Easy Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas

October 14, 2010

Cheap Halloween decor ideasWell, it’s about time for some Halloween decorating up in here!

At least that’s what the Bub said – without the “up in here” lingo. OH my goodness – he is SO exited about Halloween this year! He’s been decorating all over the place. Which in his way is pulling everything out of the bins and lining it up along every. single. surface. in the house.

Adorable. :)

It feels like I just put the fall mantel together yesterday – I never know how to do the whole fall/Halloween decor. I usually pull fall out, then do Halloween, then put fall back out on November 1. Seems like so much extra work, so next year I think I’ll just start with Halloween. Decor is so confusing.

Our spooky mantel hasn’t changed much from last year when I ended up taking a few Goodwill frames:
Halloween art from Goodwill
And spray painted them black, then filled them with various graphics I printed out:
Easy Halloween art

This year I added some height by adding my $3.50 (originally $20!) sparkly haunted house to the middle:
Easy Halloween mantel

It’s stacked up on box you can’t see. Sneaky, I am.

Do you see the adorable addition Stink Eye Sis added?:
Halloween mantel ideas

Then I just continued to layer the frames:
Easy Halloween printouts for mantel

I showed you how I made these cutie little spooky votives here:
   Spooky eye cut out votives Halloween 
  Mummy votives

I absolutely love those little eyes. ;) I used my LED candles again – you can find them just about anywhere now!

They’re all nestled in black tulle and a string of lights. Just wish they made black Christmas tree lights, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Would it be wrong if I spray painted the white cord black? Nah…even that’s a little much for me.

The glass jar is filled with some netting and a glittery skull – both from the Dollar Tree:
cheap Halloween decor
The sparkly spiders were from Pier 1, I think eight for $1.50? Ewww…they are so grody.  But cool.
And of course, the crows are from the Dollar Tree too. That place rocks!

For a little finishing touch, I cut out some bats with my Silhouette and placed them here and there:
     Easy black and white Halloween mantel
How fun is that?

It’s got a lot more going on than I would usually do – but Halloween is the one time of year I’m OK with that. And it’s only up for two more weeks anyway – when the fall decor comes back out. Gah! (At least I didn’t say Christmas decor – wink wink.)

I’m also working on our foyer as well – it started with a little friend on the mirror:
ghost on mirror with contact paper

He’s just a cut out made of the vinyl texture stuff for windows. ;) I’ll show you the foyer when the Bubs I’m done decorating it. ;)
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  1. How did you score that house for $3.50??? That's a fab deal!

    It must something about the age, b/c Natalie's version of decorating is also to line stuff up. ;) So cute!!

    Love all your spooky stuff, girl. :)

  2. It looks great. I love all the black. So spooky cute!

  3. I LOVE the ghost in the mirror--that is brilliant!!

  4. I used those same sparkly spiders on a clock I made. I love them! Loving all the black/white decor! It looks awesome!

  5. My kids would love if "Bub" would come decorate our house next, please?

  6. How fab! What a great vignette! I don't have a mantle unfortunately so I will just enjoy all the blogger peep mantels out there on the net :)

  7. The little candles wrapped in gauze are so cute, um, I mean scary! :)

  8. I so wish my husband didn't hate Halloween! It's definintely one of the most fun holidays to decorate for!

  9. Is it weird to say your mantel is creepy AND cute at the same time? I love it! The sparkle skeleton is one of my favorites...we all need a little bling, right? ;)

  10. These are all so cute -- I can't pick a favorite. As for your fall-Halloween decor dilemma, I start with autumn and leave it up through Thanksgiving. Halloween makes an appearance for a couple of weeks in October and then disappears. You have the cutest ideas here. Cheery and charming.

  11. I do like that sparkly haunted house! Looking forward to your foyer post .... that ghost in the mirror is too cute. I'm not that big on Halloween - just not into scary stuff but you have lots of cute which is always fun. :)

  12. What about the purple Halloween Christmas lights? Or do you really want black? Cause I know you can get purple light strands...

  13. That turned out so cute! I love that huge (and cheap!) haunted house!

    I was very flattered tonight when someone accidently called me Sarah in a comment on my blog, she then commented again apologizing for calling me the wrong name and said that she had just been on your blog. But, it was kinda cool to be confused with the decorating blogger celebrity "Thrifty Decor Chick" ;)

  14. I love all the black & white on your mantel. Spooky messages in the frames is a great idea too. The ghost candles are darling. So fun!


