A Progress Report

August 04, 2011

I tell you what…anymore, if it’s summer my name is Worthless. It’s something that’s occurred over the past couple of years. Last summer and this summer, I might as well be a lump of mashed potatoes. With some butter on top. Ohhhh…and some sour cream! With bacon.

Yummmm. Mashed potatoes…

Anyway. I’m extremely inactive. It’s the heat I’m sure. And that my kiddo is home from school. And that hubby is home from school (but at least he works in the basement and is productive). Whatever it is, I feel like I lose my mojo.

I was in our powder room today, looking around at the holes in the walls (that I still haven’t patched after months), and I was reminded of my list of goals I had for this year that I told you about here.

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

First up, the kitchen redo that I started over a year ago. Or was it two years ago? I honestly have no idea. Really. No idea.

I told you I wanted install glass fronts in the cabinets. Still haven’t done that. I’m utterly frozen in fear at the thought of it. I mean, what if I don’t like it? What if they mess it up? (No way I’m DIYing that one.)

If we had painted cabs I wouldn’t be as worried about it, but if one of these gets messed up, we’re pretty much out of luck. I’m frozen people. :)

One thing I did get done – hanging the crown molding:

 bay window in kitchen black interior door

I still haven’t even painted that. ;) Oh yeah, I did paint the back door, so that’s something too. And we all know what a science fair that was, so I get, like, triple points for that.

I discovered the recessed light to hanging light kit at Lowe’s last year, and I still want to find a light to try over the island:

beadboard backsplash

I’m thinking a big lantern, like this:

Or a glass one like this – I’m actually quite obsessed with this lately:

ballard designs pendant

Both are nearly $200, so unless the lighting fairy comes by, I don’t think they’ll happen. I’ve been checking out our local Restore all year for options I could rework and haven’t found anything.

But like everything…it will come eventually. It just takes forever sometimes.

By now I had planned to have the wall behind our bed painted:

And those stripes are still going strong. It would take about an hour for me to just do it…but there they are. Stripes.

I had also hoped to have wainscoting installed throughout the room by now, but the walls are still nekked. Heck, back in January I decided to write an ebook on molding, that I hoped to have mostly done by now.

Gotta do the molding to write about molding. ;)

Speaking of molding – that’s about the only thing I’ve accomplished in the office since January:

OK, a few more things…but not what I had hoped to have done:

board and batten walls

The office has taken three years to finish up. Or something like that. Eighteen months…whatever. A LONG TIME.

Remember when I said I was going to paint the chocolate powder room?:

chocolate brown bathroom

A normal person would just paint the powder room. Not me.

I thought, well if I’m going to paint, I might as well redo it all. I’ll just rip everything off the walls and do something completely different:

That’s how normal people think, right?

The stuff’s been ripped off the walls since April. It doesn’t look too bad from far away, but up close  you see all the goodness:

Since APRIL. :)

I have completed one thing! The ceiling is no longer brown – it’s a beautiful shade of blue/grey:

So at least I’ve got that going for me.

I do this thing where I’ll say “I’ll finish the powder room when I finish the office. But then…I’ll finish the office when I finish the kitchen. But I really want to work on the guest room, but I need to wait till I finish the powder room.”

Aren’t you glad you’re not in my head? ;)

One of the biggest projects I wanted to tackle this year was moving the washer and dryer out of our mud/laundry room:

black beadboard

Because it constantly…I mean ALL. THE. TIME. looks like this:


And this:

(Yes, that chalkboard has said the same thing for almost two years. If that tells you anything.)

It drives me NUTS! This is what we see every time we walk in the house – not exactly calming.

I’ve tried to keep it clean. Desperately. It lasts for about 24 hours. There are certain things you learn about yourself and your family that just don’t work. Having our laundry right when you walk in the door is one of those things.

Sooo…I had hoped to move them (up or down) by now. But then I get busy with totally unnecessary projects like book nooks. ;)

No matter that it’s going to take professionals to help move the washer and dryer…so I’m at the mercy of the budget for this one.

The BIGGIE we had hoped to have started by now was the basement:

playroom unfinished basement

Our plan after we paid off all of our debt was to start the process of finishing it off. That project has been interrupted by the outdoors, and I’m actually really stinking excited about it.


It involves some of this:

And a WHOLE lot of this:

So excited I could just pee my pants. :)

This one is not going to be DIY though – which is pretty darn awesome for a change. It’s just beyond our skills so we’re hiring out. They say it will be done before Labor Day, which I believe calls for a HUGE Labor Day party. :)

We decided to move forward with the outdoor project instead of the basement because we know our backyard is an underutilized space – we don’t use it efficiently, for reasons I’ll explain soon. The basement, although unfinished, we use almost daily.

So, outside it is. It will by far be the biggest project we’ve ever done to our house. I’ll show you the process along the way for sure!

