Before and After Party: A kitchen nook

March 07, 2011

Soooo…remember that little kitchen redo I started oh…almost a year ago? Or so. Yeahhhh.

Well, I’m still working on it. Just slowly. Very, very s.l.o.w.l.y.  :)

This weekend I finally I finished up one part of the room – the kitchen table. Hey, it’s something, OK??

To get an appreciation for how far the room has come, let’s look at an old before picture I found shall we?:

I was way into the Tuscan look back then, and I still think it’s lovely. Over the years I’ve just found myself moving toward a fresher, classic feel for this space.

Our table and chairs were passed down from my Dad – and one of the chairs was broken. :) So we lived with three chairs for a long time. Then I found four black chairs at Garden Ridge, by one get one half off. I think they were $70, so it was just over $200 for four new black chairs.

And that change made a HUGE difference in the space. But then American Express handed me some free points (WHOO!) and I was able to make a few more updates.

I painted the bay window back to the Sisal color I LOVE (Ralph Lauren, but Home Depot still has the formula, I believe.) I left the windows nekked and haven’t gone back yet. :) I also added a new light fixture from Home Depot that I spray painted.

I really wanted to get a new kitchen table as well -- I have to admit, I wasn’t crazy about ours for the longest time. But as time went on, I started to appreciate it’s uniqueness and beauty. It’s well made and has a gorgeous shape. Now I realize we’re lucky to have such a unique piece and I absolutely love it.

It’s a pedestal table…with pretty interesting feet:

That I painted black. ;)

I did the first coat months ago and it sat like that since. I finally finished it up this weekend:

I am nothing if not efficient. ;)

I used my go-to black paint – Black Suede from Behr. Love it.

Another recent addition was the cutie little bench at the table. I saw it at HomeGoods a few weeks ago, and because of a picture I saw in a magazine, I knew exactly where it was going:

But I wanted it to match the other chairs (it was brown). It was an easy fix. I took the seats off, spray primed it:

And did a couple coats of black spray paint:

LOVE IT. The Bub sits in this spot and he loves this bench. I gauged how the clean up would be for a while (before I decided to paint it and couldn’t return it), and it’s surprisingly easy to clean. I just wipe down the seats or vacuum out the crumbs.

I didn’t sand the bench or the table base – just painted. I’m wild and crazy like that! Insanity people.

I figure if they get scuffed up, the wood will show through and that’s fine with me. (But the first coat of black on the base has held up GREAT – no poly or anything!)


Thanks to those fine Amex points, last year I was able to get some new dishes and the round rug under the table at Pottery Barn. (The rug is an outdoor rug that’s a “faux” sisal.)

Pottery Barn dishes

The whole shopping at Pottery Barn for dishes thing was a bit surreal…never done that before and haven’t since. The thrifty in me had to mix in some inexpensive green IKEA plates and bowls though. ;) (The lazy susan and rattan chargers are from IKEA as well.)

Now, the space just feels refreshed, pretty and more my current style. I look back and really love what I did before:


But right now the light and bright has one me over:

fresh kitchen

What I love is there’s a LOT of black in the space now – black island, black chairs. Black pantry door. But it’s so much brighter. Crazy. (Yes, I know the before shot was at night, but even during the day, the difference is huge.)

But now that I think about it…there are a couple more things I’d like to add to this spot. I have some “art” in the basement I need to get to spray painting!

Am I EVER done? I think not. That’s how I like it.

So, let’s see what you’ve been up to! Link up your before and afters peeps! Remember to link to the html for your post, not your blog.

We had 499 links last month, let’s get to 500 this time! WHOO!! Have fun. :)

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  1. Oh wow! I love your table like that. The black really gives it a nice look. Gorgeous! :-) Thanks for hosting such a fab party.

  2. Great job Sarah, it's really coming along! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Love the bench!! What a great idea! My boys would love eating there, too. Great job on the table, too. It looks beautiful. P.S. We have the same rattan Ikea chargers. Love 'em!

  4. Beautiful finish on the table!! Love that about's so highly pigmented and tinted that it's almost like a lacquer (I hardly ever seal a black finish). Sorry, that's the painter in me coming out. THanks for hosting, friend. Think this might be my first time linking up here. :-)

  5. Wow! An amazing makeover! What a fresh clean look! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  6. First of all - the pink flowers in the top picture are so pretty!!! Make me long for spring even more! I so love your room now! I am on a similar kick of scaling down and lightening up - and I am also using black! I have a very old table that my Mom gave me that I have been told I am not allowed to paint - but.... she might not notice the pedestal!! Great idea - updates without taking away the character, or making the parental unit upset! Thanks for sharing, and hosting!

