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First of all, I need to announce the lucky winner of the Pick Your Plum giveaway! That lovely lady is Kristen at kristenmadson (at) gmail (dot) com. (Please email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com!)

Congrats Kristen! What will you do with that extra $100??

This week I have all kinds of RANDOM running through my head – and some of that random will be spit out onto this post. :)

First of all, there’s that little event called the Royal Wedding. Heard of it? No? You must live under a rock? ;)

I’m not really into all things royal, but I can’t help but get swept up in all of it. I mean, they’re so cute and young and in love (I hope!) – it’s just fun to watch.

Because the ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey, it has me all nostalgic about our trip to London a lifetime few years ago. There’s so much amazing architecture there, but my favorite place – hands down – was Westminster Abbey.

You can see a peek of it here to the right of Big Ben:

Big Ben

I took that one from the top of the London Eye. (So cool!)

There was a wait to get inside, but when you have this to look at, the wait was fine with me:

The intricacy and detail was astonishing. Just unbelievable.

That domed area under the cross looked like this up close:

Westminster Abbey

It absolutely boggled my mind that this was created about 1,000 years ago (give or take). I find it completely fascinating.

If I remember right, we couldn’t take pictures inside (that may be why I don’t have any!). But I’ll never forget it.

Here’s a photo I found online:

That’s just one small portion of it – it’s about 10,000 square feet. :)

We had an event at a nearby church and I got this picture through a window, with the Abbey in the background:

These are scans of pictures, and I’m SO sad because this photo is in such bad shape. I played around with it in Picnik and that’s as good as I could get it for now.

I can’t wait to see the four hour coverage of the ceremony!! ;) (Set your DVR for early tomorrow morning if you’re interested.)

Onto news around these parts – I FINALLY decided on a sofa for the family room. GoodNESS…it took me a while. I shopped around even more (after my last post), and was thisclose to putting our deposit down on a sofa from Macy’s, but then ended back with this one from Arhaus:

You may remember I originally was going for the slip covered version, but in the end, knowing thyself won out. I KNOW any wrinkles in the cover would have driven me batty. And the cleaner look of this sofa just fits the style of our family room much better.

I’m going with a microdenier fabric – a version of microfiber. And it’s as soft as a bunny’s butt…I’m not even kidding you.

**I’ve never touched a bunny’s butt, but I’m guessing it’s pretty darn soft.

Now…I just need to decide on the color:

I don’t know what’s easier – buying a sofa off the floor (like we’ve always done) and seeing the color on the sofa but not in your house, or being able to take a sample of the color home…without the sofa. ;)

I was planning on going lighter, but I luuuuurve that chocolate color. Hmmm…

Do you have a light sofa? Love it, hate it?

I had a recent hair travesty that I had to share with you all – it was that bad. If you follow me on Twitter, you heard about my very unfortunate hair cut a couple of weeks ago.

I took photos just to show how bad it was. :)

This was the cut from the side (this was just a few hours after the cut):


Isn’t that pretty?? What in the ??????

I was so upset once I realized how bad it was, I ended up cutting off most of the length myself that night.

You know – getting rid of the mullet.

I thought it was looking much better, till I washed it the next day and looked at the back with a mirror:

And then I realized why the hairdresser didn’t show me the back of my hair after the cut. :)

This doesn’t even show how bad it really was. It was destroyed. (And I didn’t cut that part – just the bottom.)

I usually don’t get worked up about this stuff, but this time I was just slightly concerned. :) I wore my hair in a pony for a while, then got it fixed at a very unlikely spot…Big League Barber.

Yes, where my hubby and son get their hair cut. :) One of the girls there had fixed a bad cut before (I have bad luck with hair and cars) and she did such a great job then, I asked for her help again.

I LOVE HER. It’s shorter than it’s ever been now, but I love it!:

thank you big league barber

Excuse the self portrait taken in a bathroom. :)

Now I think it was all meant to be. And I’m going to keep going back to the stylist at Big League – especially since the cut was only $15!! WHOO!

And finally, we are sending out big prayers to those affected by the recent tornados. As Hoosiers, we’re no strangers to this weather, but the devastation always takes my breath away.

This video will absolutely make you shiver. How terrifying.

As always, you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to send a $10 donation. It’s such an easy way to help. Or of course, go to the Red Cross site here to find out other ways to donate.

It sure puts a bad hair cut in perspective, eh?

Praying for everyone!

