Perfect fall catalog inspiration

August 25, 2010

Ohhh, the time is almost here!!! Can you feel it? It was positively CRISPY tonight! (Crispy in a good, cool way. Not a burning hot, like the sun is baking me way.) 

I know, I know…we have another four weeks. Well, reeeeeeally, 27 days if you want to get all technical about it. That’s like, three weeks and six days.


(source: Pottery Barn)

Anyway, I’m on a mission this week – I told myself the basement decrapifcation (that I started eight months ago) must. be. done. before I pull out one piece of fall decor. Because once the holidays hit, a decorating BOMB goes off down there, and I’m determined to keep that from happening again. (Stop laughing, I can DO THIS.)

Needless to say, I’ve been down there all day. ;)

But guess what came today in the mail to keep me motivated? The latest Pottery Barn catalog, full of fall goodies!

I know PB isn’t the end all to decorating, but you gotta admit – they know how to style the heck out of a room. They are also wicked good at making warm and cozy ooooze off the page.

What I love about fall decorating is that it’s so natural – normally I’d scoff at hanging branches from a mirror, but for fall, it totally works. :)

I also love how something as simple as a few (real or faux) pumpkins and just a container full of branches is so striking:


Isn’t that huge pumpkin gorgeous? Did I just call a pumpkin gorgeous?

I love this mixture of pears, gourds and simple foliage:


Of course, it’s the colors of fall that make the decor so warm and loverly – they work SO well in our house. I think that’s part of the reason I love decorating for this time of year so much.

This picture is so AUTUMN I could just pass out from the gorgeousness:


It is now my mission to make a big, huge, honkin’ leaf wreath this year. I made a lovely little bitty one last year, and I need to do that times 50:

easy fall leaf wreath

You can use just about an.y.thing. and fill it with fall fillers. 

There’s no candles in these hurricanes, just lots of random, fall-y, natural stuff:

Pottery Barn fall tablescape inspiration

I especially love how easy fall decorating is – pile some stuff in a tray, a candleholder, a bowl – and it looks fantastic:

Pottery barn fall Inspo

I mean, really. It’s just a tray with pumpkins, gourds, beady stuff and little nuts for good measure.

That picture makes me want to go caress my bin of beady stuff and work on my dining table right. this. second:
dark wood table with fall bead centerpiece

My head is positively swimming. ;)

I won’t even mention the Halloween ideas in the Pottery Barn catalog – every year I get more and more into the spooky decor and I’m SO excited to work on some crafty goodies soon!

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  1. What a great link party.. THANKS for hosting, I can't wait for FALL AND HALLOWEEN. I have been crafting tons of Halloween goodness on my craft blog. Thanks again. Jen

  2. aghh - Sarah, you are killing me! :) Every time you say the word "fall" you are making ME want to drag down the bins from the attic and decorate RIGHT NOW! :) Trying to hold off until September (I usually wait until closer till October but there is no way I am waiting that long this year.) Have tons of fall decor "in process" right now. Got to get them finished so I can share them. And yay for the picture linky - I already love it! :)

  3. This is an awesome idea! Thanks so much! I hope you don't mind, I posted something that I made after seeing your tutorial on it - it was right after I started my blog!
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. You are soooo ahead of me Sarah, I haven't even gotten into fall yet. I guess I had better get on it!!!! :)

  5. I cannot wait for Fall! Thanks in part to you, it's my favorite season.
    By the way, if you haven't gone to Bath and Body Works to smell the Creamy Pumpkin candles, you should! They are to die for and only make me wish Fall would be here sooner so I could light those suckers up. So yummy smelling!

  6. OHH thank you for the party Sarah! I started decorating August 13th!! Haha yes!!

  7. I am so glad you did this, I have been looking at blogs all night, this will be so much more simple. I went to dollar store today and scored some pumpkins and little skulls! Can't wait to see what everyone has done. I'm thinking fall is the fav season!

  8. Okay, I laughed earlier when I read Nester's post and I had previously saved practically every photo she posted in my "fall inspiration file". And then you post the same pics! haha! Great minds, I tell you. :) I have the fan in the window right now and it's getting "crisp" in here. Definitely putting me in the mood for fall.

  9. Love love love the impromptu linky party!!! I am so ready for fall and my husband is so tired of hearing about it, that he let me put some stuff out already! :) I will post my link tomorrow. I drooled over the PB catalog, too. I even dog-eared the same pictures you posted! Bring on the FALL!!!!

  10. Great party!

    I love that table and chair set in the first pic.

  11. Yay! Thanks for hosting this impromptu party. I am getting my 2010 fall plan together now and this will give me lots more inspiration! I dusted off my 2009 recap to link up. Excited!

