DIY Green Grass Spring Wreath With Flowers

March 22, 2012

I actually showed you our spring mantel in February (cause that’s totally appropriate):

spring mantel decor

And it hasn’t changed since. Honestly, it probably won’t change again till Christmas. ;)

So, onto the craft at hand…this one is super simple, it’s just time consuming. But mindless time consuming, so that’s good.

I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple months ago and have been planning on recreating it since!

I started with my new go-to wreath form – the pool noodle:

pool noodle DIY wreath

I’ve used one for a wreath before and it works GREAT! And wow, it’s cheap. The dollar store has them for…uhh…a dollar.

This one was a bit too long, so I cut it down with scissors, (it cut very easily) then used duct tape to secure the ends together:

pool noodle wreath form

Sorry, I didn’t clean for you. ;)

See? Perfect wreath form!

Because the pink was oh-so-bright, I got some green felt and hot glued it around:

green grass spring wreath

You’ll see why I wanted green in a bit. :) It took four pieces of felt and I didn’t worry at all about it being perfect, obviously.

Then grabbed my “fur” yarn:

green fun fur

I got two of these, which I needed. I used about one and a half for the whole wreath.

Then you wrap. And wrap. Check your watch. Watch a soap. Wrap some more.

Stretch your sore right arm.


wrapping DIY wreath

This yarn is very thin, so it took a while. I think maybe an hour total? But again, mindless. I like mindless.

Perfect project for vegging on the couch. :)

I found these cutie paper flowers at Michael's:

white yellow stick on flowers

And you may be getting the idea…I “planted” them in the “grass” on the wreath:

green grass wreath with flowers

I think it is stinkin’ adorable:

grassy spring wreath

It’s perfect for spring! Very whimsical and I LOVE it.

Get ready…here it comes…

It’s so FLUFFY!!!!!

The Bub told me numerous times today how pretty it was. But it actually sounded more like “pwetty” when he said it. Melt.

I just took some ribbon I had and hot glued it to the top of the door – no wreath hanger needed. ;)

It looks great against the newish brick red door:

green grass DIY Easter wreath

Obviously this wouldn’t be the best option for a door that is exposed to the elements. Our porch is tiny but I can hang just about anything on the door and it’s fine.

Total cost for me was about $10 – for the yarn and flowers (all on sale). Not too shabby!

I forgot a totally cute addition that was in my inspiration wreath:

grass spring wreath(source – the incorrect site was linked before, so please refer to this one!)

I may have to add that little sign. ;)

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  1. Too cute! (Your floor looks like on the floor and all.)

  2. Cute idea. great use for broken pool noodles too.
    I've pinned this!

  3. Very cute....and I love the mindless part too!

  4. Love love love it, will be running out tomorrow to pick up supplies to re-create :)

  5. ok, i must say, that is one awesome usage of an old pool noodle! very nice :)

  6. Cute! I might even try it, too!

  7. LOVE it!
    I have been wanting to make a spring yarn wreath SOOO badly! This is the most cost effective way I have seen done yet! Kudos my lady! I`ll be linking it up soon to my own blog! :)

  8. That is the cheeriest wreath ever! ~ Maureen

  9. So cute! Where did you get the yarn?

  10. I love this! I live in the desert where most front yards are landscaped with rock. I think having some fluffy grass would be pwetty on my door too. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to be creative. B

  11. This wreath is incredible! I love it!!

    I'm a little obsessed with wreaths these days, as you can see, here:

  12. I love your cute little door wreath...that pipe covering is so cool...I have used it for all kinds of great things

  13. this is just too cute.. i am making it this weekend... :D:D.. thanks for the pictorial..:):)

  14. I love your paint color in your living room. Can you tell me the brand and color? Thanks!

  15. You clever little cookie! What a great idea to use the pool noodle for the wreath form.

  16. This is just so cute! and it blends well with your door.

  17. I just made this wreath last week and kept saying the same thing "It's so fluffy!" LOL I absolutely adore it, love, love!

    For anyone looking for the yarn Michael's did not have it, but JoAnn fabrics did in my area.

  18. So cute, I never even thought about using pool noodles. Excited about all the new possibilities!

  19. Wow that is really sweet. I'm not a huge fan of lots of the wreaths I see on blogs but i love this one. Its just coming into autumn (fall) here but a lovely sunny day that it feels like spring.
    have a lovely weekend
    cheers Fiona

  20. Love love love this!! My favorite flowers are daisies, and our wedding colors were green and yellow... I might have to visit the dollar store this weekend ;)

  21. I LOVE this. I love the pool noodle idea!

  22. Did you hot glue the ribbon to the top of your door? If so, does this come off easily?

  23. Oh, my goodness. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. LOVE IT!!! I am totally going to steal this. My daycare kids will LOVE it!!

