How to make a felt flower fall wreath

September 08, 2011

Well, I’ve been at it again. It’s been a while. Almost two years – if you’ve been with me that long, you remember the hardest, easiest Christmas DIY wreath ever:

christmas ornament wreath

I had moved on from THEDWE (short for the hardest, easiest DIY wreath EVER, if you didn’t know). I had finally put it out of my mind. The ornaments popping off. The hot glue madness. The wire hangers that would. not. bend.

And I lived to tell the story.

Little did I know that I’d be dealing with yet another…this time for fall.

It started innocently enough – with this pin:

fall grapevine felt wreath (source)

Isn’t it lovely? I thought so.

I got a grapevine wreath (half off!) to try it out – and then decided at the last minute that I wanted to fill a whole foam wreath with those felty goodies.

Big mistake. HUGE.

Warning! Warning!

Danger Will Robinson!!

I know that now.

I used a foam circle I already had – I took the rose petals off this old Valentine wreath:

And then wrapped it with some scrap fabric I had:

This was just because the foam wreath was pink, and pink isn’t exactly the fall look I was going for.

I got some felt from Joann’s in some fallish colors – orange and green -- then started my felt flowers. At first I traced circles onto the felt using jars and such, but then about half way into I skipped that and just started freehanding it.

After cutting the circles, you just cut them into a “swirl,” then wrap them into little flowers:

making felt flowers

I didn’t realize they really look nothing like my inspiration till just now. Awesome.

Mine are much looser, not as tightly rolled. I like the tight roll a lot, so someday (years from now) when I’m up for attempting this again, I’ll try it that way.

I got a little tricky with mine, by cutting some of my circles with pinking shears. It gave them a little texture which I loved. Here’s how I did them:

how to make felt rosettes

The are SUPER easy. You start with the inside of the swirl, then just wrap it around itself and then hot glue the “tail” to the outside of the flower. I used one tiny dab of hot glue on each one, that’s it! They held up great for the most part.

There are two different versions – if you start from the inside, you get the wider, looser flowers like mine. If you start from the outside, you get tighter rosettes:

felt flowers

And I just answered my own question – I bet the one on the right is what’s used in the inspiration pic above. Duh.

Anyway, I used the bigger version so they would take up more space on the wreath – you can see how much bigger they end up being.

Thank the heavens I decided to do that, cause I would have TOTALLY lost my mind if the flowers were smaller.

Cause for two days, this is all I did:

making felt flowers

I exaggerate. Just a smidge. I did bathe, eat and play with my child.

But my goodness…it was a lot of stinkin’ crafting. I mean, I love to craft, but really.

The flowers themselves take about a minute to do each – not bad at all. The more you do it the faster they go.

It’s the volume of them that made it take forever. GAH.

Which is my fault, cause I kept going and going – I don’t like wimpy wreaths.

As I made the flowers, I just hot glued them on here and there, and filled in where needed:

Towards the end, I had a ton of scraps, so I cut up tiny circles and made smaller ones to go inside the bigger ones for some contrast:

felt flower fall wreath

(That color is weird on that pic, sorry about that.)

And finally, after eleventy billion hours, I had a fallish wreath:

orange and green felt flower wreath

I’m actually quite smitten with it, even with all the glue gun burns. ;)

It’s different and FUN which is just we need fun around this water-ridden house lately:

felt flower fall wreath DIY

I have plans to make another fall wreath (hold me?), so we’ll see which one ends up on the front door. This one could go up on the mantel, on the back door, we’ll have to see.

I love it! And it only cost $5 in felt to make it – I used 16 sheets of felt total.

I think the time I put into it makes up for the thrifty factor. Whatever. I just keep telling myself five dollars. Five dollars…five dollars…

The porch hasn’t gotten it’s fall treatment just yet, but this is a great start! I hope to find a pretty fat ribbon to hang it from, maybe a bit lower (if this one stays on the door). For now it’s just hanging with what I had on hand:

felt rosette flower wreath

Felt and yarn wreaths are sooo in this fall! If you try this one, maybe try it on a smaller scale, or just a few as an accent on a wreath, or just know it will take you a few months days to complete.


So there. you. go – THEDWE -- the fall version…hope another two years passes before the next one. Have you made a fall wreath yet? Was it easier than mine? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t think I could take it. It’s still too soon…

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  1. Wow that is Great ! Sure looks like alot of work, but really Fantastic :-) Thanks for sharing

  2. LOL! Well I guess that I HAVE been with you a while then, because I remember the brown ornament wreath! :)
    I love this one. It's super cute!

