Monday, February 13, 2012

You’re the Koolest Valentine

Hey there! I’m posting early today (for me anyway) because I just had to share a Valentine’s project we worked on for the Bub’s (little bitty cutie patootie) friends.

I figure if you want to use them for your kiddos for school tomorrow or for friends, you could still get it done tonight if I posted this early enough.

OK, so I think I actually came up with an original idea here. (Yeah right – is there an original idea anymore??) In the world of Pinterest I know that’s unusual. ;) I thought this up a few weeks ago and we finished them last night. They turned out TOO CUTE!
LOVE them!

It’s so simple – first we grabbed (what seemed like) one meellion packets of Kool-Aid from the grocery. Because they were so cheap, I ended up with two for each kiddo in his class – total cost of just over $6.

*Important note: You may not want to go through the self check out with 32 individual packets of Kool-Aid. With all of the not scanning and not registering on the stinkin’ belt and the all the sweating and…well. I just would advise you to go through a regular line.


Anyhoo, I had some little treat bags from Hob Lob that were a buck. I created a “kool” valentine on my photo editing software and then stapled them to the treat bags:
Kool-Aid Valentines

I just adore how they turned out!

Usually we do the standard box of valentines, but this was a fun little project for both of us:
Easy Kool-Aid Valentine

I figured the Kool-Aid would be a welcome change from all the candy. Plenty of sugar still, yes. But different. :)

Cause I’m nice I saved the valentine and made it so you can use them for yourself your kiddos!
You should be able to click on this image to get to the full size:
You're the koolest valentine

Then you can paste it into a Word document and size it to what you need.
I thought they were pretty darn cute. :) The Bub loved them too.

It took less than an hour to cut them all out and put them together. And each one ended up at less than 50 cents each – pretty decent for a custom treat!

I had plans to get a couple other Valentine projects finished, but time got away from me. I dug through the storage bins and pulled out my cutie XO letters:

And my rose petal wreath has been repurposed since I made it years ago, but I love how easy it was to put together:

You can see bunches of other V Day crafting ideas on my Pinterest board here. I know it’s late for this year, but you’ll just be plenty prepared for next year. ;)

Did you do any fun Valentine’s crafts? Cute valentines for the class? I’d love to hear!


  1. I say the same thing! Is there such a thing as an original idea? I had never seen anyone offer printables. I was a new blog and thought, hey! lets offer up some printables it will be so cool. I literally thought I invented this idea. After my first printable I was included in TT&J's 25 printable round up. What? Guess this one has been done a few times. Oh well. I must say I have never seen this one so I will back the "it is original" idea. Anywho...super cute. Also, I never caught the got on the picnik think, but I store my photos in photobucket and do my editing in there and it seems that they have similar features. Best of luck on finding a replacement!

  2. I love this! What a fun, original treat. Happy Valentines day to you and yours :)


  3. Ohhh I like that phrase for the Kool Aid! We did the Kool Aid single serving packets that you dump in a water bottle with the saying "I'd be pleased as punch if you'd be my valentine!" -- but I like your phrase better because my 6 yr old had never heard the phrase "pleased as punch" and even asked me what punch was. Hmmm guess that was a mom-fail idea for this year :) Oh well, the kids will like the kool aid right?

  4. LOVE IT!


  5. Great idea! I've never seen this before, so all future credit to you. :D Happy (early) Valentine's Day!


  6. So creative! I love it, and am pinning it now. :)

  7. OK, I'm an old mom and I was a kid before that, and I don't recall seeing this idea before. Even if you didn't invent it, it's still a KOOL idea!


  8. What a great idea and affordable!

  9. Seriously SO cute! You're too Kool Sarah! :) Happy Valentine's!

  10. To late for me for this year, but I'm bookmarking this idea for next year - I love it! Super cute!

  11. I didn't make a anything, but my daughter made some cute Valentine card for the kids to hand out at school.

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  13. Ok. First, that is adorably cute. Kudos to YOU! (does anyone say that anymore? well I did). Second. Seriously??? A Valentines wreath? I got to say Kudos, again. That label should be on you, You're the koolest! I barely manage to get one for Christmas. All laughs aside, you're too cool. Happy V-day!

    Sonya {So Simple}

  14. I almost did the exact same thing for my boys' Valentines this year! I ended up going with Play-Doh ones instead because I found it on sale at Target:) I love your cute printable!

  15. Too KUTE, Sarah! :) Love the printable too!!

  16. I feel the same way you do about Picnik....they just can't really go away forever, can they????? It's the only photo program I know how to use. Not just hoo...

  17. IAs soon as I saw this I printed out your template and did it with my son for his preschool class. How cute?! He loved it and so did I. Thanks!

  18. Oh... you should have posted this a few weeks ago when you said above that you thought this up, I'm sure the young mothers would have loved to do it. I have no doubt many will save it for next year.

  19. Adorable! I wish I would've had this over the weekend, when we were putting the most miniscule tattoos I've ever seen in the slots of cheapy character Valentine's! Not to self for next year. Happy Valentine's Day TDC!

  20. That is so very cute what an original gift.

  21. Thank you so much for posting this! I totally dropped the ball this year when it comes to I TOTALLY MADE THESE!!! My girls loved them. You saved the day!


  22. those are the cutest!

  23. LOVE the Kool Valentines! Must remember this one for next year! Some other cute ideas I rounded up:
    Gotta share the love!

  24. I would totally kill you for getting confetti all over my classroom/home, but still a very cute idea!

  25. This is great and I havent seen anything like it so far...keep em coming. Everyone loves KoolAid!

  26. Oh my goodness! YOU are the koolest! That is the most creative, best valentine ever! You rock.

  27. Thanks for this post! I was reading it last night and suggested it to our grade 6 daughter who is at that age where she wants to be "cool" with her peers. We raced off to the store and bought the supplies and she stayed up past bedtime making them. She can't wait to hand them out in her class but she suspects everyone will want to just dip their finger in the powder and eat it that way! haha! Helps make the transition from kid but not yet mushy.

  28. How cute those are! Great idea. It's nice to be different and not always do candy.
    Love your XO letters. Very cute!
    My 5 year old and I made Airplane Valentines out of smarties, large lifesaver mints, rubber band and a stick of gum. Hubs is a pilot, I'm a former flight attendant, so it is perfect. He had a great time making them and they were a big hit with the kids.
    Check it out on my blog.
    Thanks for all of your inspiration as usual!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  29. such a cute idea.. wish I would have seen it earlier :( I will have to save for next year

  30. Love those XO letters.. they are sooo cute :)


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