Now I must end my random thoughts with a message a friend posted on Facebook this morning. It really resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you all:


I don’t know the origin of this poster, but I know I. LOVE. IT. This is my mantra, all wrapped up into a few sentences.

I have a feeling this will be going up on a wall in our house…somewhere. :)

**A lovely Facebook reader said this is the Holstee manifesto. (Thanks Sheila!)

Thanks for listing to random (deep?) thoughts…by Sarah.

Don’t forget about the Before and After Party coming up this Monday! Let’s start May off with a bang! (Post will go up late Sunday evening.)

Have a great one!


  1. What a great post! I love the architecture! Being an interior designer, it speaks to my heart! I'm sorry about your haircut drama...but I love what you've got going now! So much, in fact I might try it. Also, thank you for the quote. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight! :)

  2. Your hair looks awesome! Sorry you had to endure a bad haircut to get it though. :/ I have not been to England but I did live in Germany for 2 years and traveled when I could. I LOVE France and all the old architecture everywhere you turn! Love that quote too! Oh and I am also in Indiana! :) Have a great weekend! Chris

  3. So sorry about your hair, but I'm glad it was a blessing in disguise. Your new short hair looks fabulous!
    I'm glad you chose a couch with no slipcovers. I have one and the wrinkles do drive me nuts and I don't care what anyone says . . . they are a PAIN to wash and put back on.

  4. I love your hair cut! It looks great! Awesome choice for your couch and yes the microdenier fabric is as soft as a baby bunny's bottom! On the color choice I have a light colored fabric and I really dislike it! I a so looking forward to when I can shop for a new one. I do like the chocolate color, my mom has a microfiber couch chocolate colored and it looks great in her house. I can't wait to see what you choose either way I am sure it will look great! Good luck choosing.

  5. Sarah, thank you for the link to the video on Magic City Post and sharing ways in which your readers can help us in Alabama.

  6. Terrifying video! We all need to pull together and help those that have been affected by those horrendous storms.

    Your hair looks very nice now! Not bad for $15! and thanks for the poster print, its something we all need to live by ;)

  7. Sarah, you look beautiful!! We are praying for the tornado victims as well!! Love the chocolate brown color, I'm thinking it won't show stains as well as the lighter colors. Blessings!!!

  8. Your new haircut looks great!! I follow you on twitter and must have missed the post about the bad haircut, I am a hairstylist and am so used to fixing bad haircuts. ARG makes me mad!! Anyhow the finished version looks great!! As for the couch I have light tan microfiber couches. We have had them for about 6 years and they have held up really well, they have gotten pretty dirty but I just used our carpet steam cleaner on them and they look just like new! So whichever way you decide to go will be good! I would go for a darker color then you wont ever see if its dirty or see stains.. Anyhow sorry for the long response! LOL

  9. Your hair looks GREAT now !! I had a light couch and I did not like it . I have a bark brown one now , much better. I love that mantra also I need to have that and I need to buy a couple for people that need it.

  10. Sarah, perfect hair cut for you, great with your eyes. As for the couch, I have a kinda camel color and I love it! It goes well with everything and doesn't show dirt. If you go with the chocolate that is a big blob of brown in the middle of your room and will suck up a bunch of the light, just sayin! Good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with. By the way came home yesterday with total new hair cut and color, hubby clueless! :)

  11. Love your new they sure botched the first cut!! So cute on you, you suit it short too!!

  12. We have a chocolate brown sofa and I LOVE the color still after five years.

  13. Your new haircut looks fabulous despite the previous haircut drama. I also like the sofa you picked.


  14. Your hair is cute! I have a light sofa and I dislike it immensely, but then I also have three children, ages three and under, so it takes a lot of abuse. I would go with chocolate brown if I were you. :)

  15. I just wanted to say how fabulous your new haircut looks. You rock the short look!

  16. Love the new haircut! I had a haircut so bad last year that even my husband took one look at me and said "what the heck did you do to your hair? it looks awefull!" Thankfully I found a stylist to fix the problem & still use her a year later.

  17. I LOVE your haircut now, sooo very cute! It fits your face and everything! Sometimes the most amazing hairdressers are in the barber shop. I say we all just go to the barber shop to get our hair done!
    Been shopping for a new couch for ourselves too. Watching your posts like a hawk. Me thinks me will go with leather though. (3 kids and a husband that likes to spill things).
    Love, love, love the hair Sarah! Keep it! You look GORG!