So there you go…a progress report on the little progress I’ve made on the to do list for 2012. Encouraging, eh? And yes, I know we have five months left in the year, but fall is coming. That means the holidays come after that (did you know?), so I’ll be pretty obsessed with those two seasons for the next few months.

I am determined to get the office done and the powder room at least started in the next month. And I’m making some minor (inexpensive) changes to the dining room that I’m pretty excited about.

So, when you work on a space, do you just do it or take forever like me? (I call it Decorating ADD.) Tell me, can you walk through your laundry room? What’s the biggest project you’ve undertaken at your house?

And most importantly…do you think there’s any hope for me?

Don’t answer that.


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  1. You are sooo hilarious!!! You do amazing in your house, I love everything you do!! Look how much your house has evolved probably just over one year!!!

  2. Thanks for the updates! The bathroom mudroom makes me feel better about my world and the little bit of bee-u-tee-ful patio stone we get to peek at makes me feel inspired (as usual). I so can't wait to see what you do. We are at the very beginning of our Dave Ramsey journey so in the meantime I just pin to pinterest and dream, but the fact that you have ARRIVED gives me hope (and today, the journey seems endless so hope is lovely). So, THANKS!

  3. Oh, there's definitely hope for you! Doesn't everyone go through those cycles of frenzied activity followed by long periods of kinda thinking about doing something...maybe... :)
    I have the summer off b/c I'm a teacher, but I have yet to completely remove the hideous outhouse border that was around the middle and the ceiling of my bathroom when I bought it. A year ago. I have lots of artwork to hang. None of it is hanging. But I keep buying more. I spray painted a bunch of frames the same color to do a cluster of photos on the stairwell, but have I actually put pictures in and hung them? Nope! it will get done! Take it easy on yourself. Love your blog!

  4. Thank you for making me feel a little more sane! I have just never understood this current obsession with combining the mudroom with the laundry room. It's exactly like what you said- who wants to come home to be greeted by laundry? Besides, both mudrooms and laundry rooms have a lot of STUFF so it's so easy for it to end up messy. Nobody else has ever seemed to see it the same way, so it made me wonder if I was the only one. BTW- I feel like zeroing in on what you want to do in your home is so much of the 'work' that goes into it- deciding is half the battle!

  5. Maybe buy 2 stand in cabinet doors at the restore, do the glass inserts to them, swap them out with your nice doors, and see if it floats your boat. Seems like a biiiig risk to take when you're not sure if it will be wonderful and this way you could try out the look without commitment.

  6. I just love you Sarah! You're a real person and that's awesome. You don't try to pull the wool over our eyes and pretend everything it ALWAYS perfect in your house. That's why so many of us read your blog, you are just like us! Everyone has a room or two, or closets, or basements, or garages (well you get my point) that need to be cleared out, repainted, etc. Don't get down on yourself. Look around at your gorgeous family room and tons of projects you done this year! Bigs hugs to you!! xoxo ~ Catie

  7. VERY good idea Anon! That is excellent -- I'm going to look for doors to do it!

  8. You cracked me up with this one!! Love that you're so real and open. Most blogs don't show the REAL stuff.

    You should consider getting together with other talented bloggers and writing a book with thrifty DIY projects. You have a great way of writing out the steps to your projects! Thank you for spending all that time and detail! I appreciate it!

  9. Ah ha! You sound soooo much like me. Sometimes I'll think about a project for months! Regarding your laundry room...my laundry room is very small and is right off the garage. There isn't enough space in there to store all I needed and it was messy all the time and I hated that the first thing I said when I came in the house was "UGH"! I solved my space problem by carrying my laundry space out to the garage. I have shelves for shoes just outside the door, a peg rack for umbrellas, beach towels, hats(have one inside the LR, as well), two hampers for dirty towels and rags and a tall storage cabinet. I even have a clothesline in the garage and hang up my laundry baskets on the wall.
    I keep that area of the garage tidy and clean. Having two hampers out in the garage is really great. I just open the garage door and toss. My small lr is so much more organized now and I don't dread going in there!

  10. Love your blog Sarah..have been following for about 9 months now and can't get enough. You are so inspiring! Made my first trip to Goodwill this summer because of you. It is so hard to work on projects in the summer. It goes by so fast with trips, partys, kids....all fun stuff, but a little exahausting! Don't be so hard on yourself. Just enjoy the summer!

  11. I love that your house isn't perfect & complete - that makes you human! I really don't think that people with creative minds are ever completely "finished" with anything. We have a great patio (was here when we moved in so can't take credit) that is made from pavers and extends our outdoor living space - we love it!! You'll really enjoy it when it's all complete!

  12. ahhhh this makes me feel so much better about my unfinished painting, lol. Maybe by next summer we will get it all done, lol!!!!