  3. you have wayyyyyy more patience than me....I like what I like to call...instant-gradification-crafting....otherwise I cannot do it. Lovely wreath though girl!!

  4. I really love it! I can see how it was a pain in the butt, but it was worth it, right? Right? :)

  5. Love, love, love, it makes me want to get my glue gun out and burn my fingers too!!

  6. Great job, hope the glue gun burns heal super fast!

  7. The ornament wreath was one of the first things I crafted from one of your tutorials! At least I knew it would be frustrating because you were very honest about it! And you were right!! And yet, still I made it.. Now I am loving this one....You, Miss Rock Star Blogger, are a dangerous woman...And yet, still luv you:)

  8. Oh no - now I'm having flashbacks to the disastrous ornament wreath I tried to make last year. I could NOT get that thing to stay together, and then I couldn't find a place to hang it because it stuck out so far.

    Flashbacks aside - I love your new fall wreath!

  9. I love that wreath. How cute would that be in Christmas colors. Looks great and so does your porch!

  10. Soo cute Sarah! I love it. I got some fake leaves, from Safeway of all places, earlier this week and plan on making a wreath with some of them. I'm loving the Fall colors, but not really wanting Fall yet because it only last about two weeks here and then it's winter for 6 months!

    Have you tried making a wreath by tying strips of material in knots? Do you know what I talking about? I'm crushing on them a bit lately and may make one for my daughter's room with material that matches her bedding.

    Hope you have a great weekend! I'm happy today is my "Friday"!!

    ~ Catie

  11. Your new fall wreath is lovely! Love the contrasting centers in some of the rosettes. I actually just made your "dollar store fall wreath" (only on the round wreath form from the dollar store) and used about 8-10 packs of leaves. It is huge, and looks awesome (if I do say so myself)...hung it outside on Labor Day to kick off my fall decorating.

  12. Oh goodness! Your post had me cracking up! Your wreath is beautiful and looks great on your door. Wanna make one for me?! Ha Ha, Just kidding!
    Sarah S.

  13. I made a couple last year and I like using flannel instead of felt - I've picked up a few odd/ends pieces. The "flowers" are fluffier. just a though.

  14. First of all--I am beyond thrilled you saw my wreath as inspiration..THANK YOU :)

    Second of all--I am so sorry your experience making a similar one was..well, not the greatest! I rented movies for two evenings and took many breaks for snacks. Eventually I got a rhythm going but it did take a long time.

    Third of all--Your wreath came out gorgeous! I love how you used smaller ones to add inside the larger flowers, so clever and gave it such a good look! I hope it makes you smile more often than saying "ugh!"

    Enjoy your weekend and a little "break" from crafting ;)

    Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles

  15. I remember! ;) Has it really been 2 years???! Craziness!

    Love the felt...I'm assuming this is the wreath that demanded you clean up your front porch? Love the results...the whole area looks great. That wreath really adds a nice touch!

  16. I am totally in love with the felt flower process. I am decorating some hats for a halloween mantle I am designing and those "flowers'
    will be great on the bowler. I can hardly wait to get some felt. Thanks for a super tip!

  17. I think it turned out great! Love the felt. I've had quite a few craft projects that just seem to NEVER END! But usually by the time I realize it's going to take forever I'm already half finished and can't just quit. Always worth the work in the end.

  18. LOVE IT! Totally worth it, right. ;) Well, WE all love it! And hopefully your burned fingers will heal soon!

  19. you are such a great blogger, i love hearing your personality come through in your posts. "elenvteen billion years later" haha! keep doing what you're doing, cuz i love watching for your posts!

  20. Boy, do I feel your pain! I've been working on the rosette wreath made from book pages that has shown up all over Pinterest, and it's the same process. It's beautiful, but the time involved is CARAZY! On a separate note...I just repainted my front door a glossy black and was looking for "welcome" vinyl like yours. Where did you find it?

  21. I tackled book-page rosettes, but used them for an sphere. I would NOT want to do an entire wreath. That said, I love the softness of the felt and the colors you chose, Sara. It looks cozy (if a wreath can look cozy).