  18. When I was about 7... my 2nd oldest sister went to cosmetology school. I became her living head to cut and style. For 10 years, my sister was the only person that ever cut my hair. She even moved to a different state and I would make my mom drive me to my sister house (6 hours away... LOL) so I could get my hair cut. (Not that she ever had a problem with driving me to her house and seeing her daughter...) When I was a senior in HS, about 2 months before my senior pictures, I had waist length hair all around, including my bangs (or lack thereof) Mom wants to go get a hair cut, and she wants me to get one too because I have pictures coming up. We walk in to some mall place and I keep telling the girl that I just want a trim. She continues to badger me that I should get the Rachel cut (Yeah... I'm old... LOL) I keep telling her no because I have curly hair and it wouldn't work. My mom calls out from the other side of the salon that I should grow up and get a real hair cut. I was so angry that I told her to do whatever it was that she wanted to my hair. She not only cut it too short (It was just below my EARLOBE!) but she jacked it up as well! I had to endure my senior year with a jacked up mullet looking thing! I was SO angry! But, I'm glad you got it fixed! It looks really cute! :-D

  19. The new haircut looks great! That video is scary amazing. My in-laws live in Al and survived. They are on their way up to stay with us. We plan on watching the wedding! Have a great weekend!

  20. I shared photos of the Queen's Mews on two posts this week. It was exciting seeing her carriages during a tour of Buckingham Palace. (She was not at home!!!) Anyway, I read you regularly and have added you to our sidebar.

  21. I must live under a rock because although I knew they were getting married, I had totally forgotten till someone mentioned it the other day. No t.v., and we have no radio connection... so we're pretty unconnected from what's going on.

    I've been to London, too, and it is AMAZING what detail was done to buildings of long ago. Like you, I find it quite fascinating.

  22. LOVE the cut!!! I have the worst luck in hairdressers and have been looking for someone to go to. Which shop did you go to? I live in Wilder and I think there's one near the Jimmy John's on SR 27 but I am willing to travel! :)

  23. LOVE your new "do"...very flattering and sophisticated, yet cute!!!

  24. Your hair looks GREAT!!! I have a chocolate brown sofa(bought last year) and I love it! I have dogs and I can't imagine what a light color sofa would look like after a couple of days! Good luck with your decision. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  25. I LOVE your haircut!! Sometimes when something bad happens you find in the end it really was the BEST thing ever!

    You go girl; love your hair, hope you win!

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Your hair looks cute now !

  27. WHAT in the name of holy scissors was that hairdresser thinking?? Glad you could fix it though. Sheesh... I'd have pitched a holy fit at her.

    Want to feel better about it? Come sign up for my giveaway today.

    (can't wait to see the sofa, if I didn't have two dirty dogs and a sort of dirty hubby I would choose the white fabric)

  28. Go darker! You have a kid, husband and pets. They will drive you crazy and turn you into a nagging psycho if you go light! Trust me I know :)

    I had light carpet and tile floors in our last house and now have dark hardwood and dirt colored tile. The carpeted areas are the color of dirt (intentional, trust me).

    It's all very clean, but I am not fighting the non winning battle of trying to remove stains.

  29. I have a beige microfiber sectional from Macy's (pretty much looks like the one in your photo) and I HATE it. In all caps. HATE IT. Animal hair is impossible to get off of it, it shocks you every time you get up, the cushions are crap and get lumpy so easily (this includes the back and butt cushions). And when we moved into a new house, the couch was literally one inch to big for our living room. It is now separated into two different rooms and looks hideous because it is in pieces. To each their own, but I will never buy a couch like this again.

  30. Hair looks great.

    I have the ektorp sofa from ikea and have had the white, tan and brown covers. Brown has been by far the easiest to keep clean without washing it. I can take a wet towel and spot scrub it and it looks like new. The tan and white covers had to be scrubbed and washed in the washing machine every 4-6 weeks. Our chairs are light tan as they usually stay more so clean than the sofa.

  31. We have a chocolate brown sofa and LOOOOOVE it. We bought it at the old Sofa Express (I'm in the Indy area too) and the quality isn't all that great. We're waiting to replace it until it either gives out completely or we finish our basement and move it down there, but when we do get a new one, it will be chocolate brown too.

