where I’m going to place the glass doors in the upper cabinets – but now I’m contemplating doing all of them. Hmmmm…that depends on if I can get the not so pretty stuff hidden away in baskets. There’s that itsy bitsy cost issue too. ;)

Next, my love of Craigslist blossomed. And I had a ton of fun decorating my new, loverly  buffet for our foyer:

I have plans to add beautiful crystal knobs to this beauty, once I find them. :)

I continued my blogging series and discussed how/when/where/why I’ve accepted ads and what’s worked for me:

Many of you asked how long I had been blogging when I was up to the 2,000+ hits a day and decided to start accepting ads. I started this blog in May of 08, so it had been eight months total at that point. My site did not really take off till the fall of 08, so I had been actively blogging for five months.

I showed you how I took Walmart and Target jars, and black craft vinyl and made adorable cereal jars and “chalkboard” labels:

glass cereal jars

The vinyl is the stuff you use for craft cutters, like the Silhouette. I found mine at Meijer, but I think you can find it at Walmart and Target, and for sure at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. If you loved the idea of Chalk Ink markers, you can find them here.

Some of you asked if the cereal has stayed fresh, and so far so good! The lids aren’t air tight, but they provide enough of a seal. I just munched on some Cheerios to double check, and they were nice ‘n crunchy. :)

I showed you my next Craigslist find, which was actually my first Craigslist find, but whatever. I originally bought a dresser for the foyer, but it was way too big, so I ended up moving it to the family room, and now this spot:

Now looks like this:


Sigh. Isn’t she lovely?

I admitted to my love of faux and showed the nonbelievers that yes, it can look good!:


At least I think so.  ;)

I showed off Emily and some of her fab projects, including these DIY Willliams Sonoma candleholders:

Williams Sonoma hurricanes

Oh yeah, hers were only two bucks EACH. I do believe Dollar Trees all over the country are cleaned out. :)

Next, I dissected the beautiful catalog pictures we all drool over:


And I still love them, even with the fake menu falling off the wall. ;)

I showed you the chore I loathe…and the torture I go through to get this:


To this:


Let’s just say there’s some sweating involved. And a clear schedule for the day.

One of my lovely readers let me know that these bins were recalled:


I was annoyed with them anyway (they “shed,” you can’t sit on them and the lids don’t stay up – hence the recall). I took them back and got a store credit – if you have them, you may want to see if you can do the same!

I discussed one of my most frequently asked questions – how to pick out and mix metal finishes in your house:


And also mentioned my hatred of shiny brass. ;)

Many of you have asked if I have tried spray painting door knobs – I haven’t, but my friend Beckie has, and she gives you the low down here. I think they’ve held up pretty well for her!

Last weekend, Saffron Marigold offered a fantastic giveaway of their luxurious linens.


One of my favorite (and mostly FREE!) changes of late was taking the massive hutch off the beautiful buffet in our dining room:

dining room

I “made” a mirror, Emily’s candleholders (from above) and got some fabuloso lamps from HomeGoods, and it was complete! (And loverly!!)

Finally, I showed you how some of our rooms have progressed over the years, from this:


To this:


It’s taken six and a half years to get from the before to the after, and there’s still more I’d like to change up!

I have to give a BIG shout out to my wonderful advertisers for July as well! You can click their buttons to get to their sites:

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And thanks to my additional lovely advertisers for July – The Vintage Pearl, Thirty-One and The Rusted Chain:


And thanks to YOU for what was the BIGGEST month ever at TDC!!


I couldn’t do this without you Squeeeeeezies!!  ;)

* The Before and After Party is on for this coming Monday – it will go up that night!

** If you are interested in my primary or secondary advertising, or a giveaway post, email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com.

*** If you have any additional questions about this month’s posts that I didn’t answer, please leave them in the comments and I’ll respond back this weekend.


  1. Glad to see I didn't miss a single one of your posts this month! I must be quite a fan of yours! :)

  2. You just reviewed for us what we already knew--you (once again) had a great month of posts! Love your blog, girl!

  3. It was a great month-Thanks for sharing the recap!

  4. As always, great stuff!!! Love you and your blog, girl! You always inspire me.
    Congrats to a great month!

  5. Beautiful & inspiring! Wanna come redecorate my home next? ;)

  6. Great posts! I loved them all.

  7. Your blog was the first blog I ever read... found it while researching kitchen island redo with beadboard about 6 months ago... since then I've been hooked! Keep up the good work! :)

  8. I am with Kate! Found u ( and thereby a new frontier called non-family blggng) when searching for headboard panelling just over a year ago! Since then I have bead board in my dining room and around my kitchen island and am wrapping up board and batten in the entryway... Wait! See, I do accomplish things!!

    I'll link up to your before and after party Monday, 'cause I'll totally have the entry done by then.

    And now I am lying.



    No I

  9. Wow, what a great recap. I remembered some that i wanted to try and wished I could try. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

  10. You had a very productive month! I can't get over your bed post! Oh and welcome to the craigslist family;-). Love craigslist. I stalked that site until I found my beloved campaign dresser and desk! The dresser and bufffet that you found are some great pieces! Love the one that hasn't been painted.

    Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  11. I like your month in review posts. Reminds me of how fabulous your are! ;) I am still lovin' your post about the Progress in your Family room. :)

  12. You have been a busy little girl. I just don't know how you get it all done and blog too. I blog but I just can't do the projects that you do. WOW!

  13. the link to show us where to get a Chalk Ink pen is to the Silhouette pen... :(

  14. Thanks, Sarah! I recently started following your blog so now I'm up to date! Stop by and see me sometime!


  15. Great month.....helpful posts!! Wow...on the before/after of your Family Room!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  16. I enjoy your blog and just enjoyed your overview of your month, quite a cool idea really! Rachael:)

  17. This is just the inspiration I need right now! Our family is "re-purposing" a shed/barn into a home. We're mostly still in the construction stage, but I'll be needing all the creative inspiration I can get for when we reach my favorite part - the decorating!

    Thank you!

  18. LOVE that white console table/shelf behind your couch. Where did you find that?

  19. LOVE that white console table/shelf behind your couch. Where did you find that?

  20. Wow what great transformations! I'm inspired to take on some renovation projects of my own now. :)

  21. I love the art print behind the console. It is gorgeous and those colors just speak to me. It looks so fabulous.


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