Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rewind: Warm fall glow

fall glow

Can you believe I am just now really starting to decorate for fall? Most of you probably think I’m right on time, but this is about a month late for me. ;) My recent aversion to stuff has made me cringe at the thought of pulling the bins upstairs.

But this weekend I finally got the bug, and it’s coming out slowly but surely. It’ll just be a tad simpler this year.

Last year I showed you how to take some of your most basic decor and make your home glow with the fall season – this is a repost for anyone that wasn’t around these parts a year ago.  ;)

Funny how pretty much every space in the photos below has completely changed since then. Don’t get too confused. :)

Enjoy! (Some updated pics will follow.)


When it comes to decorating for fall, there are three things you need for a fabulous result: different textures, layering of the textures and it's gotta smell gooooood! You can't go wrong if you incorporate all of these.

I like to take items I already have and change them up for fall. For this display, I used a tray (Southern Living at Home, I love you!) I already had: I had the two larger candleholders, and purchased the three smaller ones for $1.50 each at Hobby Lobby. I placed them so the sizes were layered, and and filled in between with my go-to fall filler:

I got this stuff at Z Gallerie a couple years ago and it's still my favorite filler for this time of year. It's got glitz, it's got natural, it's got warm. Awesome.
I fluffed it all just so and added my candles -- the large ones were $5 from HomeGoods, the smaller were $3.50 at Hobby Lobby:
It took all of five minutes to do. I bet you have items laying around you could use too!
I wish they had scratch and sniff computers. The scent of cinnamon and apples is wafting through our house.
This is my view while I blog tonight:
Loverly. Have I mentioned yet how very much I ADORE fall? Just in case I haven't, I. ADORE. fall.
Our family room mantel has been warmed up as well. Last year I found some scrap wood, stained it and it serves as the perch for simple red and brown candles:
You'll soon realize I am a bit obsessed with these beady things. I think they are GORG. You can find them at Michael's. (I always get them on sale, they are $7 each before the discount.) I weave them through the candles for texture:
And wrapped them around the candles in the hurricanes for more texture and layering:
Yum. I could just eat it, it's just delicious. Well, not really, but you know what I'm sayin':
These candleholders are so fun to fill during the holidays. Funny how I can't figure out what to put in these things most of the year, but from now until early January, I'm golden:
I fill the bottom of each with leaves in different shades of orange and red:
I get my leaves by finding garland I like, then snipping off the leaves. This is much cheaper than buying packages of leaves.
I add my candles and then my "scatter" -- I love this stuff! This I found at Pier 1 years ago, and I think they still carry something similar:
Autumn-inspired ribbon is tied around and fluffed just a bit for a final touch. Sigh. :)
In the kitchen, I used another Southern Living piece and a clearanced plate from Pier 1:
I wrapped the candle with more foamy beady things (I used double stick tape on the back to secure them). Again, layering and texturing (word?):

Oh yeah, and a yummy candle. Glorious!

Try taking items you already have -- add a candle and then some texture -- whether it be pumpkins, acorns, apples, leaves, whatever! (Just make sure they aren't near the flame! Yikes.) Have I mentioned how much I love... ummm... OK, I'll shut it. I'm off to eat a caramel apple covered in peanuts, that should shut me up.


OK, totally weird, cause I’m about to eat a caramel apple again…right now. :)

I still haven’t touched the mantel or most of the other decor I mentioned in this post last year, but the tray with candles took less than five minutes to throw together on our new old Craigslist dresser:


I used the two big chunky candles from the mantel last year in the bigger glass candleholders and I love how beefy they are:

IMG_0265 Because I used what I had, this little display cost me zero buckaroos, and I love it:IMG_0281

Take any kind of tray, (check out Goodwill if you don’t have one!), some candles and any kind of filler and you’ll have a beautiful fall glow for your home! Lurve…


  1. Loved the looks of all - so warm and inviting - and the cost was all on the low low end of seasonal decorating...that is my style!

  2. Is it strange that your warm lovelies look good enough to eat? I feel hungry for apple pie and maybe even a smore now! Gorgeously rich and deliciously fall!

  3. Wow! Everything looks so perfect! Love your tray of candles (is that a SLAH tray??). You did a great job decorating - it is all beautiful!

  4. I love LOVE FAll! I love the tray of candles. I'm now on the hunt for a tray... I probably already have one somewhere.

    I did a post about Fall decor too and also mentioned Apple pie/crisp.

  5. This is wonderful. BTW: I've been blaming you for wanting to buy new bedsheets and getting pumpkin candles. My husband is wondering when this all started! lol. :)

  6. I remember this post from last year. It made me feel all warm and cozy again this year. I love the candles. So pretty.