  32. I love the hair cut!!! I think it's awesome. Also loved the picture of England. I went there about 7 years ago and loved every minute of it too!! Wish I had even longer to spend there, so much I didn't get to see. I guess I'll have to go back and take that mantra to heart!! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Sarah, you and I could be twins with our short hair cuts! I just got mine cut yesterday, DH commented that each time I go a bit shorter! I think I'd better stop at my current length! I was also sofa shopping yesterday for my living room. HATE to buy furniture for a room we never use, so trying to buy something nice without breaking the bank.

  34. I can't believe the hairdresser let you leave like that. She hacked it so terribly. I think it's crazy that you has to pay for the worst cut you've ever had yet it feels wrong to go back and complain. And to get something you could live with you had to pay for a second hair cut.
    Luckily your hair story has a happy ending and it looks awesome.

  35. The hair cut looks great. You should keep it short.

  36. Great haircut!

    I have a chocolate brown couch in our family room. My biggest problem with it is that it DOES show a lot of pet hair and my dog is brown (but apparantly not chocolate brown). I found a nice camel and medium brown shows the least amount of stains/fur in our family.

  37. im running out right now to rub a bunnys butt!

    your final cut looks good. i would have been in tears with the first. my daughter cuts hair for a living and has seen her share of people needing a fix. she even fixed a cut her manager did! ha.. too funny. i have a one strike rule. i have long thick hair with some layers and if you mess up thats the last time youll see me! stems from a bad cut when i was 9. the rule applies to my daughter too, and she knows it. but she doesnt see my hair as a blank canvas like most.. she gets my crazy. thank god.
    thanks for sharing. :)

  38. I like the chocolate fabric too but I really like one of the in between colors. Not too dark, not too light. Love your hair!

  39. Love the new(est) cut. It looks awesome!

  40. I love your hair! I have the worst luck with haircuts, too. I've come to the conclusion that it's my hair, not the cutter. Who knows! but you look adorable.

  41. You have the perfect face for shorter hair! Great bone structure, and the new cut really emphasizes that. This is so like you, figuring out how to make the not-so-great turn out so well!

  42. I LOVE that picture you took of the window with the Abbey in the background! Gorgeous!

  43. love this post ,my bloggy friend. Your hair looks cute too. I just bit the bullet for a new hairdo this morning. I'm satisfied by not over the moon. It's so hard to find a good stylist.
    Hugs and have a great weekend!

  44. Love your pictures of Westminster Abbey! Truly does boggle the mind that that beautiful piece of stone was erected 1000 year ago. AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing.

  45. A wonderful post, the pictures were great..... but This is your life was WAY POWERFUL, thank you so much for posting this, we all need to make it our mantra.... life is way too short to sweat the small stuff and it is ALL small stuff, read, re read, and read it again.... you can be the change you want... thank you
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  46. You look like a dead ringer for Katherine Heigl in that "after" picture. Seriously.

    Had a light couch and it just about killed me. And I'm kind of a neat freak and don't have kids. I would never, ever do it again.

  47. LOVE London-was there two y
    ears ago; can't wait to go back. The museums knock me out....the hair thing is a right of passage, LOL. Every woman at one time has made the mistake of letting someone "unknown" cut/color etc to disastrous results-I found the guy who did my hair for 15yrs after a bad blond-red-blond again dye job...oh yeah, I had green Grinch colored hair! Took a day off from work to go to Chuck, who came highly recommended. He fixed everything, made me look amazing-and I love him to this day LOL

    ...working on my photo wall as we speak-wow. so many memories, so little wall space ♥ hope you are having fun with yours!

  48. First, I LOVE your hair! What a happy accident! Watch out! Bloggers will start copying it and calling it The TDC. ;) I may just make an appointment next week! :) Also, I have light slip covers for my chair and sofa, and it was fine when we had carpeted floors. Now we have wood and tile, and I'm still working on getting rugs. I seriously wash my slipcovers ALL THE TIME. grr! Something to think about....

  49. I totes love your new hair cut, it looks gorgeous on you :) also, is it weird that i have never seen a pic of you? I've been following this blog about a year, i think, and i don't think i've ever seen a pic of you. But now i know what you look like , lol. Also, your hilarious! that disclaimer about not having touched a bunny's butt was too funny, you def had me lol-ing :D

  50. OK, Great hair. and I LOVE that little message at the end. I think I'll be retypeing or inking or something with that in my house as well. Let me know if you find it somewhere to just buy if not recreating ourselves!
    oh and I have microfiber and LOVE it, soooooooo easy to clean. Mine's a sand color, not to light, not to dark, LOVE IT. Need a new couch/chair but love the fabric.