  7. Your kitchen/ dining area is just wonderful and I know you and your family must enjoy it so much.

    I am wanting paint several pieces of furniture to freshen them up like yours looks. so pretty

    bee blessed

  8. I love the table black. It's gorgeous!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I am obsessed with the new look! I naturally have always gravitated to darker wood and contrast, and seeing it highlighted in lovely ways like this is inspiring.

    I cannot wait to own my own home and can play with colors and ideas I find from your blog!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thanks for hosting, I always look forward to this party! There is so much inspiration!

    I ♥ Nap Time

  13. Your nook is looking good. Love the black furniture. I'm joining the party for the first time. Thanks for hosting.

  14. Just discovered this blog and...., love, and love it some more. I may be here a while going back through all your past projects. You are definitely a thrifty chick after my own heart and have inspired me to start up some of the stagnant projects on my ever-growing to do list. Just wondering, ever done stone veneer on an interior wall? Thinking bout doing it on one wall in my bedroom as well as an arch thingy in my basement. Thoughts, opinions? Btw, LOVE the kitchen nook.

  15. Thanks for hosting the party Sarah!! I finally posted my 1st project on my blog and waited "all day" to be able to link up! =)
    Love the way your nook and everything looks!

    Mara @ Super Savings

  16. LOVE THIS!!! We recently were able to score this type of table (with additional leaf) & 6 pressed back oak chairs for FREE on craigslist :) They are in mint condition!
    This is exactly what we are wanting to do! If anyone has an idea of what we could do to revamp the chairs, feel free to shoot me an email. In the meantime I'm going to get started on revamping the table :D
    Thx for sharing.

  17. REALLY love your space!! So amazing, looks so great all together. I want a pedestal table for my dining room oh so badly!

    And thanks for hosting the party! I couldn't decide what to post...I really heart my lamp makeovers but I just love my table right now so the table won! :)

  18. Beautiful! I love how bright it is and the striking contrast between the neutral walls and black table and chairs. And I adore the green plates with the rattan happy and springy!

  19. Love your claw foot table and the new look you gave it! I've enjoyed watching your kitchen transform! And, love the bench ... I would've grabbed it had I spotted it at our HG! Great idea to place it at the table, too. Thanks for hosting! *Becca*

  20. I have to say that I think that bench is just the cutest idea. My daughter might actually think mealtime is fun, eating there! On a side note, she likes our food, just doesn't want to sit still to eat it!

  21. It's come a long way! The old look was great, but I also prefer the new classic vibe you have going on. We have a very similar table that I am desperate to paint, but when I mentioned it, T completely flipped out. So...honey oak it is for us. :s

    Great job on the room!

  22. What a transformation! I think you did a great job! I really love the black table base - ou might even consider painting out the "ridge" or side of the table (right under the tabletop), so it's just the top left brown. I think that might make it even more cohesive and pump up the contrast.

    Oh, and I know my next trip to IKEA will bring me some of those water hyacinth chargers - LOVE!

    I love what you've done, it looks great!


  23. Love what you did with the bench, it looks great!

  24. Definitely a much fresher appearance now and I like it, along with the bench which breaks up all the roundness of the table. I've been considering a round table for a year now but haven't found a nice one at a good price yet.


  25. Your table looks very similar to ours...maybe I could paint it and give it a fresh look. We could use new chairs too.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Hey lady, linked my spring party up. Thanks for hosting! :) Jen

  27. BTW love the changes in your kitchen. I love the brightness.. magazine worthy for sure....!

  28. What inspiration...looking through these, tons of ideas. Here's to the party reaching 500!! It look's like it is on its way...Janell

  29. Great job! It feels pulled together, and well grounded. I know some people are tired of word art, but I can just see a great scripture or saying up on the bump out wall above your doors and window nook area!

  30. love love your bench and new dishes... just wanted to give you a random fyi from pottery barn themselves... i registered for the emma collection plates in 2008. by early 2010 I began to notice swirl marks in my plates (not fork/knife marks) I took my plates into my local pb and asked them why this was happening. they then asked me if i was using dish detergent with LEMON in it. well DUH thats pretty much all thats out there. well come to find out the Lemon in the detergent is know to break down the coating on this particular collection...

    so you may want to get the pure essentials line of detergent so your pretty emma plates can keep their lovely sheen!!

    dont want anyone else having to go through what i did!!

    again, everything looks great!!

  31. Looks awesome! Your beautiful pedestal table inspired me (some time ago) to get rid of our old table and find a pedestal table for our dining area. I'm so happy with that decision!

  32. You did such a great job with the room. Love the black too, everything looks really classy! Well done!

  33. Looks great! We're redoing our kitchen this summer--cabinets will be cream colored, but I want to do black table and chairs in our eat-in area.

