Friday, July 16, 2010

Showing off Emily

Hello peeps! I’m kicking off my “Show Me Off” series today with a blogger I know you’ll be spending a couple hours catching up on (if you haven’t already!) So just let the kids and the hubs know they’re on their own for dinner tonight. And maybe breakfast tomorrow. ;)

Emily at Decor Chick submitted a few projects that were a tuggin’ at my little decorating heart and I couldn’t wait to share them with you! And no, it wasn’t just because I liked her blog name so much!  :)

If you’ve been around these parts for one hot second, you know of my deep, abiding, bordering-on-obsession love of molding. Seriously. Sometimes I think I need a support group. By now I’ve brought so many of you on board, we’d have a nice little group going.

Emily and her Dad (LOVE when the Dads help!!) took this blank wall that was pitifully begging, “Please dear owner, please please put some molding on me?”:

And with a few boxes, added mucho character:

molding wall

Love that she filled in the wall with more photos too – it looks fab!

For more on this project, go here.

She found this little media cabinet at a thrift store:

Then took the doors off, added some beadboad wallpaper and some accessories, and how pretty is that?:

media cabinet redo

That little lamp inside totally makes it, don’t you think? It’s so warm and pretty!

For more on that one, go here.

Emily saw a William’s Sonoma knock-off idea over at Get Your Martha On (I adore that blog name!) who got it from somewhere else, and so on. (The beauty of blogland!)

The inspiration was this fab hurricane:


So she made these, for TWO BUCKS EACH people!:

Williams Sonoma hurricanes

Umm…hello, that is awesome. I am envisioning these in my house filled with leaves and acorns for fa…… oops. Almost said it. Not gonna.


I’m totally making some! :)

For more on how to make the hurricanes, go here.

Emily attacks some painting projects I’m not sure I would attempt. Well, maybe I would, but there would be a whole lot of crying. And whimpering.

She took a dining hutch she had for years:

And painted it, beadboarded it, accessorized it and got this gorgeous result:

painted dining hutch

I love love love that she used frames and other decor in the hutch – thinking outside of the box my friends. It looks FAB!

For more on this project, go here.

Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks for kicking off this shindig Emily!

Would you like me to show off one (or more) of your projects? If so, send me all of the pictures/links/info I’ll need, and email them to me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Show Me Off!”

I’ve had quite a response, so bear with me – it will take a while to get to all of you talented Squeezies!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Emily with us! Great projects. I am hoping to have TONS to show off soon. The kitchen is almost there...just a few accessories (actually I am loving some of what Emily did with that hutch), the last of the hardwood floors went in, whew! Sweet 16 will be getting her big sister's room with a complete makeover next week, the list goes on and on. While it is sometimes overwhelming, at the same time I am loving every minute of being creative!

  2. I love Emily's blog. I found it last week. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Like Gloria, I found it last week and have added it, as I have yours, to my fav list! So sweet of you to showcase her this week!

  4. Love the idea of taking the doors off the little cabinet and setting the light inside. It really brightens that corner a lot!


  5. I just love your cabnet! Where did you get it from! OMG!!!

  6. Well deserved show off for Emily! She has some great stuff on her blog and I just love her hutch redo. The mix of things she has displayed really makes it terrific!

  7. I want to know where Emily got those shutters above her brand new hutch!!! Do you know?

  8. Emily is awesome...and she's really nice, too!


  9. Emily will be so excited you featured her here! She is such a sweetheart and has really good decorating ideas. Love her hallway! I like this new series Sarah. It's really nice of you!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

    PS I hope you got my reply yesterday. I'm definitely no expert. Just thought I would share what worked for me. *Smiles*

  10. you have won a award on my blog :P)

  11. Sorry Sarah but I have to say THANK YOU again! What a blessing this is. You have no idea. Well, maybe you do, but still. :) THANK YOU!!

    And to answer Juggling Thoughts@One Fine Wire, I got the shutters at the thrift store and painted them. :)

    Thank you to everyone who has commented here and left such sweet comments! Love you all!

  12. So, I'm going to have to nose around in your blog now. Molding has always been on my scare list. The measuring, the numbers and the MITERING! All of these photos are beautiful, great post.


  13. What a fun series! I love checking out new to me bloggers. Emily's creations are fab!

  14. I can't say it enough, paint does wonders. It's gives a piece of furniture and whole new life.

  15. Emily... all really impressive projects, but I especially love the dining hutch. Sarah, thanks for such a great blog. You are a Rock Star!

  16. Emily, you know what I like best? Your positive, upbeat attitude that you write about each project with. It's fun to read. Great job, I know (from my own experience) how hard it is to get ANYTHING done with a toddler let alone painting and decorating. Highly impressive.

  17. I love Emily's blog! So glad to see that you featured her here, she is such a sweetheart!

  18. I love these little projects you show...they are so inpsiring. Thanks

  19. What a fun and creative idea -- love saving $$

  20. Those are definitely great projects! Love her blog!

  21. Wow - such fun things she has done. And total side note..I was talking about you in Co at the Savvy Blogging conference. Someone else went to see NKids and I SO thought of you. :)

  22. Just discovered her, too!!! You're so sweet to shower her with all the love...she does have some great ideas!
    I also think it is awesome (and have no idea how she does it) that she comments to each of her comments - WOWser!

  23. Thank you for leading us to her site!!! Wow, she has some awesome projects to show off. . .love your taste in blogs :)

  24. Hi TDC!

    Just wanted to let you know I made your DYI Shutters and window boxes. I put a post up on my blog about them and linked back to yours.

    Have a good day!

  25. I just found your blog today and have been glued to it! Thrifting is a pasion of mine, it's like treasure hunting for people with vision and yours is awesome! so happy I found your page!!!

  26. I visit Emily's blog a lot too! She's extremely creative and talented. I'm sure you saw her latest cloche, it was phenomenal!

  27. I would just like to say how 'fun' and 'easy' it is to read your post.
    You draw us in and make us feel like we've known you forever.
    thanks for sharing Emily. She's super cool!
    Have a blessed day.

  28. The new store Jayson from Chicago has a lovely catalog you are sure to love!

  29. What a great idea! Love the inspiration from other bloggers. You're so generous... :) That china hutch is ridiculous!!!


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