  51. We have a BEAUTIFUL chocolate brown sectional sofa (very similar to the one in the photo). My only gripe is the fabric we chose LOVES to hold the white labs dog hair, we have a new vacuum attachment on the way to solve the problem...hopefully.

  52. Eh, wedding-schmedding.

    Cute cut!

    LOVE the poster!

    Great site!

  53. I have a light couch! I love it but have found it was not very pratical with my little one. She has it looking quite icky and we've had it less than a year. Food for though. I also love that poster. May be going up in my office!

  54. Your new do is sassy and cute. And so is your new couch! ;D

    And after watching the wedding I have decided that I want to renew my vows so I can walk out of a church and hear bells ringing!


  55. I loved reading your blog, well good luck in whatever you do.

  56. LOVE YOUR HAIR.. wow what a great cut.. and I believe I came to your page today (follow regular but today was a link from another blog) so I could see your Life post at the end.. LOVE IT and sum up my thoughts on friendship and family PERFECT Have a super weekend you deserve it and your blog is truly my fave out there!! keep it up.. when I first found you I spend two days reading EVERYTHING :) (well between family, laundry and life)

  57. That is a really great hair style now ! I agree the first cut was pretty ragged. I watched a few short clips of the royal wedding yesterday- what a terrific looking couple. I love your London photos- I hope someday to see Europe in person.- Dee

  58. The Abbey is amazing, isn't it? I remember thinking that about most all buildings in Europe...sooooo old.
    Your hair is really cute now. I, too, never got really wrapped up in a bad hair cut. You know, it's just will grow. I did cry once. I told her specifically what I wanted, but instead she cut it super short and colored it in an orange hue. NOT my specifications!
    I have bad hair in general, but I always think of my close friend who has cancer all over her body, has gone through chemo 3x and has managed to never miss a day of work, smiling the whole time.

  59. You can't go wrong with Arhaus! Your haircut is so cute- love it! The part of that poster that got me was the "getting lost will help you find yourself" - amen!

    Thanks for sharing your randomness - I love random!

  60. Coming from a hair stylist....Your new haircut is fabulous! She did a great job and you can't beat that price. The first one was really jacked up...and I'm sure it cost twice as much, I would have gone back if I were you to get your money back at least. I like that couch in chocolate brown. I wouldn't dare go light in my house with my cat and kids. Can't wait to see it in your family room!

  61. You're so stinkin' cute! So is your new hair :) Wish I had the guts to cut mine all off, but I have more thick, curly'ish hair than God gave any other human who's ever took a breath. So if I go short, it goes OUT and I look like Roseanne Roseannadanna. Not even kidding.

    I love the chocolate brown couch, but I can't choose colors on anything unless I see it in person - furniture, appliances, clothes, cars. Doesn't matter, I'll hate it and return it. LOL

  62. I like the dark chocolate color, but I think it might tend toward the trendy side. And it always reminds me of 70's tupperware colors. All that to say, I'd go a bit lighter.

    So sorry on the cut- that is standard in Ukraine and is the reason why I'll wait nearly a year for a cut.

  63. LOL...I am sorry for your bad haircut but I have to laugh because I went through this exact same thing when I was 7 months pregnant! I told the girl to cut my hair that was a good 6" below my shoulders at the time to just about an inch above my shoulders. I was nervous even going that short. She ended up HACKING it off. The end result ended up being hair that was stopped just under my chin and was "stacked" in the back so that the shortest layer started right about the middle of my head. I was LIVID. but of course kept this to myself until I walked in the door and WAILED AND SOBBED to my husband. He said he thought someone had died at first because I was so upset. Pregnancy hormones did not help the cause. :(

    I also looovee your blog b/c our living room/kitchen areas are layed out EXACTLY the same. And I've always had a hard time figuring out furniture layouts and all that. Totally helps! :) Thanks!

  64. We have a chocolate brown couch, loveseat, & ottoman in our family room and we LOVE it!!!!!! 4 kids and it seriously doesn't show a thing!!!

  65. I REALLY want to go to London someday. I watched all the wedding stuff too; so fascinating!

  66. Saw this picture and immediately thought of your sofa search. A room with a corner fireplace, lots of pathways through the room, awkward space solved with a curved sofa!


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