  34. Sarah, your kitchen is looking great! I love the contrast of the rush seat of the bench against the black. I've linked up to your party and added your link to my post. :)
    Thanks so much for hosting!

  35. You had me at "Before and After". I love your blog. The posts and link party on organization really got me going in my own home. So, to visit your blog today and see a link party for "Before and After" .... BLISS! I may get nothing done today but, I'll be one happy camper. Thanks for all of the eye candy.

  36. Thanks for the link-up party. I had your party in mind as I was finishing my big kitchen helped me get through it! Thanks for all your inspiration...we at Peppermint Plum are HUGE fans of yours, AND...we also {heart} NKOTB! We've been to two shows over the last couple years and had a blast!

  37. Home Depot does still carry the Sisal formula from Ralph Lauren. I loved the color so much that I asked and actually did our living room in that. Much better color and it was before.

  38. Love the look!! Several years ago I painted my chairs and base of my oak table and a sideboard a "shabby" green. I LOVE it. Last year, I painted the trim and shelving in our family room. The room is small and the trim was stained dark cherry. It was pretty... took a little nerve on my part to do the first brush stroke but I am so happy I did. Also painted it the same "shabby" green along with a lawyers bookshelf. It looks like a so much larger room and that was only redoing the trim. No regrets :)

  39. Love what you did in here. I love the way the black ties it all together! I have a lot of black accents in my kitchen too. Nice job and thanks for hosting!

  40. What a beautiful transition. I usually sway form solid blacks but your use of the color is really fantastic. Love the black table!


  41. Amazing transformation! It looks so much more pulled together, sleek, and expensive. Well done!

    Maybe you'd like to stop by my blog Secondhand Star where I do the same thing with vintage and thrifted clothing!


    November Grey

  42. love the new color scheme...we painted our kitchen cabinets black last year and i'm so happy with it.


    stuff and nonsense

  43. The room looks amazing! Love that table, adore its feet! But one question: how on Earth did you resist painting its toenails? I think I would have had to paint them bright red or something ... but I'm weird like that!



  44. I think it looks fantastic! I love the new black base, what a difference in makes.

  45. Sarah! Im CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY about that bench!!! We dont have a Homegoods....Wwwaaaa! Love the Rush seats on the bench...I LOVE the new look of your kitchen! Im still in Tuscan mode ova' here but Lovin the Classic look of your kitch! It think it all looks SaWeet!

    Thank you for Hostessing:)

    I entered my "Sunset Dome"...


  46. A friend of mine has all black doors with white trim and it looks awesome. I think your back door would look great painted to match the pantry too. I have wanted to do it to all of my doors for a long time, but I just don't have enough white/black to make it work.

  47. I love the updates! It all looks awesome and I'm loving that bench!

  48. Your kitchen eating area turned out great. I love all the black pieces in there. It looks so "Pottery Barn" ish!

  49. The rest of your home is great, buuuut I love this area! L.O.V.E that bench!

  50. I looks SO great! something so clean and fresh about black would think it'd be the opposite?!?!

    and WOW...some great links this month! I've been glued to my computer for an hour!! ack

  51. You did a wonderful job with the table and bench. I'm glad you kept the table because it fits the space just right. You are a busy bee, but everything you do looks fantastic.

  52. I love all those amazing projects. I have to tell you. This has nothing to do with before and after..... WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!! I read the Dave Ramsey's book. Changed my life!

  53. It's all looking so good. I love that door on your pantry. The table looks great painted black.

    Thanks for hosting. Link up 411, you're almost there :)

  54. did you comment on the pantry door? something you purchased at home depot or something? i want to do that!

  55. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new kitchen nook. So inviting and warming. And I adore the little black door beside the table.

    As a new, future Mrs. in about a month and a half, I'm glad I stumbled on this site. I will most definitely be making future stops at this site!

  56. I love your table so mucho! It looks so much better! Since I'm only 13, my dad won't let me do most of the stuff I want to do! :D Our house is like ALL honey oak and I hate it! I have been wanting to repaint our cabinets and table... he's totallly against it! :( Are there any tips anyone can give me (at my blog) about painting tables and stuff? If anyone would stop by, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thanks!

  57. We have chairs with those same rush seats as your bench. I wipe them down like you said, but also when I'm going to vacuum/sweep the floor, I lean the chair over and beat it from the UNDER side. You wouldn't believe how much stuff comes out on the floor. Then I just vacuum it up.

  58. wow, look at all these links! thanks for hosting this blog party.

  59. Just gorgeous!!! I really like the new look - and the black anchors it. When you said you painted the pedestal black - I wasn't sure, since I hate to cover up natural wood. But the effect is excellent.

    Did you change the countertop on the island too? In the before picture it looks like granite, and in the after it looks like wood. Could just be the camera angle though.


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