  13. Ok, this line was "snort-beverage-out-of-your-nose" funny to me:

    "A normal person would just paint the powder room. Not me.I thought, well if I’m going to paint, I might as well redo it all. I’ll just rip everything off the walls and do something completely different"

    We had a small water leak in our shower that would require demo-ing out a few tiles, locating the leak & re-installing a few tiles. no problem. Unless you are me & say "let's do a complete bathroom redo honey & knock out the walls to the studs." (smack head on desk)

    At the rate I roll we should be done with the bathroom in about 2 yrs or so. In the meantime, I'm just going to be taking my showers in the basement bathroom ;D

  14. There is definitely hope! And you're making me feel a lot better about my unfinished projects. It's tough to see all of these nice projects in blogland and not feel like an unmotivated slacker. Great post!

  15. I heart you for showing your home in all its daily reality! I LOVE that your mudroom looks just like my laundry room looks all the time. It makes me feel better about my chaos!

  16. I think your house looks totally normal! We have the same problem with the laundry room. It's right as you walk in from the garage so it's laundry and all the other crap the kids/me/hubby feel like dropping there. I finally gave up on having anything but the W/D and dirty laundry in there. I have the very organized method of putting my clean laundry in baskets on the floor next to my bed. My best tip is to use the side of the bed away from the door so if someone walked by they won't see the pile! LOL.

  17. Nope, sounds just about right to me.
    I am so proud that I have been outside painting a door that was replaced about two years ago. Have had the paint sitting in the floor in the laundry room, have had the brushes, painters tape...everything I need. Just have not done it. But Today!!! I began. And it wasn't hard..just have a little touch up to do. It was hotter than heck here in Texas, and I think maybe a few little bugs might had been caught in the paint. AND...I am completing a cross stitch piece that I started, well, maybe 15 years ago? While I watch AGT. Or HGTV. So please excuse my little bit of glee over doing two things. Maybe in another 15 years I will have done some other things on the list.

  18. It is sooo good to hear that I'm not the only one with unfinished projects going on months - years now! I just try to remind myself that it's not a race.

  19. HA! I just wrote a very similiar post last week! http://chiconashoestringdecorating.blogspot.com/2011/07/beadboard-bathroom-sneak-peak.html

    I haven't finished one thing on my "Home Goals 2011" list that I posted in January. I have most of the same thoughts you do "I'll finish the bathroom after the office, but first I have to paint our bedroom".

    I often refer to myself as having decorating ADD and/or OCD too! I wonder if there is a help group for people like us? :)

  20. All I can say is I have been craving mashed potatoes all day and now all I can think about is them covered with all the bad things you mentioned in the first paragraph, lol!!

  21. Sugar, you are one of the reasons I'm NOT totally freaking out the way I normally do this time of year when the fall and Christmas stuff starts showing up the craft store & I realize this will be another year that I'll be putting decorations up in rooms that still need paint, and/or curtains, etc. I've only recently discovered the wonderful world of craft/diy blogs and I can't tell you how awesome it is to know there are other crazy women out there who keep (really)old catalogues, have paint trays in their fridge or buy things they know they will stare at for years until they figure out what to do with it. HONESTLY, this is the calmest I've been in ages! There's just something about knowing you're not the only one that just makes you feel better. Thanks for the work you do. Now, go paint something.:)

  22. I say you paint the damn powder room. Fill the holes you've been looking at while you are at it. Have a painting/hole-filling day. THEN focus on the next little project.

    As for the laundry room: we got one of those 3 compartment laundry sorters (a cheap one from target), and ALL laundry goes in there. We have very small baskets in all our rooms. THe laundry gets transferred and sorted and stays fairly under control (except not really) but you should try it anyway! Conceptually, it's an amazing idea ;)

  23. I totally know what you mean. We just bought our first house and I have so many ideas, but I'm at the mercy of the budget as well. The biggest project we have undertaken so far is painting the whole house inside, there were some pretty nasty colors on the walls. Other than that, it usually takes me forever to find the right piece or the right look that I'm going for so that slows things down as well.

    Good luck with your list, I'm slowly checking off small things from mine.

  24. You MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST!!! Come over to my blogand check out what I just did to my laundry room and house for that matter!!! You CAN find peace there, my laundry room is also the room we walk into the most. You can do this! I love your blog and your style is beautiful BTW! :)



  25. I really appreciate this post! I feel like my house is just a constant mishmash of half finished craft projects. By the time I finish one, I've started three more. We have guests coming for the last two weeks in August... that's the only thing that has kicked my butt in gear this summer.

  26. OMG LOL thank you for posting the laundry room and bathroom pics!! Makes me totally feel less terrible about my incomplete projects and even the ones that I did and you can't tell anymore! Seriously awesome post!

  27. That is identical to MY mud/laundry room. And of course, the "main" entrance to our home. How does one keep that place functional..and dare I say, clean?! Ugh! I am so with you on that one. Your authenticity about how it really goes down is so refreshing. ;)

  28. Your brain and my brain should go out for smoothies. They'd hit it off! "Decorating ADD" <~sounds about right! You shouldn't feel too bad about not hitting all of your DIY goals this year...it's only August. Plus, if you're upset than I definitely should be! :D Looking forward to hearing more about the backyard! FUN FUN!!