  24. hi! i'm so glad you got a chance to make my wreath! the correct source is actually from my blog
    the site used it without my permission, nor did they give credit to me. :-(
    your wreath turned out really pretty! enjoy it!
    xo, patty :-)

  25. I love the fur/grass. Now that is thinking outside the box! I love it!!!

  26. I am all about fluffy stuff....that wreath totally says "Spring" to me. I love it! I need a new Spring wreath...have had the old one for way too long!

  27. How do you get the ribbon attached to the top of your door? Is it stiff ribbon or soft fabric? I love the pool noodle idea. Now if I can just find my duct tape....

  28. I LOVE this! I'm totally making one for my door.

  29. You're right - it's absolutely stinkin' cute! Love the pool noodle too ;)

    btw, thanks so much for crediting the source. I know a similar one was floating around on Pinterest, getting tons of traffic but not crediting original source.

    You rock, girl. :)

  30. Too cute! You've inspired me to get started on my spring wreath.

  31. Have been reading your blog for sometime. This is my first comment here, this wreath is definitely pretty !!!!
    Thanks so much, keep up the good work.

  32. Oh my GOSH that is adorable! I am SO making that! ;-) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  33. I have absolutely never seen someone use a pool noodle and turn it in to a wreath! You, my friend, are a diy genius! I love how it turned out!! I might just head out to our patio and grab a pool noodle and try to whip one of these up myself! Thanks for the idea!

  34. I seriously LOVE this. I'm a barefoot kind of girl. Wonder if it would feel good to wiggle your toes in that "grass". Probably shouldn't try it, especially while it's hanging on the door.

  35. adorable! love that you hot glued the ribbon to the thop of the door. genius, really!

  36. Your wreath is adorable, and I love mindless- it's what I do best. :) I need to make one of these!

  37. you had me DYING at "It's SO fluffy!!!" Your wreath is adorable. I can just imagine you adding a cute little bunny peeking out for Easter! LOVE it!

  38. This is just way to fabulous. What a clever idea and great use out of a broken pool noodle.

    This is very adorable this is so cute!

  39. I have a question!! I'm in the middle of painting my front door which just a happens to be VERY close in color to this door.

    What color/finish of door hardware do you have? I can't figure out what to do. :)


  40. SO SO cute! I love it. And the pool noodle idea is smart!

  41. I was totally going to make a wreath based on that same one yesterday! Unfortunately I couldn't find that yarn at Michaels, HobLob, or JoAnns... I ended up with a very pretty and very fluffy coffee filter wreath w/ flowers stuck in for Spring.

  42. The movie sounds very interesting. Hope you have fun!

  43. OH.MY.GOD!!! That IS stinkin' cute!!! I may shamelessly copy this. I'm always so impressed with people's imagination and alternate uses of different items.

  44. Get out! How do you think of that stuff? Great idea, can make the wreath any size just by cutting the foam. Simple - impressive.


  45. Love the wreath my kinda of crafting easy simple

  46. I love your blog and chose you to be tagged! Tag your it! I was tagged with 11 questions and I in turn had to tag 11 people with 11 different questions. I chose you as one of my 11. I can't wait to read your answers. Check out my page for full rules and details. Susan-

  47. Hi! Your front door is beautiful...can you please share what paint brand & color you used? is perfect! I LOVE the wreath!

  48. I have heard all kinds of exciting things about hunger games, but haven't read any of them or seen the movie!

  49. i LOVE their pots in the wicker caddy - i can totally see that on my now empty coffee table :)

  50. I just showed your wreath to my girls (ages 9 and 6), and they have fallen in love! "Mom, we have to make one of those. We have to put that on our door!"

  51. I pinned this on my board and had a great suggestion from another pinner to make it easier. First, she didn't tape the noodle round until almost done wrapping with yarn. Second, she used TWO rolls of yarn at the same time (put them in a bowl on the floor) to speed it up. How smart! Going to try it this way...Maybe a green pool noodle to skip the felt, too.

  52. I've been scouring the craft stores and decor stores since Valentine's to try to find a cute Spring wreath...with no luck. Unless you like forsythia branches or egg wreaths. I'd about given up when I saw a link to your post on Be Different, Act Normal. Yay! It's exactly what I was looking for. So fresh and happy and SPRINGY! Thanks!

  53. The noodle thing is BRILLIANT!! Maybe I'll make a wreath today!!


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