  15. I love the ghost on the mirror! I think you defintely deserve to be all the others in the mantel party! Fabulous!!

  16. Hahaha Kate that was me! So glad you were flattered I would be too.. I'd hoped you take it that way and not be annoyed haha!

    Just came by to say I friggin LOVE the house with the little ghost! Amazingly good! My fav Halloween decoration I've seen yet by far!

  17. I love all the spooky goodness! I like the tulle with lights idea. I bet they do make black Christmas lights. They make orange ones for Halloween, there has to be black ones out there. I have black lace. Maybe I can use that on my mantel and use my battery operated tealights. Your son sounds so cute with his decorating. I miss that age.

  18. Love it! They have candy corn lights at Target and little ghost lights at Sam's Club. Either could be a more Halloween friendly light if you're looking for it. :D

  19. I LOVE everything!! You mentioned using your Silhouette, do you love it, or just like it? I have been REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting a Silhouette but I am still trying to decide if it is worth the money. What do you think?? THANKS!!!!!

  20. I actually did see black christmas lights the other day, but for the life of me I can't remember where!

    Good job on the decorating bubs... :)

  21. Love it! I love all the black and white. The ghost on the mirror is cute too.

  22. Ok, so let me get this straight. Can I actually put that vinyl window stuff through my cricut and make more Halloween cuteness? Please tell me this is so. Why do I never think of this stuff on my own? Now my mind is just racing with ideas! Love your blog!

  23. Looks awesome and spoooooky. I especially love how you used vinyl to make the ghost on your mirror. I went a little batty (ha!) decorating my place for Halloween this year too. Glitter skulls rock my world.

  24. It looks great! I have the same haunted house decoration, thankfully for free from a coworker. :D I can't imagine paying $20 for just one decor item. :) Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to get started on my own.

  25. I love the ghost in the mirror! Great idea~

  26. It all looks so great. I love the ghost especially!

  27. I love it! Featured it on my facebook fan page. You corner fireplace girls have a major challenge and you make that challenge your beeatch every time! It looks fabulous Sarah!

  28. They do sell lights with a black cord - especially for Halloween too. My mom sells them at her store.

  29. Oooooooooooooooo Myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
    Its Frighteningly FABULOUS!!!!
    You continue to amaze me!

    check out my GIVEAWAY,GIVEAWAY at

  30. I love it, Sarah! It's fantastic!

    They have lights w/black cords specifically for Halloween at Wal-Mart, and probably other places as well. I have some but the bulbs are orange, not sure you'd want that - but they might have white as well. Just thought I'd let you know!

  31. Oh my....this is my first visit to your blog Sarah and I am so impressed - a friend gave me the link and it's like looking into my own home! *Ü* I have just painted my hall in black and white (with a zing of lime) and painted my mirror frame black and photo frames black too. My Halloween decor is identical to yours - ravens, Haunted House, gauze wrapped jars, glittery skeletons - spooky. I LOVE Halloween and so glad I visited your blog. TFS. ~Glen~ (in England)

  32. I love it! I want to find a crow like yours. I think my favorite is the vinyl ghost on the mirror! I really wish I had a real foyer with a wall I can put a console table with mirror to do this! Maybe the guest bath mirror?

  33. Great Deals! Great Mantel! I just LOVE Dollar Tree and have been back a few times this season already.

  34. I'm not much for spooky, but this turned out really cute!

  35. i gave you a award!

  36. You rock! And everyone in blogland knows it and soon the WORLD will know once they see you on the NATE BERKUS show! I love you superstar!

  37. I love you mantel!! Did you cut out the 31 or print from a graphic site? If so i would love to know the site.

  38. I scored some cheap "halloween" lights on clearance at Target last year (.33 a box!). They are regular christmas lights, but purple and orange bulbs on black cords! Just a thought to save you from spray painting cords :o)

  39. I love the Ooooos! And I also love your new favicon!! ;D

  40. I can't believe you haven't painted the cord black yet...you know, with your fear of cords and all! :) While you're at it, why not spray the lights black too. Seriously, do you think light would show through the paint? I spray painted a lamp shade once that had a pattern on it, and the pattern showed through the paint when the light was on. Just sayin'...


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