Monday, October 3, 2011

Before & After Party: Ghosts in the Trees!

Well hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I got SO much done around here. DIY-wise anyway. You can’t walk through the house without stepping on a toy or a piece of clothing – but the projects went very well! ;)

It’s time for the October Before and After Party, and I’m also linking this up to Kate’s fall craft party tomorrow! Linking a party up to a party --  not sure that’s even allowed.

Breaking the law! Breaking the law! (90’s flashback anyone?) ;)

fall linky party

Anyway, I’ve got a super quick, super cheap, SUPER FUN Halloween project for you today – it’s adorable. And the kids will LOVE it.

I had this idea last Christmas, and I doubt I’m the first to come up with it. But, really, am I ever? I doubt it. Too much awesomeness out there.

I bought a package of small Dollar Tree ornaments last year just for this project, and the rest of the stuff I had on hand:

halloween ghosts using ornaments

I used some scraps of batting (I knew they would come in handy someday!), and some muslin. If you don’t have these – you can easily skip the batting, and the muslin is SO cheap.

I just wrapped a piece of batting around the ornament, and made a hole so the top could stick out. Then I covered that with the muslin:

IMG_7250 IMG_7251

Later I snipped a hole in the muslin as well, so I could hang them.

Like I said, the batting is not necessary – I just thought it would make the ghosts a little more chunky chunky. (Which is never a bad thing.)

I used some Halloween ribbon I had to tie a “neck” around the ghost:

I ran out of that after the first few, so I just used some twine for the rest.

Then…you take a cutie patootie I could just squish him Bub and have him draw faces on them:


So cute I could squish them faces!:

The faces were so precious, I just couldn’t bear to leave them outside in case it rained. So these stayed in, and we made more (without faces) for outside.

I taught the Bub how to use my camera the other day, and now I have to fight him for it every time I bring it out. (GREAT idea, really. Gah.)

He’s caught some surprisingly great photos though!:

DIY ghosts in trees 

We hung them with twine throughout the trees:

ghosts from trees muslin

We loved them so much, I dug a few more little ornaments out of the Christmas bins to make a few more. :) They hold up great to the weather too – we’ve had a ton of rain and they are doing great.

They are SO CUTE swaying in the wind. They make me smile so BIG when we drive up to the house.

I’m thinking about adding some felt faces to them, or maybe some googley eyes. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

So here’s my (FREE to me!) Halloween/fall craft before and after! From cheapy Christmas ornaments:

To cutie friendly ghosts swinging in the trees:

I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! Any fall goodness this month? And don’t forget the craft party at Kate’s place on Tuesday!

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  1. Hey, girlie! I don't see a place to link up. :) Is my browser wonky maybe?

  2. Super duper love this!! It's awesome!! How old is your Bub now?

  3. The little ghosts are so adorable! What a fun and easy Halloween project to do with little ones. Thanks so much for hosting the party Sarah! Appreciate you!


  4. Thanks for hosting, Sarah! I love the little ghosts that you guys girls would love to do those--maybe adding some bling? ;)Have a great week!!

  5. Love your little ghosts! What fun for the Bub!
    Thanks for hosting girlfriend!! :)

  6. I like the ghost tree--fun and not too spooky.

  7. Those ghosts are so cute and your son is even cuter!! He takes way better pictures than I do - hah! Thanks for hosting!!

  8. I love that is ghosts are happy ghosts! So sweet. :) Thanks for hosting the party! There are great things posted here already!!

  9. Those ghosts are so fun Sarah!! I am going to make some with my girls. Thanks for the FUN party!!!


  10. Thanks for hosting!!! I love the ghosts.. such a cute idea!! I wish I had a little tree in my yard to do this to!! Thanks for sharing..

    xx Liz

  11. Love your spooky ghosts Sarah! Thanks for hosting:) Carrie - The Corson Cottage

  12. Ha! I JUST pulled our ghosties like that out of the Halloween box this evening! My girls and I made them a few years ago, but I didn't think of the ornament thing...just shoved pillow fluff batting into ours. They're our favorite Halloween decoration, and I love the face on the one my 2-year-old did...I'll probably keep it forever. :)

    Thanks for hosting!


  13. Thanks for the best party in town, Sarah!

    those ghosts are fun...I made them last year, even cheaper! I filled plastic grocery bags with newspaper balls, then covered them in fabric. Kids drew the cutest faces! We used Sharpie so they could stay outside. I linked mine up too.

  14. That's such a great way to do these! We always did lollipops. It's such a disaster to do them that way. They either melt or ants and bugs get into them! Thanks for hosting, Sarah!

  15. Thank you so much for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at

  16. Thanks for hosting, Sarah!! I love your little ghosts! I bet your "cutie patootie" enjoyed crafting with mom!!

  17. Love the ghosts Sarah! I think they'd look super cute with googley eyes. I may have to make some for our tree out front. Thanks soo much for hosting!! I can't believe there's over 200 links and barely 20 people have thanked you. Where are people's manners these days?? Geez! Have a great week. =)

    ~ Catie

  18. Thank you for hosting this awesome party!!!

    Love your blog :)


  19. Thanks for letting us share our projects Sarah! And I love your ghosty tree. We have a little one right by our front door where this would be perfect--even little hands can reach it to help!

  20. I love the ghosts, super cute. Kinda weirded out by the twine hanging them though, looks a little to noose-ish for me, and if the were hanging by fishing line they would seem like they were floating.

  21. Thanks for the party, linked up my potato stamp chevron that I'm still drooling over. :) I know I'm late but, uhh, I brought dip so does that get me some bonus points?

    Can't wait for the outdoor party on Thurs! Have a great week :)

  22. Oh how nice. I wish we celebrated Halloween here, just so I could hang cute ghosts in the tree out front. Do you think I could fool anyone into thinking it were angels at Christmas.
    Thanks for the linky party! I am number 335! this party is really flying off.

  23. So cute! Great idea to use ornaments so that you have a way to hang them.

    Thanks for hosting!

  24. Such a sweet and simple project. Did you make a lot of them for the tree?

  25. Loved reading this post. Thanks for letting me link up to your party! I tried to post your button on my blog, but when I tried to copy and paste nothing came up?

  26. The ghosts are adorable! And the faces definitely 'I could just pinch those little cheeks' cute!

  27. Those ghosts are too cute! Love 'em!
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  28. Oh... super cute! I love happy ghosts (not scary ones). I would totally do this, but alas, live in Manhattan and have no tree of my own!

  29. Those ghosts look so easy to make!

  30. My kids would love those ghosts! Thanks for hosting!

  31. Hi....I'm #451 on the Before and After Party....and I really messed that up...Meant to write Tea Tray and would have liked the whole tray in the photo...oops! But, thanks for having it! newbie wendy :)

  32. Hi Sarah:

    Just linked up to the Fall Craft link party at Centsational Girl and your party! Love your ghosts and pics!

    Keep up the great blog posts!

    Have a great day, Heather

  33. Linked up to the before and after party. And I love the ghosts. I did something similar with foam balls, and i used glitter glue for the eyes/mouth, so I didn't have to worry about the ink running. I didn't use ribbon though, such a great idea.

  34. this was EXACTLY what i needed! we sat down to make ghosts for our tree, and i couldn't figure out how to hang them without being sideways! i had the perfect box of clearance christmas balls in my closet from last year! THANK YOU!!!! our ghosties are ADORABLE!!!! :) i am totally pinning your idea on Pinterest!


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