  22. Looks amazing! I tried the felt flowers once, but from felted wool sweater (read about it on a blog somewhere...). I think I shrank the sweater too much, b/c the resulting felt was super thick and kinda hard to work with, and I couldn't get glue to stick. I like your way much better!!!

  23. Love this! I bought a bunch of felt leftover pieces and was wondering what to do with them... now I know! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. I *need* to read your blog to know what is "in". . .felt. . .yarn. . .who knew? Glad you did! Love this wreath...will be looking for a JoAnne's coupon so the kids and I can whip one up ourselves :) If it's that tedious, though, I may loose them after an hour so need to make sure I have a few free evenings to finish it up myself. . .again, thank you for the inspiration!

  25. OMG! LOVE! That is the most awesome wreath ever! I think I'm going to be making a run for some felt. Thanks for posting this tutorial!

  26. I love your site...the wreaths are're a true inspiraation. Thanks

  27. When I saw the ornament wreath photo I thought, "NOOOOO - Don't spray paint it black for Halloween after all that work!!!"

    And then I paused, because it would be kinda awesome too.

    Love the felty goodness. Plus now when people come over you can ask them if they wanna touch your wreath. Ahem.

  28. Looks great! Love the felt flowers and the colours you picked! Will have to get some felt and give this a try.

    I have a question since your door is the same style as do you hang your wreaths? I don't want to drill into my door to put in hooks or anything like that. But I find that the metal wreath holders can look very out of place, especially on a white door. Any help would be great!

    Thanks!! :)

  29. THANK YOU for such a fun post!!! I live for bloggers who actually WRITE!! Fun. Everyword. The wreath is adorable. My opinion? Totally worth your time.:)

  30. Bwah!!! I can't believe it! I pinned that wreath too, and made my version YESTERDAY! I used all creamy white rosettes, so that I can use it as a Christmas wreath, too. I think I'll add a big green bow for that.

  31. I LOVE your inspiration and creativity! Looks beautiful against your door, too. What did you paint your front door with? I love the tone and have been looking for shades to try. Thanks!

  32. I am laughing!! I feel this way with every project that takes a little longer then I want it too... but when I am done always happy with the results! Very unique and very fall! Great color combo!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  33. Currently working on a wreath that is grapevine and only about 1/3 yarn wrapped w/felt flowers. I was knocking it out and then lost my mojo. Hoping to finish it this weekend!

  34. Days, you say??? Whatever, it is soooooo gorgeous, it is worth even weeks of work and dozens of glue burns:)
    Have a great weekend:)

  35. Omg... your first fall craft! The wheels have started turning! Looks great, I love all the felt and wool this year, so cozy!!

  36. I really like the green and orange together! and the whimsical element the pinky shears added. Definitely more effort than I want to put into a wreath though! (you too, I know, sorry!) The good news is, it looks great, Sarah!

  37. ha ha ha ha ha. I made one of these last year. It was one of my first "crafty" endeavors last year when I started reading craft and sewing blogs. I figured even I could do that project. Well days later it was finished. I made it all white so its waiting for winter again all wrapped up. Hopefully it still looks good cause it was a lot of work for only a couple months on the door!!

  38. Oh, this is fun!! I want to make excuse to pull out my glue gun, which I have an odd love affair with, for some strange reason. :)

  39. Really love your wreath..and directions.
    The picture of it on your door is so nice and it matches the door perfectly.

  40. Haha I didn't think I'd like it at first, but I stuck with the post, and BAM, I love it actually, turned out smashing!!! I love it! Don't know if I could pull it off though....I can only decorate and decoupauge, I'm not too craft ;)

  41. I love it... it's beautiful!
    Pinning a picture.

  42. I love the bauble wreath! I'm wondering how to acheive it wothout 3rd degree burns. And your fall wreath! Also that 'Welcome' on your front door is toooooo cute. NEED in my life.

  43. Good for you! Whew! I probably would have given up. I have one of those ornament wreaths and yes, they can be a HUGE pain. Everyone else makes them look so easy! Like, gee, just string the ornaments on and it'll look perfect! Um, false. That is not the case. Liars.


  44. I love the wreath. Makes me excited for fall!

  45. I like the felt flowers idea. They would look cute on a smaller project like a simple heart shape on a canvas hung with a satin ribbon.
    Also, I was thinking that one way to add coverage with less flowers on this wreath would have been to add something with a contrasting texture - nuts (painted or not), miniature plastic pumpkins or gourds, artificial round berries, etc. It was just a thought.


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