  29. Sarah, when I put glass in my kitchen cabinets, I just took the doors to a guy who cut all the centers out...then I used a clear caulk and installed all the glass myself. I also put little pins in, to make sure they didn't fall out...but that's never happened in 10 years...so the caulk holds. I googled the topic and found a tutorial so that's how I found the info to do it. I should go back and put finishing trim inside to make them look a little more finished. Also, I saw this post the other day that has some info about doing this, too. Hope this helps:

  30. Thank you for this post. Really. Every single summer I have all of these plans for projects and feel like a total failure when they don't get done. I've finally figured out this year to NOT plan on ANYTHING BIG in the summer: they just aren't going to happen. My two girls are home from school and therefore we have no routine and we are busy with fun things. You know, that is what we should be focusing on anyway. When we do find we have a day at home, I'm tired and don't want to do much! Oh, maybe we should clean the house once this summer . . . hmmmmm . . .

  31. Yes our laundry room is the room we pass through everyday to and from our garage...very typical of homes built in Oklahoma. So there's no moving the washer dryer as there's no where to put it. You live with it and decorate the room so that it welcomes you. Flylady would say you're laundry room is on fire with hot spots .. lol. As another commenter said, you need a system in there to keep it more inviting the way you would like it to be. Rather than incur the expense to move your W/D, use that money to take a family trip and incur memories!
    good luck, set priorities, and have a lemonade :)

  32. yep, that's me alright. And when I start working on one room it totally disrupts another room because I have to move stuff from the room I'm working on into the other room, so it looks junky...for months. Is there a club we could join?

  33. My goodness, you are so funny when you think perhaps you are hopeless. You have such great ideas and seem to enjoy creating. I know what you mean about not just painting the bathroom walls, you want to rip the whole room apart. I sometimes do that with cleaning. I need to start with the closet and by the time I finish that, I,m done! Keep up the great work!

  34. Try making weekly lists. They are not as overwhelming, and you can't procrastinate because there isn't enough time in a week to put things off.

  35. Yes, I do think normal people think like that, like me for instance. Unless we're both crazy :)

    I have a brown water closet, but it's not a pretty brown like yours, it's ugly brown and I hate it. I have primer, I have paint, but yet it's still brown.

    My list of non progress really almost reads like yours

  36. I love the glass light...couldn't this become yet another DIY project? I was thinking wine bottles? Know a glass cutter? Cut the bottoms off the bottles and insert a light kit at the neck or top of the bottle. Just imagine the fun of finding the right bottle of wine. Not for the lable this time but for the shape or color??? peggy

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I removed my cabinet doors oh... more than 4 months ago. They are still not painted. Neither are the cabinets.

  39. Well you are already better than me. I don't have a laundry room to speak of quite yet. I am now beginning to think we should have done our remodel one room at a time. Instead we demolished every room in the house and are now on week 11 trying to put it back together. I am also doing the glass inserts in kitchen just don't know when. Good luck. love the updates. http://theoutpost-jackied.blogspot.com/

  40. I am a complete slug in the sumemrtime... It's like I take a nap and don't wake up until October.

    Love your crown molding. Just really frames the room. None in this house and one day we need to add it, right after we re-do the kitchen and finish the basement and put in a swimming pool... yadda yadda. It's always something on the wish list for me. LOL

  41. I'm the same way, after having a picnic/wedding last month I'm all DIY out, I'm hoping my mojo returns to get my bedroom done. I've had the curtains for over six months still in the packages, and the kitchen cabinets that I want painted well, we won't even mention that! Just wanted to let you know that your not the only one:)

  42. I am so like you! Exactly like you in fact! My husband and I built a custom home, put it on the market, closing today to take on a custom log cabin home with tons of projects! Why, because we are crazy! Crazy :) ADD in fact, one thing to another, to another.

  43. I swear we were separated at birth :) We're getting ready to move into our "dream home" that isn't very dreamy at the moment. Lots of pink, pink counter tops, pink tile, pink carpet. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Quick question, is that the new Shark Vac in the pic? I'm a Dyson girl and wondered what you thought of it. We need a new Vac for the new house and it looks more portable than my Absolute Animal. A review blog perhaps :)

  44. incredible. i woke up this morning and went thru my list of projects that are half finished and thought the exact same thing! so I'm not alone.....

  45. I take forever, just like you! I think about things way too much. I DID think of YOU yesterday when we paid off our first credit card. Will pay off the other one this week and (except for the house) be debt free! I love it!!! :)

  46. I am with you. Takes forever for me to actually do something. But I have an excuse. I don't really have decorating DNA so I have fear to blame. We've lived in our new-to-us home for almost 2 years and I have yet to have a finished room. The dining room needs a buffet and some stuff on the walls. The family room curtain fabric is cut and waiting to be sewn. Eventually - maybe before I die!