  12. Oh, I love this time of year! It's spectacular here in New England... wicked pretty! (I saw your wicked comment - where are you from?) Halloween is my second favorite holiday for decorating... Christmas still comes first!

  13. Great link party idea! I can't wait to see your "big, huge, honkin’ leaf wreath"...that so cracked me up when I read it! ;-)

  14. I wish we celebrated Fall like you guys do!

    It is nearly Spring here and hot summer days are approaching-I will be back here often so I can pretend that I am in colder weather!

    Best wishes,

  15. I love your Fall post! I am an American trying to find my way through making home in Australia. September 1st is officially Spring here! Halloween in Spring?!? Wish me luck!



  16. LOVED your post... & though I Love fall... it means that winter is coming... NOooooo...
    I am going to drag out summer to the very end & enjoy it.
    (I can't add to your post... I am new to this Blog thing & never took a pic.. will this year though :)

  17. I got mine yesterday, too. I love that outdoor picture and I was looking it over to see what I might want to copy. I think I'm going to have to hit the basement storage and see what I actually have here for Fall. I have two large open {both ends} hurricanes like that one dining table picture. I'd love to do something like that, but I need some kind of dish as the base. Otherwise it will be a major mess when I want to move them off the table!

  18. Sarah! Such a great idea! WE're soooo ready for fall, I just added a picture from last year that makes me excited for it. Love all the pics~

  19. I love your ideas and the links.

    I have to admit, I was kind of waiting for you to make comments on the pictures like Catalog Living LOL!!! ;)

  20. Ohhhhhhh how I wish it was fall already. I'm in Houston, and it's still a billion degrees with 4,000% humidity. I LOVE fall decorating, and I feel the season generally gets overlooked. It's like people go from summertime fun to Christmas in one jump. I just bought a beautiful fall wreath from Home Goods this past weekend, and I really want to put it up now! I know, I know. Just a little longer.

  21. So agree with you about the urge to put out the pumpkins! I am a fall girl too! Just picked up a cute fall jackolantern plate at Cracker Barrel last week. I ususally start decorating on Labor Day Weekend. Thanks for hosting the looking at all the links.

  22. love impromptu parties!!! they are always more fun.

    i linked up (for the first time with you, btw)the funnest FALL project i did last year.

    "it's a GREAT pumpkin make-over"

    thanks for hosting. good luck with your basement.


  23. I love Pottery Barn and it certainly isn't fall here yet but I'll be excited when it is!

  24. Fantastic party darling! Great pics too! I can't wait for it to be fall! :)

  25. I LOVE the photo linky party - makes it easier for me to remember what I have clicked on, since with a 2 year old, I never have the time to go through them all at once :)

    I too am in love with fall. It just has such energy and warmth, plus it seems like the last couple of times we have moved it's been in the fall. Our first apartment's color scheme was actually based on a panara bread - red, orange, green, yellow and brown.

  26. I am not ready for fall. I have two full weeks of summer I protest! :) Janell

  27. Who says we can't put fall decor out on Sept. 1st? Who says we can't light a Creamy Pumpkin candle right now, in the middle of August? I say..bring it on! Just do it! I've put my fall decor out on Labor Day weekend for years...yes, it's my favorite season, too! (even though it's stinkin' hot here in So. Cal. right now) I can't wait to get my fall decor out of the garage and onto the porch and into the house! (love, love, LOVE that porch photo from PB!! I just bought a black lantern line the ones in the photo...found it at Ross for $14.99! Now I have to hunt for a
    2nd lantern...sooo excited to "copy" that PB idea for the porch!!)
    Love the fall link party....thanks, Sara! You blog totally inspires me and brings a smile to my face with each post!
    Thanks so much!
    Cindy B.

  28. Hi Sarah --

    Did you see the new large gourds at Crate and Barrel? They are awesome and only $12.95! Just thought I would share! :)

  29. Fall, Glourious Fall. Thanks for inspiring all of us! I'm off to see Melissa now. :-)


  30. Aw! You're killing me here! I have a million things to do before I think about fall decor! But that's all I want to do right now! And it's crispy here, too. Sitting on the porch in a sweatshirt while my little guy plays tractors. :)

  31. LOVE this! I am trying to resist decorating for fall until next week but those photos make it sooo tempting!

  32. That wine bottle chandelier is ri-donk-u-lous! I want it BAD!!! The other stuff is amazing too, but it is still bordering on 100 degrees here and I just can't get "into" fall yet. I really need to move out of Texas... Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!!

  33. I found your site off of Twice Lovely. And I am now a follower! Beautiful stuff :)

  34. I'm so ready for fall weather and decor, but with it still being well over 100* I just can't do it yet! Sadly I think I'll have to wait till sometime in October before the weather feeling somewhat fall-ish and maybe then I'll feel like it's time to pull out the fall decor.