  7. Looks great! I also really love the lamps on either side of your floral print.

  8. I've been waiting to see your fall stuff this year! I love the tray filled with candles & fillers! So easy but yet SO warm & cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Looks fabulous, Sarah!!! as seeing you use all your SLaHOME things!


  10. The candles look amazing! But you are late! In Australia I'm just getting ready for everything to warm up! Yay!

  11. Love it Sarah, the temps are finally falling here so I am ready to get my stuff out!

  12. So beautiful, classy and cozy. I love how you wrapped the candle and the little beady, diamond things from Pier one!

  13. Looks lovely and that filler from Z Galleries is perfect! I am in need of some filler and can't find any that has enough smaller pieces to actually fill in around something. Ohhh, the troubles of being a thrifty decorator.;)

  14. Beautiful!! I think I could actually smell the candles! ;)
    I'm going to go drag out my fall bins and see what I can find.

  15. love it! I love the candles i wish we had more spaces in our home for these!

  16. So so so beautiful! Makes me feel a little less guilty for doing NO decorating whatsover (I'll be lucky if I get my stair painting project finished). My husband did get out my Halloween Glassy Babies (and if you don't know what they are, you should but they are NOT thrifty).

    I'm in such a struggle between a decorated house and STUFF. Right now, the reduction of STUFF is winning, and, for now, I can say I'm ok with that. Plus I just don't have your touch.

  17. I told someone just the other day that the smell of fall for me was a Mulled Cider candle.

  18. I wish the air would get cool in my neighborhood. It's hard to decorate for autumn when it's 95 degrees outside!

  19. Love that beautiful Fall glow! The "fillers" you used with the candles are so pretty!

  20. I too love the beady stuff...I have bought 4 things of it already

  21. I'm resisting the urge to run out and buy cinnamon candles RIGHT now!!

  22. Thank you for all the luscious ideas! I can't wait to get home and start decorating tonight! :-)

  23. I can almost feel a chill in the air. That all looks so inviting.

  24. I've never been able to get into the seasonal decorating thing for the same reason you posted on your "stuff" entry. Mostly I just hate storing the extras. I even kind of hate the Christmas stuff and wish I could throw it all out and start fresh every year. Every fall I buy one giant cinnamon or mulled cider candle. I burn it until it runs out. If it's early enough I will buy another one otherwise I switch to cranberry or evergreen or something more Christmasy. That's how I decorate for the seasons. If it smells like fall then it must be fall. That sort of goes with my cleaning theory (If it smells clean....)

  25. Fall is when I break out the candles too! You can keep repeating all day how much you love fall, cause I feel the love too! Everything is just so snuggly and cozy and pumpkiny. Love it. You did a great job with those candle displays; I bet they are so soothing to look at after a long day!

  26. Beautiful!

    Those colors make me want to bake a pie, than lay on the couch with a blanket, said pie and some hot chocolate and watch me some Reality TV re-runs :)

  27. Hey Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS on your feature at Apartment Therapy!!

    Some of those commenters are meanies! Wow! I defended you though. Your blog is my fav!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  28. Wow! You are really good at making these decorations. Where do you get your inspirations from? Everything is so warm and nice.

  29. So pretty! Love the night shots, too ... all of the candles looks so beautiful all dressed up. Thanks for the inspiration, *Becca*

  30. I remember this post from last year--but it's worth reading again! I've been wondering when you were gonna get that Fall stuff out. Things have been just a TAD busy for you lately, huh?

    One of the reasons I love your house is because it's warm and cozy. And the addition of your fall things just make it warmer and cozier. And perhaps a little more texturized. :)

  31. i love how you put things together!!!!!!!

  32. I love those beady things too... I'm going to have to make another trip to Michael's!

  33. Hi there! I love your blog! I am new to blogging and I was wondering if you would check out my blog and maybe share it with your friends? Thanks. I look forward to keeping up with each other's blogs.


  34. Ok....I am SO happy I looked at your blog today. I'd been away at Girl Scout Camp, and was a few days behind. The Southern Living pedestal you have I FOUND AT A THRIFT STORE! woo hoo...I knew I loved it! But mine has a I'm filling it and painting it creamy white, I think.

  35. Amazing Post!!! Everything looks so warm and inviting.. Awesome Job.. I am a new follower to your blog and I absolutly love it!!!

    -Liz Marie

  36. Hi Sarah...I love decorating for fall also. My home has a lot of fall colors in it already so it looks best in fall and winter. Love how yiu used the tray - have to steal that idea. This fall I finally dug out a cloche that I bought a while ago - and put lots if textures, candles, pine cones leaves in it for a table scape - came out great.

    Thanks for your inspiration!



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