  47. I was just thinking this week about finishing my outdoor painting -I'll need to do it before it gets too cold.

    Anyway, about that second lamp. Not sure how big it is but it looks to me like a gallon jug with the bottom cut off then strung up with a pendant kit.

  48. Oh, this post makes me feel so much better! EXACTLY how I have felt lately....just lost my mojo! I too, am blaming it on the 108-109 temps we have had for the past month, but glad to know you also struggle with this. I look at my list that I was going to accomplish at the beginning of the summer, and HA....I'm going to throw the list away! Or start a new one for fall!
    write the ebook on moulding...I still want to try to tackly that DIY!!

  49. Oh good! I'm not the only one with a laundry room that looks like that! Lol! We have the same problem, ours is right off the garage, so it's the first thing we see when we come in. I feel your pain! :)

    Also, I bet you could find something at Goodwill that you could re-make into the glass lighting for over your island. Just a thought...

  50. I LOVE reading your blog. You make me feel normal! I love decorating and changing things up, but money is a huge factor in that....and well we don't have any :-) So your redo's for nothing in July was inspiring. To me though I HAVE to finish the project before I get started on another, for my own sanity and because my hubby won't let me DIY unless I finish. He doesn't have to (LOL) but I do! Good luck to you, there is hope. I know you can do it. Make weekly lists. I know it sure is hard when the other family members are home, regardless of the time of year. It is like they ruin our mojo! The nice weather doesn't help either, we want to bask in these fun times and sunshine!

  51. I have been staring at stapled up shower curtains being used as curtains in our laundry/powder room for 3 months. The shower curtains are going to become real curtains, but that would mean sewing and measuring and hanging curtain rods (which I hate). So, I've distracted myself with other "easier" projects. Like making a storage room a playroom and painting part of our fireplace. :)

  52. You truly inspire me! Love your projects. We are in the process of painting our kitchen and I love your kitchen and office paint color. Our house has oak trim and oak doors and I am also frustrated as to what paint color would look good or would it clash. My previous house had white trim and white doors as that's how we built it. Any suggestions on how to choose paint colors for oak trim and oak doors:) Thanks

  53. I love that your house isn't perfect! I love that you have all these ideas and projects in your head but haven't yet completed them! It's so normal. And absolutely I love that your laundry room looks like you have life outside of laundry.:)

    The green glass light you want to put over your island is just gorgeous and I hope you find what you need to make that happen! Meanwhile, look at all the wonderful things you have accomplished - while I look forward to seeing what you're going to do for the holidays this year - my favourite time of year!

  54. Sarah,

    Yes, I too have decorating ADD. I have numerous projects started in my house and not a stinkin' one finished. And, yes, my laundry/mud room looks just like yours---thank you for sharing, I thought just me and my family were a wee bit sloppy! And, yes, you have to walk through our laundry room to enter the house from the back door so all our friends get to see our dirty underwear! I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone...

  55. Like so many others here, I love your BLOG. It always makes me laugh and gets me inspired. You are correct, most of us are a bit decorating ADD. But heck! I don't need any more negativity in my life! Misery might love company, but crazy requires it! So glad to know I'm not the only one that not only doesn't get to everything on the list. As for the summer respite, just think of it as the calm before the decorating storm begins again =) You're sort of like a kid getting ready to have that huge growth spurt!

  56. Sarah! Yours is the first blog I ever followed. You are so funny and inspiring, and you always keep it real. I think your home always looks great...then you change something and it looks even better! My fave story was the disastrous back door swap out. BTW,I removed my bathroom cabinet doors several years ago!! I'm not sure where they are! About glass doors on kitchen cabinets: All my upper cabinets have plain glass in them. They have NEVER been see-through. I love them...I change them with the decor. First, I had a black/gold calico fabric gathered onto little curtain rods inside the top and bottom of the cabinet, followed by DIY frosted glass plastic sheets, followed by a mess I had to scrape that stuff off 18 panes of glass. Now they are a butter yellow fabric. Sewing is not necessary...you just need pockets for the rods. Keep on bloggin'....my house has become cluttered and clogged with projects since I found your blog. I've been through more cans of Heirloom White than the law should allow. You're an awesome storyteller.

  57. Don't be so hard on yourself! We all have our cycles. Sometimes we are more useful than others. The backyard will re-inspire you! The laundry room quandary...I have the same issue. You should see it during ski season! So not pretty. I am having the hubs make me wall units with cubbies and hooks down the longish hall that the laundry room opens into. I'm hoping that will be enough to allow us to use our spaces as we naturally tend to do, but keep it relatively neat and tidy. Could you stack your washer and dryer, build cubbies next to it that would house laundry baskets? Sorting bins on the bottom for dirty laundry and regular baskets above, one per person, that clean clothes are folded directly into? What is in the closet? Could that be reorganized to allow for more efficient storage of all the misc stuff that gets stacked in the room?