  35. My blog hasn't been around long enough to have fall from last year....and I'm NOT that on top of it to be ready for this one yet....but I'm going to love to look at a little inspiration...

    Mostly I just wanted to say that my favorite thing about your blog is your writing. Not that the decorating isn't is...but the whole exchange about June 1st...I adore it!

    And as far as the PB Fall Catalog I think Miss Mia Michaels of SYTYCD said it best "Gorge-wah". I hate to rip off someone else's made-up word...but I did. And there you go.

  36. I have no past Fall decor since I had no blog last Fall. :( So, I will just look at all the others.
    And we have to crispness in the air here!

  37. Thanks! What a fun party.

  38. Love your party, and the thumbnails get a thumbs up from me. Gorgeous inspiration pics, wonderful colors! Thanks for hosting.

  39. I love the links with the pictures. Even though I feel like I just finally put the bins from Christmas in the cross-space, I can't wait for my fall decorations!!

  40. I used to LOVE fall. It was my favorite season. I loved the crisp, cool air, trick-or-treating in the cold, and the smell of logs burning in my neighbors' fireplaces. I loved to go shopping for sweaters and new boots - I always had new black and brown boots - and couldn't wait to wear them.

    But, sadly, I live in Houston (where I grew up - so I know we *used* to have fall here) and we really have no fall anymore. It goes from hot and humid, to hotter and humider (that's a word I just made up) to less hot and humid to kinda cold. The leaves don't turn colors until January. Really.

    My dream is to go to New England for a real red-orange-yellow maple leaf fall someday.

    This post is making me so nostalgic and very envious of all of you that get to actually experience the change of seasons!!!


  41. I found your blog a few weeks ago and it inspires me so much! My husband and I just moved and need a lot of furniture, so when I went to my local Goodwill and Salvation Army I thought of your blog and how you are always thrifting to make something your own. By the way, my hunt was successful, no furniture but I did get two adorable lamp bases that I'm going to re-paint and find fabulous shades for. Oh, and I was just drooling over your fall tablescapes! Yummy! Keep the inspiration coming.

    -heather ritchie-

  42. Oh you know what they say about Great Minds!

    Make me a fat leaf wreath too?


  43. Wow don't we have Pottery Barn in England?! :) great post and amazing links! City Girl x

  44. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For this linky party. I absolutely LOVE everything about fall and this totally gets me in the mood!! =o)

  45. Oh no! I was SO thinking it was Sept.1, not 21! ;)
    Hmmm...who will tell? ha!

  46. Have I told you lately that I love you?! haha Fall is the BOMB! :-) Thanks for the fabulous post. I am chomping at the bit to pull out the fall goodies too. Ahh!

  47. What gorgeous inspiration photos! I haven't gotten out my fall decor just yet, nor have I had a chance to craft anything new for this fall (but plan to as soon as my son is back in preschool!). But I have linked up a post from last year with some of my decorations. Thanks for hosting this linky party! LOVE fall! My house was made for FALL!

  48. I've started! Woo hoo for me! LOL
    Grat party, love Fall too!
    Happy basement cleaning...hurry!!

  49. I'm so with you! I can not wait for fall, and fall decorations! Can't wait to see what you post this year. I'm on the hunt for a fall wreath... I'm not sure I'm brave enough to create my own.

  50. I feel the same way too, I have been exctied about autumn for the past three weeks, and it was brought to my attention 20 times that I am getting ahead of myself... I cant help it, I LOVE so many things about autumn. The colors are so natural and warm as you mentioned. The photos you shared get me even more excited, you are fueling the fire haha, and those pumpkins are lovely indeed

  51. Jane @ The Borrowed AbodeAugust 31, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Last year you kicked me off on an insane fall obsession. :) I didn't mind.

    This year, for some reason, I'm so loving my summer that I can't even think about fall decor yet. Maybe because I'm still working on regular decorating for the new house I recently moved to.

    But I am planning a fall roadtrip to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont - so I'm sure I'll eventually get in the spirit. :)

  52. I am a Pagan, and by all rights should not count the start of Fall until September 1st like a good little earth dweller. Not to mention, I live in Florida, so we still have a month and a half of hot weather ahead. PFFT! I say...PFFT! Come September 1st, even earlier in some cases, I am already hauling out the Fall goodies and willing cooler weather, warm cider, Hallowe'en...all that good stuff, to approach. I am with you!

  53. I want you to do my front door EXACTLY like that. And I want that wine light!! Oh and PPPS your dining room table looked better than any of the pics from PB! You rock!


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