  58. i was JUST at ballard outlet in west chester, oh & they had both of your light options (lantern & green glass) for $60 & i think the lantern was $79.... today everythign is 50% off.... almost enough to make me insanely drive back from indy TODAY!...dreaming - i am working :(

  59. i would have thought the black doors would have been a drag, but what a POP! and i {love} your office :0)

  60. I'm one of those people that has to do a room all at once. I can't piece meal it. Unfortunately... my budget doesn't allow me to do a room all at once, so I've developed a system over the years. I settle on a vision of what I want to do to a space, and then over time, I start accumulating everything I need for that space. Paint, bedding, lamps, decor, etc. Once I have everything... then I start my project and stay on it until it's done.

    It's part of being a little OCD, I guess. It would drive me crazy having a partially completed room.

    I wish I could be more like you and work on stuff a little along, with more than one project going at a time.

    I'd go nuts, tho. LOL

    It sure is entertaining watching you do it. ;)

  61. It's so nice and sweet of you to show us all that you are not perfect either!!! I have a closet that I have wanted to clean out and get rid the of junk that is stored in it for years now. I open the door, go "ugh", close the door, and walk away. It just seems over-powering.

    I painted my kitchen during my vacation this summer and painted my bathroom, too. When I finished my kitchen, I decided to paint my cabinets. That was over a month ago. I have a half gallon of paint to start, but it scares me like you get scared when thinking of replacing the front of your cabinets with glass. I also ask myself, "what if I don't like it? What if everyone else is right?" So, I just look at my cabinets every time I cook and wonder if I will ever make that move.

    We all understand why things don't get done in the time frames you create for yourself, because we all do the same. I, myself, am sooo glad you get sidetracked by the Bub or your hubby!!! We all come here because you make us laugh along with all your brrrr-illiant ideas!!! Please never stop blogging. You put so much happiness in our days!

  62. Wow u really have a lot going on!!! Sounds like you make it fun tho:)

  63. Don't feel bad. We gutted our master bath 2 weeks before I had our 2nd child. (What were we thinking?!!?) This was in 2008 and for the most part it is finished but it is still not 100% complete. The home projects are neverending!

  64. I thought I was the only one with a mind like that! I put my projects up even unfished or partly finished with the idea they will bug me and get done quicker. I have had some empty frames on my walls for a year now! My friends told my mom the other day that I am so garage sale crazy that I have filled my garage and 3 garages of my friends making them buy things to redo their houses too! It is tons of fun and lots of laughs!

  65. I've been reading your blog forever, but I think this is the first time I have ever posted. I just have to comment on the Laundry/Mud Room issue! When we built our current house the plan had ours laid out like that....that I would have to walk thru the laundry room from the garage everytime I came in the house. I knew how I had always kept my laundry room and knew that it would drive me insane to have to see it everytime I came in!! The builder and my husband thought I was NUTS, but I demnaded that it be made into a seperate room. I remeber going to two different meetings with the builder on the subject (it required alot of changes to the plan) and my husband getting frustrated that I was making such a big deal over it. But I knew that walking into that mess everyday would make me so ill that no one would be able to stand it!! It was literally a deal breaker for me! Ha! Glad to know I am not alone!

    And for the record, I am forever slow at completeing projects. I have had the fabric and cornice boards to make my dining room curtains for 3 YEARS and still haven't done them! Ha!

    Love your blog, your wit, and your creativity! You encourage me so much!

  66. I'm sorry to say, but there is no hope. I'm 54, no kids at home, no job (well, no paying job), and I still go from project to project without completely finishing anything. Take comfort in the fact that what you do get done looks fabulous!

  67. My laundry area is in the grossest area of my basement. I love that it's in the basement (DH thinks he'd like it on the same level as the bedrooms but who does the laundry in this house???) but I don't love the location. It's tiny and (the whole thing is) unfinished and the dryer is on the wrong side of the washer.

    On the upside, it's not cluttered. I like my laundry system.

    I love seeing backyard do overs so I'm excited to see yours!

    As far as projects go... I just don't expect to ever be done with anything. I haven't even really reached the decorating phase of anything. I'm still in the "acquiring critical stuff" phase. Critical meaning rugs and coffee tables. Paint distracts me from said critical stuff.

  68. I think that one of the downfalls of blogging is that we feel if we're going to do something, we have to DO IT BIG so that it will be "blog worthy." We end up making more work for ourselves because we can't settle for "normal." We have a need to impress, not just ourselves and family, but also strangers. And we feel like we need a half dozen projects going at the same time so that we will have plenty to post about.
    Sometimes I have to force myself to step back and ask what my motivation for a project is. It's usually pretty evident that I'm only doing it to impress others when I find myself avoiding the project, never finishing it, or just plain dreading it. I remind myself that I started my blog because I enjoyed the projects I was doing in my home and that should still be the number one focus.
    My fear is that with all of these over-the-top projects we see in the blogworld, we may be moving from inspiring ourselves and our readers to love our homes, to creating an attitude of constant dissatisfaction because our home will never be good enough unless it has_______(fill in the blank with: board and batten, stenciling, or whatever craze the blogworld is showing this week/month).

  69. If it's any consolation you've made me feel a hole lot better about the list of things to do in our house!!

    I'm loving the moulding (I think we call it coving here in the UK) - we've been meaning to do that and it looks so good in your pics!!

    Have a lovely weekend....

    S x

  70. Hi, Sherrie again (Must find google password back, your sweet little light looks like half a large wine jug...I bet you could make it yourself...there are tuotrial online of how to make glasses from wine bottle and I bet this would work the same...it involves fire and water....so possible science project...but it if fails, at least you got to drink the wine to get the empty jug. :)

  71. Thank you so much for this post! I started painting my kitchen cabinets in MAY and I'm still not done. A couple of summer vacations combined with my general summer-ness has made this a slow project. So good to know I'm not the only one!!

  72. Try working just like the computer does...smallest job first. Make a list of EVERYTHING that needs doing in one room...then have at it.

    Deadlines work well for me-as does a day-to-day-time frame and the microwave timer!

    I am using those techniques now to finish my hallway gallery wall...

    We did our basement clean out; we have finished a decent list of home updates, and our front yard makeover has a finish line-woohoo!

    Oh and it's summer-you are supposed to be a slug at times, it's the rule! Enjoy. The chores will still be there when the weather turns crappy again :)

  73. I love what you have done to your house. You are so creative. I wish I had the guts to paint, etc.

  74. Sarah - I think you are completely normal...reading your post today is like reading a book about myself. It is refreshing to know I am not alone. You are still very impressive even when you are not productive - now that is skill!

  75. I have been following your blog for just a week or so but I LOVE it. I agree with most of the comments above...Decorating ADD just about sums it up for me too. :) Just finished painting the kitchen a sagey blue green and the family room and hallway a really nice limey green. Wasn't so sure at first but I love them together!
    So funny to see the green pendants you have been thinking about. Also for me cost it an issue...I found five green seeded glass bowls at a local thrift store ($10) and am in the process of trying to figure out how to make them into pendant lights. Any ideas?

  76. I find it funny... I too am mid project on 4 bedrooms and both living and family room. The other day my kids wanted to start a new project and I told them they had to finish the one they started before they began a new project. My husband overheard and couldn't stop laughing at the irony. I must be ADD too.

  77. I'm new the world of diy/decorating blogs so I only found yours a week or so ago. I've really enjoyed reading it. So many blogs make it seem like they have it all together. Makes me feel bad about my seemingly endless to do list. Thanks for sharing your struggles along with your triumphs. :)

  78. This post was so refreshing! I'm nowhere near getting my 2011 list done either--partly due to funds, distractions, lack of focus... Thanks for being real. Love your office, btw.

  79. Ok, I was going to read the comments to see if anyone else asked what color your powder room ceiling was, but since I only made it through the first 3 PARAGRAPHS (Hello, you must need coffee to read all your comments!)... I figured Id just ask myself : ) Im on my 15th sample jar of blue/grey paint and I love your ceiling. Thanks!

  80. You completely crack me up!! I am in love with the fact that you area is a total mess...makes me feel like I'm normal :) I wanted to share with you a Lantern light that I knocked off from Pottery Barn. It turned out pretty awesome and I would love it if you checked it out! I spent like $5 and some spray paint on it and I love it!


    Kari @ the Sunset Lane

  81. So, my dear, you are NORMAL. Completely and utterly normal. Your shoes might as well be a whole lot of those reading your blog. Ha! We are hear reading about your dilemmas instead of tackling our own! Remember that, in life, we all get to the finish line. A year or two from now, you will be laughing at this post. And more things will have been accomplished. Some not. Maybe some never! Don't be so hard on yourself. Really try to take a step back and look at what you HAVE accomplished and pat yourself on the back. It's enough. For now. And when you are ready, the next step/endeavor/project will be waiting. Hugs!

  82. I'm not really a blogger...yet! I've been trying to come to terms with whether or not I really want to do it. My perfectionism is part of the problem. Oh, I couldn't possibly show them THAT! I, too plan more than one project at a time. So thank you for letting me know that I am normal!!

  83. I absolutely have decorating ADHD. I do a room the same way as you--the 6 to 60 month plan.

  84. Hi Sarah - I think most of us have some inertia when it comes to projects. In my case, my husband is the worst offender so I only accomplish what I can do without his help. Drives me nuts! I suspect that you might have so many projects on your list that you feel overwhelmed (I know I do). My solution is to just pick one and attack it, much like the way Dave Ramsey advises folks to deal with their debts. I hope this helps.

  85. We go in spurts around here too - but I love having a project to think about. I'm happy cause we just got home from Lowe's with a new patio umbrella (we lost ours to a wind storm last weekend :( ) and two new chairs for the deck.. yeay! And I want to paint my bathroom cabinets today.. we'll see if I can get hubby on board with that.. Thanks for ALL the wonderful ideas and your clever way with words ;o)

  86. OK..first, what you have done is great! "Rome wasn't built in a day" ya know so don't be so hard on yourself. We've been in our home 25 years. Kids are now grown, married and gone on their own...and we are now just going to try to do something with the basement laundry room! It's a HUGE decorating challenge. You can read about it here on my blog.

    Hang in there! You can do it!

  87. Here is what is happy in my life today:
    My sweetie pie, Don, who got his eyebrows trimmed just for me;
    My 4 dogs enjoying chewies in the den;
    Air conditioning;
    Sweet friends


  88. Love your posts...I'm working up the nerve to start projects myself. Thanks for the sharing and the inspiration!

  89. THANks for being so real! Great to see that someone else's laundry room looks about like mine - and that sometimes projects just don't get done. I always have about 562 or 3 projects floating around in my head, and house - and I generally never finish any of them - oh, well... now on to project 564, make a rug for my bedroom......

  90. I jump around from room to room all the time too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Perhaps it's a side effect of being thrifty??

    Glass pendant - I love these from west elm and they're only $100 each.. http://www.westelm.com/products/glass-jar-pendants-w649/?pkey=cpendant-sconce-lamps-chandeliers

  91. Hi, I got a kick out of reading your post. Felt like I was reading about myself. Glad it's not just me who has decorating ADD. Seriously, sometimes reading blogs depresses me, because I wonder why can't I do all those great projects like everyone else. Thanks for sharing with all of us, it makes me feel better! Love your blog!!

  92. I am SO glad there is someone else out there that thinks like me and that goes about projects like I do! LOL Yours always turns out great though!! :)

  93. Finally, I have a diagnosis: decorating ADD! I can TOTALLY relate. I can't just paint either even though I would love to repaint a couple of spaces in our house. And I'm really trying to force myself to finish something I've already started before I begin mentally planning the next project or even worse start some demo. Thanks for your post. I feel much better now. :)

  94. My laundry room does not look as cute as yours does. But it does have the same feel. It drives me nuts that the when you come in from the garage, you walk right into my laundry room. My children pile stuff in there all the time, despite me asking them not to. Like you I have been wanting to move it. I see it in our basement someday.

    Cleaver diagnosis: Decorating ADD!

  95. I want 95 comments! My problem each project idea "requires" me to do like 15 things before I start the initial project! So, 3 days later I have inexplicably emptied out my storage unit looking for a shelf to use in another part of house! xo, laura@imnotatrophywife.com (but a girl can dream)!

  96. Thank you for showing us the "Real" way your laundry room looks and how you have many incomplete projects! It makes me feel so much better...I too feel like a SLOTH this summer. I feel like I keep starting projects and don't finish them! Maybe when school starts and I can work without being interrupted I will feel more accomplished.

    I love reading your blog as well as other DIY blogs and sometimes you get the impression that the projects take minimal amount of work and time and when you try it...it's a pain and takes forever! It's nice to see the real process and laugh along with you as you share the honest truth! I love all your make overs and re-do's! You inspire me to "snazz" up the joint (if you know what I mean!) But it's also nice to hear the truth so I don't feel like a sloth by myself :)

  97. Where did you get that fabulous fork & spoon wall hanging over your kitchen door? LOVE IT!!

  98. OMG you got into my head didn't you?? Sounds like my story to me!! I've had 4 colors on my kitchen cabinets for about two years now...talk about looking like cr-p .....so I have the answer...I go hide out at the beach house and don't think about it!! Still haven't found a rug for the living room either and the hardwood has been down for about a year and a half...what? Is it confession time?? I did get our handyman to come rip up the carpet in one of the baths.....don't look at me, it was there when we bought the house,13 years ago!!!! Anyway we now have a nice tile floor in there!! Yaaayyyyyy!
    Take care and good luck with your projects! vBg

  99. Thanks for being so real with us. And yes my laundry room gets crazy like that too.

  100. Hi, I'm fairly new to your blog & loving it. Some day I do want to read ALL your posts. I'm working on it.

    Just had to pop in and say this post is encouraging to me to find out you don't get every project done in one day or anything. Your energy, enthusiasm, talent, knowledge, & just do it attitude can be a bit intimidating, so I was glad to read this post. :) Helps me to hear you didn't do all your redo's in a day, and do sub out some things!

    Thanks for everything you teach us and take the time to share with us. I am learning so much. Thank you.

  101. I'm totally ADD. I can't finish one thing before starting at least 10 other things. I do it at home and at work. I make lists but rarely complete a list before making another list. Drives my husband bonkers. At home, he would rather me decorate one room and be totally done before starting on another. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about stencils for one room, painted furniture for another, thrifted projects for another, and board and batten for another. Who knows what I'll actually accomplish!


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